Today I Give Up Trying 1039-1040

 Chapter 1039



      Ye Chen's words were domineering and arrogant, and his tone was thick with threats.




      Just as his words fell.


      The door to the room instantly opened, and then hooting and hollering, one black-clothed bodyguard after another, rushed in.


      There were as many as ten of them, fierce and fierce, and a cold gaze, all locked on Chang Yuan's body.


      It was as if, as soon as Ye Chen said a word, they would pounce on him and tear Chang Yuan in half.


      "Ye ...... Ye Shao ......"


      Seeing this scene, Chang Yuan's entire face was white with fear as clattering cold sweat rushed down from his forehead.


      "Chang Yuan, you only have two choices now, one, let my bodyguards beat you into a lifelong cripple and throw you out! Second ......"


      Ye Chen said, and at once took out a pink pill from his pocket and smiled grimly.


      "When Bai Yi comes, put this one pill, into her glass of wine!"


      Pill pill!


      Chang Yuan looked at this pink pill, and even if he was stupid, he knew what kind of medicine it was.


      Once Bai Yi drank, the wine laced with this pill, then he was afraid that it would be difficult to escape Ye Chen's clutches again tonight.


      An instant!


      Chang Yuan's face, instantly hesitated.


      "Brother Chang Yuan, don't worry, as long as you help me take care of Bai Yi tonight! Then from now on, you are my brother Ye Chen! I guarantee that you can definitely walk across the river in Jiangnan!"


      Ye Chen's words of conviction instantly made Chang Yuan's heart heat up.




      This person in front of him, was the young master of the Ye family!


      If he really offered Bai Yi, then he would be equivalent to completely climbing onto Ye Chen's high branch, and when that time came, his group would go to the next level, and his status, would instantly soar.


      After a moment of slight contemplation.


      Chang Yuan gritted his teeth and made a choice in his heart instantly, nodding his head at once and saying.


      "Fine! Young Ye, I'll help you!"




      Hearing this, Ye Chen was instantly overjoyed and immediately patted Chang Yuan's shoulder and said with a smile.


      "That's right, brother Chang Yuan, from now on, if you follow me, I'll make sure you soar to great heights! Hahahaha ...... Let's cheers!"


      At that moment, Ye Chen waved his hand and let all of his bodyguards leave.


      And then he picked up his glass of wine and drank with Chang Yuan.


      At this moment, Chang Yuan's heart was dripping blood, and his face was incredibly complicated:.


      "Bai Yi, don't blame me! I am also doing this for our future, don't worry, after today, even if you and Lin Fan divorce, I, Chang Yuan, will marry you!"


      He said in his heart.


      Chang Yuan's eyes flashed a ruthless colour, and then he drank the wine in his cup, in one go.


      A quarter of an hour later.


      When the door of the box room, knocked again, Bai Yi's silhouette, walked in.


      "Hahahaha ...... Bai Yi, you're finally here, Young Ye and I have been waiting for you for a long time!" Seeing Bai Yi, Chang Yuan's heart was complicated, but his face showed a strong enthusiastic smile.


      At once, he introduced himself and said.


      "Bai Yi, let me introduce to you, this is the famous Ye Chen of the Ye family!"


      Hearing these words!


      Bai Yi couldn't help but look towards Ye Chen.


      However, after she noticed the fiery and naked eyes of Ye Chen looking towards her, Bai Yi's beautiful eyebrows frowned, and an uncomfortable feeling immediately came over her heart.


      However, a stiff smile surfaced above her pretty face as she said.


      "Young Ye, it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm here this time because I want to ask you about my husband, Lin Fan!"


      Lin Fan?


      Hearing this name, a playful arc emerged from the corner of Ye Chen's mouth as he nodded and said.


      "Hahahaha ...... Miss Bai Yi, good talk! Well said!"


      "I have heard for a long time that Miss Bai Yi, is beautiful and beautiful, today, when I see her, she is really extraordinary!"


