Today I Give Up Trying 1144-1146

 Chapter 1144

This abrupt sound caused all those present to freeze, and a strong sense of dismay appeared on their faces.


      Immediately afterwards, when Lin Fan's figure appeared in the middle of the room, their dismay transformed into a thick sneer and resentment.


      Huang Fu Xuan, in particular, had a completely distorted expression at this time, his eyes spewing with endless anger, as if he wanted to bury Lin Fan to the ground!


      Violent to the extreme!


      "Little bastard, to have the heart to care about others at the end of your life, do you think that you alone can save both of their families?"


      Huangfu Zheng laughed sorrowfully, but an icy killing intent wiped across his eyes as well.


      "Not bad, with just me, I can keep both of their families!"


      Lin Fan was careless, ignoring the gazes of either astonishment or hatred from the crowd, and sat down beside Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya with a wide grin.


      Making his attitude clear!


      Seeing this, everyone was suddenly dumbfounded, was this guy crazy?


      He was clearly on the verge of death, yet he still dared to make a big speech, and even said that he wanted to protect the Ye and Bai families?


      If it wasn't for you, would these two families have been angered by the Blood Hell Mad God?


      All of them looked contemptuous, how could this sweeper not have the slightest bit of self-awareness?


      A mere trash, yet you want to stop the Blood Prison God, it's simply a fantasy!


      "With this trash son-in-law of yours?"


      Huangfu Zheng's old face held a disdainful smile: "What?


      "What, you really think you're the King of Blood Hell?"




      The crowd immediately laughed uncontrollably, also finding it ridiculous to the extreme.


      "King of the Blood Prison? This punk? Is he worthy?"


      "Don't compare this trash to the Darkness Emperor, that's the greatest insult to the Darkness Emperor!"


      "This trash is not even worthy of being compared to the Dark Lord. If he were the Dark Lord, I would cut myself on the spot!"


      A chorus of sneers, filled with disdain and contempt, resounded one after another in the crowd.


      They had all decided that there was no way Lin Fan was the Dark Emperor!


      And at this moment, Huangfu Xuan was holding a dog chain in his hand, and chained to the end of the dog food was surprisingly Ye Shihao, who was covered in blood!


      He smiled fiercely and patted Ye Shihao's head, "If you believe he is the Dark Emperor, then this dog is the downfall!"


      Ye Shihao's face was gloomy and he didn't speak in shame.


      This scene caused Lin Fan's face to sink, and then he also spoke with a cold smile.


      "How do you guys know that I'm not the Dark Emperor?"




      The laughter in the room came to an abrupt halt!


      Everyone's faces were then filled with anger!


      At this point in time, this guy still dared to pretend to be the Dark Lord?


      Damn him!


      "Shut up!"


      Sima Longming roared in anger, "Who are you, a woman-raised trash, to compare yourself to the Dark Emperor?"


      "If you dare to insult the emperor again, I will kill you now!"


      "I think you're not going to shed a tear until you see the coffin!" Huangfu Zheng also snorted coldly.


      "As soon as Lord Mad God arrives, all of you will only die!"


      Everyone laughed sarcastically, the Ye and Bai families had gambled their entire fortunes on such a cowboy king, how foolish!


      And now that they had seen Lin Fan with their own eyes, these bigwigs realized how unbearable the other side was.


      "Grandpa, what's the point of talking so much to him?" Huang Fu Xuan's face was fierce, and a thick evil lust surfaced in his eyes:.


      "Anyway, Lord Mad God still has some time before he arrives, so let's make fun of this impostor's woman first!"


      He wanted to abuse Bai Yi viciously in front of everyone!


      Make Lin Fan wear countless cuckolds!


      Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi immediately grabbed Lin Fan's hand nervously, her face instantly pale with misery!


      Lin Fan's eyes, however, were also cold and glowing at that moment!


      "Hahahaha, good! My good grandson, as you wished!" Huangfu Zheng laughed loudly, his face carrying a sinister tinge of.


      "Someone! Bring that woman over to me! Give it to my grandson and play with it!"

Chapter 1145

Catch Bai Yi!


