Today I Give Up Trying 1147-1148

 Chapter 1147

When these six figures were seen, all of them knelt respectfully in front of Lin Fan.

        The entire hall was once again plunged into an eerie silence.

        All eyes were wide, breathing heavily, and they looked at Lin Fan, who was incomparably frightened.

        At this moment, he was like a king on high, facing the obeisance of these six great figures and accepting it openly.

        This was impossible!

        The crowd in the room was going crazy!

        They could only feel their hearts trembling so violently that they almost exploded!

        They couldn't believe that that punk of a son-in-law was able to make all six of the greats bow down.

        In particular, that Dragon and Tiger War God was the leader of a legion, an existence of the level of a War God, and now he was respectfully in front of Lin Fan?

        At that moment, the atmosphere was so bizarre that one could only feel one's scalp tingling.

        "There's been a mistake, you must have made a mistake!"

        Huang Fu Xuan screamed hysterically and miserably, as if he had seen a ghost.

        "It can't be! This fellow is clearly a waste, why are you all kneeling down to them?"

        Sima Hongrui's liver and guts were also split, the Dragon and Tiger War God was an existence that even he had to look up to.

        Now, he was kneeling in front of that trash whom he despised!

        Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming's faces sank at the same time, it seemed that these big shots had also been blinded by this punk and mistakenly thought that he was the King of Blood Prison!

        Otherwise, how could they grovel in front of a trash flunky?


        The Dragon Tiger War God and the others' faces abruptly sank as a flash of blood fiercely surfaced in their eyes.

        "Insulting Mr. Lin, you... Damn you!"

        An aura of slaughter, like a huge wave, swept out boldly!

        It caused everyone present to feel a tingling pain in their skin, as if they were being plucked by a knife.

        Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui immediately tensed up, their bodies tensed up and they looked at the six bigwigs in fear.

        In their hearts, they were disturbed to the extreme.


        Just at that moment, Huangfu Zheng, however, stepped forward and said with a cold smile on his face.

        "Dragon and Tiger War God, this kid dares to impersonate the King of Blood Prison and has offended the Blood Prison Mad God, we will take his dog's life for sure! I advise you not to mislead yourselves!"


        The crowd's expressions changed in unison, had Huangfu Zheng gone mad?

        How dare he speak to these bigwigs like that?

        This was a blatant provocation!

        Even Huangfu Xuan and Sima Hongrui could not help but fall into deep consternation, wondering if they had heard wrong.

        "You, damn you!"

        With a long whistle, the Blood Dragon suddenly transformed into a blood shadow, his body fiercely running out and slamming his palm down towards Huangfu Zheng's face!


        But in the next moment, along with a loud sound, the Blood Dragon's figure fiercely retreated.

        His feet thumped back a few steps before he could barely stop his momentum.

        A thick look of horror immediately surfaced on the Blood Dragon's face as he stared deadly behind Huangfu Zheng.

        "It's you guys?"


        Right at that moment, a sound of military boots striking the ground rang out brazenly!

        Three domineering figures then slowly walked out under the horrified and death-defying gaze of the crowd.

        When they saw the faces of the three men on the other side, they all drew a cold breath and their bodies tensed up abruptly!

        It was like seeing a beast of prey!

        At this moment, they could not believe their eyes!

        They finally knew why Huangfu Zheng was so calm and collected, and even dared to provoke the Dragon and Tiger War God!

        "Qing Lan War God!"

        "Feng Lie War God!"

        "War God of Devil Slaughter!"

        The three Great War Gods of China had descended in a brazen manner!

Chapter 1148

These three Gods of War were the three who had lost to the Blood Hell Mad God back then, but the Blood Hell Mad God did not kill them.

        Therefore, the three Gods of War were grateful and became close friends with the Blood Hell Mad God. Now, when they heard that the Blood Hell Mad God had come to Jiangnan to ask for punishment, they planned to come to the aid of their close friends.

        Of course, this was also because Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming had contacted the three War Gods early in the morning to come and help out just in case!

        Seeing the three of them descend, the morale of the Huangfu and Sima Clans immediately rose.

        The fear on those faces, just for a moment, turned into a thick disdain and complacency, as if they were winning.

        "You guys, want to meddle in the matter?"

