Today I Give Up Trying 1151-1153

 Chapter 1151

If Lin Fan lives, I live, if Lin Fan dies, I die!

        Hearing these decisive words from Bai Yi, a strong sense of shame surfaced in Huangfu Xuan's eyes as he rebuked.

        "Insensitive bitch, since you seek death, then I will fulfill you!"

        "As soon as your man dies, I'll send you to a brothel, so you can enjoy being ridden by a thousand people and fucked by ten thousand!"

        But Bai Yi didn't care about herself at all, her pretty eyes looking worriedly in the direction of that conference room.


        When the conference room was pushed open, a wild and domineering aura swept in!

        Upon seeing the huge mountain-like figure, all the sect masters present instantly changed their faces.

        The Devil Slaughterer War God, who was about to attack and kill Lin Fan, also stopped abruptly at this moment, and a cruel smile appeared on his face.

        "Here comes your debtor, kid, you're dead on arrival!"

        Seeing the Blood Hell Berserker God coming in a fury, the Dragon Tiger War God and the rest of the group also had a fierce sense of foreboding.

        If the Blood Prison Mad God really struck out at Lin Fan, then he would be committing a capital offense under the Blood Prison's iron law!

        "That scum, where is it?"

        The Blood Hell Mad God grunted angrily, his voice like a bell, shaking the entire room with a buzzing sound.

        "Old Brother Mad God, the scum you're looking for is right there!"

        The Devil Slaughter War God let out a fierce laugh and pointed at the boss chair that had its back to them.


        The Blood Hell Berserker God swept his gaze away, and upon seeing that Lin Fan remained unmoved, a fierce and fierce fury gathered between his brows.

        "Little bastard, how dare you ignore me when you see me coming, do you not put me in your eyes?"

        The three great gods laughed at this, this kid was indeed crazy to the extreme, he didn't kneel down and beg for mercy when he saw the Blood Prison God descend, instead he was arrogant and didn't even turn his head back, he was simply looking for death!

        And at that moment, Lin Fan spoke up.

        "You're right, I really don't have you in my sights!"


        At these words, the three Great Gods were in an uproar, astonishment flooding their eyes!


        This kid is absolutely insane!

        In the face of the Blood Prison God, he did not show the slightest bit of respect, but even provoked him with his words.

        At this moment, they all couldn't help but wonder if Lin Fan had the intention to seek death?

        "Bastard, I will cut you into pieces and then slaughter your family! This is what you get for impersonating the Blood Hell King!"

        The Blood Hell Berserker God was furious to the point of rage, striding towards Lin Fan.

        But at that moment, the Dragon Tiger War God and the others abruptly stopped in front of him, staring the Blood Hell Berserker God in the face with a grave expression.

        "You're stopping me?"

        The Blood Hell Mad God's face was grim, yet he didn't even put them in his eyes, with his strength, even if all the Patriarchs present combined, they were no match for him!

        Someone had insulted his faith and trampled on the gods in his heart!

        Then this time when he came to Jiangnan, he would be the one to kill the gods and the gods in the way of the Buddha!

        Even his former comrades will be killed... Kill without mercy!

        "Old Brother Mad God, you misunderstand, this person in front of you is really our king!" The Blood Dragon said anxiously, stopping in front of the Blood Hell Mad God now, that was because he did not want the Blood Hell Mad God to make a big mistake.

        To dare to strike out at the Dark Lord was a capital crime!

        "Older brother, please be at ease, once you strike, there will be no turning back!" Blood Tiger was also nervous.

        "King, quickly reveal your identity, otherwise Old Brother Mad God will really strike at you."

        Bloodfaust turned his head and shouted to Lin Fan.


        "That's enough!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God, however, roared in fury and swept them a look of extreme disappointment.

        "After all this, you still want to lie to me?"

        "I saw the King yesterday in Rice, and I even saw how he slaughtered the Darkness of Rice, the Holy Church, how could he be in China?"

        The Blood God had already decided that this was an impostor, so his murderous aura had risen sharply!

        "They said that you had betrayed the King, originally I didn't believe it, but now it seems that it is actually true!"

        The scarlet eyes of the Blood Prison God of Frenzy exploded with a fierce murderous energy: "How dare you betray the King?

        "Gods who dare to betray the Blood Prison, you... Damn you!"

Chapter 1152

The Blood God could not accept anyone betraying the Dark Lord, for that was his faith, the god in his heart, the one he had sworn to serve for the rest of his life!

        In Blood Prison, the people often teased him, saying that he would not even hesitate to kill his own father and mother if the Emperor asked him to do so!

        It could be said that he was so foolishly loyal that he had gone off the deep end!

        That's why, upon learning that someone was pretending to be the King of Blood Hell, he went to Jiangnan with great fanfare to obliterate him, wanting to kill all those who dared to insult my King!

        At this time, the Blood Hell Mad God could not help but recall the scene five years ago, when he and the Dark Emperor first met.

        At that time, he was just a peasant, his wife and parents had been killed by the infamous warlord "Black Sin", and with his abilities he could never take revenge!

        So he takes a gun and prepares to die with a bullet!

        But at that moment, a man knocked on his door, and he came out of the night like a messenger of darkness, saying to him in a solemn, gloomy tone like the death knell of hell.

        "Are you willing to make a deal with the devil?"

        The answer, naturally, was yes!

        Because he had made a deal with that devilish man, he had transformed himself from a peasant to a bloodthirsty demon in just one year, and had slaughtered the Black Sinners!

        To avenge the death of his family!

        And in the end, he even forced out the man behind the Black Crimes, a major western conglomerate!

        They sent eight berserk warriors as powerful as the Grand Masters to retaliate, and beat the Blood God to death!

