Today I Give Up Trying 1029-1030

 Chapter 1029

The look on the red-clothed beauty Sima Yan'er's face was one of complexity, hostility and remembrance, to name but a few.


      Lin Fan was able to make Master Xiong fearful, so he was clearly not a good person.


      And she!


      On the other hand, she was a policeman!


      The two were in a completely antagonistic relationship.


      It was just that somehow.


      In the eyes of the red-clad beauty Sima Yan'er, Lin Fan's figure was surprisingly becoming more and more similar to the person in her own memory.


      Whether it was this ruthlessness, or that ferocity.


      It was almost like the same thing.


      This even caused her to drift off for a moment, doubting whether Lin Fan, or not, was that person.


      "However, regardless of whether you are him or not, I still want to drink a few cups now, of the white fireworks you made!"


      The red-clad beauty Sima Yan'er shook her head, shaking all the mixed thoughts out of her mind, and smiled at Lin Fan as she sat back down at the bar.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan indifferently shrugged his shoulders.


      With a wave of his palm, the one bartender, at once, hurriedly put a bottle of foreign wine, with a face full of adoration, in front of Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan once again made the concoction.




      Time was passing little by little.


      Lin Fan and Sima Yan'er, pushed and exchanged glasses, drinking and chatting at the same time.


      In this, it was almost always Sima Yan'er who was talking alone.


      She was telling the story of her and the man.


      Little bits and pieces of America, memories that were few but exceptionally precious.


      Hearing Sima Yan'er's thoughts about herself, Lin Fan's heart grew more and more complicated.


      He hadn't thought that there was someone who remembered him so much without his knowledge.


      "You're drunk! Let's go!"


      Lin Fan saw Sima Yan'er's drunken eyes and even wanted to continue drinking further, so he hurriedly stopped it.


      "Where does your home live? I'll call a taxi for you!"


      Lin Fan said, and was about to call out to the waiter for the bill.


      Just at that moment.




      A dull sound rang out, causing Lin Fan to faintly stare.


      He turned his head to look, only to find that Sima Yan'er's entire body had fallen straight to the ground, her entire body completely drunk and passed out.


      "I nympho ......"


      The corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched, and a black line appeared on his forehead as he hurriedly went up and patted Sima Yan'er, wanting to wake her up and ask for her address.


      Only, Sima Yan'er was too drunk.


      Especially when coupled with her emotional grief, after she had completely fallen asleep, no matter how much Lin Fan shouted, he was unable to wake her up halfway.


      "What now?"


      Lin Fan was a little confused.


      He naturally couldn't leave this woman, here, after all, in a place like a bar, there were far too many guys who picked up corpses.


      And now, he didn't know Sima Yan'er's address, and he hadn't even found a mobile phone from her satchel.


      This time, Lin Fan was a bit dumbfounded.


      "If I can't, I can only help her find a hotel nearby!"


      Thinking of this, Lin Fan immediately paid the bill, picked Sima Yan'er up on his back, and headed outside the bar.


      Hoo ......


      The evening breeze was as cold as water, making Lin Fan's drunkenness, instantly sober.


      He took a glance at the signboards around the road, and instantly recognized a hotel, so he carried Sima Yan'er on his back and walked over.


      It had to be said.


      Sima Yan'er's figure was definitely considered to be hot to the extreme.


      With just her body pressed against Lin Fan's back, Lin Fan could already clearly feel the two softnesses.




      Along with the unique body fragrance of Sima Yan'er's body, it caused Lin Fan's heart to puff and puff wildly.


      He was a man.


      And a man with much, much stronger desires than normal men.


      It was impossible for Lin Fan not to be moved by such a beautiful creature on his back now.


      "My wife is waiting for me! I must go back!"

Chapter 1030

When Lin Fan thought of Bai Yi, his entire panicked mind instantly calmed down a lot.




      When Lin Fan walked into the hotel with Sima Yan'er on his back and opened a room, he went straight upstairs.


      It was a large bed room.


      The room was quite elegant and aesthetically pleasing.


      Lin Fan immediately put Sima Yan'er, on the bed, and then wanted to leave straight away.




      Just as Sima Yan'er's body touched the edge of the bed, her entire body jumped up from the bed as if she was reacting instinctively.


      "Wo...... nest grass! Not good!"


      Lin Fan faintly froze and instantly tried to dodge.


      However, as he froze, he had completely missed the opportunity.




      Sima Yan'er hugged Lin Fan and instantly vomited.


      Although there was no vomit, just some alcohol, the strange smell still made Lin Fan's head fill with black lines.


      "What the hell should I do ......"


      Lin Fan was completely dumbfounded.


      After he saw Sima Yan'er, as well as his own clothes and trousers, all soaked by the spit up liquor, his heart simply ran wild with ten thousand grass mud horses.


      "Forget it, let's take a shower, wash the clothes again and blow dry them!"


      "It should be quick!"


      Lin Fan thought of this and had no choice but to take off his clothes, piece by piece.


      And when he had stripped down to just a pair of underwear.


      He couldn't help but turn his eyes to look at Sima Yan'er on the bed.


      This woman, completely immersed in a muddled sleep, especially with the wine stains on her body, seemed to be extremely uncomfortable.


      Under the daze, her jade hands were actually continuously unbuttoning one of her clothes.


      At once, when the buttons of her blouse were undone, one by one, by her.


      A wavey, snowy white sight appeared before Lin Fan's eyes.


      "It's estimated to be 36D!"


      Lin Fan's heart trembled fiercely.


      It had to be said!


      Sima Yan'er was extremely well developed, and the majesty and firmness of those peaks made one's heart beat rapidly.


      Especially, with that snow-white skin tinged with burgundy, it was as if she was a drunken beauty in a painting, emitting a thrilling and seductive beauty with every move.




      Under Sima Yan'er's daze, her blouse and trousers had completely fallen off.


      Only a gorgeous ketone body in underwear remained.


      That S-shaped, stunning body carried a strong visual impact that was shaking Lin Fan's will.


      At this moment, Lin Fan, could only look at his eyes and nose and take a deep breath before he put the quilt, over Sima Yan'er's delicate body.


      "Go and take a bath!"


      Lin Fan shook his head, he had to rinse off that smell of alcohol from his body, and at that moment, he held his own and Sima Yan'er's clothes and walked into the bathroom.


      Half an hour later.


      When Lin Fan had finished with everything and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel.


      He was, however, slightly stunned.


      This was because he heard a muffled grunt of pain.


      "Ah ...... mmm, it hurts ...... it hurts ......"


      Only then did Lin Fan see that Sima Yan'er, who was on the bed, had completely stomped off the blanket.


      Her hot, delicate body was bowed into a ball on the bed almost like a boiled shrimp.


      Her jade hand was deadly covering her rabbit, as if she was suffering immense pain.


      Not only that.


      Her delicate body, her forehead, was densely covered with cold sweat, and her pretty face was screwed up in pain.




      This scene caused Lin Fan's pupils to shrink.


      He hurriedly ran to the side of the bed, before carefully observing it.


      Only, after a flip of observation, he was instantly ugly: "Acute gastritis!


      "Acute gastritis!"