Today I Give Up Trying 1159-1160

 Chapter 1159


        Bai Yi's family, their expressions changed wildly!

        They didn't expect that Master Bai was so anxious to force her to come back, that he was forcing her to divorce Lin Fan!

        Immediately, Bai Yi's face turned extremely ugly.

        "Grandpa, I won't divorce Lin Fan!"

        "How dare you disobey me?"

        Old Master Bai instantly slapped the table and rose up with a furious look on his face.

        "Bai Yi, listen to me carefully, I'm not asking for your opinion, but I'm officially informing you!"

        "What my Bai family needs is a backer who can help us soar, not a loser who only drags his feet!"

        "You and Lin Fan, you must leave!"

        Upon hearing these words, all of the Bai family laughed coldly, and then cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi's family, their faces were dense with disbelief!

        None of them had expected that Elder Bai would sacrifice Bai Yi's happiness for the sake of his own selfish desires.

        For this family, they were simply chilled to the bone!

        Only, not waiting for Bai Yi to refuse, that Aunt Wang sneered and spoke.

        "It's not that easy to enter my Zhu family's gates! My Zhu family's daughter-in-law must be submissive and obedient. I don't want you to continue to show your face after you've passed away, so you should give all your properties to my Zhu Yun, so that you can stay home and teach your children after marriage!"


        Auntie Wang's words were full of arrogance and contempt, as if Bai Yi was lucky to be married to Zhu Yun in eight lifetimes!

        These brazen words directly caused shameful anger to rise in Bai Yi's family's eyes.

        Lin Fan laughed coldly, those ice-cold eyes staring straight at Aunt Wang.

        "So, Bai Yi marrying your son will not only require him to pour out his family's money, but also to be a cow and a horse and do whatever he wants?"

        "Not bad!"

        Aunt Wang's face was still full of arrogance as she assumed a condescending stance:.

        "My son is a three-star war general, affiliated with the Dragon Tiger Legion, with an honorable status and an unlimited future ahead of him! Every day, I don't know how many noble girls from famous families step over my threshold, begging for a marriage with him!"

        And so on!

        The smugness on her face intensified.

        "If it weren't for the fact that Master Bai and I have some friendships, who would look at a broken shoe who has married someone else?"

        A broken shoe?

        These two words immediately caused the colour in Lin Fan's eyes to become more and more bitterly cold!

        And that was not all!

        As soon as that Zhu Yun heard Lin Fan speak, a thick look of contempt surfaced on his face.

        "Do you have the right to speak here? She's better off with me than with a punk like you!"

        "At least, she won't be looked down upon!"

        It was as if the word "superiority" was written on the faces of both mother and son!

        This succession of insults directly made Bai Yi's family tremble with anger.

        At this moment, Bai Yi was about to go forward to rebuke them, but he was stopped by Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan calmly looked at the other party, and the corners of his mouth lifted into a wry smile.

        "You said, are you a three-star war general or are you affiliated with the Dragon Tiger Legion?"

        "So what if I am?"

        Zhu Yun snorted coldly and looked at Lin Fan with contempt, "My height is something that you, a punk, will never be able to reach in your lifetime!"

        "A woman as outstanding as Miss Bai Yi is even less given to marry a worthless trash like you, that would simply be a desecration to her!"

        "Marrying into my Zhu family is her only choice!"

        Zhu Yun's words were arrogant and conceited to the extreme!

        It was as if Bai Yi had to marry him!

        It caused Lin Fan to laugh back in anger.

        Lin Fan shook his head and spoke with a cold smile.

        "Then if I tell you, from today onwards, you will be kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Legion and demoted to one star!"

        "You, can you still be proud?"

Chapter 1160


        These words of Lin Fan immediately caused the crowd present, to freeze.

        Kicked out of the Dragon Tiger Corps?

        Demoted to one star?



        A burst of wild laughter filled with ridicule resounded wildly at this time!

        It was as if everyone had heard a big joke, and they were so happy that they couldn't stand up straight!

        Zhu Yun was about to burst into laughter, and with a touch of contempt on his face, he pointed at Lin Fan and laughed, saying.

        "You said... You said you wanted to kick me out of the Dragon Tiger Legion? And have me demoted to one star? Hahahaha, with a punk like you?"

        The Bai family members, who also felt humiliated to the extreme at this point, looked at Lin Fan with a look of idiocy.

        What an idiot!

        Zhu Yun had joined the army at the age of eighteen and had distinguished himself in the military, and was now only in his thirties, yet he was already a three-star battle general!

        In the whole of China, it was a rare existence!

        Otherwise, why would he have been accepted into the Dragon Tiger Corps?

        Now that he had served the Dragon Tiger Legion, who was qualified to kick him out of the Dragon Tiger Legion, other than the Dragon Tiger War God?

        This punk, how dare he talk about expulsion plus demotion?

        What a fool's dream!

        But Lin Fan didn't care about the contempt of the crowd and continued to face Zhu Yun with a smile: "You don't believe me?

        "You don't believe me?"

        "That's enough!"

        Elder Bai was instantly annoyed, and then looked angrily at Bai Shan.

        "Bai Shan, why don't you hurry up and drive this disgrace out?"

        Bai Shan also stepped forward with an embarrassed look on his face, "Little Fan, don't talk nonsense!"

        At this time, he also felt humiliated, to have a three-star battle general expelled and demoted?

        That's a bit of a big bluff!

        And seeing this!

        Zhu Yun immediately let out a loud laugh and stared at Lin Fan, "Good, if you can get me expelled from the Dragon Tiger Legion, from now on I will never set foot in the Bai family again!"

        "But if you can't do that, then you'll divorce Bai Yi!"

        At these words, everyone sneered and looked at Lin Fan!



        Lin Fan unexpectedly agreed instantly.


        The crowd was in an uproar, their eyes all rounded.

        This guy had actually agreed so easily?

        So impatient to give up his wife, to someone else?

        It seemed that he knew he couldn't get it back, so he was using this to find a step for himself!

        After that, Lin Fan picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number.

        "Hello, is this the Military Law Reporting Service?"

        The Military Law Reporting Service?

        Everyone was stunned, and then they laughed!

        This idiot, thinking that calling the Military Law Reporting Office would get the Dragon Tiger Corps to expel a three-star general?

        It's strange that they would care about you!

        Zhu Yun, on the other hand, shook his head in contempt. He had expected Lin Fan to do something amazing, but he didn't expect it to be just a phone call to report.

        He was so disappointed!

        Little did he know that Lin Fan was only pretending to call the Military Law Reporting Office, but in reality...

        Instead, he was calling the Dragon and Tiger War God!

        "A three-star Warlord called Zhu Yun is attempting to break up my marriage, I suggest you expel him!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan hung up the phone straight away.

        Just like that?

        The crowd in the room instantly looked at Lin Fan with disdain, and their eyes grew more and more contemptuous!

        Even if he had called to report the incident, he had only said one sentence.

        Just one sentence, and you want to fire a three-star general?

        What an idiot!

        Immediately, all the people of the Bai family sneered.

        "A waste of a son-in-law, how dare he say he wants to fire a three-star general, is he out of his mind?"

        "Isn't that so? Zhu Yun is already a three-star general in his thirties and has a promising future.

        "One phone call and you fire a three-star war general, do you think you're the Dragon and Tiger War God?"

        "Think you can avoid the fate of cuckoldry by doing this? It's ridiculous!"

        The Bai family's gazes were full of taunts and sarcasm!

        In their eyes, today's Lin Fan was a big joke!


        Ding Ding Ding Ding!

        A sharp ringing of the mobile phone rang from Zhu Yun's pocket!