Today I Give Up Trying 1024-1026

 Chapter 1024



      Hearing those words, Master Xiong's gaze, instantly looked towards the bar's location.


      Looking at Lin Fan's slim back, a thick, ferocious arc emerged from the corners of Master Xiong's mouth


      "Good! Very good! I really didn't expect that after the death of the eight-faced snake, there would still be an ungrateful reptile that dared to make a move against our brothers!"


      "Old me, today, I will crush him to death as an example to others!"


      Finished speaking!


      Hulla, hulla!


      Master Xiong led a full thirty-odd of his men in an unholy mass towards the location of the bar.








      The neat and uniform pace and the terrifying aura made every customer in the bar feel their skulls tingling and dodge away for fear of being caught in the crossfire.


      What was surprising was this.


      Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious to all this.


      He remained unhurried, drinking the only half cup of white fireworks left in his cup, as if he didn't feel the slightest bit of danger coming his way.


      And just as Master Xiong was only a few steps away from Lin Fan, the


      The beautiful woman in red, fiercely stood up from her seat.


      "Master Xiong, stand still! You, can't move him!"


      Above the red-clothed beauty's pretty face, there was a thick drunkenness, but her eyes were fixed on Master Xiong with a deadly stare, and her voice was unusually cold.




      Seeing this scene, not only was Master Xiong slightly stunned, but even the surrounding crowd was in an uproar.


      They hadn't expected that Lin Fan, the culprit, hadn't reacted in the slightest, but instead, this woman he had picked up, had taken the lead and stood up for him.


      "Little bitch, who are you? I'm telling you, if you dare to stand in Laozi's way, Laozi doesn't care if you're a woman or not, you're going to die!"


      Master Xiong stared at this beautiful woman in red to death, as if he was looking at a dead person.


      And the punk next to him, also full of jealousy, shouted.


      "Beauty, I advise you to mind your own business, this matter has nothing to do with you!"


      "Wait for a while, I'll clean up this little bastard and come back to catch up with you!"


      The gaze of this punk looking at the beauty in red grew greedier and more evil.


      He was already ruthless in his heart.


      As long as he finished Lin Fan off, he would make sure that this woman, who had not treated him with false respect, knew what he was capable of.




      Hearing this, not only was this red-clad beauty not the least bit scared, but instead, from her pocket, she pulled out a document and placed it directly in front of Master Xiong and the others:.


      "I am a policeman - Sima Yan'er!"




      Hearing these words and looking at the police officer's card in the hands of this red-clothed beauty, both Master Xiong and the surrounding crowd were in an uproar.


      A police officer!


      They did not expect that this hot beauty with a hot body would be a police officer.


      What's more, they didn't expect that this police woman would directly identify herself and stop Master Xiong for the sake of Lin Fan.


      This ......


      At once, the faces of each of the punks behind Master Xiong were all hesitant.


      The police, almost like their natural enemy.


      This made these underground members, how could they not be terrified and afraid.






      Without saying a word, Master Xiong reached out with his big hand and slapped this red-clothed beauty's police card straight to the ground.


      His fierce, fierce face was filled with disdain and arrogance.


      "Cops are nothing! I'm telling you, this street, is mine!"


      "Even if you're a cop, it's no good!"




      Seeing this scene, the beauty in red was stunned.


      The many customers around, on the other hand, were in an uproar.






      The surrounding crowd could not have imagined that Master Xiong would be so arrogant and domineering, not even putting this police beauty in front of him.

Chapter 1025

"You ......"


      The pretty face of the red-clothed beauty was gloomy to the extreme.


      How could she not have expected that this scene would occur.


      Especially at this moment, she instinctively wanted to bend down and pick up the police officer's card on the ground.


      However, just at this moment.


      Lin Fan's indifferent voice, however, slowly came out.


      "No need to pick it up! Let this stupid big guy pick it up!"




      Lin Fan's words were extremely abrupt, especially when they fell on the ears of the crowd, causing everyone's eyes to almost fall out.


      This, what did this guy say?


      Let the silly big man pick it up?


      Could it be that the silly big guy he was talking about was ...... Master Bear?


      Wow ......


      Thinking about this, the whole bar completely exploded.


      Everyone was filled with disbelief, how could they have imagined that in the face of the terrifying and unparalleled Master Xiong, not only did Lin Fan not have the slightest fear, but he actually called Master Xiong 'stupid big man'?


      Wasn't this ...... a way to seek death?


      It wasn't just the surrounding crowd.


      After hearing these words.


      It was Master Xiong and all his men who were the most furious.


      "Kid, the silly big man you are talking about, is old me?" Master Xiong's hideous face looked as if he had seen a ghost as he stared deadly at Lin Fan, anger raging in his eyes.


      That wasn't all.


      After hearing Lin Fan's voice, Master Xiong somehow felt as if he was vaguely familiar.


      But yet, for the life of him, he could not figure out where exactly he had heard it before.


      And just as his puzzled words left his mouth.


      Only to see, Lin Fan turned his back on him and drained the remaining white flames in his cup in one go:.


      "That's right! The stupid big guy I'm talking about is you!"


      After Lin Fan said this, the noises around him were once again slightly silenced.


      In its place, there was a terrifying aura that was oppressive to the extreme.