        But just as he was about to die, he saw that man, who fought the eight Berserkers with his own strength, take only ten minutes to...

        He took the heads of all of them!

        That scene is still burned into his mind and will not go away!

        From that day onwards, he vowed to clear all obstacles and kill all enemies for the man before him!

        To death... No matter what!

        From that day onwards, he abandoned his name, but took on a name that would scare the shit out of him...

        The Blood God of Hell!

        Without the Dark Lord, he would still be the same cowardly, humble man who, in the face of the murder of his family, would have had to drink himself to death.

        It was that man who gave him a new lease of life!

        He was able to avenge the death of his wife and son!

        He was more important than the life of the Blood God!

        Therefore, all those who dare betray him and insult him deserve to die!

        "When I kill that impostor, you traitors will be next!"

        At this time, the Blood Hell Mad God had completely lost his mind and did not believe what the Dragon Tiger War God had said at all.

        It was determined that they had betrayed the Blood Hell King!

        "Get lost!"

        The Blood Hell Berserker God bellowed, and his aura instantly soared, blasting all of them, including the Dragon and Tiger War God, out of the air.

        At the same time, his huge body shattered the earth as he directly pounced on Lin Fan!

        "Brother Mad God, don't!"

        "Lord Mad God, stop!"

        The Dragon and Tiger War Gods and the others changed their expressions dramatically, but it was already too late to stop them.

        As far as the eye could see!

        The Blood Hell Berserker God had already reached behind Lin Fan, and at the same time, he threw a fist towards that boss chair in a fury, seemingly intending to blast the man with the chair and kill him all!

        The three Chinese Gods of War had a strong sneer on their faces.

        That arrogant kid is dead!

        But the next moment...


        With a loud bang, under the horrified eyes of the crowd, a wretched figure suddenly flew backwards and hit the ground heavily!

        On the spot, he vomited blood!

        The person who was blown away was actually the Blood Hell Mad God!

        And it was... A single move had crushed him!

        Seeing this, the smiles on the faces of the three Great Gods froze, and then they screamed in unison with eyes wide open.

        "How the hell is this possible!"

Chapter 1153

The Three Great Gods of War were highly respected in China and had a long-standing reputation in the military, but at this time, these three gods of war were extremely out of shape and exploded in a collective foul mouth!

        One can only imagine how shocked they were today!

        That was the Blood Hell Mad God, an existence that surpassed that of a Grand Master, and even if all of them combined, they were no match for each other.

        This was because the Blood Hell Mad God was the Dark Lord's favourite pupil, the only strong man who had been taught the martial arts one-on-one by the Dark Lord.

        Having been trained by the strongest man in the world...

        The horror of his strength is unimaginable!

        And such an existence had not even touched Lin Fan's before he was blown away and fell to the ground coughing up blood?

        What was even more terrifying was that they hadn't even seen how Lin Fan had struck from the beginning.

        It was an illusion!

        This must be an illusion!

        The three great gods' eyes were wide open, their cheeks filled with endless fear and horror, and they only felt like they were about to have a heart attack.

        Their hearts were beating faster and they were breathing heavily.

        That Tyrannical Slaying God of the Blood Prison had actually been completely defeated under the other party's single move.

        At this time, they could not believe their eyes!

        Seeing this, a bitter smile then surfaced on the faces of the Dragon and Tiger War God and the others, as if they had expected such a situation.

        Everything that the Blood Hell Mad God had was given by the Dark Emperor.

        He wanted to be an enemy of the Dark Lord?

        It was like asking for death!


        The Blood Hell Mad God was also completely confused!

        His face was thick with disbelief, as if he couldn't believe that he would fail so easily.

        Then, he looked at Lin Fan with a terrified expression, his voice trembling uncontrollably.

        "Demon Killing Fist, why do you know Demon Killing Fist!"

        He was trembling so much that he was going crazy!

        The moment he fought with his opponent, he knew that what he was using was the very same Demon Killing Fist that the Dark Emperor had taught him.

        Moreover, its power was a hundred times greater than his own.

        It was... It was as if the other party was the creator of the Demon Killing Fist!

        Therefore, at this time, he began to waver, his eyes fixed on the boss chair, and his heart was already in a state of shock.


        At that very moment, the boss chair turned.

        Lin Fan slowly turned around, propping his cheek with his hand and leaning on top of the chair, sizing up the Blood Hell Mad God with interest.

        "Sacob, you want to kill me?"


        The Blood God drew in a cold breath, his eyes filled with a strong shock and a look of disbelief.

        In the next instant, he fiercely darted out towards Lin Fan.


        His huge body fell to its knees!

        It was like a huge mountain smashing down, causing the entire conference room to shake.

        By this time, the Blood Hell Mad God's eyes were already filled with tears, and his body was trembling with excitement: "King, is that you?

        "King, is it you? Is it really you? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

        Lin Fan had been away from the Blood Prison for many years, and even the Blood Prison God had not seen him for a long time, but now that he had reunited with him, he could no longer control his excitement.

        He had been wrong, he had been very wrong!

        The King was really in China!

        And he had dared to strike at him, he deserved to die!

        After seeing the Blood Hell Mad God kneel down, the three Great Gods of War felt their scalps tingle, this man in front of them was really the King of Blood Hell?

        They only felt their hearts and livers trembling so violently that they were about to suffocate!

        In particular, when they saw Lin Fan's real face, the three of them were struck by lightning, and a shocking scene of a man carrying a huge banner on his shoulders, standing proudly on the wall, and drinking back 100,000 troops by himself came to mind.

        Immediately, the cheeks of the three Great Gods of War completely lost their colour, and their six pairs of eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan, saying in horror.

        "You are, Lin Zuo of China!"