Today I Give Up Trying 1157-1158

 Chapter 1157

"Also, the Ye and Bai families, I think they're good, they're affectionate and righteous, perhaps the Mad God can consider focusing on training them!"

        Lin Fan mentioned this intentionally or unintentionally.

        Upon hearing this, Ye Wu Ya and Zheng Hong Lian, were instantly filled with joy and looked at Lin Fan excitedly.

        They knew that Lin Fan was the true King of Blood Hell, and was intentionally promoting them at this time.

        The Blood Hell Mad God instantly understood and nodded his head.

        "The Ye and Bai families have been meritorious in protecting my Blood Prison partners, from today onwards they are promoted to the top echelons of my Blood Prison and are under the patronage of the Blood Prison, to be an enemy of you is to be an enemy of my Blood Prison!"


        The entire audience was shocked!

        In the eyes of all the Jiangnan bigwigs present, a strong envy surfaced.

        In other words, from now on, the Ye Family and the Bai Family were directly under the orders of the Dark Emperor, who dared to offend them?

        These two families have completely risen to power and will definitely leap from being the giants of Jiangnan to becoming the premier families in China!

        Those bigwigs who had betrayed the Ye and Bai families were now turning blue in their guts.

        They all knew that they had missed an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of power, and now they might even lose their lives.

        If these two families intended to take revenge on them, then they... would undoubtedly die!

        After all, behind Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya stood the most fearsome man in the world!

        Ye Wu Ya and Zheng Hong Lian hurriedly knelt down, their faces filled with gratitude.

        "Thank you, Lord Mad God! Thank you, Mr. Lin!"


        "Lin Fan, what the hell is going on here?"

        And at this moment, Bai Yi hurriedly walked over, his eyes looking at Lin Fan in shock.

        It seemed that she still couldn't believe that Lin Fan had managed to defuse the crisis so easily.

        With this question, she asked the question on everyone's mind, and a pair of eyes that looked like they had seen a ghost stared at Lin Fan in unison.

        They all wanted to know what the hell was going on!


        Without waiting for Lin Fan to speak, the Blood Hell Mad God was the first to say.

        "King of Blood Hell, the reason why he is willing to cooperate with the New Bai Clan is not because of Mr. Lin, but because of you, Miss Bai Yi!"

        Because... Because of me?

        How could that be!

        Bai Yi immediately lost her face and was completely confused!

        Not only her, but everyone in the room was also dumbfounded!

        After all, it was Lin Fan who was meeting with the Blood Hell Mad God in the conference room just now.

        But now...

        The Blood Hell Berserker God was saying that it was because of Bai Yi?

        "The Blood Hell King is very interested in the new Bai's pharmaceutical formula, so he intends to develop it together with Miss Bai Yi and become a partner!"

        The crowd was suddenly enlightened!

        So this was the real reason why the King of Blood Hell was willing to let Lin Fan go, it was that mysterious Thousand Gold Formula of the New Bai Clan that saved Lin Fan's life and theirs.

        This punk was really lucky to have his life saved by his own wife again!

        To be able to marry such a virtuous wife, this punk was simply a blessing in his ancestors' lives!

        "In addition to that, my king also hopes that Lady Bai Yi will become the spokesperson for our Blood Prison in China." The Blood Hell Mad God said with a smile.

        A spokesperson?

        The whole room was shocked beyond belief, unable to believe their ears.

        Because they all knew that if they became the spokesperson of the King of Blood Hell, then Bai Yi would represent the King of Blood Hell!

        To dare to fight against him would be tantamount to insulting the King of Blood Prison!

        What an honour, a gift from heaven!

        At these words, Bai Yi's legs went limp and he was about to faint in fear.

        "No, no, how can I be the spokesperson of such a legend?"

        To be the spokesperson of such a being would be to hold supreme power, to dominate the wheel of life and death, too much power, and this made her feel very scared.

        "Miss Bai Yi, you should know that no one can disobey the orders of the Blood Hell King." The Blood Hell Mad God said with a smile.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan also smiled and said comfortingly.

        "Wife, since this is the Blood Prison King's wish, then you should be obedient so as not to anger that great man."

        Upon hearing this, Bai Yi's pretty face turned white as she nodded her head in a panic.

        "Yes, I will do my best and not let the King of Blood Prison down."