      Said these words.


      Ye Chen only felt his heart, all thumping wildly.

Chapter 1040

He liked sensual and beautiful women.


      And the Bai Yi in front of him was simply like the most perfect goddess in his heart, that cold aura, that beautiful face, that enchanting figure, all as if they were stimulants, making Ye Chen hyperactive to the extreme.


      "Come! Miss Bai Yi please sit down!"


      Looking at Bai Yi, Ye Chen only felt every cell in his body, jumping with excitement.


      He waved his hand, and at once the two heavily made-up women could only leave the room with faces full of reluctance.


      Until the three sat down.


      Chang Yuan hurriedly took a wine glass for Bai Yi and poured the wine:.


      "Bai Yi, if you want Young Ye to help you save Lin Fan, then first punish yourself with three glasses to show your sincerity!"


      Chang Yuan's smiling words, however, caused Bai Yi's pretty face to change slightly.


      She was able to drink a little bit of wine!


      But her drinking capacity was extremely limited, and when she came up to punish herself with three cups, she was afraid that she would drink too much.


      However, looking at Ye Chen and Chang Yuan's expectant eyes, and thinking of her husband Lin Fan's situation, Bai Yi could only grit her teeth, lift her glass and say.


      "Young Ye, I'll drink three glasses to you first! I hope you can save my husband Lin Fan!"


      "I'll drink to that first!"


      Finished speaking!


      Bai Yi put the drink in her hand and drank it down in one go.


      Seeing this scene!


      Ye Chen and Chang Yuan couldn't help but glance at each other, and a strong joy flashed in their eyes as much as possible.


      "Good! Miss Bai is refreshing, come! Second cup!"


      Saying that, Ye Chen personally poured the wine for Bai Yi.


      At this moment, Bai Yi's pretty face was already flushed with wine as one glass went down, but she could only stiffen her head and drink the second and third glasses, one after another!


      Until the three cups were finished.


      Bai Yi immediately felt her face, a roll of heat, but was a little dizzy.


      However, she still shook her head and looked at Ye Chen with a face full of expectation, asking.


      "Young Ye, the matter of saving my husband Lin Fan, do you see ......"


      Lin Fan!


      It was Lin Fan again!


      When he heard Bai Yi, who had been saying Lin Fan's name since he entered the door, a thick luster of jealousy burst out of Ye Chen's eyes.


      He simply couldn't understand how a mere trash could make a goddess like Bai Yi so attached to his heart.


      It wasn't just him!


      Chang Yuan, who was next to him, was even more jealous to the point of frenzy in his heart.


      He could never have imagined.


      He had clearly shown Bai Yi the photos of Lin Fan in a room with another woman, but this stupid woman was still so infatuated with Lin Fan, this was simply damnable.


      "Lin Fan! Hmph, in a moment, your woman, will be in Young Ye's bed!"


      "After this incident, you will definitely get a divorce and you will be disgraced for the rest of your life! When the time comes, I will be Bai Yi's man! And only I, am qualified to be Bai Yi's man!"


      Chang Yuan's heart was hissing, but the smile on his face, grew thicker and thicker.


      "Bai Yi! Don't worry, just now Young Ye has promised that he will definitely help Lin Fan!"




      Chang Yuan's words caused Bai Yi's beautiful eyes to instantly brighten up at first.


      She looked towards Ye Chen excitedly and asked in a trembling voice.


      "Young Ye, is this ...... true? You are really willing to help my husband Lin Fan?"


      Looking at Bai Yi's excited appearance, the jealousy in Ye Chen's heart grew thicker and thicker, but he still smiled and nodded his head.




      Seeing that Ye Chen had actually agreed, Bai Yi instantly felt as if a big stone in her heart had finally been put down!


      This made her happy to the extreme.


      It was just that she did not see it.


      Just at this moment.


      Chang Yuan had secretly placed a pink pill, which had already been placed into her glass.