Today I Give Up Trying 1034-1036

 Chapter 1034

"What a beautiful woman!"


      After Chang Yuan saw that beautiful woman, his heart trembled slightly because the other party's stunning beauty was not even the slightest bit below Bai Yi's.


      Especially that figure was front and back, hot and luscious, even more luscious than Bai Yi's.


      "Could it be that Lin Fan and this woman ...... had a room?"


      Something seemed to have occurred to him!


      Chang Yuan's heart was simply jealous of Lin Fan to the point of jealousy:.


      "This bastard, he obviously has my goddess Bai Yi, but he's still fooling around outside, especially since this woman is so beautiful!"


      "How can he be so attractive to women!"


      Chang Yuan indignantly hammered the steering wheel fiercely.


      But immediately afterwards, he seemed to think of something, and his entire angry expression, faintly stiffened, before a hint of wild joy surfaced in his eyes:.


      "That's right, I just need to take the pictures of these two people and give them to Bai Yi! Then Bai Yi's character will definitely divorce this Lin Fan!"


      "Even if the two don't divorce, then my chance, too, has come!"


      Thinking of this!


      Chang Yuan's heart was simply exhilarated to the extreme.


      At that moment, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone, turned on the camera, and then took a crazy picture of Lin Fan and Sima Yan'er just walking out of the hotel.


      Until the two were photographed together, one by one, and selected.


      The sinister arc at the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth, however, grew thicker and thicker: "Lin Fan, wait!


      "Lin Fan, just you wait! Even if you're a bully, so what! Bai Yi must have a rift in her relationship with you this time!"


      "You're out!"


      Thinking of this!


      Chang Yuan instantly started the car again and headed towards the Star River Mansion.




      Foothill District!


      This was the temporary place Lin Fan and Bai Yi had rented for the time being.


      When Lin Fan opened the door to his room, he immediately saw that it was quiet within the living room, and even the wall lamp in the living room, was not even turned on.


      At this time of the day, Shen Yumei and Bai Shan must have gone to the hospital to take care of Tai Gong Shen.


      And Bai Yi, by definition, had already gone ahead to work.




      When Lin Fan had just stepped into the living room, he was stunned to see that there was a person sitting on the sofa within the living room.


      Surprisingly, it was ...... Bai Yi!


      "Old ...... wife, didn't you go to work?" Seeing Bai Yi, thinking about the misunderstanding last night, Lin Fan's expression could not help but surface a hint of embarrassment.


      And at this moment!


      It was as if Bai Yi hadn't slept all night, and a streak of blood was floating in her pair of beautiful eyes.


      Upon seeing Lin Fan, Bai Yi's pretty face, suddenly went cold.


      "You actually knew to come back! What did you do last night?"






      Bai Yi's gaze was fixed on Lin Fan with a deadly gaze, as if she wanted to see something from his body.


      Hearing these words.


      Lin Fan couldn't help but touch his nose and said with a dry smile.


      "Wife, weren't you the one who didn't let me come back last night? I just made up for the night outside, thinking that I would come back when your anger had subsided!"


      "You're not mad at me now, are you?"


      Lin Fan said with a playful smile as he walked over to the sofa, his face full of ingratiation.


      And seeing this playful look on his face.


      The anger Bai Yi had been holding in all night had unknowingly disappeared for the most part.


      "Wife, you didn't stay up all night just to wait for me, did you?" When Lin Fan saw the blood in Bai Yi's eyes, a strong sense of shame and heartache could not help but surface in his heart.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi, however, her pretty face reddened slightly, glanced fiercely at Lin Fan and said.


      "Don't be so narcissistic, do what you like, why would I stay up all night just to wait for you!"


      "I didn't know how well I slept last night!"


      He finished!


      Bai Yi stood up straight and lifted her satchel: "Okay!


      "Alright! Now that you're back, prepare lunch! I'm going to the office first!"


      With that!


      Bai Yi then walked straight out of the room, however, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, obviously her anger towards Lin Fan had been completely extinguished.




      When Bai Yi left her home and drove her BMW to the entrance of the Star River Mansion.


      At once, he saw it!


      A figure was already waiting there!


      It was none other than ...... Chang Yuan!

Chapter 1035

"Bai Yi, you're finally here!"


      When Chang Yuan saw Bai Yi, his eyes lit up at first and he hurriedly greeted him.




      Bai Yi was slightly stunned, she did not expect that Chang Yuan had come even earlier than herself, and could not help but ask in confusion.


      "Senior, are you looking for me so early, is there something wrong?"


      Bai Yi could clearly see the hint of hidden joy on Chang Yuan's face.


      She could remember.


      Last night, Chang Yuan had just been slapped several times by Yang Mingpeng, so according to reason, he should be in an extremely bad mood today, so how could he show joy.


      Seeing Bai Yi's puzzled expression.


      Chang Yuan couldn't help but smile slightly, and then asked mysteriously.


      "Bai Yi, I've come to ask you something!"




      With a single word, Bai Yi's puzzled expression grew stronger and stronger: "Senior, ask.


      "Senior, why don't you ask?"


      "Did Lin Fan stay out of bed at night last night?" Chang Yuan stared intently at Bai Yi's expression before opening his mouth to ask.




      His remark, however, caused Bai Yi to freeze, and how she hadn't thought about how Chang Yuan knew about it.


      A hint of a bad premonition surfaced in Bai Yi's heart, and she said nervously.


      "Senior, you ...... how did you know?"


      Bai Yi looked at Chang Yuan, with surprise and consternation in her eyes.


