Today I Give Up Trying 1164-1166

 Chapter 1164

Then, Zhu Yun took out his mobile phone in confusion, and when he looked at the caller ID, he couldn't help but tremble violently!

        His face was filled with ecstasy and excitement.

        "This... This can't be!"

        Zhu Yun laughed out loud, unable to hide his shock, as if the caller was a supreme figure!


        The people present were all confused, not knowing why Zhu Yun had suddenly lost his temper.

        "Yun'er, what's wrong?" Aunt Wang asked, puzzled.

        "Hahahaha! Mum, the Blood Dragon War God has called me! The Blood Dragon War God, one of the Eight Great War Gods of China, has actually called me!"


        At these words, everyone was completely stunned!

        Blood... Blood Dragon War God?

        How could such an existence personally call Zhu Yun?

        That was too dignified, wasn't it?

        If one knew that a man like the Blood Dragon War God would only call by military order, how could he call personally?

        This was how much he valued Zhu Yun!

        In an instant, the Bai family was thrilled and shocked!

        Master Bai was even more delighted, he had indeed made the right choice, Zhu Yun would be the son-in-law of his family!

        "Why is that?"

        Aunt Wang could not hide her excitement either, and hurriedly asked after him.

        "Earlier, the God of War ordered me to welcome the great Lin Zuo to Jiangcheng, telling me to spend a month to net thick gifts and present them to Lin Zuo!"

        "But it only took me ten days to complete the task, and the gifts I selected were also to the satisfaction of the Dragon and Tiger War Gods, and they will definitely reward me for this call!"


        Lin Zuo?

        The most mysterious one in China, the Lin Zuo?

        As soon as they heard this, the people of the Bai family were completely seething!

        Each and every one of them felt a sense of sympathy, and then they rebuked Lin Fan and Bai Yi, saying.

        "Stupid, you still want to expel Zhu Yun? Now even the Blood Dragon War God has personally called to commend him, you've lost!"

        "Bai Yi, did you see that? Even the Blood Dragon War God personally called, it shows how much the Dragon Tiger Legion values Zhu Yun, if you miss out on such a heroic man, you will definitely regret it for the rest of your life!"

        Zhu Yun has won the satisfaction of the God of War and will be meeting with the Lin Zuo, his future is bound to be bright and prosperous!

        The Bai family would have to be pleased with him.

        "Quickly, get on the line! Listen to what the God of War has to say!"

        At this moment, Aunt Wang shouted in excitement, thinking that the Blood Dragon War God was really calling to commend him.

        Upon hearing this, that Zhu Yun then looked at Lin Fan as if provocatively.

        "You have lost, according to the bet, your woman is mine!"

        Only, Lin Fan was unmoved and laughed carelessly, saying.

        "Is that so? I don't think so!"


        Zhu Yun frowned, and then sneered out.

        "Now that you've come to this point, you still don't want to die until you see the Yellow River, so I'll let you hear what the God of War has to say to me!"

        With that, he pressed the amplification button, and the Blood Dragon War God's voice immediately resounded throughout the entire Bai family.


        The next thing that happened to them was a scene of disbelief!

        "Zhu Yun, you are a soldier, yet you broke up another person's marriage, a serious breach of discipline! With immediate effect, you will be kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Legion and demoted to a one-star war general!"

        "For the rest of your life, you will never be promoted!"


        Under everyone's horrified eyes, the Blood Dragon War God's furious voice resounded through the Bai family!

        Everyone was dumbfounded!

        The Blood Dragon War God had not called to give an award, but to... To condemn him!

        Zhu Yun's face was like dead water as his heart plunged to the bottom with these words!


        He sat helplessly on the ground, his eyes flooded with disbelief.

        His life had been ruined like this?

Chapter 1165


        Yan Zishan's face was instantly ugly to the extreme.

        This poor bastard, how dare he threaten him?

        Immediately, a stern look wiped across his eyes as he angrily rebuked at Lin Fan, saying.

        "Dog, you dare to stop me, do you know who I am?"

        No one had ever dared to treat him disrespectfully in this Ivan's Central and Western Hospital.

        "I know!"


        Yan Zishan was instantly confused, the other party knew who he was, and he dared to disrespect him?

        And at that moment, he saw Lin Fan's eyes explode with a cold aura: "A cripple!

        "A cripple!"


        Yan Zishan's expression changed drastically, and when he saw Lin Fan's scarlet eyes, he suddenly had a sense of foreboding!

        And then!

        A click!

        A bone cracking sound rang out terrifyingly!


        An arm was broken in response to the sound, and Yan Zishan instantly let out a pig-like howl, his entire face wildly distorted from the pain.

        Yan Zishan, then, had indeed become crippled.

        Following that, Lin Fan kicked him out.


        Within the ward, all the doctors, nurses and patients were shocked and almost pissed on the spot after seeing this scene.

        This guy, he dared to cripple Yan Zishan?

        Yan Zishan was the son of a certain powerful family in Dragon City, and behind that powerful family was a terrifying family, so Yan Zishan's family was so powerful in Dragon City that both the black and the white sectors bowed down to him.

        But Lin Fan, an ordinary man, had beaten him into a cripple.

        With Yan Zishan's vengeful nature, he would definitely take revenge on Lin Fan, and when that happened, not only would Lin Fan be unlucky, but even his family would have to suffer from the scourge of annihilation.

        Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan with contempt, this guy was too ungrateful, he even dared to offend Yan Zishan, he might not even know how to die next.

        However, Lin Fan, not caring at all about their taunting gazes, gently caressed Kaoru's face with pain in his heart.

        "Does it hurt?"

        Kaoru'er was so aggrieved that she was close to tears, but shook her head stubbornly.

        "Big brother, Kaoru'er doesn't hurt!"

        She knew that once she said that she was in pain, big brother would definitely be worried.

        But at that moment, Lin Fan saw that while Kaoru'er's face was completely red and swollen, the blind granny was also bruised.


        A monstrous rage surfaced in Lin Fan's eyes, he had not expected Yan Zishan to be so heartless, not only had he robbed his own medicine, but he had even spared a child and an old man.

        "My hand, you... How dare you waste my hand?"

        Yan Zishan's eyes were suddenly wide with anger as he stared at Lin Fan with a fierce face.

        "I'm telling you, I'm the richest man in Dragon City, the son of Yan Nantian, our family is backed by the hidden family, the Nalan family, I want you to die without a burial place!"


        The moment these words were spoken, the whole room was shocked!

        All of them were so frightened that their legs went weak and they almost fainted!

        The Nalan family?

        The Nalan family is the one behind Yanzi Mountain?

        The Nalan Family, with a history of hundreds of years, is a descendant of the former imperial family, with a rich heritage and many powerful people, and has a long-standing reputation in the whole of China.

        Their wealth is so vast that it would be no exaggeration to describe it as a wealthy nation.

        A single word was enough to bring the whole South into a frenzy!

        No one in the audience had expected that Yan Zishan's backer would be such a huge power as the Nalan Family.

        In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if he was dead.

        This guy, he was dead!

Chapter 1166

The Nalan family?

        Lin Fan froze, seemingly not expecting that the other party had such a terrifying background either.

        Back then, although the Nalan family was not a military family, its influence in the military was extremely large, so it was surprising that even Lin Fan, the military seat, did not take it into consideration.

        To later!

        He went so far as to order the Dragon Tiger Corps to give up an exit route for the Nalan family to use, and even more shamelessly asked the Dragon Tiger Corps to send military forces for protection.

        In his anger, Lin Fan robbed the other side of an entire cargo ship and looted all the jewellery worth over 100 billion.

        The Nalan family was furious and sent three Grand Masters, twelve Top Masters and countless other Grand Masters to assassinate Lin, but they all came back in vain.

        On the contrary, several senior members of the Nalan family were accidentally killed, after which the Nalan family realised that making an enemy of Lin Zha was purely self-defeating.

        So they sent their top brass to take the initiative to seek peace, followed by a compensation of 100 billion dollars, which pacified Lin Zuo's anger.

        And seeing Lin Fan's silence, Yan Zishan thought that he was afraid.

        At that moment!

        On Yan Zishan's face, a dense smugness surfaced as he ordered Lin Fan.

        "If you know you're afraid, kneel down and kowtow to me three times, then waste your own hands and feet, perhaps I can still consider sparing your dog's life!"

        Only, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth lifted as he said contemptuously.

        "The Nalan family, an existence like a mole!"


        Upon hearing these words, the entire room fell dead silent!

        Everyone's faces were filled with dense fear, they couldn't believe their ears!

        How dare this guy insult the dangling Nalan family?

        He had even compared the Nalan family to mere ants!

        How dare he!

        "Fine, since you want to die, then I... I'll make it up to you!"

        Yan Zishan smiled fiercely before turning to a blonde youth beside him and ordering.

        "Johnny, get them out of Ivan Central Hospital!"

        The young man named "Johnny" immediately stepped forward and coldly reprimanded Lin Fan, saying.

        "Sir, please leave Ivan Central and Western Hospital immediately, you are not welcome in our hospital!"

        "Take this old bastard and the little bitch and get out!"

        The old undead?

        Little b*tch?

        Johnny's insult immediately caused Lin Fan's face to turn gloomy to the extreme!

        Immediately, Lin Fan was staring at that Johnny with a fierce light in his eyes.

        "Who are you?"

        "Johnny, Chief Resident Physician!" Johnny smiled proudly, then looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "A Chinese swine! Let me tell you, the entire inpatient department is under my Johnny's control, if you want your sister to continue receiving treatment here, then be a good boy and kneel down and kowtow to Young Master Yan and apologise!"

        At this time, Yan Zishan then smiled sinisterly.

        "Poor bastard, I forgot to tell you, my Nantian Group is about to enter into a partnership with Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital, now if I say one word, no one in the entire Jiang City will dare to save your sister!"

        "Your sister, will be an ugly bitch for the rest of her life, hahaha!"

        Nowadays, Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital was the leading hospital in the medical world of Jiang City, as long as they didn't save someone, no other hospital would dare to save them!

        At this time, Yan Zishan and Johnny were in cahoots, and both had unkind smiles on their faces as they looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        Because they knew that Lin Fan would definitely kneel down and beg for mercy, unless he didn't want to save his sister anymore.


        Lin Fan, however, shook his head with a smile and said, "Kicking me out of the hospital? And make me kneel down? Sorry, you guys can't say that."

        "Because this, is my hospital!"