Today I Give Up Trying 1064-1066

 Chapter 1064

The voice was indifferent and cold.




      Just hearing his words, Wei Fengqiang and that group of police officers all froze for a moment, and when they reacted, one burst out laughing.


      "Hahahaha ...... Did you guys hear that? This kid actually knows that we're going to deal with him!"


      "Che! This guy is handcuffed and shackled, he has long since become fish meat on our chopping block, so we can still do whatever we want to him and her!"


      "That's right!"




      At this moment, that group of police officers were all full of playful laughter.


      They looked at Lin Fan with a look of pity and taunting, as if in their eyes, Lin Fan was not the slightest bit different from a dead person.


      It wasn't just those police officers.


      When Wei Fengqiang heard this, he too could not help but have the corners of his mouth turn up in a sneer.


      "Kid, you're right, we do want to deal with you!"


      "And what can you do?"


      Wei Fengqiang stood in front of Lin Fan, and he looked down on him from above, as if he was looking down on a reptile.


      His expression was cold, yet fierce.


      Seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan naturally understood what was happening, and he slumped his entire body towards the back of the chair before smiling and asking.


      "Then can you let me die and understand exactly why you guys are dealing with me?"


      "Who was the person who instructed you all?"




      Hearing this, Wei Fengqiang was dumbfounded, but he hadn't expected that Lin Fan could still be so calm when he was on the verge of death.


      "Want to know who dealt with you?"


      "Dream on!"


      Wei Fengqiang obviously did not have the patience to continue with Lin Fan's nonsense, he instantly waved his hand, and a strong and tough police officer immediately walked up.


      "You, go and give this kid a few punches and tell him to shut his mouth first!"


      Hearing those words!


      The strong and tough police officer immediately agreed down with a fierce smile.


      And then walked towards Lin Fan step by step.


      "Hehehe ...... brat, do you know that I, Hong Qiang, am the number one iron fist in our guardhouse, with one punch from me, even a green brick can be smashed into pieces!"


      Said the man!


      This sturdy police officer, his eyes couldn't help but look at Lin Fan's small abdomen, and the smile on the corner of his mouth, became more and more morbid and ferocious:.


      "And now, I wonder if this fine skinned belly of yours can withstand a punch from me!"


      The words fell!


      A hint of ferocity flashed in the eyes of this sturdy police officer.


      And then with a fist of his arm, an iron fist, he smashed fiercely at Lin Fan.


      Hoo ......


      The wind of this sturdy police officer's fist whistled.




      And seeing this scene, those police officers around him were instantly exhilarated one by one.


      "Hahahaha ...... Brother Hong is performing his iron fist again! I remember, last time he went down with one punch and broke a prisoner, six or seven bones alive!"


      "That's nothing! Before that, Brother Hung just punched a prisoner in the stomach and made him vomit for three days and nights, almost dying!"


      "Brother Hung is awesome! I guess his punch is enough to shut this guy up completely, after all, how can he withstand a punch from Brother Hung with his tender skin!"




      Several police officers were discussing.


      It was almost unanimously decided that this police officer named Hong Qiang, with one punch, was afraid that it would be enough to solve Lin Fan.




      It was even closer!


      At this moment, in almost an instant, Hong Qiang's punch ruthlessly blasted before Lin Fan's small abdomen.


      At the corner of his mouth, a thick ruthlessness and exuberance surfaced.


      It was as if he had already seen the miserable and painful scene of Lin Fan under his fist.

Chapter 1065







      The moment Hong Qiang's fist ruthlessly struck Lin Fan's small abdomen, he only felt as if his fist had struck a bronze wall, making it difficult to even advance the slightest bit.


      Especially under his full strength, his small arm, simply couldn't withstand the powerful recoil force.


      It instantly snapped.




      When the sound of a harsh miserable scream was uttered, the crowd was filled with shock as they saw that Hong Qiang's entire person was holding his deformed small arm, after his entire person frantically retreated in a violent manner.




      Wei Fengqiang, as well as all the police officers, were all dumbfounded.


      How ...... happened?


      When Hong Qiang's fist went down, how come Lin Fan was unharmed, but instead, Hong Qiang's own small arm was shattered raw?


      This is simply unbelievable.


      In an instant, both Wei Fengqiang and the rest of the police officers, also one by one, their faces changed greatly as they greeted him.


      "Brother Hong, what happened to you? Your arm ......"


      "Oh my god, it's broken! Brother Hong, what the hell just happened, this kid is fine, but your arm is broken!"




      These people surrounded Hong Qiang and kept asking questions with all sorts of mouths, and all of them had faces that were filled with thick horror and incomprehension.


      And at this time.


      They even saw that Hong Qiang's face was as white as paper, without the slightest hint of blood.


      In particular, he looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a devil:.


      "Great ...... captain! There's something in this brat's abdomen! When I punched him in the small of his abdomen with all my might, it only felt like I had hit a bronze wall, it didn't hurt him in the slightest!"


      "On the contrary, the recoil force, shattered my arm. ......"




      When the crowd heard Hong Qiang's words, one by one, they were all startled.