      Upon hearing these words, both the Bai family and the Ye family experts all changed their faces greatly.


      Especially in the sight of the crowd's shock and anger.


      A strong man from the Huangfu and Sima Clans flew out and lunged wildly towards Bai Yi.


      Hoo hoo hoo!


      Five of them!




      Twenty of them!




      These people seemed like fierce tigers pouncing on sheep, giving off a terrifying aura that was terrifying to the extreme.


      "Hey hey ...... chick! Come over and keep our young master company!"


      "Hahahaha ...... I really don't know what it's like to be the heir of the White Family!"




      A stream of obscene words issued from the mouths of the two clans' strongmen, each one's eyes exploding with a greedy and lustful luster.


      They already hated it, and could not wait to grab Bai Yi and ravish her fiercely.


      Not only that!


      The gazes of the strong men of these two races could not help but sweep towards Lin Fan.


      In their eyes, it seemed that if Lin Fan made the slightest move, then the first one they would waste would definitely be Lin Fan without a doubt.


      This scene caused Bai Yi's pretty face to turn as white as paper.


      Her jade hand grabbed Lin Fan with a deadly grip, her pretty face shining with a thick desperation.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan!"




      Bai Yi only felt like she was done for at this moment, as she looked at Lin Fan with that look of reluctance and worry.


      Only, to Bai Yi's and the crowd's surprise, Lin Fan didn't even step forward to stop the two clans' powerhouse.


      Instead, he smiled and patted Bai Yi's jade hand, saying.


      "Wife, don't worry!"




      Hearing those words.


      Not only did Bai Yi freeze, but even the surrounding crowd was all dumbfounded.


      People want to arrest your wife!


      Not only did you, as a husband, not stop them in the slightest, but you even said 'don't worry'?


      This ......




      In an instant, the crowd within the entire hall was in complete uproar.


      All the gazes that looked at Lin Fan were filled with a strong sense of contempt and disdain.


      "Hahahaha ...... waste! Did everyone see that? This guy is clearly a cowardly punk! His wife is about to be arrested and he still acts as if nothing is wrong! What a piece of trash!"


      Huang Fu Xuan's face was full of rampant carnal laughter, and his voice contained a thick disdain for Lin Fan.


      It wasn't just him!


      Even Sima Hongrui, as well as all the people from the Sima and Huangfu clans around him, looked at Lin Fan with a strong sense of mockery and ridicule in their eyes.






      In the eyes of the two clans, Lin Fan's cowardice and wastefulness as an impostor was on full display.


      Even the faces of Zheng Honglian of the Bai Clan, Ye Wu Ya of the Ye Clan and the others had a dense sense of disappointment and regret surfacing.


      It seemed that he really wasn't the King of Blood Prison?


      Otherwise, how could he have tolerated these pests, bullying his wife, and not reacted?


      Thinking of this.


      Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya glanced at each other, and a thick, bitter smile surfaced at the corners of their mouths.


      Hoo ......


      And at the same time!


      A full twenty strong members of the Huangfu and Sima clans had already scurried in front of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      The distance between the two sides was getting closer and closer.


      Ten metres!


      Five metres!


      Three metres!


      In almost the blink of an eye, the overwhelming number of powerful people from the two clans would drown Bai Yi in them.


      It was over!


      It was completely over.


      The gaze of the Bai Clan and the Ye Clan at this moment was filled with pity and sympathy for Bai Yi.


      How could they have ever imagined that.


      Lin Fan would really be this cowardly and incompetent, watching his wife being taken away and humiliated, yet he still had no bearing.


      "Little girl! Come over here! Hahahaha ......"


      As a sardonic laugh rang out.


      The closest one to Bai Yi, a strong man from the Huangfu family, reached out with his big hand and grabbed towards Bai Yi's breast.


      In his eyes, there was lust and evil.


      It was as if he could not wait to grab Bai Yi and knead her fiercely.




      Just then, a cold, piercing voice suddenly entered his ears.




      A faint word.


      But when it fell on this imperial powerhouse's ears, it caused his movements to stall slightly.


      Only then did he realise that the word 'kill' had actually come from Lin Fan's mouth.


