Today I Give Up Trying 1141-1143

 Chapter 1141

In less than a day, the news that the two Huangfu families had declared war on the Bai family spread throughout Jiangnan, shocking!


      However, what was most shocking was not the sudden and unwarranted spin of the two families, but the fact that the reason for it was... The Mad God was furious!


      Everyone knew at once that the Bai family's ungrateful son-in-law had dared to impersonate the King of Blood Hell, the Great Dark Emperor!


      Thus completely enraging the Mad God of Blood Hell, so much so that he would personally descend on Jiangnan to crush the Bai family!


      This news caused a terrifying earthquake in the entire Jiangnan region!


      Everyone knew that the Bai family would soon be removed from the gentry of Jiangnan forever!


      No longer existed!


      "His wife is such a good man, a boss worth hundreds of billions, with hundreds of companies under her belt, but she found such a drunken sack of shit, and now even the Bai family is in danger because of him! This kind of waste is useless without death!"


      "The Bai family is so unlucky, impersonating the King of Blood Prison, this is a mortal sin, even the Chinese side can't possibly step in to save them, the Bai family will surely die!"


      "That bastard Lin Fan, it doesn't matter if he's looking for death himself, he's angered the Blood Prison God and put the whole of Jiangnan in danger, such a person deserves to die!"


      Almost everyone thought that Lin Fan was looking for death, and almost everyone thought that Lin Fan would die!




      Ye Wu Ya and Zheng Hong Lian, too, had started an urgent meeting, both of them were sweating profusely at this time, and there was a lingering fear in their eyes.


      The one who had come to settle their score was the infamous Blood Hell Mad God!


      He had been fighting for more than ten years and had never been defeated. The four great clans could be destroyed with a snap of his fingers!


      At this time, they were all very uneasy, for they had all surrendered under Lin Fan's command, and were all grasshoppers on the same rope.


      "The outside world is all going crazy, he is an impostor, do you believe it?"


      Ye Wu Ya asked extremely nervously, if Lin Fan was really an impostor, yet they were in his company, they would surely incur the thunderous wrath of the Blood Hell Mad God as well!


      "Don't you already have the answer?"


      Zheng Honglian replied with a bitter smile, the outside world had thoroughly spread the news, and the two Huangfu families had all sought confirmation from the Blood Hell Mad God.


      In that case, could there still be a lie?


      "Then what do we do?" Ye Wu Ya was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and a stern look appeared in his eyes.


      "How about we arrest him and hand him over to the Blood Prison Mad God? This would be a way to repay the merits of the crime, and I'm sure Lord Mad God won't make it too difficult for us!"


      At this time, Ye Wu Ya was already driven mad by fear, for he knew that he could not stand up to the Blood God, and that he would only die if he resisted!


      And that was, the death of his entire family!


      But at that moment, Zheng Honglian saw Bai Hu and Bai Chen, their faces solemn, shaking their heads at her!


      The fierce power!


      That majestic aura of fury!


      No impostor could have it!


      That man... That man was definitely the Dark Lord himself!




      Zheng Honglian then shook her head and said firmly.


      "Although the whole world says he's an impostor, I'm willing to trust my own instincts!"


      "You want to bet?"


      Ye Wu Ya looked at Zheng Hong Lian in disbelief, was this woman crazy?


      If she lost the bet, then the Bai family would go up in smoke!


      And judging from the current situation, Zheng Honglian's chances of losing the bet were almost 90%!


      Zheng Honglian smiled but did not say anything, unwilling to explain.


      And then!


      Ye Wu Ya then gave Zheng Hong Lian a deep look, as if he had finally made up his mind, he gritted his teeth and said.


      "Fine! Since you want to gamble, then I will risk my life and gamble with you!"


      Zheng Honglian smiled faintly and turned her head away, her face instantly wearing a stern look!


      This woman, reverting to her old iron-blooded and stern self, said in a cold voice.


      "Declare to the public that if you want to hurt Lin Fan, you must first step over the corpses of the Ye and Bai families!"

Chapter 1142

Hearing the strong voices of the Bai and Ye families, the whole of Jiangnan was in an uproar!


      The Bai and Ye families were actually going to offend the fierce and renowned Blood Hell Mad God for the sake of an impostor?


      They were simply crazy!


