Today I Give Up Trying 1067-1068

 Chapter 1067

"Bastards! What the hell is going on here?"


      Wei Fengqiang's heart was furious to the extreme, but how could he have imagined that dealing with just a murderer.


      It was unbelievable that he was continuously frustrated.


      "What a bunch of trash! Get lost, I'll do it myself!"


      Wei Fengqiang walked forward and grabbed the baton from the hand of a police officer, and then kicked the officer to the ground.


      Up to this point.


      He was holding the baton, and only then did he stare at Lin Fan with one pair of eyes dead on.


      "Kid, I don't know what's odd about you, but none of the people I, Wei Fengqiang, want to deal with can be left intact at all!"


      "So, just resign yourself to your fate!"


      Wei Fengqiang said.


      He smiled grimly, and then instantly raised the baton in his hand, and was about to smash it down viciously at Lin Fan.


      And seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan's eyes, grew colder and colder, only for the corners of his mouth to emerge with a morose arc.


      "You smash down, you will die!"


      Lin Fan's words, as if from hell, caused Wei Fengqiang, who had also raised his baton, to give a movement in his hands.




      Wei Fengqiang faintly froze as he looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.


      Smashing down and dying?


      You're kidding!


      This kid was clearly trapped by the alloy chains, his hands and feet, could he still break free from the chains?


      You know!


      Wei Fengqiang understood that, not to mention this skinny Lin Fan in front of him, even if he was a Grandmaster, if he was locked in these alloy chains, he wouldn't be able to break free at all.


      Thinking of this.


      Wei Fengqiang smiled coldly and said ferociously.


      "Good! Kid, you are arrogant enough! But I just want to see what you can do to make me die!"


      After saying that!


      Wei Fengqiang raised his truncheon and aimed it at Lin Fan's head, then he wanted to smash it down viciously.


      But just at that moment.


      Knock, knock, knock!


      A sharp knock on the door once again caused Wei Fengqiang's movements to stop.




      A hint of anger surged up in Wei Fengqiang's heart.


      Being interrupted for the third time, how could this not make his heart angry.


      "Ma! Which bastard is knocking at the door? Looking for death?"


      Wei Fengqiang shouted loudly at the door.


      The tone of his voice was filled with a strong sense of dissatisfaction.


      Just after hearing his words.


      A terrified voice immediately spread outside the door.


      "Senior Captain, no ...... it's not good! Something's wrong! Our guardhouse is under siege!"


      "Yes, Captain, go out and take a look! We seem to have stirred up a big mess this time!"




      Voices of panic rose and fell, but to the ears of the people in the room, they all froze in their tracks.


      The guardhouse was surrounded?


      How the hell can this ...... be!


      What kind of people were so bold as to dare to besiege the guardhouse, wasn't this seeking death?


      Wei Fengqiang's heart jumped fiercely, a hint of ominous premonition, filled his heart, to the door, continued to ask


      "What kind of people have the audacity to besiege us?"


      "Are you a bunch of losers? Won't you go out and bring in all those people?"


      In Wei Fengqiang's voice, there was a lot of anger.


      The rest of the police officers, too, were all looking at each other.


      Obviously, they couldn't even imagine what kind of person would dare to do such a crazy thing.




      The words of the police officer outside immediately afterwards were such that everyone could hardly believe their ears.


      "Captain, those people cannot be arrested! Because the two people at the head of the group are ...... Dragon and Tiger War Gods!"

Chapter 1068



      A word that fell on the ears of the people in the room immediately made everyone almost piss themselves in fear.


      Dragon ...... Dragon Tiger War God?


      At this moment, both Wei Fengqiang and the surrounding police officers, one by one, suspected that they were hallucinating.


      "Damn it, what are you guys babbling about! Say it again for Laozi!"


      Wei Fengqiang's ominous heart grew stronger and stronger.


      As he spoke, he walked towards the door of the room and opened the door of the interrogation room, from the inside.


      At once, he saw.


      Outside the door of the room, there were more than ten police officers standing, each of their faces as white as paper, and their expressions were filled with endless fear and panic, as if they were not frightened by something terrible.


      Seeing the door of the room open, those police officers rushed up one by one, their voices trembling as they kept saying.


      "Senior captain, it's true! The real Dragon and Tiger War Gods, they are right at the door of our guardhouse!"


      "Apart from the Dragon Tiger War God, there are ...... also nearly ten thousand sergeants! As well as driving a military vehicle!"


      "First Captain, are we in big trouble! I see that the Dragon Tiger War God and the Dragon Tiger Legion look as if they are aggressive and are asking for punishment!"






      When these people's words, one by one, fell on the ears of Wei Fengqiang and the many police officers, it almost scared the piss out of all of them.


      How, how could that be!


      The Dragon and Tiger War Gods, ah, those were two of the Eight Great War Gods of China.


      They led the Dragon Tiger Legion, stationed at the border and were invincible.


      There was simply no foreign army that dared to engage them in battle.


      And now!


      These two gods of war have brought their terrifying [Pen Interest Pavilion] legions to our little Jiangnan guard post.


      This ...... is like a nightmare from heaven.




      This is not all.


      After the confirmation. Wei Fengqiang's heart, thumped.


      For some reason, in this instant, he actually associated it with Lin Fan.


      "No...... absolutely impossible! What kind of person is the Dragon Tiger War God, how could he possibly besiege our guardhouse for a small murderer, I must have overthought myself!"


      Wei Fengqiang shook his head and comforted himself, after which he said to the many police officers.


      "Damn it, what are you all still waiting for! Hurry up and clean up your clothes, dress up and follow me to the entrance to greet the two Gods of War!"


      Greeting the Gods of War!


      Hearing these words, a police officer in the crowd asked.


      "Captain, we are all going to greet the Gods of War, what about this murderer?"




      Hearing these words, Wei Fengqiang faintly froze.


      His gaze, then, looked towards Lin Fan, and a stern look flashed in his eyes.


      "Let's keep him in the interrogation room for now! He can't get away anyway! After we pay our respects to the two lords later, we'll come back and see how I'll deal with him!"


      He finished!


      Wei Fengqiang gave a cold snort, and immediately led one of the police officers towards the door in a huff.


      Only, just as they left!


      Click, click, click!


      The cold alloy chains on top of Lin Fan's hands and feet unexpectedly burst apart as if they were undergoing a boundless and terrifying force.


      And Lin Fan, too, slowly stood up from his seat.


      "It seems that someone is looking for death again!"


      Lin Fan's gaze was morbidly cold, and under the corner of his mouth, his entire body slowly walked towards the door.