Today I Give Up Trying 1057-1058

 Chapter 1057

"Lin ...... Lin Fan!"


      Chang Yuan's eyelids jumped wildly as he lifted his head, only then did he realize that Lin Fan was actually looking straight at him.


      In particular, the corners of his mouth emerged with a morose arc, and he looked at himself as if he was looking at a dead person.


      "What do you ...... you want?"


      Chang Yuan's body trembled like sieve chaff.


      He was afraid that this madman, at this moment, was going to kill himself.


      Only, Lin Fan smiled and said indifferently.


      "Keep your dog's life for now, I will take it when I return from the guardhouse!"




      Back from the guardhouse?


      Hearing those words, a thick look of disdain and ridicule instantly surfaced at the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth.


      Come back?


      You are dreaming!


      You killed someone in front of this police officer, you will definitely be guilty of death.


      Thinking of this, Chang Yuan did not retort, instead, he was calculating in his heart how to solve this threat, Lin Fan, once and for all.


      Only, Lin Fan didn't care about creeps like Chang Yuan.


      He turned his head to look at Ye Tian and said indifferently.


      "Bai Yi has ten more minutes before she wakes up! Don't tell her the truth at that time, let her go back to the hospital and wait for me!"


      Hearing Lin Fan's words.


      Ye Tian hurriedly bowed and responded.


      "As you command, Master!"


      It was only at this point.


      Only then did Lin Fan turn his head and follow Sima Yan'er and the others, leaving the box.


      Seeing Lin Fan and the others leave.


      A bodyguard next to him, hurriedly walked forward and said to Ye Tian.


      "Young Master Ye Tian, this guy killed Young Master Ye Chen, are you really willing to do that? He's making an enemy of our Ye Family!"


      "Also, do you think he can really still come out of the guardhouse? He killed a man in front of this police! "


      It wasn't just this bodyguard.


      Even the other bodyguards around him, as well as Chang Yuan on the ground. One by one, they also looked at Ye Tian in unison.


      They simply could not figure out why, when their own brother was killed, Ye Tian not only did not feel the slightest bit of resentment, but instead looked relieved.


      What's more, they couldn't understand.


      Lin Fan had become a murderer, so why would Ye Tian still treat him with such respect.


      At this moment!


      After Ye Tian heard the bodyguard's words, his eyes, which couldn't help but turn, looked towards Ye Chen's corpse on the ground.


      In his eyes, a hint of sadness and complexity surfaced.


      "What do you guys know! This bastard Ye Chen, not only did he seek his own death, he even almost, just now, buried me, as well as all of us in the entire Ye family, to accompany him!"




      These words of Ye Tian fell on the ears of the crowd, causing everyone to stare in disbelief at what they had heard.


      Ye Chen had almost caused Ye Tian and the Ye family to bury him?


      Could it be that!


      Lin Fan really had the terrifying ability to exterminate the Ye family?


      Only, how was this possible.


      Not only were the bodyguards in disbelief, but Chang Yuan on the ground even shivered sharply, his just relieved mood instantly choking up a little and panicking.


      If Lin Fan really had such a terrifying ability.


      Then once he came out of the guardhouse alive, wouldn't that mean that the next one to die would be himself.


      Just thinking about it!


      Chang Yuan only felt his scalp, tingling for a moment.




      Ye Tian didn't care about his thoughts at all, instead, he instructed his bodyguard and said.


      "Throw this Chang Yuan, out to me!"


      "In addition, you guys stand guard outside the door, wait for Miss Bai Yi to wake up, and escort her back to the hospital to wait, as instructed by my master!"


      "And I, now, am going to report to the family master!"


      Report to the family master!


      Ye Tian's expression, somewhat complicated, he knew that the aftermath of this incident alone would likely make Lin Fan angry with the Ye family, and he now had to hurry to solve all of this.

Chapter 1058

The entrance to the Crown Club!




      A figure covered in blood was thrown out by a few black-clad bodyguards, as if they were throwing a dead dog.


      "Ah ...... it hurts!"


      Chang Yuan fell to the ground fiercely, the severe pain above those legs caused him to tremble in pain.


      "Damn Lin Fan, I'm ruined, I'm afraid this life is over!"


      Looking at his bloodied legs, a thick look of resentment could not help but appear on Chang Yuan's face.




      When he thought of those words from Ye Tian just now, it even made Chang Yuan's expression, so gloomy that water almost dripped out.


      "No! I have to find a way to make Lin Fan die in the guardhouse!"


      "This is the only chance to kill this guy, otherwise if it's really like Ye Tian said, and Lin Fan has the ability to come back from the guardhouse, then my doom and gloom will befall me!"


      Thinking of this.


      Chang Yuan hurriedly took out his own mobile phone, while finding a phone number and dialing it.


      Looking at this one number displayed on his phone, he only felt his heart pounding wildly.


      It was because there were four words written on it!


      Young Master Ye Ming!


      That's right!


      This Ye Ming, was also a son of the Ye Family, and on top of that, he was even one of the few most promising succession candidates of the Ye Family, just like Ye Tian, to inherit the family.


      Not only that.


      Ye Ming and Ye Tian, belonged to a direct competition.




      The phone was connected, and a lazy voice immediately came from within.


      "Hello! Who is it?"


      The voice was indifferent and high and cold, as if a high and proud fellow was looking down on all beings.


      Hearing these words, Chang Yuan's face, could not help but emergency clothes at a smile, and then carefully said.


      "Young Master Ye Ming, I am Chang Yuan, we have met before at a cocktail party!"




      Hearing these words, Ye Ming on the other end of the phone, was slightly silent for a moment.


      It seemed to be thinking back, who was Chang Yuan?


      But after a short moment of silence, Ye Ming's voice, continued to ring out.


      "I don't remember! Just say it directly, what's the matter with calling me?"


      "If there's nothing, I'll hang up!"


      Said the man!


      The condescending Ye Ming on the other end of the phone seemed to be about to hang up, and upon hearing this, a thick look of urgency surfaced on Chang Yuan's face before he hurriedly said.


      "Young Master Ye Ming, don't hang up yet! I want to tell you the latest news! Ye Chen is dead!"




      Ye Ming on the other end of the phone seemed to move with a start, before his voice suddenly became excited and he asked incredulously.


      "Did you just say that Ye Chen is dead?"


      "That's right! Just a moment ago, Young Master Ye Chen was snapped by a fellow called Lin Fan, breaking his neck!" Chang Yuan respectfully returned.


      Just as his words left off.


      "Hahahaha ......"


      Ye Ming on the other end of the phone burst into laughter, as if he had encountered something extremely happy, and said exuberantly.


      "How did you know that? Also, wasn't Ye Chen with his big brother Ye Tian? He's dead, what about Ye Tian?"


      Ye Ming and Ye Tian, it seemed, had an extremely deep grudge.


      At this moment, knowing that Ye Tian's brother had been killed, he was simply happy to the extreme, however, what he was most concerned about was Ye Tian's life and death.


      After all!


      Only if Ye Tian died, then his greatest rival would be completely gone.


      In the future, the entire Ye family would even be his!


      And hearing these words.


      At that moment, Chang Yuan hurriedly gave Ye Ming a careful account of what had happened.


      And when Ye Ming knew.


      The matter of Ye Chen's murder was actually agreed to by his elder brother Ye Tian personally, and even the disposal of the corpse.


      Ye Ming's heart simply set off a shocking wave.