Today I Give Up Trying 1041-1043

 Chapter 1041



      That pill, when it meets the wine, it melts!


      Only then did Chang Yuan pick up the wine glass with a smile on his face, handed it to Bai Yi, and said with a smile on his face.


      "Come! Bai Yi, drink this glass of wine, as a thank you to young Ye!"


      And drink!


      Looking at the drink handed over by Chang Yuan, Bai Yi's beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly.


      She was now a little dizzy, and was afraid that after drinking this cup, she would get drunk.




      After thinking that her husband, Lin Fan, had finally been saved, a flash of joy surfaced above her pretty face.


      "Good! Then I'll drink one last cup, as a thank you to Young Ye!"


      After saying that!


      Bai Yi then took the glass and drank it all in one go!


      Swish swish swish!


      At this moment, both Ye Chen and Chang Yuan were staring at Bai Yi with dead eyes.


      Until after seeing Bai Yi drink this cup of wine, in its entirety, the two could not help but glance at each other, and a hint of an excited smile surfaced on their cheeks.


      "Hahahaha ...... Miss Bai Yi, really a woman of greatness, good drinking! I Ye Mou admire!"


      Ye Chen at this moment looked at Bai Yi's flushed, delicate and pretty face, only felt as if there were countless ants crawling in his heart, making his heart itch.


      I can't wait to take this supreme beauty right now, crush it under my crotch and ravish it properly.




      Bai Yi after drinking this cup of wine, suddenly vaguely feel something is not right.


      She only felt that her body was actually a little hot, and even her mind began to gradually confuse.


      Not only that!


      Bai Yi's pretty face, more and more [笔趣阁] red, more and more hot, as if a ripe apple, through the sweet red.


      A trace of fragrant sweat, seeping out from her forehead, made her entire person look, permeated with an indescribable charming aura.




      Bai Yi's pretty face changed slightly after she sensed this abnormality.


      She couldn't help but look at the wine glass in her hand, and a hint of bad premonition surfaced in her heart:.


      "There's something wrong with this wine!"


      Bai Yi was startled at the thought.




      She didn't voice and question, instead, she turned to Ye Chen and Chang Yuan and said.


      "Young Ye! Senior! I've had a little too much to drink, I'm going to the bathroom to wash my face!"


      "You guys drink first! I'll be right there!"




      Bai Yi smiled faintly at the two, and then walked in the direction of the restroom.


      Hearing these words.


      Ye Chen and Chang Yuan did not care too much, after all, after drinking to wash the face, this belongs to the common sense.


      But they did not know.


      After Bai Yi just walked into the bathroom and locked the door, she hurriedly jade hand trembling, pulled out a phone from the satchel.


      And then pressed a number and dialed it.


      At the same time!


      Bai Yi's rented place.


      Lin Fan was wearing a bib and was busy in the kitchen.


      A boutique medicinal dish had already been made and packed into a box.


      There was only one last dish left, and he could send it to Bai Yi's company.


      Just at this moment.


      Ding Ding Ding!


      The devil machine in his pocket suddenly rang.




      Lin Fan was slightly stunned.


      His cell phone number, apart from a few aunts, only Bai Yi's family knew, but he didn't expect that someone would call him.


      At that moment, Lin Fan took out the phone and hurriedly picked it up.


      At once, I heard, on the other end of the phone, came a confused voice.


      "Lin ...... Lin Fan! Save me ...... emperor, crown club heavenly word package!"




      This sentence caused Lin Fan's face to instantly change drastically.


      He naturally heard that it was Bai Yi's voice, only he was just about to speak when the phone on the other side had already hung up.


      "Damn it! Something must have happened to Bai Yi!"


      Lin Fan's eyes instantly turned red, and his whole person was like a fierce beast that almost went crazy, without saying a word, his whole person scurried out of the kitchen and headed outside in a blaze of glory.


      He didn't even take off his bib!

Chapter 1042

Swish swish swish!


      At this moment!


      In the downstairs of the neighborhood, there is an old man watching his children and chatting.


      However, at this moment.


      Almost everyone, all feel the temperature here, as if suddenly dropped several degrees, so that they each shivered a chill.


      Have not waited for them to wonder out loud.


      At once, everyone saw that a figure wearing a bib, like lightning, from in front of them in a flash, instantly disappeared.


      An instant!


      Everyone thought they were hallucinating.


      Especially those children, they saw the instant disappearance of the bib figure in front of their eyes, one immediately jumped up and down with excitement: "Superman!


      "Superman! The bib superman! It's awesome!"


      "Grandma, I saw Superman, he's not wearing pants, but a bib!"




      That group of children, each as if they saw their idols in reality, jumping and jumping, cheerful.


      And that group of chatting old people, at this moment is face to face.


      Each one even suspected that they were old-fashioned.


      "Old Wang Tau, did you see? Just now a flash past, is ...... a person!"


      "Impossible! If it is a person, how can the speed be so fast, I just saw, it was like a flash of light!"


      "Shit! Could it be our Chinese flyer Liu Xiang! Otherwise how could it be so fast!"




      This moment!


      Lin Fan had no idea that he had now become the idol of all the children, as well as the talking point in the mouths of all the old people.


