Today I Give Up Trying 1154-1156

 Chapter 1154

This man's face was like a knife cut into their hearts, leaving an indelible and eternal mark.

        Three years ago, Tiger Prison Pass.

        Faced with 100,000 dark forces, the eight great war gods of China were helpless.

        But at that very moment, a man, carrying a five-star banner on his shoulder, walked up to the city alone and said only one thing.

        "I am the Lin Zuo of Huaxia, and I have come here to... To beg for death!"

        A domineering gesture!

        He was arrogant!

        The words "Lin Zuo of China" instantly made 100,000 dark forces flee with their guts in their hands!

        And that was the day that the generals at the border gate burned that man's face into their minds.

        They worshipped him as a god!

        Today, in the Tiger Prison Pass, a statue of this man's might is still erected for all the troops to worship!

        Even the three great gods of war were no exception, except that they did not expect that legendary man to appear here.

        And to be a little superfluous son-in-law, it was unbelievable!

        When they learned of Lin Fan's identity, the three Great War Gods almost fell to the ground in fear.

        Especially that Demon Slaughter War God, when he thought that he had just intended to strike at Lin Zha, his face could not help but turn white, and his legs trembled uncontrollably.

        This was simply disrespectful!

        Even if he was a War God, he would not be able to escape punishment!


        Even the Blood God had been seriously injured by his blow. If he had really struck out just now, he would have been a dead man.

        Thinking of this, the Demon Slaughter War God trembled more and more!



        Immediately, the three Great War Gods fell to their knees in unison and roared at the top of their lungs.

        "My subordinates, see you, Lin Zuo!"

        In their voices, there was endless reverence and fear, as if they were worshipping a god!

        Their eyes were filled with extreme ecstasy and shock, so Lin Zuo of China was the King of Blood Prison, the man known as the strongest.

        No wonder a single word could scare off a thousand armies and horses.

        "All rise!"

        Lin Fan spoke indifferently while gazing around, "By now you should know that I am not an impostor, right?"

        A bitter smile instantly appeared on the Blood Hell Mad God's face.


        And at that very moment!

        The corridor!

        After seeing the Blood Hell Mad God enter the meeting room and go on a rampage, a malicious smile surfaced on Huangfu Xuan's face.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, did you hear that? The Lord God is furious, your husband will probably be torn to pieces by this time!"

        "There's been no movement for so long, I think that brat is probably already dead!" Huangfu Zheng also said with a face full of pleasure.

        The other bigwigs all thought so too, a gloating smile appearing on their faces, all glad that they had made the right choice, which was to follow the Huangfu and Sima Clans!

        On the other hand, Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya's side were ashen faced and desperate to the core.

        They had naturally heard the Blood Hell Mad God's angry roar just now, and indeed they had guessed wrongly that Lin Fan was not the King of Blood Hell.

        Otherwise, how would the Blood Hell Mad God dare to roar at him rudely?

        At this time, the two family masters collapsed helplessly to the ground, their hearts miserable and tearless, only feeling that they were the sinners of their own families for the ages.

        Lost in thought!

        "Zheng Honglian, Ye Wu Ya, why should you have known better? Now that that boy is dead, soon your Ye and Bai families will also be broken, hahaha!"

        Huangfu Zheng laughed wistfully, and a thick greed surfaced in his eyes.

        "How about this, as long as you hand over all the properties of your two families, I can consider pleading with Lord Mad God to let him spare your dog's lives!"

        And Huangfu Xuan also stared at Bai Yi with eyes full of lust: "Someone!

        "Men! Arrest that bitch for me! This young man, today, will have a wedding with this widow!"


        At that very moment, a demonic voice, like that of hell, rang out.

        "If you touch her, I'll hurt you 10 inches!"

Chapter 1155

When that familiar voice rang out, everyone's bodies completely froze, and for a moment, they wondered if they had been hallucinating.

        That voice... It was Lin Fan?

        How was that possible!

        That fellow should have already died at the hands of the Blood Hell Mad God.

        Everyone looked back in horror, but they suddenly saw the door to the conference room open, and then Lin Fan, who everyone thought had been shredded into pieces, stood abruptly in the doorway.

