Today I Give Up Trying 1149-1150

 Chapter 1149

Hearing these words, Bai Yi was already crying with anger and said sadly, "What time is it that you are still so self-righteous? Killing them? Don't you have any idea of your own weight?"

        She was really disappointed with Lin Fan at this point, those were the three great gods of China, how could Lin Fan, a mere superfluous son-in-law, say he would kill them?

        Even now, if the Dragon and Tiger War Gods hadn't stopped them, they would have been killed by the two Huangfu families.

        Now, it was fortunate that the Dragon and Tiger God of War could defend them from the Three Great Gods for a moment, but at this moment, Lin Fan was still arrogantly saying that he wanted to kill the Three Great Gods instead of trying to escape.

        How could she not be angry? This was like a mantis, not measuring up to his own strength!

        Lin Fan was crying and laughing, yet he didn't know how to explain to Bai Yi: "Wife, what I mean is that I have a way to deal with them, wait for me at the door first, I'll come out later!"

        "I'm not leaving!"

        Bai Yi glared at Lin Fan and flattened her mouth in betrayal.

        Lin Fan had no choice but to get up and beg, "Honey, just trust me for once, I'll definitely come to you later."

        With such a look, Huang Fu Xuan and the others laughed coldly, this guy was really a king of soft rice and a wife slave!

        Bai Yi gave him a deep look, "If you don't come, I won't leave! If you seek death, I will accompany you to death!"

        And then, it was with Zheng Honglian and the others, they walked out of the room.

        Such a terrifying pressure was simply not something that ordinary people like them could withstand, and if they continued to stay here, it was likely that they would bleed to death from their seven orifices.

        At this moment, Huang Fu Xuan was staring at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Lin Fan, you don't want to die too quickly, because I still have to play with your wife viciously in front of you, hahaha!"

        Sima Hongrui also laughed coldly, "Even I can only retreat in the face of the mighty pressure of the Grand Masters, so even you trash want to watch the battle? You're simply looking for death!"

        At this time, Lin Fan smiled wryly and said, "When I push out the door, all of you will..."

        "Kneel down!"

        "Lead the way to death!!!"


        Huangfu Xuan and the others all had a change of expression before they burst into laughter.

        "Asking us to kneel down and receive death, do you think Lord Mad God is a vegetarian? Oh no, before Lord Mad God arrives, you punk will die under the mighty pressure of the Grand Master! Hahahaha!"

        "Ignore this idiot, since he wants to die, then let him be, let's go!"

        The people from the two families let out a loud laugh, with a thick disdain on their faces, not taking Lin Fan's threat to heart at all.

        And then, the group of people left the meeting room.

        At this time, after hearing Lin Fan's conceited words, the three Great Gods all had a strong look of disdain on their faces, while they coldly looked at Lin Fan who was sitting back in his chair, his back still facing them.

        "Gryphon, just because you want to observe a Grand Master's battle? You simply don't know how to live or die!" The Devil Slaughter War God snorted coldly, his killing aura rising high.

        Just then!

        Lin Fan, however, smiled faintly, "Grand Master? You can be destroyed with a snap of your fingers!"


        The three Great War Gods' expressions instantly changed, and then a harsh murderous aura appeared in their eyes as they were completely enraged.

        This trash, how dare he defy them?

        "Little scum, you seek death!"

        The terrifying pressure of a Grand Master instantly surged out like a volcanic eruption.

        It was so violent and overbearing!

        In the next instant, the Devil Slaughterer War God was like a fierce tiger coming out of his cage, and his grip was angrily extended towards Lin Fan, intending to completely obliterate this ungrateful kid!

        At the same time!


        Bai Yi and the others, upon hearing the Demon Slaughter War God's roar, immediately turned pale.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, the Devil Slaughter War God has struck, that trash husband of yours is dead!"

        Huang Fu Xuan gloated and laughed with a thick scowl on his face!


        Hearing these words, Bai Yi instantly fell to her knees, crying out hysterically as she cried out

        "Lin Fan! Hubby!"

        However, at that very moment!


        A burst of footsteps sounded violently throughout the corridor.

        Ten people!

        Fifty people!

        A hundred men!

        All of them were dressed in blood, and their bodies were filled with a strong murderous aura.

        Their appearance directly caused the entire corridor to become crowded.

        "The Blood Prison Legion!"

