Today I Give Up Trying 1027-1028

 Chapter 1027

After he was certain that the person in front of him was, indeed, Lin Fan.




      His pagoda-like figure trembled viciously, before he was almost scared to pee.


      With a poof, he knelt down in front of Lin Fan:.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin! Black Bear didn't know it was you, please ...... ask Mr. Lin for forgiveness!"




      At this moment, seeing this scene, after hearing Master Xiong's words, the entire bar was instantly plunged into a boundless dead silence within.


      Kneeling down?


      Asking for forgiveness?


      This was Master Xiong being stunned and was begging for forgiveness at ......?


      How could this be possible!




      When the reaction came, not only were all the customers in the surrounding bar dumbfounded, but even that red-clothed beauty Sima Yan'er, as well as the thirty-odd Master Xiong's men, were all stunned.


      This was a terrifying Master Xiong who had cut down a street with a single sword.


      They simply could not imagine that this ruthless man, faced with what kind of super existence, would be so frightened that he would simply fall to his knees and ask for forgiveness.


      It was simply unbelievable.


      "Black Bear, you still remember me?"


      Lin Fan didn't even care about the shock of the surrounding crowd, instead, at this moment, he stared straight at Black Bear, a playful smile appearing on his face if nothing else.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin! I naturally remember you, you are my big brother Black Tiger's BOSS!"


      "Last time at the Western Restaurant in Jiang City, I mistakenly believed the words of Zheng Xiong, the owner of the Western Restaurant, and tried to strike at you, and as a result, my arm was broken by you, I will never dare to forget it for the rest of my life!"


      Black Bear was facing Lin Fan at this moment, his head hung low, and dense cold sweat continued to drip down on top of the ground.


      At this moment, he didn't even have the courage to raise his head and look at Lin Fan.


      Only, his words fell on the ears of the surrounding crowd, and even more so, everyone could not believe what they had heard.


      Jiang Shi!


      A punch that broke Black Bear's arm?


      All of them looked at Lin Fan with shocked faces, if it wasn't for Black Bear's own account, even if it killed them, they simply wouldn't have believed that Lin Fan, a skinny youth, could be terrifying to such an extent.


      Even Master Xiong's arm had been broken by him, how was this possible.




      At this moment, the crowd couldn't help but think back.


      It had been said before that the reason why Black Bear had come to Jiangnan City, a month ago, was because he had once offended a big man in Jiangnan City who was not to be messed with.


      At that time, the crowd was still speculating what kind of terrifying existence could make Black Bear come out to avoid trouble.


      And now ......


      Swish swish swish!


      A trail of shocked eyes looked at Lin Fan in unison.


      Could it be that the person the black bear was hiding from was ...... him?


      Soon, the crowd saw that a thick bitterness surfaced at the corner of Black Bear's mouth as he turned to Lin Fan and said.


      "Mr. Lin ...... Lin! Since I offended you last time, I was scolded by my big brother, and almost repented!"


      "After that, I had no choice but to come to Jiangnan City alone to develop!"


      "I just didn't expect that I would still run into you! Mr. Lin, if you want to fight or kill me, I, Black Bear, will not complain!"


      After saying that!


      Black Bear once again lowered his lofty head to Lin Fan.


      Only he knew what kind of status Lin Fan was.


      This kind of character, not to mention beating him up, even if he were to kill him, he, Black Bear, would have to resign himself to his fate.




      And after seeing this scene and hearing these words from Master Xiong.


      Those few punks, on the other hand, only felt their bodies, instantly go limp, and one by one, they all fell to the ground, their faces full of death.

Chapter 1028

"Mother! I ...... what kind of people we've sinned against! How dare you make even Master Bear ask for mercy?"


      "Shit shit shit! I've kicked the iron, damn it, I can't believe I'm trying to deal with this kind of character!"




      A few of the punks were in cold sweat at this moment, almost scared to death in the past.


      However, Lin Fan was too lazy to give them one more look.


      He said directly to Black Bear.


      "Forget it! For the sake of you being Black Tiger's younger brother, let's spare you this time!"




      With a single word, Black Bear's heart, which was tense to his throat, was completely put back into his stomach.


      A dense look of ecstasy instantly surfaced on his hideous face.


      "Thank you ...... thank you Mr. Lin! In the future, if Sir can be of any use to my Black Bear, even if it is a mountain of swords or a sea of fire, I, Black Bear, will have no complaints!"


      Black Bear's face was full of excitement at this moment.


      He lifted his head and looked at Lin Fan with a gaze that was even filled with awe and reverence.


      A great man!


      This was a big shot that he would have trouble climbing to in his lifetime, and now that it was right in front of him, how could he not seize the opportunity.


      "Alright! You go first!"


      Lin Fan didn't bother to say anything more and simply waved his hand.




      His gaze, however, swept a glance at those few punks if nothing else.


      And with just a glance.


      Black Bear, however, instantly understood.


      He stood up from the ground, and then turned his head to look at his men, and within his bell-like eyes, a strong anger burst out.


      "You bastards, how dare you have eyes to mess with my BOSS, Mr. Lin! You're looking for death!"


      "Someone! Take these guys out, no one will lose a hand as an example to others!"




      Black Bear was naturally not stupid, and with a single word, he made himself Lin Fan's henchman and treated him as his boss.


      And hearing those words.


      At once, a group of big men, stepped out from the crowd, and without saying a word, they kicked those few punks over to the ground.


      "No! Mr. Lin ...... Lin, we have no eyes, please, treat us like a fart and let us go!"


      "Mr. Lin, we don't dare, we really don't dare!"




      A harsh and frightened scream emanated from the mouths of these punks.


      Only, Lin Fan just turned his back on them and slowly sipped his wine.


      It was as if he didn't hear their terrified screams at all.




      A few of the punks were pulled outside the bar door, and a miserable scream of utter misery came in from outside.




      The customers around them could imagine the miserable end of those few punks without even looking.


      In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan with even more awe.


      Without having to say a word, the punk who wanted to retaliate had his palm scrapped.


      This kind of terrifying status and means, even thinking about it made people's bones shudder.


      And seeing that, Lin Fan had no intention of continuing to talk to himself, Black Bear naturally understood.


      At this moment, he led a full thirty or forty of his men to Lin Fan's back, clattering and bowing before they carefully, one by one, tiptoed out of the bar as if it was a tidal wave.


      Until this moment.


      Within the bar, calm was once again restored.


      It was just that the gazes of all the customers were involuntarily and continuously looking towards Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a terrifying big man, full of tension and excitement.


      And at that moment.


      That red-clothed beauty, Sima Yan'er, also walked over.


      Her gaze as she looked at Lin Fan was filled with a dense complexity:.


      "Although I don't know exactly what you are! But I have a feeling that you must have killed someone!"


      "And, have killed many, many people!"