      As soon as the news broke, the whole of Jiangnan exploded!


      Questions, taunts and insults resounded continuously!


      "Master Ye, fifteen companies have already announced that they have terminated their cooperation with our family!"


      "Master of the Bai family, the bank has restricted us to settle all loans within three days, or else they will sue us!"


      Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya glanced at each other, and a thick, bitter smile surfaced on their faces.


      Sure enough, as soon as the news was sent out, all the partners instantly betrayed them, and even turned against the Huangfu and Sima families!


      It was only because they didn't dare to offend the Blood Hell Mad God!


      Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya could understand this, after all, the Blood God was so famous that he had once defeated the Four Great War Gods of China by himself, such a terrifying being could easily wipe out a power, just like a flooding beast!


      To him, the whole of Jiangnan was a mere marble, and could be completely crushed in a matter of moments.


      The two family heads waved their hands with tired faces.


      "Got it, you guys go down."


      In just a few hours, their two families had received no less than twenty similar messages.


      There were even senior members of their own family who had chosen to betray them as well.


      Nowadays, the Bai and Ye families could be said to be a veritable rebellion against their own people.


      Just as they were despairing over this, a man came to them and bowed to them before saying.


      "Master of the Bai family, Master of the Ye family, because of the recent series of turmoil in Jiangnan, all the top brass of Jiangnan have decided to hold a meeting tomorrow night at seven o'clock at the Huarong Centre, I hope you can attend!"


      Upon hearing this, the bitter smile on the faces of the two family masters grew thicker and thicker, what was coming was finally coming, had the Huangfu two families decided to bring all the bigwigs in Jiangnan and force themselves on their two families together?


      "Understood, we will attend tomorrow night on time!"


      Zheng Honglian returned in a cold voice, knowing that he could not avoid it either.


      After the other party left, Ye Wu Ya couldn't help but ask, "Are you really planning to attend that bullshit meeting tomorrow?"


      "It's a blessing not a curse, it's a curse that can't be avoided. Whether Mr. Lin is the real deal or a fake, we'll see tomorrow."


      Zheng Honglian smiled bitterly and said, "And whether our two families, Bai and Ye, will be in heaven or hell, we can also see the difference!"




      The following day!


      The news of the arrival of the Blood Hell Mad God in Jiangnan was like a heavy bomb that completely exploded in the whole of Jiangnan!


      All flights in Jiangnan were grounded!


      No one was allowed to come within one kilometre of the airport and no one was allowed to be killed!


      The whole province was terrified!


      Many people didn't even dare to leave their gates!


      It was like a flood of beasts!


      And everyone knew that today was the end of Lin Fan and the Bai family!


      When they saw the news, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were already scared to death, grabbing Lin Fan's hand and begging.


      "Lin Fan, let's run away! That what's-his-name Blood Hell Mad God, we can't afford to offend him!"


      "Yes Little Fan, I've heard that he's a murderous maniac, if you offend him like that, he'll never let you go."


      Bai Yi at the side was also ashen, she knew it wouldn't end that easily.


      What Lin Fan was impersonating was the King of the Dark World, how could his followers possibly spare him lightly?


      This was not the case, the number one fierce general under the Dark Lord, the Blood Hell Mad God, had personally set foot on the land of Jiangnan to settle the score with Lin Fan.


      With a single stomp of his foot, the entire Jiangnan would completely collapse, how could they resist?


      "Lin Fan, let's run away! Go to a place where no one knows us, go incognito, and spend the rest of our lives smoothly."


      At this time, Bai Yi knew that they could only flee, as far away as possible, and she had even planned to give up everything she had and go with Lin Fan to a place where no one knew them to start from scratch.


      Even if she was destitute for the rest of her life, she would accept it!




      "Escape? Can you escape?"


      A voice full of sarcasm came from outside the door, and then a group of mysterious black-clad powerhouses appeared in the middle of the room like a phantom.


      The man at the head of the group was actually Sima Hongrui!


      At this moment, a fierce smile appeared on his face.


      "Lin Fan, I've come to take you to hell!"

Chapter 1143

Sima Hongrui!


      The moment she saw her opponent, Bai Yi's body trembled violently and she fell helplessly to the ground, despair appearing thick on her face.


      It was over!


