Today I Give Up Trying 1059-1060

 Chapter 1059

"Hahahaha ...... Great! Great! What a ruthless and heartless Ye Tian! I really didn't expect that for the sake of an outsider, you would not even care about your own brother!"


      "If this matter is known to the family, then your position as the heir will definitely be revoked! Let's see what you can do to fight with me!"


      Ye Ming's heart was simply excited and fast to the extreme.


      How could he not have imagined that Ye Tian would make such a big mistake?


      Joining hands with [yu yu read] outsiders and mutilating fellow clansmen!


      This was definitely an unforgivable sin in the Ye family!


      Hearing Ye Ming's excited voice, Chang Yuan's heart could not help but rejoice, and then he hurriedly said to Ye Ming.


      "Young Master Ye Ming is absolutely right! That Ye Tian is not qualified, at all, to become the heir of the Ye Family, he is even afraid of a small door-to-door son-in-law, how can such a person be qualified to lead the Ye Family!"




      Chang Yuan's eyes gurgled as he continued.


      "I think that only you, Young Master Ye Ming, are capable of leading the Ye Family, towards glory!"


      "If this time, you can get Lin Fan, Ye Chen's murderer, killed in the guardhouse ahead of time, then go back to the Ye Family and report all of Ye Tian's crimes, and your merits, to the Ye Family's top brass! Then Ye Tian is finished, and you are the next true heir to the Ye Family!"




      This sentence from Chang Yuan caused Ye Ming's eyes on the other end of the phone to light up.


      That's right!


      If one just reported Ye Tian's crime, then one wouldn't get the slightest credit, and instead, one might end up, jealous of Ye Tian.


      However, if one sent the murderer Lin Fan's head, as well as Ye Tian's crime, back to the family together.


      Then the elders of the family would definitely think that he was the one who could lead the Ye family to soar to great heights.


      Thinking of this,!


      The smile on the corner of Ye Ming's mouth. The smile on the corner of Ye Ming's mouth grew thicker and thicker, and he said excitedly to Chang Yuan.


      "Good! Chang Yuan, you've done a good job!"


      "Don't worry, this time I will make that little beast, Lin Fan, die in the guardhouse! Once I become the heir of the Ye family in the future, I'll give you a big credit!"




      These words from Ye Ming, to Chang Yuan, simply made him almost cry with joy.


      A promise!


      If it was really as Ye Ming had said, then this time, not only had he gotten rid of the threat that was Lin Fan, but he would even be able to bring down Ye Tian and become the next Ye Family heir, Ye Ming's trusted lieutenant.


      Then his flight to greatness was almost imminent.


      When the phone hung up!


      Chang Yuan's gaze, could not help but look in the direction of the guardhouse, a hint of sinisterness, surfaced at the corner of his mouth:.


      "Hehehe! Lin Fan, you wouldn't have thought it, even if you have some skills, but I, Chang Yuan, can still get you killed at the guardhouse!"


      "Just you wait, as long as you die, your wife Bai Yi, I will take good care of her for you!"


      Said the man!


      The malicious smile on the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth grew thicker and thicker.


      It wasn't just him!


      At the same time!


      Ye Ming likewise pressed a number.


      Soon, when the phone was connected, the lewd voice of a middle-aged man immediately came from inside.


      "Hey! Young Master Ye Ming, why have you taken the initiative to call me, may I ask, what are your orders?"


      There was a hint of surprise in the middle-aged man's voice.


      And hearing these words.


      Ye Ming, on the other hand, said indifferently as the corner of his mouth curled.


      "Captain Wei, I now have a business deal for you to handle!"


      "Ten million dollars to kill Lin Fan!"

Chapter 1060

Gangnam Guard Post.


      Located in the southern part of Jiangnan City.


      And at this moment, in one of the interrogation rooms of the guard station, Sima Yan'er was sitting alone at the interrogation table, with a pair of eyes, looking towards a man on that seat, handcuffed and shackled - Lin Fan.


      "Name?" Sima Yan'er asked with cold words.


      And hearing this, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders.


      "Lin Fan!"








      "Home cook!"


      "......" Sima Yan'er couldn't help but have a head full of black lines when she heard this.


      Her expression, however, became more and more complicated by a minute:.


      "He actually got married!"


      Muttered a word!


      Sima Yan'er hurriedly shook her head, her pair of beautiful eyes, staring straight at a piece of information in her hand, before turning to Lin Fan and asking curiously.


      "Lin Fan, I've read your profile, and it shows that from the time you were 13 years old until you returned at 20, a whole seven years, your resume is blank!"


      "Tell me, where exactly have you been these seven years? What have you done? Was it during those seven years that you learned your ferocious killing techniques?"


      Sima Yan'er's heart was simply curious to the extreme.


      After all!


      This was the first time she had ever seen that Lin Fan was such a calm prisoner.


      The way he killed Ye Chen was as easy and casual as if he was just squashing an ant.


      The way he entered the guardhouse was even more so without fear or panic, as if he was strolling through his own back garden.


      Every one of these unconventional manifestations was an indication that this fellow Lin Fan was by no means simple!


      A home cook?


      What a joke!


      Just as he looked at Sima Yan'er's curious appearance, Lin Fan smiled playfully and said straight away.


      "You're right!"




      Sima Yan'er was stunned, she originally thought that trying to pry Lin Fan's mouth open would be an extremely difficult task.


      But she had never expected that this guy would be so frank and give an account straight away!


      "Keep talking!" In an instant, the curiosity on Sima Yan'er's gorgeous pretty face grew thicker and thicker.


      And seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "When I was thirteen, I followed an old man and went to the Amazon jungle, where I exercised various killing techniques!"


      "From then on, I became an assassin in the dark world, killing giant lords, killing plutocrats and exterminating heads of state. I could do anything and everything!"


      "That was also the year I became the King of ...... in the global dark world!"


      What the hell?


      Hearing Lin Fan's serious words at this moment, Sima Yan'er was completely dumbfounded.


      This guy had read too many novels, right?


      13 years old, the king of the Dark World?


      Can you be more serious with your nonsense!


      Thinking about it!


      Sima Yan'er's pretty face instantly darkened as she looked at Lin Fan with eyes that flashed with a thick anger:.


      "Lin Fan, shut up! I want to hear your real life story, not your nonsense!"


      "I'm telling you, you're a prisoner now, and I'm a police officer!"


      "Please tell me the truth!"




      A hint of helplessness surfaced on Lin Fan's face.


      He knew that if he told the truth, no one would believe him at all.


      At that moment, Lin Fan pondered slightly and said seriously.


      "Alright! I'll give a serious account!"


      "Actually, I can tell you my true identity!"


      True identity?


      Sima Yan'er's breath hitched, and the curious luster in her eyes grew brighter and brighter.


      She instantly felt as if she was about to hear something mysterious.


      The gaze that looked at Lin Fan also flashed with intense anticipation.




      Just when she was nervous to the extreme.


      Lin Fan's voice, straight away, came out.


      "Actually, I am the Chinese ...... Lin Block!"