      They simply couldn't imagine that Lin Fan's abdomen, what was hidden in it, was able to shatter Hong Qiang's arm, which ...... was simply a bit unbelievable.


      "You two go over, lift his clothes and take a look, just what is this bastard hiding!" Wei Fengqiang's face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it.


      And hearing his words.


      The two policemen agreed and immediately hurried towards Lin Fan.


      Until they arrived in front of Lin Fan, the two of them lifted his clothes with seven hands and eight feet.




      When the eyes of the crowd, after landing on Lin Fan's abdomen, the anger on each of their faces froze in their entirety.


      There was nothing hidden!


      What the crowd saw was just a bronze coloured skin.


      The eight abdominal muscles on it were hard as if they were blocks of iron.


      The angles were so sharp that not a single bit of fat could be found.


      And that's not all.


      On top of this mere abdomen, the crowd saw no less than six wounds.


      Knife scars, gunshot wounds ......


      The scars were like a man's medals, a shocking visual sight.




      The two officers closest to Lin Fan couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of spittle at this moment.


      This was the first time they had seen such perfect to the extreme abs.


      In particular, they saw that on top of each of those abs, not only did they look as hard as iron, they even seemed to contain an incomparably terrifying explosive force that made the heart and soul tremble.


      "Senior captain, what kind of a person is this ...... guy? His abdomen, how could there be so many wounds!"


      A police officer asked in disbelief.


      There were six scars on his abdomen alone, so what about Lin Fan's entire body?


      The sheer number of scars was unimaginable, I'm afraid!


      Not only was it the crowd around.


      Even Wei Fengqiang, at this moment, only felt his scalp tingling.


      "Bastard! What kind of monster is Ye Ming asking me to deal with!"

Chapter 1066

Wei Fengqiang's eyelids jumped wildly.


      He had a vague feeling that he seemed to have made some kind of terrible mistake in general.




      When he thought of that red, red ten million, the feeling of panic that had just surfaced in Wei Fengqiang's heart instantly disappeared, and was replaced by a strong sense of ferocity and madness: '


      "Humph! What are you guys panicking about! Who cares what kind of person this kid is?"


      "This is the guardhouse, our territory, a dragon must be coiled, a tiger must lie down!"


      Said the man!


      Wei Fengqiang said to the two police officers in front of him.


      "You guys go get your batons, I don't believe it, this kid is really made of iron!"


      "Yes! Senior Captain!"


      Hearing the order, the two officers agreed and immediately went to the cabinet in the interrogation room and took out two batons from it!




      These two police officers, with their batons in hand, then walked towards Lin Fan in an aggressive manner.


      With every step they took, the menacing aura of the two men's bodies would skyrocket by one point.


      The gaze they gave Lin Fan was as if they were looking at a lamb being targeted by a hungry wolf.


      "Fight! You two give me a fierce beating! I don't believe that this kid's abdomen will really be this tough!" Hong Qiang was holding his deformed arm at the moment and shouted at the two officers.


      And hearing those words.


      Those two officers instantly gave a fierce laugh and nodded in response, saying.


      "Brother Hong, don't worry, how he hurt you, we will return it!"


      "That's right! Brother Hung, just watch! We'll definitely beat the overnight meal out of this kid!"


      As they spoke.


      These two police officers, had already walked up to Lin Fan's front.


      The two of them looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that was dense with pity and complexity.


      They could naturally see that Lin Fan was definitely not ordinary, but even if he was not ordinary, he was still just a murderer, and when he entered the guardhouse, then he could only be carried out.


      "Kid, don't blame us!"


      One of the officers muttered, and at that moment, he and his companion, both of them, swung their batons and smashed at Lin Fan fiercely.


      Just at that moment!




      Lin Fan's head snapped up and his eyes, with one pair of eyes, looked straight at the duo.


      As Lin Fan's eyes fell.




      The two officers instantly felt their bodies, involuntarily, tremble viciously, and a cold chill instantly filled both of their hearts.


      This feeling was as if they were being stared at by some terrifying and mysterious creature, staring them dead in the face.


      The baton they had raised could not be lowered at all.




      A single sweat hair, which rose up on their skin, even gave the two of them a feeling of numbness in their scalp.




      Upon seeing that, after the two police officers raised their batons, they unexpectedly stiffened their bodies completely there.


      Wei Fengqiang and the others, as much as they could, frowned, one by one.


      "What are you two doing? Raised batons, why not smash? If anything happens, I'll take the blame! Quickly do it for me!"


      Wei Fengqiang urged at the two police officers.


      Just hearing these words.


      A bitter smile surfaced at the corners of these two officers' mouths.


      "Grand ...... Captain, I ...... wouldn't dare!"




      Don't dare?


      Hearing the words of this police officer, in looking at the stiff body, whether Wei Fengqiang, or the surrounding one of the police officers, all can not believe their eyes.


      What happened?


      The surrounding book puppets did not understand what had happened.


      They only saw that the two police officers raised their batons and were unable to drop them, and their faces were as white as paper, with cold sweat dripping down from their foreheads.


      It was as if, they were experiencing something terrible.