Today I Give Up Trying 1161-1163

 Chapter 1161

Beep beep beep...

        When a blind tone came on the other end of the line.

        Everyone in the room was thunderstruck and could hardly believe their ears!

        Kicked out of the legion!

        Demoted to one star!

        Never to be promoted!

        This was to completely destroy Zhu Yun.

        None of them had expected that a single phone call from Lin Fan would really get Zhu Yun kicked out of the legion.

        How was this possible!

        That phone call of his had clearly reached the Military Law Reporting Office, so how could it have reached the ears of the Blood Dragon War God so quickly?

        All of them were stunned and puzzled, and the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were filled with a dense sense of horror!

        "Is... Did you do this?"

        Elder Bai looked at Lin Fan in shock, his voice trembling with fear.

        Simply because this scene before him was too shocking!

        A punk had used just one phone call to beat a three-star war general back to his original form?

        And yet, Lin Fan smiled lightly.

        "I didn't expect the Dragon Tiger Legion to be so effective either, I had only just called and that Blood Dragon War God called personally."

        It was really him!

        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan with a look of having seen a ghost!

        Oh my god!

        That was one of the most promising three-star war generals, yet his career had been completely ruined by a single phone call from this punk Lin Fan!

        Just now, when Lin Fan said that he would kick Zhu Yun out of the Dragon Tiger Corps, they only took it as a joke.

        But now, they only felt horrified to death!

        "Bastard, you dare to harm my son, I want your life!"

        As soon as she heard that her son had no hope of being promoted in his life, Aunt Wang went completely mad and lunged towards Lin Fan with her teeth and claws open!

        She looked like she wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!


        Before Lin Fan could make a move, Bai Yi was the first to step forward and kicked Aunt Wang in the face!

        The latter staggered backwards with an "ouch", covering her belly and grimacing in pain!

        "Bitch, how dare you hit me?" Aunt Wang jumped like a thunderstorm and looked at Bai Yi in anger.

        Everyone in the room was also dumbfounded!

        They didn't think that Bai Yi, who was so gentle and quiet, would have such a tough side!

        Bai Yi gritted her teeth, and a strong anger rose in her eyes.

        "Insulting me is fine, but if you insult my man, then I... I will also fight to the death!"

        At these words, Lin Fan beside him smiled faintly, and a warm current then surged in his heart.

        "Zhu Yun beat her to death for me! Beat this bitch to death!"

        Aunt Wang roared harshly, a strong malice rising in her eyes, wanting to kill the couple in front of her, in pieces!

        "Mom, there's no rush!"

        At this moment, Zhu Yun, with a steaming murderous look on his face, stared at Lin Fan with eyes wide open.

        "When I give a generous gift to Lin Zha and win his heart, even the Dragon and Tiger War God won't be able to help me by then, this brat..."

        "He will surely die!!!"

        He knew that if he made another move against Lin Fan at this time, then his career would be completely over!

        Only by meeting Lin Zuo and becoming his dog could he change his fate, or even avenge himself!

        Lin Zuo!

        Yes, there was Lin Zuo!

        Although her son had been kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Corps, if she could win Lin Zuo's favour, even the Dragon Tiger War God would kneel at her son's feet.

        Immediately, Aunt Wang was laughing in triumph and looked wistfully at Lin Fan and his wife.

        "Wait for me, you pair of dogs, my Zhu family will make sure you die without a burial place!"

        However, that was not all!

        Zhu Yun's sinister gaze similarly swept over Elder Bai and the others, clearly furious to the extreme: "Your family has bullied me too much.

        "Your Bai family has bullied me too much... when I join the Lin Sect, I will make sure that your Bai family... Your family will be destroyed!"

Chapter 1162


        The entire Bai family was thunderstruck!

        Master Bai and the others were horrified to death, Zhu Yun wanted to use the hand of Lin Zuo to eliminate their Bai family?

        That's the Lin Zuo!

        He was one of the four great military commanders of China, holding a huge army, and was so powerful that even the eight great war gods of China had to bow down before him!

        If the Lin Zuo were to strike, then with a snap of his fingers, the Bai family would be destroyed!

        Thinking of this, Elder Bai and the others almost pissed themselves on the spot!

        Immediately, they all cried and pleaded with Zhu Yun.

        "Zhu Yun, this is all this trash's fault, it has nothing to do with my Bai family!"

        "Zhu Yun, give my Bai family some more time, we will definitely deliver Bai Yi to your bed!"

        "Zhu Yun..."

        The people of the Bai family are shameless to the core!

