Today I Give Up Trying 1049-1050

 Chapter 1049

And now!


      A line of eyes, all of them, looked towards the wall.


      Only then did they see that the one that knocked down the eyebrow cultivation knife in Bai Yi's hand was actually a piece of stone.


      In particular, the force of this stone was just right, and it didn't hurt Bai Yi even a little bit.


      After knocking down the eyebrow-trimming knife, it was like a bullet, but it was embedded into the wall.




      This scene not only froze Bai Yi, but even Ye Chen and Chang Yuan were also startled.


      They could not have imagined that someone would be so powerful, to put a stone, not only saved Bai Yi, but even shot into the wall.


      The strength and precision of this hand had simply reached an incredible level.


      Swish swish swish!


      The three people in the room at this moment, hurriedly turned their eyes toward the door of the box room's look.


      Only then did they see that outside the empty door of the room, a figure had appeared at some point.


      It was ......


      "Lin Fan!!!"


      Upon seeing Lin Fan, Bai Yi's entire body seemed to be deflated and completely sat down on the ground.


      A tear, from among her beautiful eyes, dripped down, but on her face, there was a thick happy smile.


      He has come.


      This man, every time as if the gods of heaven, in their own difficulties, appeared at her side, save her from the fire.


      And next to it!


      The moment Chang Yuan saw Lin Fan, he only felt his body tremble fiercely, a trace of fear and ominous foreboding, instantly filled his heart.


      Ye Chen, on the other hand, after hearing Lin Fan's name. The same pupils shrink.


      In his eyes, a dense color of disbelief emerged.


      "Impossible! Little ...... kid, how did you get up here? My bodyguards are all outside, how could they not have stopped you!"


      "Tell me, where are they?"


      In Ye Chen's voice, there was a kind of panic and horror.


      Not only that!


      What made Chang Yuan and Ye Chen's hearts jump even more was Lin Fan's eyes.


      It was blood red!


      The cold eyes were like a bloodthirsty beast that had reached the brink of rage, and it was a scalp-tingling feeling.




      "You guys ...... deserve to die!"


      Lin Fan's voice rang out.


      This voice, as if from hell, was permeated with a thick fierce aura.


      The words fell!




      Lin Fan's figure suddenly disappeared.


      "Young Ye, get out of the way!"


      Chang Yuan's face changed greatly, and his entire body wanted to frantically dodge to the side.


      Only. Just as his figure moved, he was appalled to find that Lin Fan had actually appeared in front of him.


      In particular, his whip leg fiercely swept out.


      As if a meteorite had blasted down, it viciously kicked above Chang Yuan's legs.






      Chang Yuan saw in horror that his legs, under Lin Fan's whip leg, were like rotten wood, instantly deformed and snapped off.


      His lower limbs were hollow, and his entire body could not stand still, and with a poof, he fell to the ground.




      "My leg! Lin Fan, you ...... actually kicked off my legs! No ......"


      There was a strong look of horror in Chang Yuan's eyes.


      His legs, at this moment, were completely broken, especially the broken bone spurs, which had actually pierced through the skin of his legs and pants in a raw way, revealing them.


      Bone spikes white, hanging on the scattered blood and broken flesh, but also let a person's scalp tingling.


      Not only that


      That seems like a tidal wave of pain, instantly swept Chang Yuan's nerves, making his face as white as paper, the whole person's mouth, constantly issued a pig-like howl.

Chapter 1050



      Vicious and ruthless!


      This scene almost scared the nearby Ye Chen raw.


      How could he have not expected that not only had his own bodyguards not been able to stop Lin Fan, but even after this guy came in, he directly scrapped Chang Yuan, as if he had killed a chicken and slaughtered a dog.


      This was not all.


      Especially after he saw that Lin Fan's eyes turned and actually landed on his own body.




      Ye Chen only felt his body stiffen, the feeling was as if he was being stared at by the god of death, making his scalp almost explode.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan, you can't touch me, I'm the young master of the Ye family! Our Ye family is one of the four hidden giants, if you move me, it's equivalent to making a deadly feud with our Ye family, when you offend the two hidden giants at the same time, you will definitely die!"


      Ye Chen's voice was trembling at this moment, and dense cold sweat was continuously dripping down from above his forehead.


      "And my big brother, right now with his bodyguards, on the floor above, he heard the commotion here, he will definitely run down to check!"


      "At that time, whether you and Bai Yi can get out of this Crown Club is unknown!"


      My big brother!


      When hearing these words of Ye Chen.


      Next to Chang Yuan, the sound of miserable screaming gave a slight beat.


      He raised his head, stared at Lin Fan with a deadly gaze, and said with resentment.


      "Younger Ye, call your big brother down right now, you must not let this beast Lin Fan go!"


      "He's wasted me, kill him! Kill him for me!"


      Chang Yuan's voice was dense with resentment.


      His legs were already broken, and he would definitely become a wastrel in the future.


      At this moment, he only wanted to get Lin Fan killed, even at all costs.


     [Pen Interest Pavilion] And hearing these words.


      Ye Chen seemed to have some strength as well, as he continued to say to Lin Fan.


      "Lin Fan, you have to think carefully, not only for you, but also for Bai Yi!"


      "As long as you let me off this time, not only can you and Bai Yi safely leave this clubhouse, I can guarantee that my big brother and his men will definitely not touch a hair on your head!"


      "Also, I can help you find the Bai family and settle the grudge, how about that?"


      Ye Chen was scared at this moment!


      He was completely frightened by Lin Fan's fierceness.


      Right now, he only wanted to be safe and sound himself, and didn't want to fall into the miserable state of Chang Yuan.


      He even went so far as to throw out the temptation of resolving the feud between the Bai family and Lin Fan to get Lin Fan to stop.


      And hearing this.


      Bai Yi's expression, is also a slight relief, said to Lin Fan.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! Otherwise, just forget it! I wasn't hurt, and besides, he's from the Ye family! Can't move him!"


      "Ye family, we can't afford to offend!"


      Speaking of this.


      The corners of Bai Yi's mouth, flooded with a thick bitterness.


      Their New Bai Clan, was still too weak, the Ye Family, that kind of hidden gentry, was afraid that if they stretched out a finger, it would be enough to bring their New Bai Clan to ruin.


      Moreover, she only wanted Lin Fan to be safe and sound.


      As long as she could help Lin Fan resolve his grudge against the Jiangnan Bai Clan, then even if she suffered some aggravation today, it was nothing.




      "No way!"


      Two cold words, spitting out from Lin Fan's mouth, but they caused Ye Chen, Bai Yi, and Chang Yuan, to all freeze.


      How could they not have expected that Lin Fan would refuse.


      That was not all.




      Lin Fan took a fierce step forward, a pair of morose eyes, staring deadly at Ye Chen, as if he was looking at a dead man:.


      "You want to do harm to Bai Yi, then I'm going to abolish you!"


      "You almost caused Bai Yi's death, then I can only ...... kill you!"