Today I Give Up Trying 1047-1048

 Chapter 1047

At the same time!


      Within the Heavenly Box, a banging sound of kicking in the door came incessantly.


      Chang Yuan was panting at this moment, and while wiping the sweat from his forehead, he said to Ye Chen.


      "Ye ...... Ye Shao, the door of your club, it is too hard! I've kicked it so many times, but I still haven't kicked it open!"


      Chang Yuan only felt like he was going to be paralyzed with exhaustion.


      He never thought that breaking into the door would be so difficult.


      Seeing this scene.


      Ye Chen's face, became even more gloomy by a minute:.


      "You're really a waste! Keep kicking, it's about to open!"


      "Wait a moment for my men to block that Lin Fan, and after they catch him, I'll have those bodyguards help you!"


      After knowing just now that Lin Fan was coming.


      Ye Chen then sent his bodyguards, all of them, out to prepare to capture Lin Fan, and now that so much time has passed, Lin Fan should have fallen into the net.


      Hearing these words.


      Chang Yuan couldn't help but nod with a pleasing face, and then continued to fight against the bathroom room door, constantly kicking it hard.






      After another kick landed, a sound of a wooden board breaking, but let Chang Yuan and Ye Chen's spirit.


      They saw that a thin crack, surprisingly, appeared above the bathroom room door.


      "Hahahaha ...... finally to kick open!"


      Chang Yuan wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, the whole person was ecstatic to the extreme.


      And next to him, Ye Chen, who was also excited and could hardly contain himself, shouted to Bai Yi inside through that one crack.


      "Bai Yi, do you see it? The door of the room is about to break, I advise you, stop resisting and hurry up and obey me, then I might be able to consider and spare your husband Lin Fan's life later!"


      "Otherwise, when we break the door, then not only will we take your turn, but we will even kill Lin Fan as well! Hahahaha ......"


      Ye Chen's voice, unusually exuberant, in his words, dripping with a strong evil.


      And hearing these words!


      Bai Yi in the washroom, suddenly her pretty face turned white to the extreme.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan will be fine! You guys definitely can't catch him!"


      Bai Yi could feel that the effects of the medicine at this moment, had gradually started to disappear.


      Her heart, however, was worried to the extreme for Lin Fan.


      Although she knew that Lin Fan's force was extremely strong, but he was facing the Ye family's bodyguards, who were equally ruthless and vicious, could Lin Fan defeat them?




      And at that moment, Chang Yuan kicked again, viciously on top of the door of the room, which immediately made the crack on the door of the room, bigger and bigger.


      Outside the door Ye Chen and Chang Yuan's evil laughter, is also more and more thick and high-pitched.


      "Continue! It's about to work!"


      Ye Chen's face was red with excitement.


      It was as if he had already seen the quick scene where he would press Bai Yi to the ground at any moment and ravage her fiercely in front of Lin Fan.


      Thinking of that evil scene, Ye Chen could not help but pull out his lower body, trembling with excitement.


      And looking at Ye Chen's appearance.


      Chang Yuan's face, hastened to reveal a pleasing smile, nodded, and frantically kicked up against the room door that had gradually broken.


      Boom boom boom!


      Kick after kick after kick!


      Each foot fell, will make the bathroom door, cracks become larger, the scene inside, but also gradually revealed in front of the eyes of the two people in general.


      Until the last kick fell!




      The entire room door, all burst open, a piece of wood suddenly splashed in all directions.


      And Chang Yuan and Ye Chen excited to see, Bai Yi sitting on the ground, that pretty face above the thick panic and despair!


      It's over!


      Completely finished!


      A teardrop, dripping down from Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, her jade hand, but also an additional eyebrow trimming knife.

Chapter 1048

"Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, now you're finally going to become my woman!"


      Ye Chen at this moment see Bai Yi that white face, suddenly the heart simply excited to the extreme.


      The first beautiful president of Jiang City, finally become their own crotch plaything!


      The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.


      At that moment, he approached Bai Yi step by step.


      Not only him!


      The face of Chang Yuan, through a complex color.


      He had been secretly in love with Bai Yi for such a long time, but he never imagined that he would finally be given the upper hand by Ye Chen.


      "Bai Yi, just give in to Young Ye! Don't worry, I can take over later!"


      "I definitely won't mind you! You are still my goddess in my eyes!"


      After saying that!


      Chang Yuan then moved out of the way, allowing Ye Chen to walk past him and towards Bai Yi.


      Just at that moment.


      "Don't you come over!!!"


      A scream resounded from Bai Yi, and then immediately put that eyebrow-trimming knife, at the place of her neck.




      This scene scared Chang Yuan and Ye Chen all together.


      They did not expect that Bai Yi would be so stubborn and would rather die than obey.


      After looking at the sharp eyebrow cultivation knife, which actually cut Bai Yi's skin, a trace of scarlet blood, dripping from her snow-white neck, the faces of the two of them were suddenly ugly to the extreme.


      "Bai Yi, you do not impulsive!" Ye Chen hurriedly stopped, not daring to take another step forward.


      And Chang Yuan was also full of anxiety and said.


      "Bai Yi, don't be so stupid! Even if you die, what can you do! Don't you forget that your husband Lin Fan is still alive!"


      "If young Ye relents against Lin Fan, he will only be able to bury you then!


      Lin Fan!


      Hearing this name, Bai Yi's pretty face, became even more miserable:.


      "No! You guys definitely won't be able to deal with Lin Fan!"


      "Moreover, he will definitely take revenge for me!"


      Said Bai Yi!


      A hint of reminiscence surfaced in Bai Yi's beautiful eyes.


      All the little bits and pieces of herself and Lin Fan flashed through her mind as if they were movie clips.


      Three years!


      She was happy for three years.


      Every day, because of the company of Lin Fan.


      "Honey, I can no longer accompany you to grow old together, I can't accompany you to see all the prosperity!"


      "We'll see you in the next life ......!"




      Tick tock!


      A crystal teardrop, from among Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, constantly slipped down, fell on the ground, turned into smashed, as if one of her heart, completely desperate.


      And then, a hint of determination to die, from the bottom of her eyes emerged.


      The eyebrow-trimming knife in her hand, at once towards her neck, then viciously stabbed down!


      "Lin Fan, goodbye!!!"


      The voice tore at the heart.


      This was Bai Yi's final farewell to Lin Fan.


      And after seeing this scene.


      Ye Chen and Chang Yuan all face changed greatly, they want to stop, but simply can not do.


      This moment seems to have seen, blood splashed, beautiful jade fallen picture general.


      But at that moment!


      A cold own aura, but instantly filled the entire box, and then a nail-cap-sized thing, as if lightning from outside the room, shot.




      This thing is fast to the extreme, accurate to the extreme.


      Almost instantly, it hit the eyebrow trimming knife in Bai Yi's hand.


      Ding dang!


      Bai Yi only felt his palm shake, and the eyebrow-trimming knife was instantly knocked down to the ground.




      Just an inch away, Bai Yi's throat would have been cut alive.