Today I Give Up Trying 1031-1033

 Chapter 1031

Acute gastritis!


      Lin Fan's brows were furrowed, this illness was sudden, but if not treated in time, it could seriously lead to dehydration and shock.


      "At the moment, I don't have a milli-needle in my hand, so it seems that I can only use massage techniques to help her temporarily soothe some of her illnesses!"


      Lin Fan was helpless and could only put Sima Yan'er, flat on the bed at that moment.


      Sima Yan'er's delicate body was snow-white to the extreme.


      In particular, she now only had a black lace bra and lace underwear on her body, which showed off her complete ketone body.


      The peaks on her breasts were magnificent and firm.


      The smooth, mirror-like waist was snow-white and delicate.


      The long and slender legs, moreover, exuded an irresistible and terrifying temptation.


      It could be said!


      At this moment, Sima Yan'er seemed like a charming fairy walking out of a painting, and with the little bit of crystal sweat beads on her delicate body, that kind of charming attitude was simply seductive.


      "Hoo ......"


      Lin Fan's heart was beating wildly, and at this moment, he couldn't help but let out a long breath, suppressing all the fire in his heart.


      And then, stretching out his hands, he wanted to press down on Sima Yan'er's small abdomen.


      Just at this moment.


      "Mmm ......"


      A painful grunt escaped Sima Yan'er's red lips, and her entire body sat up violently in a dazed state.


      With one hand, she grabbed Lin Fan's arm and bit down fiercely.




      Lin Fan's face changed as he only felt Sima Yan'er's shellfish teeth, almost embedded in his own flesh and blood.


      There were even drops of scarlet blood that dripped down onto the bed sheets.


      "Forget it!"


      Lin Fan shook his head, if he had coalesced his tendons and bones, then the strength of his flesh and blood would have popped Sima Yan'er's teeth, by the minute.


      At that moment, he could only endure the pain from the bite as his other hand reached out and pressed against Sima Yan'er's small abdomen.


      I have to say!


      Sima Yan'er's skin was exquisite to the extreme.


      It felt as if it was on silk, silky smooth.


      As Lin Fan's palm traveled, a trace of true qi energy began to seep into Sima Yan'er's belly little by little along his palm.


      A full three circles later.


      Only then did the pain in Sima Yan'er's abdomen slowly subside, and her shellfish teeth, too, loosened from Lin Fan's arm.


      Not only that!


      Lin Fan's True Qi energy not only caused Sima Yan'er's abdominal pain, to gradually disappear, but even caused her entire body to enter a completely relaxed and soothed state.


      A hint of redness gradually appeared on her pretty face.


      The spring blush on her face grew more and more intense, and a shenanigans even came out of her mouth.


      "Ah ...... calling ......"


      This one sound, like a bell, was clear and pleasant, but when it fell on Lin Fan's ears, it caused sweat to drip down from his forehead, densely.


      "This woman ......"


      At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a touch of bitterness surfaced.


      His massage technique did have a certain aphrodisiac effect.


      He had already controlled this effect, to a minimal degree.


      But unexpectedly!


      Sima Yan'er's body was so sensitive that even a hint of the aphrodisiac effect had already made her completely immersed in it, making it difficult for her to extricate herself.


      Looking at Sima Yan'er's hot, writhing body, and the hint of red that crept onto her gorgeous face.


      This made Lin Fan's breathing, gradually, thicken.


      "Almost there! Hold on a little longer!"


      Lin Fan's eyes were flushed red as he tried his best in containing the desire in his heart.


      Dense sweat dripped down his cheeks.


      It was just that Sima Yan'er's shench was getting louder and louder.


      Until finally!


      Her body jerked fiercely, completely aroused to the extreme.

Chapter 1032

Hoo ......


      As Lin Fan looked at Sima Yan'er who was limp on the bed, huffing and puffing, he couldn't help but wipe the sweat from his forehead and remove his palms from her body.


      "Finally, it's done! This woman, she's really a special creature!"


      Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh.


      Just now, even as hard-willed as he was, he almost had trouble suppressing his desire.


      "Wait for dawn, the clothes will be dry!"


      After looking at the sky that was gradually starting to brighten up outside, Lin Fan, at that moment, sat on the floor with his knees crossed.


      With his hands cupped, he began to run his true qi and recover his strength.


      Time passed by little by little.


      When the first rays of sunlight shone into the room in the early morning.


      Sima Yan'er on the bed, could not help but lazily turn over.




      After just turning over, her delicate body stiffened abruptly, seemingly noticing that something was wrong, and that pair of confused beautiful eyes, slowly opened up.


      "Is this the ...... hotel?"




      Looking at the decoration style of this hotel, Sima Yan'er's pretty face changed instantly, and her whole body sat up violently from the bed.


      "I ...... my clothes! And on the bed sheets, there's actually blood!"


      Sima Yan'er's pretty face became increasingly pale, as if she had discovered something terrible, her face was ashen.


      "No, I seem to have dreamed last night that I reached the top?"


      Thinking of this.


      Sima Yan'er was struck by lightning.


      The blood on the bed, the vertex in the haze, already her own delicate body with only her underwear left.


      All these things implied that she must have been with a man last night, and that he had taken her virginity.


      It was over!


      Sima Yan'er's entire body seemed to be completely dumbfounded.


      And just at that moment.