      And seeing this look on Bai Yi's face, Chang Yuan's heart, more than a happy.


      However, he hid all his ecstasy on his face, but shook his head and said with a sigh.


      "Because, I saw Lin Fan this morning!"


      "I saw him with my own eyes, coming out from inside a hotel!"


      A hotel!


      Bai Yi was stunned, but did not think much of it, but nodded and said.


      "Senior, I know! Just now Lin Fan already told me!"


      "We had a fight last night and I told him not to go home, so he found a hotel and stayed the night! What's wrong with that?"


      Looking at Bai Yi's expression.


      At the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth, a sinister curve could not help but emerge:.


      "Bai Yi, there's a problem! And it's a big problem!"


      "Because I didn't just see Lin Fan, I also saw that he was with a beautiful woman, walking out from inside the hotel together!"




      Chang Yuan's words were like an explosive thunderbolt, causing Bai Yi's delicate body to tremble fiercely.


      With a beautiful woman?


      How was this ...... possible.


      Bai Yi's mind, involuntarily, would think of the red-clothed beauty in the car park last night.


      Especially imagining, that red-clothed beauty hugging Lin Fan to death and even shedding tears, this made Bai Yi's moment of a beautiful heart, completely seized up.


      It even made her heart ache so much that she couldn't even breathe:.


      "No ...... it won't be! Senior, you must have misread, Lin Fan is definitely not that kind of person!"


      "I've lived with him for three years, I know him best! Please don't say anymore!"


      Although Bai Yi had some hidden pain in her heart.


      But she still believed in Lin Fan, she believed that this man would never do anything wrong to himself.




      Seeing Bai Yi's unbelievable look.


      Chang Yuan even shook his head with a sigh and said with a bitter smile.


      "Bai Yi, don't let him fool you! He's a man, and it's normal for men to love beautiful women!"


      "If you don't believe me, then I can only show you a few pictures!"


      With that said!


      Chang Yuan then pulled out his mobile phone, before opening the photo album and handing it to Bai Yi.




      In an instant, Bai Yi's pretty face was all miserably white.


      Especially when she took the phone and saw the picture on it about Lin Fan and that red-clad beauty, walking out of the hotel together, she only felt her head rumble, completely dumbfounded.

Chapter 1036

"Yes ...... it's this woman!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face, with each photo she turned over, became a bit more miserable white.


      Until finally, after looking through the photos, above her pretty face, there was no longer the slightest bit of blood, and it was as white as paper.


      She remembered this woman.


      Because of her, she was the culprit who had caused her quarrel with Lin Fan last night, and she was also the one who was hugging Lin Fan to death, as if she was hugging her lover, causing Bai Yi's heart to ache more and more.






      A single teardrop slowly dripped down Bai Yi's beautiful eyes.


      At this moment, Bai Yi only felt as if a dagger had viciously pierced her heart.


      Although she used to despise Lin Fan, after such a long time, she had long since come to regard him as her husband, especially after the two of them had gone through one or another hardships and apprehensions together.


      He was not only her husband, but also her family.


      We could share the sweetness and the bitterness, we could live and die together!


      But she could never have dreamed.


      This man whom she loved the most would ......




      Bai Yi's tears, came out of her eyes as she threw the phone back at Chang Yuan's body fiercely.


      Those beautiful eyes of hers, wet and red, were filled with sorrow:.


      "I won't look, I won't listen, I don't believe it!"


      "Lin Fan loves me as much as I love him! He would never betray me, never!"


      Finished speaking!


      Bai Yi wiped her own tears as she went crazy and ran towards the inside of the company.


      Looking at Bai Yi's mournful expression, while listening to her self-deceiving words.


      The corner of Chang Yuan's mouth could not help but emerge with a sinister curve.


      He knew that his plan, had worked! "


      "Hahahaha ...... Lin Fan, just you wait! When I rely on the big tree of the Ye family, when the time comes to unite the people of the Bai family, even if Tian Hao and the others all support you, you're just as finished!"


      "Bai Yi is mine, and your life, too, is mine!"


      Thinking of this!


      Chang Yuan left straight away with a cheerful smile at that moment.


      Inside the company!


      The president's office.


      Bai Yi sat dumbly in front of his desk, as if he had lost his soul, his whole face full of confusion and dullness.






      A teardrop slid down from her eyes, her heart, it hurt so much ......


      At this moment!


      Her eyes were staring straight at a picture frame in her hand.


      In this picture frame, a man and a woman, smiling happily, a man and a woman, a match made in heaven.


      The man was naturally Lin Fan, and the woman was her, Bai Yi.


      This was the only picture she had with Lin Fan.


      Previously, she had always kept it in her safe, and only when no one was around would she take this one out of the frame, giggling and laughing.


      And now!


      Looking at the picture, the two people who were smiling unusually sweetly, her heart, completely shattered.


      "Ooooooooooo ......"


      Bai Yi slumped on the table, and her entire body went from falling into silent tears, to a low, embellished sob.


      Her sobs were thick with sadness and disappointment:.


      "Lin Fan, you didn't betray me did you? I know that even if the whole world betrayed me, you would still stand by my side, right?''


      Bai Yi asked herself over and over again.


      It was as if she was telling herself that it was all a misunderstanding and that Lin Fan wouldn't be sorry for himself.




      Within the room, it was quiet and empty, there was no one at all, who could give her an answer.


      Time passed slowly.


      Bai Yi had spent the entire morning in this muddled state.


      Her beautiful eyes were almost filled with redness.


      And when it was noon!




      A mobile phone rang.


      The caller was Chang Yuan.