      Everyone couldn't even dream of imagining that Lin Fan, a slim fellow, didn't run away in fear when faced with the terrifying and incomparable Master Xiong, so long as he didn't, but now he dared to die and humiliate Master Xiong.


      Isn't this a damn ...... way to seek death?


      In an instant, every customer around, only felt their heart, puff puff puff wildly.


      Even after the crowd saw Master Xiong's increasingly gloomy face, everyone's scalp tingled for a while.


      It was over!


      This kid, who didn't even know he was dying, was purely looking for death.


      Master Xiong's men also popped out one by one.


      "Kid, it's not enough for you to waste me, but now you dare to humiliate my big brother, you're looking for death, you're looking for death!!!!"


      The gangster at the head of the group was looking at Lin Fan's back at the moment as if he was looking at a madman.


      The rest of the people around them, after reacting, also completely exploded.


      "Damn, why is this bastard so arrogant! Go on, kill this little brat and take it out for Master Xiong!"


      "Go! This guy, he's definitely looking for death!"




      An angry voice from all around, from behind Master Xiong, rose and fell incessantly, noisy to the extreme.


      As for Master Xiong, he was also angry at Lin Fan's words, saying.


      "Good boy, it's been years since anyone has dared to call me a silly big man!"


      "You're the second person who has dared to provoke me in the past few years!"


      The second?


      When they heard Master Xiong's harsh words, the crowd around them froze slightly, they didn't understand who the first one was.


      However, before the crowd could ask, Master Xiong's big mouth grinned. He smiled that ferocious and terrifying smile.


      "That first person who provoked me is the top big man in our Jiang City, and even in China!"


      "Although I had my arm broken by him at first, I was convinced and even worshipped!"


      "And you, a little brat who only pleases women, Laozi can kill a nest with one punch!"

Chapter 1026



      Master Xiong suddenly raised his fist under the shocked eyes of everyone.


      A hint of ferocity and malice surfaced on his face:.


      "So now, you ...... can die!"




      As the words fell, Master Xiong's fist, which seemed to be the size of a casserole, ruthlessly blasted at the back of Lin Fan's head.






      The mere wind of Master Xiong's fist caused the faces of the surrounding people to change greatly, they only felt that a wall could be collapsed under this fist.


      And Lin Fan's skinny body, under this punch, would definitely be killed alive.


      "No ......"


      When the red-clothed beauty Sima Yan'er saw this scene, her pretty face instantly changed greatly.


      Master Xiong had struck too quickly!


      Especially when she was caught off guard.


      Red-clothed beauty Sima Yan'er, who wanted to save Lin Fan, was unable to do so at all.


      She could only watch as Master Xiong's fist ruthlessly blasted at Lin Fan's head.


      Instantly, the red-clothed beauty Sima Yan'er was so frightened that her face was as white as paper.


      And on the side.


      Those few punks, on the other hand, were laughing in an unusually hideous manner.


      "Die! The boss will definitely be able to beat this pretender to death with one punch!"


      "Hahahaha ...... As soon as he dies, maybe we can still play with that police girl? Tsk, I'm excited to think about it!"


      "Let you play the pussy, let you waste waste my big brother, now you're finally going to die? Haha ......"


      Several of the gangsters, at this moment, seemed as if they had already seen the bloody scene of Lin Fan Master Xiong's skull bursting into pieces under one punch.


      One by one, they laughed, ferocious and vicious.


      Three steps!


      Two steps!


      One step!




      At this moment, the iron fist of Master Xiong smashed down too quickly.


      In almost the blink of an eye, it had reached the back of Lin Fan's head.


      What was just startling was this.


      Lin Fan seemed to be oblivious to it.


      It wasn't until after that iron fist, which blew Lin Fan's hair, almost to the point of blowing up.




      Lin Fan, however, fiercely turned his head, revealing his face, beneath Master Xiong's iron fist.




      Seeing this scene.


      Both the red-clothed beauty and the surrounding crowd were all stunned.


      In their eyes, Lin Fan was absolutely crazy, otherwise, why had he not dodged in the slightest and instead exposed his cheek, under Master Xiong's iron fist.


      Wasn't this seeking death?


      Wow ......


      Every single person's face changed greatly.


      Only, a scene that made everyone incredulous appeared.




      After seeing Lin Fan's face, the entire person, Master Xiong, who was full of fierce smiles, was as if he had seen a ghost, and the fierce smile on his face instantly froze.


      What replaced it was, a dense sense of horror and terror.


      Hoo ......


      The huge iron fist came to an abrupt halt the moment it was about to hit Lin Fan's face.


      One inch!


      Master Xiong's iron fist was only a short inch away from Lin Fan's face.


      But Lin Fan, with an undiminished smile on his face, didn't even blink his eyelids.




      Seeing this scene, the fierce smiles on the faces of those few punks instantly froze.


      And the red-clad beauties around them, as well as one of the customers, could hardly believe their eyes.


      What is this ...... going on?


      Didn't Master Xiong just want to fight and kill, hating to break this kid into pieces?


      And now!


      He could have clearly smashed Lin Fan's head, with one punch, so why did he suddenly stop?


      This, how was it possible.


      Only, what made them even more appalled and desperate had just begun.




      Master Xiong's hideously ugly face was instantly as white as paper, and dense, cold sweat flowed down.


      As if he had seen the devil, he stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare and even rubbed his eyes.