      At this moment, Lin Fan was almost using his speed to the maximum.


      Hoo hoo hoo!


      Wherever he passed, within the neighborhood, it was as if a gale was blowing.


      A piece of greenery, in this gale, was blown more than swaying.


      A passerby, rubbing his eyes, doubting life.


      "No matter who you are! If Bai Yi is harmed in the slightest, I will definitely exterminate your whole family, your whole clan, in pieces!!!"


      A dense fury filled Lin Fan's eyes.


      At this moment, he!


      The aura is like a demon, as if a god of death crawling out of hell, let a person look at it, it is enough to scare piss.




      And at this moment, just in the Crown Club's heavenly box.


      Ye Chen and Chang Yuan were excitedly pushing and exchanging glasses.


      "Hahahaha ...... Young Ye, congratulations! In a moment the medicine will take effect, Bai Yi will become a plaything in your palm!" Chang Yuan's heart, although extremely complicated.


      But after thinking that from now on, he would be considered to have climbed up to the high branch of the Ye family, enough to run amok in Jiangnan, he was still exuberant.


      Hearing these words!


      Then think of Bai Yi's delicate and beautiful face, as well as the hot and enchanting figure, Ye Chen could not help but pull out his lower body, evil smile: "Hahahaha.


      "Hahahaha ...... this time thanks to the help of Brother Chang Yuan!"


      "Hey! The thought of being able to conquer the first beautiful president of Jiangnan, to be honest, I can't hold back a bit now!"


      Finished saying!


      Ye Chen will cup of wine, a drink, the heart of the evil desire, more and more thick up.

Chapter 1043

"Chang Yuan! Why hasn't Bai Yi come out yet?"


      In the middle of the box, after Ye Chen drained his cup of wine, he asked to Chang Yuan who was next to him.


      And hearing this!


      Chang Yuan couldn't help but smile and said.


      "Young Ye, don't be anxious! Now it must be that the medicine is starting to gradually kick in, Bai Yi will soon be unable to endure and come out!"


      Saying that, Chang Yuan smiled thievishly, as if fantasizing about Bai Yi's wonderful ketone body, and said exuberantly.


      "At that time, young Ye you can enjoy it!"


      Hearing these words!


      Ye Chen's tightly furrowed brow, not only did not stretch in the slightest, but wrinkled a little deeper:.


      "No! That drug effect onset time, only a short five minutes! Now ten minutes have passed, Bai Yi has not come out, the situation is not right!"


      "She may have sensed, so deliberately hiding in the bathroom, waiting for someone to save!"




      Ye Chen's words startled Chang Yuan.


      Especially after thinking that Bai Yi entered the restroom with a satchel and a cell phone, his face changed.


      "Young Ye, I will go and shout Bai Yi out now!"




      Chang Yuan then quickly walked to the bathroom outside, while knocking on the door, while shouting to Bai Yi inside.


      "Bai Yi, are you ready? Mr. Ye is already waiting! You hurry up and come out!"




      There was no response, no sound.


      This scene, let Chang Yuan's face, more and more ugly, he tried to open the bathroom door, only to find that the door has been Bai Yi, from the inside deadlocked.


      This is what makes Chang Yuan's face gloomy almost dripping water: "Bai Yi, I count to three.


      "Bai Yi, I count to three, if you do not come out again, I have to kick the door!"




      Chang Yuan then wanted to count down.


      Just at this time, inside suddenly came Bai Yi's weak voice:.


      "Senior, you ...... harmed me!"




      A sentence, let Chang Yuan's face, completely white.


      He was then sure that Bai Yi had actually detected, at that moment Chang Yuan could not help but say with a face full of complexity.


      "Bai Yi, I'm not trying to harm you! The young Ye is the man of the hidden family Ye! As long as you climb this high branch, then we will definitely soar in the future!"


      "Also, if your husband Lin Fan wants to divorce you after you accompany Young Ye, I will marry you then!"


      Chang Yuan wanted to explain persuasion.


      However, his words, falling on Bai Yi's ears, were that nasty and shameless.


      "You despicable! Even if I die, I will never wrong Lin Fan!"


      "Just die your hearts out! Also, Lin Fan already knows that I'm here, and he'll come to rescue me soon! I advise you to get lost! Otherwise, my husband will definitely not spare you easily!"




      Bai Yi's words were dense with indignation.


      And when they fell on Chang Yuan's ears, they made him jump in shock.


      He had seen with his own eyes, how vicious Lin Fan was.


      At the beginning, this guy, a few slaps, almost smashed Yang Mingpeng's cheek.


      Thinking about Lin Fan's viciousness, Chang Yuan's face suddenly turned white with fear.


      Just at that moment.


      Next to him, Ye Chen, on the other hand, walked over, his face, with a thick cold smile, disdainfully said.


      "Lin Fan came? Humph! What kind of thing is he, this Crown Club, is my Ye family's property, the bodyguards are dozens of people!"


      "He alone, can fight a few!"




      The evil at the corner of Ye Chen's mouth, grew thicker and thicker:


      "Also, I'm going to catch this Lin Fan, and then f*ck his wife in front of him! Hahahaha ......"