        At the sight of this scene, the crowd's scalps instantly tingled, and everyone's clamour and laughter came to a complete and abrupt halt at this moment.

        An invisible fear instantly swept through them!

        Then, under their horrified gazes, hundreds of strong men from the Blood Prison Legion lined up on both sides.

        At the end of the corridor, there was a majestic figure striding towards them.

        There was a loud thumping sound, as if a huge mountain was moving, causing everyone present to almost suffocate.

        In particular, his body was filled with a thick aura of blood, as if he had come on a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.



        All of a sudden, the people present were paralysed with fear, and an unparalleled fear surfaced in their eyes.

        "Blood... Blood Hell Mad God!"

Chapter 1150

The moment he saw his opponent appear, Bai Yi's eyes went black and he fell straight backwards.

        If Zheng Honglian hadn't been so quick, Bai Yi would have landed on the back of his head and been seriously injured.

        At this moment, Bai Yi's face was filled with despair.

        It was over!

        They were completely finished!

        The Blood God had arrived, and they had nowhere to run to.

        Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya could not help but glance at each other, and a strong bitterness surfaced on their faces.

        It seemed that this time, they had lost their bet.

        The moment Ye and Bai saw the Blood Hell Mad God, they were desperate to the point of despair, and each of them fell to the ground with faces ashen, as if they had all resigned themselves to their fate.

        The situation had already been decided, and now the Ye and Bai families were facing the end of their lives!

        When they saw this, a gleeful smile appeared on the faces of Huangfu and Sima's bigwigs.

        If they had known this, why should they have done it in the first place?

        You dared to confront the Blood Hell Mad God, now your Ye and Bai families are bound to die!

        The moment Huangfu Zheng and Huangfu Xuan saw the Blood Hell Mad God appear, a strong look of ecstasy surfaced on their faces, and the colour in their eyes took on a more sinister tone.

        Especially Huangfu Xuan, after seeing the Blood Hell Mad God descend, he immediately said with a fierce face.

        "Lord Mad God, that fellow who dares to impersonate the Dark Emperor is right here in this conference room, you must not spare him lightly and skin him and tear him to pieces!"

        He couldn't wait, he wanted Lin Fan dead!

        The Blood Hell Mad God gave him a deep look:.

        "Royal Family, Sima Family, credit for capturing the enemy! I will personally report this matter to the Dark Emperor, and I will reward you heavily!"


        Upon hearing these words, the two Huangfu families, as well as the bigwigs who followed them, were simply ecstatic!

        They were so excited that they were going crazy!

        As for Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming, they were practically about to faint.

        Originally, they had thought that it was already a pie in the sky to be rewarded by the Blood Prison God.

        But now, the Blood Hell Mad God was planning to put in a few good words for them in front of the Dark Emperor, so that they could be rewarded by the strongest man in the world.

        In the future, they would be able to walk across the whole of China, not to mention Jiangnan!

        "To serve the Dark Emperor, that is our honour, we dare not claim credit!" Huangfu Zheng said with a face full of joy.

        "As for you guys..."

        The Blood Hell Mad God's stern gaze then landed on Ye Wu Ya and Zheng Hong Lian's bodies.

        The Bai Family and the Ye Family were instantly tense to the extreme, shivering and looking at the Blood Hell Mad God incomparably frightened.

        At that moment, the Blood Hell Mad God snorted coldly.

        "After today, there will be no more Ye and Bai families in Jiangnan!"

        With a single word, these two families were thrown into the bottomless abyss!

        The faces of the two families were as white as paper, and they almost fainted in fear as they fell into the ice cellar.

        Despair was like a huge mountain pressing down on the hearts of the two families, causing them to almost suffocate.

        After that, the Blood God no longer looked at the two people who were in utter despair, and walked towards the meeting room with big steps.

        Seeing this, Huang Fu Xuan knew that Lin Fan would definitely die!

        Immediately, a lecherous smile appeared on his face as he stared straight at Bai Yi.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, Lord Mad God has arrived, that trash husband of yours is dead! Now I'll give you a chance, as long as you're willing to be my plaything, I can consider begging Lord Mad God for mercy and spare your life!"

        "You're dreaming!"

        Bai Yi abruptly reprimanded, followed by two lines of tears, which slid down her cheeks.

        "I will live if Lin Fan lives, and I will die if Lin Fan dies!"