Today I Give Up Trying 1044-1046

 Chapter 1044

Ye Chen's words, evil to the extreme.


      Just fell on Chang Yuan's ears, but let Chang Yuan's heart, a long sigh of relief.


      That's right!


      This is the Crown Club, Ye Chen's turf, Lin Fan alone, even if he is against the odds, he can't beat so many bodyguards.


      Perhaps even, by the hand of Ye Chen, we can directly get rid of Lin Fan, and get rid of this big problem in the heart.


      Thinking of this.


      The tension on Chang Yuan's face disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by a thick evil smile.


      "Bai Yi, did you hear that? Hahahaha ...... if your husband comes, then he's dead!"


      "I advise you, it is better to obediently obey Ye Shao!"


      Chang Yuan still intended to persuade Bai Yi.


      However, Bai Yi inside, but no longer the slightest response.


      This scene made Ye Chen's face flash a vicious color:.


      "Chang Yuan, kick in the door!"


      "As ordered! Young Ye!" Chang Yuan nodded his head, and then kicked the door of the room.


      But the door was extremely strong, even though Chang Yuan had used all his strength, it only made the door shake slightly.








      Chang Yuan kicked the door again and again, he and Ye Chen looked like evil and ferocious hungry wolves, ready to break into the door and eat Bai Yi inside alive.


      And at the same time!


      Bai Yi was sitting on the edge of the door, her back dead against the door.


      Her mind has gradually drifted away, a pretty face, red as blood, in the torture of that drug power.


      However, she was clenching her teeth to keep herself awake: "Lin Fan!


      "Lin Fan! Lin Fan!"


      Bai Yi kept calling out Lin Fan's name in a soft voice.


      It was as if at this moment, in the whole world, only this name, that man could give her strength.


      "Lin Fan, even if I were to die! I am still your woman, just your woman!"


      "Anyone don't want to spoil me, I ...... would rather die!"


      Bai Yi's pair of dazed eyes were filled with a strong sense of sorrow and determination.


      She had already planned.


      If she couldn't wait for Lin Fan, she would use the eyebrow trimming knife in her satchel to end her life and preserve her chastity!




      And at the same time!


      The congested road, a car, constantly beeping, seems to be in constant urging.


      And in the midst of it all, there was a police car.


      On it sat a total of three police officers, two men and one woman.


      If Lin Fan was here, he immediately found that the police woman in uniform was Sima Yan'er, with whom he had spent the night.


      The tight uniform wrapped Sima Yan'er's perfect hot body tightly.


      It makes her look, with a strange temptation.


      But, her expression, but with a strong confusion.


      Eyes looking at the scenery outside the car window, a long time can not return to the mind, seems to be thinking about something.


      And see this scene!


      The two male police officers in front of her, on the other hand, were shaking their heads more than once.


      "What's wrong with our captain? I have never seen, our Jiangnan first hot police girl, will be so soulful!"


      "Yes, why do I feel that the captain seems to have fallen in love? And like a lost love?"


      "Cut! Come on! Our captain scrapped the men, can form a reinforced company, although countless people adore her, but who dares to plant this thorny rose!"




      The two male police officers were discussing.


      Extremely puzzled by Sima Yan'er's soulfulness.


      But just at this moment!




      A black shadow that seemed like lightning actually swept past from beside their police car, immediately causing the three people in the car, all startled.


      "That black shadow seems to be ...... that person?"


      Sima Yan'er trembled.


      Immediately impatient, to the two male police officers drank.


      "Drive! Quick, catch up with that black shadow in front! Make sure to catch him!!!"

Chapter 1045



      At this moment, hearing Sima Yan'er's words, the two male police officers were slightly stunned.


      "Team ...... captain, that black shadow that just passed, is ...... a person? How could he be so fast!"


      "Yes! Shit, that's too fast, it's like an illusion! Is this still the speed reached by humans?"


      The two policemen were in a daze at the moment.




      Seeing the duo's faces full of shock, Sima Yan'er was completely furious:.


      "What nonsense! I told you to drive, catch up with that bastard!"


      Sima Yan'er was almost 100% sure in her heart that the black clothes just now, looked like Lin Fan.


      Especially looking at Lin Fan's terrifying speed and that eager look, something must have happened.


      Hearing Sima Yan'er's rebuke, the two policemen hurriedly started their car, crossed the sidewalk from the side, dodged a congested vehicle, and hurriedly chased in the direction of Lin Fan's disappearance ahead.


      However, immediately after the scene that shocked them appeared.


      The black shadow in front, simply too fast.


      He seemed like a ghost, flickering and jumping on the road.


      Everywhere he went!


      As if the wind swept, the road on both sides of a vegetation, scraping east and west.


      Even many pedestrians, under the flicker of Lin Fan's figure, were shaken to the point of falling down.


      "Damn! This is impossible, I have driven the car as fast as I can, how can I not catch up with that guy!"