      "You're awake?"


      A clear voice came out, and this sentence caused Sima Yan'er's body to tremble even more.


      She hurriedly turned her eyes to look, and only then did she realise that there was a man in a bathrobe sitting on the floor beside the bed.


      He was slim, but his face was unusually clear.




      From within that bathrobe, above the chest that was revealed, there was actually a scar and a tattoo.


      Skull tattoos!


      Knife scars, gun and bullet scars ......


      Densely packed, making this man look as if he had experienced countless lives and deaths.


      "Is ...... that you?"


      At this moment, Sima Yan'er didn't have time to consider the scars on Lin Fan's body, and after she saw Lin Fan, she jerked back to her memory.


      It was this man who had been drinking with herself at the bar last night.


      Until the end.


      She herself was completely drunk and fell into a deep sleep.


      "Bastard! You gave me back my first time! You rotten rascal, old mother will kill you!"


      As if she had seen her life-and-death enemy, Sima Yan'er jumped up from the bed and lunged at Lin Fan.


      Hoo hoo hoo!


      Her stance was extremely extraordinary.


      Especially when she waved her fists around, she had the wind of a tiger.


      If it was an ordinary man, I was afraid that even Sima Yan'er would not be able to take one of her punches.


      Unfortunately, she had run into Lin Fan.




      Just at the moment Sima Yan'er's double fists were about to smash into her own body, Lin Fan's hand came out like lightning and grabbed her double fists in one hand.


      "[Country Novel]You ......"


      Sima Yan'er's face changed.


      She did not expect that Lin Fan's reaction was so fast, especially at this moment, no matter how much she wanted to draw back her fists, she simply could not do so.


      Lin Fan's palm, like an iron vise, held her hands in a deadly grip, making it difficult to break free at all.


      "You're a sick woman!"


      "I saved you last night, and you've just woken up and you want to make a move on me?"


      Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he looked at Sima Yan'er, his gaze filled with anger.


      And hearing these words.


      Above Sima Yan'er's pretty face, a dense despair and anger surfaced.


      "Save me?"


      "You are a rogue, you took away my first time! I, will never let you go!"

Chapter 1033

Taking away my first time!


      When Lin Fan heard this sentence from Sima Yan'er, his forehead, couldn't help but float a black line.


      This silly woman didn't even know if she had been taken away for the first time, which made him simply speechless to the extreme.


      "Sorry, I'm not interested in your first time, and besides, we didn't have any relationship!"




      Hearing this sentence from Lin Fan, Sima Yan'er froze, and then the anger on top of her pretty face grew thicker and thicker:.


      "You ...... you bastard!"


      There were clearly blood stains on the bed sheets, and she had clearly reached an orgasm last night.


      This bastard was now denying it.


      "You let go of me!"


      Sima Yan'er's eyes instantly turned wet and red.


      Her expression was dripping with a strong sense of sorrow and despair.


      Seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan's heart trembled slightly.


      At that moment, he could only let out a long sigh before releasing Sima Yan'er's jade hand.


      It was only at this point.




      Sima Yan'er's delicate body, as if all her strength had been drained, fell to the ground on her butt.


      "That person, I'm sorry for ......!"


      Her pretty face, a thick bitterness surfaced.


      It had been three years.


      The man she had thought about day and night, even dreaming that if she ever saw him again, she would rather give her chastity, to that man.


      But now, she was completely out of it.


      A thick sorrow filled Sima Yan'er's heart, and at that moment, as if she had lost her soul, she stood up from the ground, before picking up her clothes one by one and putting them on.


      Seeing this scene.


      Lin Fan shrugged helplessly and similarly put on his own clothes, changing them.


      Until the two of them had put on all their clothes, the expression on Sima Yan'er's pretty face was gradually hidden by sorrow, and was replaced by a strong indifference.


      She looked at Lin Fan as if she was looking at a stranger, and said icily.


      "Remember, what happened tonight, I want you to forget forever!"


      "We ...... will never see each other again!"


      After saying that!


      Sima Yan'er then walked straight out of the room.


      Looking at Sima Yan'er's back, the bitter smile at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth couldn't help but grow thicker, how could he not have thought that he would be misunderstood after saving someone?


      However ......


      "Then let's never see each other again!"


      Lin Fan sighed in his heart and likewise followed Sima Yan'er and also walked out of the room.


      Outside the hotel, it was now time to go to work, and on the road, there was a lot of traffic.


      A Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, was blocked at an intersection outside the hotel.


      "Shit! Why is there such a traffic jam today!"


      A young man in the Mercedes, looking at his watch, couldn't help but curse softly.


      "The one who asked me out this time is the young master of the Ye family, one of the four hidden giants, so if I'm late, it would be too bad!"


      This youth was none other than Chang Yuan.


      Today, he was going to meet with a young master of a powerful family, and now, without expecting it, he would be stuck in traffic.


      Under boredom!


      Chang Yuan's gaze could not help but look within the surrounding cars, looking for whether there was a beautiful woman that caught his eye.


      However, when his eyes swept over a hotel next to the road.


      He was slightly stunned.


      "Eh? That person seems to be ...... Lin Fan?"


      Chang Yuan could hardly believe his eyes at this moment, but he saw that there was a man and a woman at the hotel next to the road.


      Surprisingly, there was a man and a woman, walking out from within the hotel back and forth.