Today I Give Up Trying 1051-1053

 Chapter 1051



      These words of Lin Fan's were permeated with an intense to the point of killing.


      When it fell on Ye Chen's ears, it instantly caused his face to change drastically.


      However, just as he wanted to continue to threaten Lin Fan, he was horrified to find that Lin Fan's palm of his foot nudged the ground and exploded towards him with a kick.


      In almost an instant, it viciously kicked him in the crotch.




      The sound of bursting and shattering came from Ye Chen's lower body.


      He only felt a sharp pain in his lower body, and then his entire body was kicked up raw.


      It was a full three metres of kicking.


      With a poof, both knees fell to the ground.






      Drops of blood flowed out from under Ye Chen's span, and the pounding pain that seemed like a tidal wave immediately caused his entire body to tremble as if he was sifting.




      "My lower body, you ...... you abolished me, you bastard dared to abolish me!!!"


      Dense, cold sweat flowed continuously from Ye Chen's forehead.


      In his eyes, there was a strong sense of shock, resentment and indignation, but he never dreamed that Lin Fan would dare to strike out at him and scrap him even after he had made it clear that he was a son of the Ye family.


      This guy, he was simply a madman.


      It wasn't just him!


      Even Chang Yuan and Bai Yi's eyes were filled with a dense sense of panic.


      Something big had happened.


      Ye Chen had been kicked in the lower body, which almost meant that Lin Fan and the Ye family, likewise, had formed a deadly feud.


      This guy, he was completely finished.


      "Lin Fan, you ......"


      Bai Yi's face was pale and she was terrified to the extreme.


      Only, Lin Fan was not at all concerned, he went forward and helped Bai Yi up, placed her on the sofa and said gently.


      "Wife, don't watch the next scene!"


      "As I said, he almost caused you to die, so he ...... deserves to die!"




      Hearing this sentence from Lin Fan, Bai Yi's face changed, she didn't expect that Lin Fan wasn't just as simple as scrapping Ye Chen, he actually wanted to ...... kill someone!


      "Lin Fan, don't rush ......," Bai Yi was just about to persuade Lin Fan.


      But suddenly, she felt that her eyes went black and her whole body completely passed out.


      "Wife, you are tired, sleep for a while, leave the rest to me!"


      Lin Fan said tenderly to Bai Yi, and then moved his palm, from Bai Yi's acupuncture point, away.


      Then with a twinkle in his eyes, he then looked towards Ye Chen.




      In this instant, Ye Chen was completely dumbfounded.


      He finally understood that Lin Fan was actually going to kill himself, this guy was definitely a terrifying madman.




      Especially, when he saw that Lin Fan was actually walking towards him step by step, Ye Chen only felt his scalp explode:.


      "No...... Lin Fan, you've already scrapped me, you can't kill me! You absolutely can't!"


      "Otherwise, our Ye family will absolutely kill you and your family, all of them, even if we have to fight for everything!"


      Ye Chen's words were dense with fear.






      At this moment, he even regretted somewhat inwardly that he shouldn't have provoked this madman Lin Fan, this fellow was also too vicious and crazy.




      What was even more unbelievable to Ye Chen was that after hearing this name of the Ye Family, not only did Lin Fan not panic in the slightest, but a thick disdain surfaced at the corner of his mouth.


      "Ye Family, what a thing!"


      "You harmed my wife, you deserve to die!"


      "If the Ye family wants to take revenge, they will exterminate their clan!"

Chapter 1052



      Lin Fan's words were filled with endless arrogance, as if in his eyes, the Ye family was just a tiny mole, which more appropriately made Ye Chen and Chang Yuan, almost unable to believe their ears.


      And just as Ye Chen was about to continue to say something.


      But it was a cold voice that was steeply heard coming from outside.


      "How dare you, who dares to be so arrogant as to destroy my Ye family!"


      This single word was dripping with a strong fury and cold intent.


      And hearing this voice!


      Ye Chen faintly froze, and then burst into wild joy!


      "Big brother! Hahahaha ...... Big brother, you come quickly! Save me! Quickly save me!"


      Ye Chen looked towards the door of the compartment with a face full of expectation.


      It wasn't just him!


      Chang Yuan's heart was also wild with joy.


      Had he finally arrived?


      Chang Yuan had heard that this elder brother of Ye Chen's was not only a direct disciple of the Ye family, but he had even been away for years, following a divine doctor and studying the art of medicine.




      Ye Chen's elder brother, in the Ye family's position, was also quite lofty, and was expected by the Ye family, and was even one of several Ye family heirs.


      And in recent times.


      I heard that this person, moreover, had climbed up to a big shot, and this time, he had returned to report his good fortune to the family.


      And it was in the midst of the expectant eyes of the two of them.




      The sound of footsteps resounded from outside the box.


      And then they saw a majestic bodyguard appear at the door.


      Ten of them!


      Twenty of them!




      Each and every one of these men, majestic to the extreme, seemed like a tower of iron, with a hidden aura of fury on their bodies.


      In particular, from above the path that these bodyguards separated.


      A young man, however, walked over.