        Now in order to gain Zhu Yun's forgiveness, they even intended to make Bai Yi, sacrifice her own flesh.

        Bai Yi's heart twisted like a knife as she looked at her family in disbelief, it turned out that she was nothing more than a tool for them to use for sacrifice.

        "Get out!"

        However, Zhu Yun, who was already furious, simply flicked his sleeves angrily and left with Aunt Wang.

        Leaving behind the piteous-looking Bai family members!

        "It's over! We're done for!"

        "If Lin Za strikes, our Bai family will definitely die!"

        The Bai family cried out and fell to their knees.

        "It's all of you!"

        The next instant, they were staring at Lin Fan's family with eyes wide open, endless hatred surfacing in their eyes.

        At that moment, Elder Bai's face was also gloomy as he roared.

        "Bai Shan, look what your son-in-law has done, leaving a great opportunity behind and having to anger the future ministry of Lin Zuo, do you want to get our Bai family killed before you are willing to do so?"


        Bai Shan was at a loss for words, but in his heart he was aggrieved to the core.

        If you hadn't forced Lin Fan and Bai Yi to divorce, how would you have ended up in this situation?


        Just then, Lin Fan smiled confidently.

        "Don't worry, Lin Zuo will definitely not accept him!"


        Upon hearing these words, the Bai family, who were already furious, became completely furious and uttered a torrent of vicious words.

        "If you say you won't, then you won't. Do you think you're Lin Zuo?"

        "Damned trash! You've done harm to the Bai family, and now you dare to talk nonsense. Break this bastard's legs!"

        "Lin Fan, you've repeatedly harmed my Bai family, you simply deserve to die!"

        Where did they know that Lin Fan was really Lin Zuo, and that whether or not to accept Zhu Yun was just a matter of his words.

        "No need to say anything!"

        Elder Bai was shocked with rage and roared up at Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, don't say I won't give you a chance, tonight you serve Zhu Yun and divorce Lin Fan, there might still be room for manoeuvre!"

        But Bai Yi shook her head firmly.

        "I will only be Lin Fan's woman for the rest of my life, unless I die, no other man has the right to touch me!"

        "Good! Very good!"

        Elder Bai's gaze abruptly became harsh and malicious as he stared deadly at Lin Fan's family.

        "It seems that kicking you out of the Bai family didn't make you learn your lesson! Then from today onwards, the Bai family and you are complete enemies, and we will not stop until we die!"

        "In this way, we can prevent you calamities from dragging our Bai Family down!"

        At these words!

        All the people of the White Family smiled fiercely.

        "Family head is wise, such calamities should be eradicated completely, don't let them drag us down!"

        "Damned fools, offending Zhu Yun is the same as offending Lin Zuo, even the King of Heaven can't save you, you family of trash can wait for death!"

        "Now, you are no longer qualified to stay in my Bai family, get out!"

        The way everyone looked at Bai Yi's family was like looking at a plague, abhorrent to the extreme!

        Their words and actions, their gazes, deeply stung Bai Yi's family!

        "Lin Fan, let's go!"

        Bai Yi said helplessly to Lin Fan, at this moment, her heart was already aching so much that she could hardly breathe!

        Seeing this, Lin Fan's heart immediately ached, and the coldness in his eyes instantly gushed out.

        "Grandpa, you will regret this, I promise you!"

Chapter 1163

How dare you threaten?

        Master Bai was furious, and immediately roared, "If I hadn't planned to leave you to Zhu Yun to vent my anger, you would have escaped death today.

        "If I hadn't planned to leave you to Zhu Yun to vent my anger, you would have escaped death today. Little bastard, how dare you threaten me even with a punk like you?"

        "Get lost!!!"

        All the Bai family roared back in unison, telling Bai Yi's family to get lost!

        "Little Fan, forget it."

        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan also came up and took Lin Fan's hand, squeezing out a smile that was worse than crying at Lin Fan.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan instantly turned blue and swore an assurance, saying.

        "Dad, mum! Don't worry, as much as they are pleased today, they will all regret it in the future!"


        These words of his caused the Bai family to snicker and not give them a second thought.

        Making them regret?

        This kid, does he really think he is the Lin Zuo?

        How ridiculous!

        And the Shen Yumei couple also thought that Lin Fan was comforting them, and the bitterness at the corners of their mouths grew thicker and thicker.

        The family of four, then, left the Bai family under the sarcasm and insults of the crowd.

        But only as soon as they got into the car, Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan with a tired look on her face.

        "Husband, how do you know that Lin Zuo will definitely not accept Zhu Yun?"

        Lin Fan was embarrassed, he couldn't say that he was Lin Zuo, could he?