      It was all over!


      The appearance of Sima Hongrui was like an unpredictable fate to her, because she knew that Situ Hongrui was the leader of a mysterious organization in China, and since the Situ family had sent him to capture Lin Fan, there was nowhere to escape.


      There was nowhere for them to escape!


      Looking at the fierce smile on Situ Hongrui's face, the Bai Shan couple's legs went weak, and a strong fear appeared in their eyes.


      Intuition told them that the person coming was not good!


      Sima Hongrui looked at Lin Fan wistfully, that look was like he was looking at a bedbug:.


      "Tell me, how do you want to die? Perhaps I can ask Lord Mad God for mercy and make your death a painful one!"


      The words were thick with taunting and smugness!


      It was as if Lin Fan was bound to die!


      Lin Fan frowned, and then he also sneered.


      "I shouldn't have let you go in the first place, should I?"




      Upon hearing those words, Sima Hongrui instantly burst into flames and snorted angrily.


      "How dare you pretend to be a fool when you are so close to death? Do you really think that you are the Dark Emperor?"


      What a fool who doesn't know what he's doing!


      Lin Fan didn't bother to pay attention to the other party's taunts and said indifferently.


      "Lead the way, I'd like to see what the Blood Hell Mad God you speak of will do to me!"




      Sima Hongrui's expression was dumbfounded, but he didn't expect that Lin Fan would be so calm, like he didn't care at all.


      This guy, could it be that he had resigned himself to his fate?


      Thinking of this, Sima Hongrui immediately laughed sorrowfully, thinking that this was the case, knowing that he was going to die, so he was pretending to be dashing and defending his pathetic pride, right?


      How ridiculous!


      But just as Lin Fan was about to leave, a hand grabbed his arm.


      Lin Fan fixed his eyes, but found that it was Bai Yi, and immediately laughed bitterly, saying.


      "Wife, you don't have to go, it's me they're looking for."


      But Bai Yi shook her head stubbornly and stared at Lin Fan with a burning gaze.


      "You live, I live! If you die, I die!"


      "If it's hell you're going to, then I... I will accompany you to hell!"


      Lin Fan was stunned for a moment, and then held Bai Yi's hand tightly.


      "Good, we, husband and wife, will go together and break into that dragon's den!"




      Huarong Centre.


      The crowns were gathered.


      The top bigwigs of the entire Jiangnan Province were all gathered here for one purpose, and that was to pressure the Ye and Bai families to force them to...


      Give up Lin Fan!


      Over 70% of the bigwigs were now standing behind Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming, all with sneering smiles on their faces.


      It seemed that they could already foresee the tragic destruction of the Ye and Bai families!


      They actually wanted to protect an idiot who was posing as the Dark Emperor, even at the cost of their family's years of heritage, so stupid!


      What the hell were these two thinking?


      "Zheng Honglian, Ye Wu Ya, stop being obsessed, hand over that brat and fight for leniency, there's still half an hour before Lord Mad God will arrive here, by then you won't even have the chance to kneel down."


      Huangfu Zheng gloated and laughed.


      Zheng Honglian's eyebrows rose as she coldly scolded.


      "As I said, if you want to kill Lin Fan, then step over the corpses of Ye and Bai!"


      Huangfu Zheng instantly smiled sinisterly, he had expected Zheng Honglian to say this, and immediately sneered and said.


      "Gentlemen, I'm sure you've heard it too, right?"


      In a flash, the remaining 30% of the bigwigs all turned their backs on Ye and Bai and headed towards Huangfu Zheng's side!


      "You guys..."


      Zheng Honglian and Ye Wu Ya's faces instantly turned ugly when they saw this.


      "Sorry family head, I don't want to bury that trash with me!"


      "Humph! Zheng Honglian, thanks to you being the head of the Bai family, to trust an impostor, following you will only lead to death!"


      "I am willing to pledge my allegiance to Lord Mad God and jointly crush the Ye and Bai families!"


      Those betrayed bigwigs took a stand!


      Who said they were dead?


      Huangfu Zheng and Sima Longming both had fierce smiles on their faces.


      "How can the Ye and Bai families fight us now that they are isolated and without support? You're dead!"


      But the words had barely left their mouths!


      A careless mockery sounded out, "Who said they were dead?"