        When the Dragon Tiger War God saw the three War Gods, his face was also hard to see, and he looked as if he was facing a great enemy.

        After all, being the same Eight Great War Gods of China, they naturally knew that the strength of these three people was not below them.

        "Not bad!" The Devil Slaughter War God sneered, and then looked down at the Dragon Tiger War God with a condescending look.

        "Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger, for the sake of your fellow colleagues, you guys go away, we don't want to kill you!"

        "Two against three, you should know that you have no chance of winning, so don't make a fool of yourselves!" A touch of arrogance also appeared on the face of the Qing Lan War God.

        "Today, we will kill that impostor, if the Dragon and Tiger War Gods want to stop us, don't blame us for being merciless!"

        Hearing all three War Gods take a stand, they wanted to take their side and work together to clean up Lin Fan.

        The Huangfu and Sima Clans were simply ecstatic, and their bottom line was instantly boosted.

        Immediately, Huangfu Zheng's face was flooded with fierce hostility, and he actually opened his mouth to rebuke the Dragon and Tiger War Gods as well.

        "I said, this kid will die today, if you don't want to die, get lost before it's too late!"

        He was extremely arrogant!

        He had no regard for the Dragon and Tiger War God!

        Because behind him, there were three Great Gods of War, whose strength was equal to that of the Dragon and Tiger Gods of War.

        If they really started fighting, they would be evenly matched.

        Seeing this, a grimace appeared on Huang Fu Xuan's face, and he laughed wildly.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, even the Goddess of Luck is on our side, you're still alive today!"

        He had thought that they were dead, but he had never thought that the heavens would be unstoppable, his grandfather had left such a big trick up his sleeve!

        With three great gods on their side, Lin Fan had no chance of winning!

        "Lin Fan!"

        Bai Yi fiercely grabbed Lin Fan's hand, his face already bitter.

        Behind them, Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya's faces also emerged with a thick, bitter smile.

        Originally, the appearance of the Dragon and Tiger War God had caused them to rejoice for a moment, thinking that they had been saved.

        However, they had not expected that Huangfu Zheng and the others would be so despicable as to secretly contact three Great War Gods to be present!

        Now, with these three Gods of War present, they were silent and had nowhere to run, they could only wait for the Blood Hell God to come to their door and demand their lives!

        Waiting for death!

        When they thought of this, they became more and more desperate.

        "Tell that brat who dares to impersonate the Lord of Blood Prison to come out!"

        The Devil Slaughter War God roared out, his body surging with majestic power, raging like a fierce beast of the world!

        And the Qing Lan War God was even more direct, saying with a strong murderous tone.

        "How dare you impersonate the King of the Blood Prison, you have committed an unforgivable sin! Spare your life if you lose your arm and leg!"

        Seeing the three Gods of War in such a state of anger, the faces of the people on Bai Yi's side were all extremely hard to see.

        Their bodies were trembling madly and violently from uneasiness!

        "Hahahaha, Chief Bai, your trash husband, can't protect you anymore! Today, you are destined to become my plaything!"

        Huang Fu Xuan laughed hideously and wildly, before rebuking.

        "Someone, strip Bai Yi's clothes for me, today I want to stage a live Spring Palace here!"


        Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi's face immediately turned pale!

        A look of horror and despair appeared in her eyes!

        "You dare?"

        The six of them, including the Dragon and Tiger War God, were completely furious as they stepped forward, a fierce murderous intent appearing in their eyes!

        Lin Fan was the King of Blood Prison, and his woman was the Queen, so how dare you insult the Queen...

        He deserved to die!

        "Why wouldn't you dare?"

        The Three Great Gods of China all sneered as they took a step forward!


        Nine terrifying waves of power belonging to the Great Masters swept through the entire venue like a furious roar!

        And then!

        Bai Yi and the others instantly turned pale as they felt as if every inch of their bodies were about to be torn apart!

        They were terrified to the extreme!

        "You guys go out first and wait."

        Seeing Bai Yi's discomfort, Lin Fan said with a smile.

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan with a worried expression, "But you..."

        "Don't worry."

        Lin Fan stroked Bai Yi's cheek as a cold aura burst out of his eyes.

        "I will kill them like slaughtering a chicken or a dog!"