      Lin Fan's gaze, in particular, was like the devil's eye of death, so cold and eerie that this powerful man could not help but tremble after just one look.


      Only, this was just the beginning.




      A stream of light, from beyond the hall, suddenly flashed.


      And then this strong man only felt a slight chill on his neck, and then, in his shocked gaze, his own head, unexpectedly, slowly fell down from the top of his neck.

Chapter 1146



      When the sound of a heavy body hitting the ground rang out.


      The entire hall was deadly silent, and the strong men of the two tribes who had rushed forward all seemed to have seen a ghost and stopped abruptly in their tracks.


      The clamour and jeers of the surrounding crowd seemed to have been turned on as if a mute switch had been turned on, and they all came to a screeching halt.


      All eyes were filled with dismay as they looked ahead.


      Looking at the head that had rolled to the ground, at the headless corpse that had flopped to the ground, scarlet and red, all of them were dumbfounded.


      "Huangfu Ming!!!"


      The eyes of each and every one of those strong members of the Huangfu clan were almost falling out at this moment.


      They couldn't believe their eyes as they looked at the separated corpses of their clansmen.


      It was not only them.


      Huangfu Xuan, who was in the wheelchair, was even more like seeing a ghost:.


      "No ...... it can't be!"


      "Who! Who struck out and killed a member of my Huangfu clan!!!"


      Dense shock and anger pervaded his heart.


      In particular, almost everyone saw with their own eyes that it was Lin Fan who had just said 'kill', and the heads of the strongest person from the Huangfu clan fell to the ground, which was so bizarre that it creeped everyone out.


      What was even more terrifying was that the dead Huangfu clan member was a Paragon Master.


      To be able to kill a Paragon Master in one move, the person who had struck was simply terrifyingly strong.


      "Lin Fan! You ...... how on earth did you do that?" Sima Hongrui's scalp likewise tingled as he looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a devil.


      And just under the incredible sight of the crowd.


      Lin Fan smiled slightly and between his teeth, he once again spat out two words.






      Upon hearing those two words, the twenty or so Huangfu and Sima powerhouses who had rushed closer only felt as if they were being watched by a ferocious beast, causing all of them to have a feeling of their scalps exploding.


      "Not good! Danger! Retreat quickly ......"


      One of the strongest Sima at the forefront hissed in fear, and his entire body wanted to retreat in a hasty manner.


      However, just as his words left his mouth.


      Swish, swish, swish!


      A stream of light, as if it was lightning, came flying from within the hall.


      Poof, poof, poof!


      Scarlet blood spurted continuously within the hall at this moment.


      One after another, the necks of the strongest of the two tribes were broken before their screams were uttered.


      Gurgling heads, in the middle of the hall, kept falling.


      A headless corpse, spattered with blood, fell to the ground viciously.












      When the head of the last strong man rolled to the ground with a strong sense of despair and fear.


      The entire hall was filled with deadly silence and oppression.


      Dead ......


      All dead.


      The centre of the hall. There were more than twenty heads and headless corpses in a dense mass.


      Between them, almost the entire centre of the hall was filled.


      In particular, the rich bloody aura was almost disgusting and appalling.


      "No...... not possible!"


      Huangfu Xuan's body trembled, and his entire body almost pissed in fear.


      Thirty seconds!


      In less than half a minute, more than twenty strong people from their two clans had all been put to death, this was as unbelievable as a nightmare from heaven to them.


      Only, this was just the beginning.




      At that moment, footstep after footstep came from the entrance of the hall.


      And then, amidst the horrified eyes of the crowd, four figures, slowly walked in.


      In particular, when these people walked in, they came to Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and then hooted and hollered, all bowing in obeisance.


      "Blood Faust, pay your respects to Mr. Lin and Madam Lin!"


      "Blood Wolf! Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Lin!"


      "Leng Ao Tian ......"


      "He Lan Shan ......"


      And that wasn't all!


      After two more figures, walked into the hall and arrived in front of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


      In unison, the two bowed.


      "Dragon and Tiger Legion - Blood Dragon! Greetings, Mr. Lin and Madam Lin!"


      "Dragon and Tiger Legion - Blood Tiger! Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Lin!"