        That would only scare Bai Yi and the others silly.

        He could only smile and explain.

        "Wife, you're silly, that Dragon and Tiger War Gods all know Seat Lin, and today they already have ill feelings towards Zhu Yun's behaviour, so they will definitely tell Seat Lin."

        "Just ask how would Lin Zuo accept a person with a wrong heart?"

        Bai Yi nodded, but still looked worried:

        "Let's hope so!"

        Otherwise, once the Lin Zuo condemned them, their family would really be finished!


        When he returned from Jiangnan, Lin Fan refined the several herbs he searched for in Jiangnan into the Spring Return Pill overnight, and ordered Mike to send it to Kaoru'er, who was in Ivan's Central and Western Hospital, first thing in the morning.

        As the name implies, the Spring Return Pill has the effect of detoxifying the skin, revitalising the skin and revitalising the hands.

        There is only one person in the world who can make it, and that is the White Bone Saint!

        And this elixir had already fetched an astronomical price of one billion dollars on the black market, but even so, it was still priced out of the market.

        If Kaoru'er took this elixir, it wouldn't take long for the medicine to cure her illness.


        It wasn't long after the Spring Return Pill was sent out.

        Lin Fan's mobile phone suddenly rang, and on the other end, there was actually the crying voice of the blind granny.

        "Mr. Lin, your elixir has been robbed! Kaoru'er has been falsely accused of being the thief who stole the pill, so please save her!"


        Something has happened to Kaoru'er?


        Lin Fan fiercely bounced up from his bed, his eyes already crimson red!

        Who dared to be so desperate as to steal my medicine!

        Half an hour later, Lin Fan drove to Ivan's Central and Western Hospital and went straight to Kaoru's ward!

        At the same time, he ordered Mike to appear in front of him within half an hour.

        Otherwise, he could go to hell!

        When he reached the door of the ward, Lin Fan suddenly heard a cry and a plea coming from inside!

        He violently pushed the door open and immediately saw the scene inside.

        In an instant, those eyes were completely bloodshot, and endless fury instantly erupted!

        "Little bitch, you dare to steal something from my Swallow Mountain, I think you are impatient to live?"

        A young man with a fierce face yanked Kaoru's whip in his hand and rebuked angrily.

        At that moment, Kaoru'er's cheek was red and swollen, and there was a bright red slap mark on it!

        But even so, she continued to cry out stubbornly.

        "Kaoru-er didn't steal it! That pill was given to me by Big Brother!"


        Yan Zishan instantly rebuked angrily, a greedy grin suddenly appearing on his face.

        "This Spring Return Pill, it's clearly mine! How can a poor man like you, who can't even afford to pay for medical expenses, possess such an extraordinary elixir?"

        "It must be you who stole it!"

        As soon as the Spring Return Pill was opened, the entire corridor was filled with the fragrance of medicine, directly attracting Yan Zishan's attention.

        At a glance, he could tell that this was the Spring Return Pill that he had seen on the black market and had fetched a sky-high price of one billion.

        Immediately, he was greedy and then planted evidence of Kaoru'er's theft, intending to take this Spring Return Pill and completely own it for himself.

        "I didn't... I didn't..."

        Kaoru'er cried out in anguish, the Spring Return Pill was clearly used by Lin Fan to cure her illness.

        Who knew that after Yan Zishan saw it, he bit the bullet and said that she had stolen the Spring Return Pill and was going to beat her into submission in front of a large crowd.

        "How dare you slyly argue?"

        Yan Zishan's face was [龙腾小说网] cold as he said meanly.

        "You poor devil, we hospital kindly take you in, you do not know gratitude, and dare to steal my things, simply looking for death!"

        With that, he slapped Kaoru's cheek again and swung it down fiercely!

        Immediately, Kaoru'er closed her eyes in fear, waiting for the rough slap to fall on her face once again!

        Her body trembled violently.

        Her heart was in agony!


        After waiting for a few moments, the expected pain did not occur, so Kaoru opened her eyes in confusion.

        What came into view was a beautiful face that she had been dreaming about!

        Immediately, her mouth went up and her eyes instantly filled with tears of anguish as she cried out in a heartbreaking voice.

        "Big brother~"

        "Who are you that dares to spoil my good deed?"

        When Yan Zishan saw that someone dared to grab his hand, he was first stunned.

        And then, after seeing the other party's dress, he showed a sneer, thinking that another dead poor man had come.

        Lin Fan's eyes were already bloodshot, and his voice was as low as a beast's hiss.

        "I think it's not her who is looking for death, it's you!"