        His eyes were as stern as a sword, staring straight at Huangfu Xuan.

        This couldn't be!

        The whole room was in an uproar, everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost!

        The Blood Hell Mad God had already entered, so why was this guy still able to walk back in one piece?

        No, this wasn't right!

        What had gone wrong?

        Everyone was scared to death at this point, the scene in front of them was too bizarre for them!

        Why was this guy okay?

        The whole corridor was silent and everyone's bodies were trembling madly because the scene before them was so shocking, like a terminal cancer patient suddenly recovering overnight!

        It was simply a miracle!

        This was how Lin Fan looked to them today.

        A guy who should have died without a body turned out to be unharmed and strutted out of the conference room.

        This was too shocking and unbelievable for them!

        Even Bai Yi and the others were dumbfounded at this time, unable to believe that Lin Fan had managed to survive.

        "You, why aren't you dead?" Huang Fu Xuan's jaw chin was about to fall off as his eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan.

        It was hard to accept this shocking scene.

        "I told you, I'm the King of Blood Prison." Lin Fan said with a smile.


        The crowd's expressions changed as their faces fiercely clouded over.

        This guy still had to pretend?

        To this day, the crowd still couldn't believe that this wasteful son-in-law of the Bai family, a little white boy who ate soft food, would be the strongest man on that high pedestal.

        This, absolutely impossible!

        "No, this fellow is definitely trying to escape while the Blood Hell Mad God is mixing with the Dragon Tiger War God and the others!"

        Huang Fu Xuan roared out, a strong malice in his eyes, "Kid, do you think you can coax us like this?"

        "Someone, grab him! Don't let him get away!"

        Upon hearing this, the crowd instantly understood, and a thick cold smile surfaced on their faces.

        And then, Sima Hongrui directly went up in a big stride, and then looked at Lin Fan with indignation and anger, a thick killing spirit surfacing in his eyes!

        "Break his legs! I'll see how he can run!"

        The other bigwigs were also agitated and ordered their bodyguards to beat Lin Fan into a cripple.

        This was an opportunity to curry favor with the Blood Hell Mad God, how could they miss it?


        As soon as the words left his mouth, the door was pushed open!

        The Blood Hell Mad God walked out first, with a steaming murderous look on his face!

        Seeing this, Huangfu Xuan was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly said.

        "Lord Berserker God, this scum tried to escape, but we stopped him, so you should kill him quickly!"

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi, Zheng Honglian, Ye Wu Ya and the others all raised their hearts to their throats and looked at the Blood Prison Berserker God with incomparable nervousness.

        This was because they all knew that one word from the Blood Hell Mad God was all that was needed to decide Lin Fan's life and death!


        The Blood Hell Mad God looked at Lin Fan, but then landed his gaze on Huang Fu Xuan: "Do you want him to die?"

        The Blood Hell Mad God was actually asking for his opinion?

        Huang Fu Xuan's face was practically flushed with excitement before nodding frantically, "Yes, yes, I hate to break his body into pieces!"

        Immediately, the Blood Hell Mad God's face was as gloomy as water as he said in a deep voice, "I've only just reached a partnership with Mr. Lin, and you want me to kill my own partner?"


        The words struck everyone's mind like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, causing everyone present to feel like they had been struck by electricity!

        They trembled!

        Partner... Partners?

        This man had clearly insulted the King of Blood Hell, yet the Blood Hell Mad God didn't kill him, but wanted to cooperate with him?

        Were they crazy, or was the King of Blood Hell crazy?

        "The misunderstanding between Blood Hell and Mr. Lin has been cleared, from now on Blood Hell and Mr. Lin are friends!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God snorted coldly and said, "From today onwards, if you are an enemy of Mr. Lin, then you are an enemy of our Blood Hell!"

Chapter 1156

Huangfu Xuan fell out of his wheelchair in shock, his face already deadly grey.

        That guy who should have been shredded into pieces was now a partner of Blood Prison, how could he accept this?

        He had had one of his legs broken by Lin Feng, and subsequently held a grudge against him, hating to kill him by a thousand cuts.