        In an instant, all eyes turned to Bai Yi with envy and jealousy, for this woman to be favoured by the King of Blood Prison was like being a phoenix on a branch!



        At that moment, one after another, the bigwigs knelt down and kowtowed towards Bai Yi.

        "Congratulations, Miss Bai Yi, on your ascension to the throne of the Jiangnan Co-Lord!"

Chapter 1158


        The news that Bai Yi had become the common master of Jiangnan instantly exploded throughout Jiangnan!

        The media went wild!

        For a hundred years, Jiangnan has been divided into four regions, with the four great families competing for supremacy, but no one could do anything about it.

        But today, for the first time ever, the four powerful families are serving one person as their master, and it's a woman!

        "Shock! The three great lords are bowing down, the masters of Jiangnan are kneeling down, and the woman who stands at the peak of power in Jiangnan, the common lord of Jiangnan, Bai Yi, has risen strongly!"

        Bai Yi!

        This name was like a bomb that completely rocked the entire Jiangnan region.

        And that's not all!

        Led by the three great families, all the leading groups in Jiangnan have jointly launched a statement to cooperate with the new Bai Clan from today onwards!

        And it was announced!

        From now on, they will be affiliated to the New White Clan, and 50% of their annual profits will be paid to the New White Clan!


        The whole of Jiangnan was in a frenzy, they couldn't imagine that the woman called Bai Yi had such a terrible background that she could make the whole of Jiangnan kneel down and obey her orders!

        And then!

        The market value of the new Bai Clan increased a hundredfold, instantly becoming the number one group in Jiangnan!

        Just when the whole Jiangnan community was in shock, an even more terrifying news came out again!

        Bai Yi was actually the spokesperson of the King of Blood Hell!

        The title of the King's woman was in effect placed on Bai Yi's head.

        And her wasteful husband had thus become the laughing stock of the whole of Jiangnan.

        But to this, Lin Fan did not care, for he knew that once his identity was revealed, all those who had laughed at him would surely fall flat on their faces.


        "Bai Yi, I limit your family to appear in front of me within three hours!"

        At this moment!

        The first time I saw the company, I received a phone call from the old man, and from the beginning to the end, it was in a commanding tone, indifferent to the extreme.

        Bai Yi smiled bitterly, this kind of attitude, even to his family, was clearly to his subordinates!

        "What's wrong?" Lin Fan asked, puzzled.

        "Grandpa ordered us to appear in front of him within three hours, I'll go pack my things first."

        Saying that, Bai Yi went upstairs with a lost face.


        Lin Fan was dumbfounded, he was afraid that Elder Bai of Jiang City still didn't know everything that had happened in Jiangnan, right?

        Otherwise, how could he dare to speak to Bai Yi with such an attitude?

        Three hours later, Bai Yi's family of four returned to Jiang City in a frenzy and appeared in the Bai family.

        Only, when they had just walked into the house.

        But they saw all the people of the Bai family surrounding a noblewoman and a young man, their faces full of flattery and ingratiation, dogged to the extreme.

        When he saw Bai Yi and the others arrive, the smile on Old Master Bai's face completely disappeared and he sank down and said.

        "Bai Yi, come here! Let me introduce to you, this is your Aunt Wang, the wife of Zhu's enterprise!"

        "This one next to him is quite something, he is Aunt Wang's son Zhu Yun, a three-star warrior general at the age of thirty-five, affiliated with China's long-established Dragon Tiger Corps, his future prospects are unlimited!"

        The moment he saw Bai Yi.

        The moment Zhu Yun saw Bai Yi, a strong burning heat appeared in his eyes, and the smile on the corner of his mouth took on a bit more of a lascivious meaning!


        So beautiful!

        It was like the fairy of Guang Han, such a beautiful woman he had to get!

        Aunt Wang, however, gave Bai Yi a contemptuous glance and said with a sneer.

        "You're Bai Yi, aren't you? You're not bad looking, but it's a pity that you have such poor eyesight that you've fallen for a trash!"


        The faces of Bai Yi's family turned extremely ugly.

        Anyone could hear the contempt and disdain in the other party's words.

        Contempt for their family, and even more contempt for Lin Fan.

        Bai Yi forced down his anger and asked Old Master Bai.

        "Grandpa, you're looking for me to come back, is there something wrong?"

        Master Bai gave her a look and said in a commanding tone.

        "Divorce Lin Fan! Marry Zhu Yun!"