      "He ...... how did he do that?"


      The policeman who was driving the car was completely dumbfounded at the moment.






      A cold sweat flowed down from his forehead.


      He had already driven the police car to the fastest speed in a safe state, but the black shadow in front of him was even faster than his car.


      The distance between the two, more and more distant, and even vaguely see, at any time in front of Lin Fan will disappear under their line of sight.


      Not only this police officer.


      The male cop on the passenger side, as well as Sima Yan'er in the back, also set off a shocking wave in their hearts.


      "An expert! This guy is definitely a master!"


      "And looking at his fierce look, he seems to be going to ...... kill someone!"


      Sima Yan'er thought of this.


      Only feel their scalp a tingling, at the moment to the police officer driving, the more and more urged up.


      "Kid! I must catch you!"


      "Let you pay the price for taking my virginity!"


      Sima Yan'er gritted her teeth, her heart hating Lin Fan to the core.




      Sima Yan'er and the three of them, in their police car, had already chased after the Crown Club, but they saw that Lin Fan had already disappeared within the club.


      "Hurry up!"


      When the police car just stopped, Sima Yan'er couldn't wait to jump down from the car, and with two of her men, she barged into the clubhouse.


      Just entering, they immediately saw that the lobby manager of the clubhouse, as well as a name of the receptionist, each looked in the direction of the stairs incredulously, as if they had seen something incredible.


      "Did you see someone come in just now?" Sima Yan'er asked to that lobby manager.


      Hearing this, the lobby manager and the others realized that it was three police officers.


      At that moment, they hurriedly said.


      "Officer, we just saw a person barge in! We did not have time to stop, he has rushed into the building!"


      Speaking of this!


      This lobby manager's face, but a disdainful arc: "Officers, you do not have to worry.


      "Officers, you don't have to worry, that kid rushed up fast and rolled down even faster!"


      "On each floor above, there are twenty bodyguards guarding! Soon, this guy will be thrown down!"

Chapter 1046

Throw down?


      Sima Yan'er shook her head and said indifferently.


      "No nonsense, lead the way for us!"


      After saying that, Sima Yan'er grabbed this lobby manager, then let him lead the way in front.


      And seeing this scene.


      The lobby manager was full of helplessness, while leading Sima Yan'er into the stairs, while continuing to persuade, saying.


      "Officer, I've said it, there's really no need, it's just a small character, he dares to storm our club, this is looking for death!"


      "Our young man Ye is in the sky box! His bodyguards are 30 to 40 people! It's a good thing he's not killed by himself!"


      As he said that.


      This lobby manager led the three people, and they had already arrived at the stairway on the second floor.




      Just came up, both the lobby manager and Sima Yan'er three faces, all changed.




      They were stunned to see, in the second floor of the stairs, lying one after another, black-clothed man, almost the entire stairway, full of life.


      Not only that!


      These big men, have all fainted, some of their legs deformed, raw fractures, some chest collapsed, full of blood mouth.


      Scarlet blood!


      Along the stairway, dripping down, as if a small river of fresh blood, permeated with a seeping aura.


      "Ah Tang! Xiao Ma!"


      Seeing this scene, the lobby manager's eyes, almost fell out.










      He was horrified to find that all those lying on the ground were actually the strong bodyguards in their clubhouse.


      These people, as if they had been attacked by a terrifying ferocious beast.


      It was miserable to the extreme.


      It was not only him!


      Even Sima Yan'er and the three of them also had a burst of numbness in their skulls.


      They could naturally see that these fainted black-clothed bodyguards, each and every one of them was extremely strong, especially when so many people joined forces, but they were all seriously injured and fainted by one person in a short moment.


      That guy, simply terrifying to non-human.


      "Police ...... officer! The guy who just rushed in, really ...... is really a human being?" Lobby manager at this moment, where there is still half arrogance before.


      His face, as if he had seen a ghost, white as paper, dense cold sweat, from his forehead raging down.


      The whole almost to be scared piss.


      And hear this!


      Sima Yan'er face more and more gloomy, not yet waiting for her to speak.


      Next to a male police officer, is a vicious gulp of spittle, produced said.


      "He ...... he may be a monster!"




      This sentence, moreover, scared the lobby manager almost fainted.


      However, immediately after he seemed to think of something, the whole person shuddered: "No!


      "No! It's noon, and there's only one box open in the clubhouse!"


      "This monster, who injured so many of our bodyguards, then must be going to the Heavenly Box!"


      "Bad, our young Ye is in danger!"




      As soon as these words came out, Sima Yan'er and the others, instantly understood Lin Fan's intention of coming.


      The three of them changed their faces greatly and hurriedly drank.


      "Hurry! Quickly go to our Heavenly Box!"


      "Stop him! He must be here to kill someone, he must be stopped!"


      Sima Yan'er's face was white, she simply couldn't imagine, such a terrifying guy, if he was going to kill someone, how miserable that Ye Shao would be.