Today I Give Up Trying 1037-1038

 Chapter 1037

Baiy gave a faint look and instantly picked up.




      Her voice, a little hoarse at the moment, wiped her tears as she listened to the call.


      "Bai Yi, I'm at the Crown Club, and today I met a young master from the Ye family! He seems to have a way to help Lin Fan resolve his grudge against the Bai family, saving him from being hunted by the Bai family!"




      Hearing Chang Yuan's words within the phone, Bai Yi faintly froze.


      For a while now, although everything had been safe and sound, Bai Yi had been worried about Lin Fan's safety.


      After all!


      This fellow, before, had not only failed to transfer the New Bai's, to the Jiangnan Bai Family, but had even snatched the Bai Group, all from the Jiangnan Bai Family's hands.


      Even more, he had caused the entire White Three Group to be wiped out, and White Dust had failed to invite Divine Doctor Zhang to return without success.


      All of these, one by one, had almost become the reason for the Jiangnan Bai Family to get Lin Fan killed.


      And now!


      The young master of the Ye family!


      "Could it be the Ye Family of the Four Great Hidden Houses?" There was an excitement in Bai Yi's tone.


      Although today, after seeing the photo, Bai Yi was heartbroken.


      But in her heart, she still believed in Lin Fan's character.


      And now!


      She could leave it all behind for now and help Lin Fan resolve his own life and death crisis first.


      "That's right! Bai Yi, although the Ye family and the Bai family are commonly known as the four hidden giants, their power, however, is only stronger than the Bai family!"


      "And this young Ye, with his wealth, not only can he help Lin Fan escape danger this time, but even in the future, your new Bai's development will not be without cooperation with them!"


      There was a thick excitement in Chang Yuan's voice.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi pondered slightly for a moment before nodding his head straight away and agreeing.


      "Good! Senior, then you can send me a location, I'll go over there now!"


      For Bai Yi, cooperation was not important, Lin Fan was the most important.


      Thinking of this.


      Bai Yi hung up the phone and immediately picked up her satchel and wiped the tear marks at the corners of her eyes before walking out of the office.


      Crown Clubhouse.


      This was one of the top clubs in Jiangnan City, and it was also the Ye family's property.


      And at the same time!


      Within the Sky Box of the Crown Club, there were two men and two women sitting.


      One of the men was, naturally, Chang Yuan, and next to him was a young man in his early twenties.


      He was the Ye family's direct descendant, Ye Chen.


      As for the two women next to him, they were the flower girls of this Crown Club, with enchanting and exquisite figures.


      At this moment!


      Chang Yuan fiercely pinched the ass of the woman beside him before he said to Ye Chen beside him.


      "Young Ye, thank you very much for your hospitality this time! If you need me in the future, just ask!"


      The expression on Chang Yuan's face was filled with a strong sense of excitement.


      Originally, a small person like him was not qualified to make friends with the son of the Ye family, a hidden family.


      But this morning, he had unexpectedly received a call from this young Ye, asking him for a drink.


      This made Chang Yuan how not to be exuberant, how not to be ecstatic.


      As long as he had gotten close to a high branch of Ye Chen, then even if Lin Fan was a big shot, he would not put it in his eyes in the slightest.

Chapter 1038

Hearing Chang Yuan's words, and then looking at the strong look of ingratiation and flattery on his face.


      The corner of Ye Chen's mouth only slightly curled up.


      "Brother Chang, there is no need to be polite, from now on we are our own people!"


      One of our own!


      Ye Chen's words instantly gave Chang Yuan a feeling of being flattered, how could he not have expected that a young master of a hidden magnate family would treat a small character like himself as one of his own.


      Thinking of this, Chang Yuan's face instantly turned red with excitement:.


      "Young Ye, you are really down to earth, I, Chang Yuan, am really touched ......"


      Chang Yuan's voice was trembling a little.


      Only before he could finish his words, Ye Chen waved his hand.


      "Brother Chang Yuan, you don't need to be touched in a hurry first, I also have a matter that I need to ask you for!"




      Hearing these words, Chang Yuan was stunned, but immediately afterwards, he patted his chest and said.


      "If there's anything you want, I'll do whatever you want, even if it's a mountain of swords or a sea of fire!"


      Looking at Chang Yuan's vowed appearance.


      Ye Chen's smile, however, had a hint of sinisterness in it:.


      "Hahahaha ...... If I heard correctly, you just called President Bai Yi, right?"


      Bai Yi!


      Chang Yuan froze, he hadn't expected that Ye Chen would suddenly mention Bai Yi, at that moment a hint of ominous foreboding surfaced in Chang Yuan's heart.


      His face faintly stiffened as he turned to Ye Chen and said.


      "No ...... right! Young Ye, Bai Yi's husband, Lin Fan, has offended the Bai family! I originally thought of asking her to come over and have a few drinks with Young Ye, asking for Young Ye's help to mediate a bit!"


      Chang Yuan had indeed intended to ask Ye Chen to help Bai Yi.


      It was just that he was the most clear about it.


      It was impossible for Ye Chen to truly help Bai Yi save Lin Fan.


      It was because how could Ye Chen, as a member of the Ye family, help a stranger for no reason at all.


      And the reason why Chang Yuan gave Bai Yi hope was to gain Bai Yi's goodwill and do a favor, especially when Bai Yi and Lin Fan were having relationship problems.


      It was a crucial moment for him to show himself.


      Even if Ye Chen refused Bai Yi's request, Bai Yi would still be grateful to him, and his chances of getting Bai Yi would be one point greater.




      "Brother Chang Yuan, the favor I'm asking you to do is related to President Bai Yi!"


      Ye Chen smiled wickedly, while his words caused Chang Yuan to shiver with excitement.


      "Ye ...... Ye Shao, I don't quite understand what you mean!" The unpleasantness in Chang Yuan's heart grew thicker and thicker.


      He vaguely felt that he seemed to have gotten into a thief's boat.


      At this moment, moreover, he saw that when Ye Chen was talking about Bai Yi, his eyes were glowing, and there was a strong lecherous look in his eyes:.


      "Hahahaha ...... I've long heard that the number one beautiful president of Jiang City, with her ravishing posture and her beauty is captivating!"


      "I want to ask brother Chang Yuan, to help me get Bai Yi! I want ...... to sleep with her!"




      When these words came out, Chang Yuan's face changed greatly.


      A bean-sized sweat instantly trickled down from his forehead as he eagerly looked at Ye Chen and said.


      "Young Ye, this ...... this is not possible, I'm afraid! Bai Yi is my schoolmate and is already married, how can I do such a thing!"


      How could Chang Yuan be willing, to give up the goddess he had his eye on, for nothing.




      After hearing his words, Ye Chen's countenance, instantly changed.


      A hint of coldness and sinisterness surfaced on his face:.


      "In that case, Brother Chang Yuan is rejecting me?"


      "Do you know that in Jiangnan City, no one can reject me! You can't, and neither can Bai Yi!"