        And today was the best opportunity to do so!

        Originally, he had thought that the Blood Hell Berserker God was his killer weapon, and with him in Lin Fan was bound to die.

        But now, this trash Lin Fan had turned into a partner of the Blood Prison, and now his life was in danger, not to mention his revenge.

        This simply made Huangfu Xuan almost go mad!


        At this moment, Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming instantly fell to their knees, their legs trembling wildly and uncontrollably.

        Their faces were white as white.

        This fellow had actually become a partner of the Blood Prison? What exactly had he done to convince the murderous Blood Hell Mad God?

        At the thought of it, they had just humiliated Lin Fan in every way, and had even united with all the bigwigs in the entire Jiangnan region to bring him to his death!

        They even tried to play with his wife in front of him?

        They were so scared that they almost pissed themselves on the spot.

        This was a death wish!

        But this was just the beginning!






        More and more of the big men fell to the ground in fear, puddles of fishy yellow liquid dripping out of their crotches.

        They were profoundly aware that they had made a fatal mistake, that they were on the wrong side.

        Who would have thought that this waste of a son-in-law would transform in this instant and become a big shot that they could not afford to offend?

        These bigwigs regretted not trusting Huangfu Zheng's, and even less should they have betrayed the Ye and Bai families, for they were the true servants of the Blood Hell Mad God.

        And now, they were dead!

        Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya's faces instantly surfaced with a strong sense of ecstasy after seeing this scene.

        The gloom on their faces was instantly swept away!

        "Old Ye, we bet on the right thing!"

        Zheng Honglian's face was as red as a tide of excitement as she nervously pulled Ye Wu Ya's hand, her eyes already filled with tears.

        They were not sinners, they were meritorious, meritorious people who had brought the Ye and Bai families to a whole new level.

        "Master Bai family, thank you! Thank you very much!" Ye Wu Ya was equally tearful in his old age as he shook Zheng Hong Lian's hand in excitement and gratitude.

        If it wasn't for Zheng Honglian, he might have betrayed Lin Fan, and then what would have happened to their Ye family, it was impossible to imagine!

        They hadn't been wrong, Lin Fan really was the King of Blood Hell!

        "What are you all still standing around for? Why don't you quickly pay your respects to Blood... Kneel down to Mr. Lin to thank him?"

        Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya, at the same time, roared at their clansmen, while the two of them took the lead and knelt down.


        Behind them, a group of people from the Ye and Bai clans all burst into tears at this time as well, frantically kneeling down towards Lin Fan.

        Especially Bai Hu and Bai Dust, they both knew Lin Fan's identity, so they were so excited at this time that they could hardly contain themselves and were already sobbing uncontrollably.

        They had become the Blood Prison King's slaves?

        How wonderful!

        This, this was a great honour!

        In the future, the Ye and Bai families would definitely stand at the pinnacle of power!

        On the other side, Bai Yi's face was pale, the shock and astonishment in her eyes unable to calm down for a long time.

        Lin Fan had once again defused a crisis, and had even entered into a partnership with the Raging Blood Hell Mad God?

        How on earth had this fellow convinced them?

        "Mr. Lin, what should I do with this person?"

        The Blood Hell Mad God gazed at Huang Fu Xuan, who had already pissed himself in fear, and a steaming murderous intent emerged in his eyes.

        "He wants to insult my woman, so let's kill him!"

        Lin Fan said in a flat sentence and said.

        "Furthermore, from now on, there will be no more Huangfu family in Jiangnan!"

        Exterminate the clan!

        All the bigwigs present howled in unison, already crying in fear, with endless fear in their eyes as they kowtowed frantically to Lin Fan.

        Out of their mouths, they even spoke words of repentance and despair, pleading for Lin Fan's forgiveness.

        At this time, Huangfu Zheng's entire body seemed to have been drained of all strength as he collapsed helplessly onto the ground, his face haggard as if he had instantly aged ten years.

        Even the Blood Hell Mad God was asking Lin Fan's opinion, so one could imagine how much he really valued this son-in-law.

        Their Huangfu family, it was completely finished!