      He, was Ye Chen's elder brother.


      "Big brother! Hahahaha ...... you're finally here! Quickly, have someone take him down for me!"


      Ye Chen was wildly happy to the extreme, as if he had completely seen his hope.


      Chang Yuan, on the other hand, was also filled with ecstasy and looked at Lin Fan with a hint of ridicule and pleasure.


      It was over!


      Lin Fan, this arrogant bastard, was absolutely dead.


      Sure enough!


      The young man had just reached the door when he instantly saw that Ye Chen was actually kneeling on the ground, a trace of scarlet liquid flowing out from his crotch, which caused the young man's face to change drastically.


      "Little Chen! You ...... your lower body!!!"


      The youth was shocked to the point of anger, and at this moment, he didn't even have the time to glance at Lin Fan before rushing to Ye Chen's front to help him check.


      Only, after this glance.


      This youth's face was so gloomy that water almost dripped out of it:.


      "Damn! Little Chen, you ...... are completely ruined! I'm afraid that it will be difficult to heal again in the future!"




      This young man's words were like a bolt from the blue to Ye Chen, making him look ashen.


      He knew that his elder brother was an exquisite doctor and was a disciple of the divine Doctor.


      Since he said that his lower body would never be cured again, it also meant that he was really ...... ruined for life.




      "Kill him! Big brother, kill him for me!"


      Ye Chen stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, as if he was looking at a life-and-death enemy.


      And hearing those words.


      A hint of murderousness also surfaced on that young man's face.


      He gradually stood up, and then slowly turned around and looked towards Lin Fan.


      He wanted to see what kind of person it was that had scrapped his brother, wanted to kill his brother, and even threatened that the Ye family would dare to take revenge, or even exterminate their ...... Ye family!

Chapter 1053

"Kid, you scrapped Xiao Chen, then you have to pay for the generation ......"


      The youth turned his head to look at Lin Fan as he spoke grimly.




      After he got a clear look at Lin Fan's gloomy face.


      The youth's words came to an abrupt halt, and the anger and killing intent on his entire face completely froze.


      The entire person, as if frozen in place, unexpectedly stood there, his face pale with misery.


      "Big brother! You ...... What's wrong with you?"


      Seeing that his big brother actually did not continue, Ye Chen immediately felt that something was wrong and hurriedly asked his big brother.


      It wasn't just him!


      The quick smile on the face of Chang Yuan, who was next to him, was also completely frozen, likewise not understanding that big brother Ye Chen, who had just hated to kill Lin Fan, had never uttered a word again!


      This ...... was exactly what had happened.




      This was just the beginning.


      In the midst of Ye Chen and Chang Yuan's incredulous expressions.




      Ye Chen was shocked to see that his most respected and admired big brother, who had panicked to the point of panic, went weak at the knees and knelt straight down in front of Lin Fan.


      Bowing his head, he shouted.


      "Apprentice grandson Ye Tian, pay respects to Master!!!"




      With these words, for Ye Chen and Chang Yuan, it was like five thunderstorms, leaving the two completely dumbfounded.


      What had they seen?


      Ye Tian, one of the several heirs of the Ye family, kneeling down to Lin Fan!


      Even calling him ...... Master?


      This, how could this be possible!


      "Big brother, are you crazy? He is the enemy who harmed me, not your master! What are you doing? Hurry up and stand up for me!"


      Ye Chen was currently looking at his big brother, Ye Tian, as if he was looking at a madman.


      Only, Ye Tian simply ignored him in the slightest.


      Instead, he kept kowtowing to Lin Fan.


      "Master, forgive me! My apprentice grandson was in a hurry just now and did not see that it was you, so please forgive me for my words just now!"


      Dense cold sweat continued to trickle down from Ye Tian's forehead.


      At this moment, he was almost scared to death.


      This was his own Master - the White Bone Saint.


      Previously in Jiang City.


      He had followed his own master, Divine Doctor Zhang, to the White Family to attend a banquet with White Dust, but he had seen with his own eyes that the four Grand Masters, Blood Fudo, Blood Wolf, He Lan Shan and Leng Ao Tian, had exterminated the Three White Groups for Lin Fan, and had even thrown that one Grand Master's head, into the White Family compound.




      He and his own master had made careful enquiries and even guessed that Lin Fan had an even more terrifying identity, that he might be the ...... King of the Blood Prison!


      Thinking of the name King of Blood Hell.


      Ye Tian only felt his scalp tingle as drops of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead:.


      "Master, forgive me! Master Master forgive me!"


      Ye Tian bowed his head to Lin Fan continuously.


      It was as if a chicken was pecking at rice.


      Just this scene, in the eyes of Ye Chen and Chang Yuan, left the two of them completely stunned.


      "How could this happen! How could Lin Fan have become my big brother's master? Even, to the extent of making my big brother fearful like this!"


      "Impossible! This, how is this possible!"


      Ye Chen only felt his head, completely blank, and even had the illusion that he was dreaming.


      As for Chang Yuan, his body even trembled as a trace of urine flowed out from his crotch.


      Being ...... scared to pee!