Today I Give Up Trying 1021-1023

 Chapter 1021

After she saw that Lin Fan was oblivious, her pretty face changed dramatically.


      "Watch out!!!"


      After saying that!


      This red-clothed beauty was about to pounce on Lin Fan and push him away.


      However, just at that moment.




      A sound of glass bursting suddenly came out.


      The beauty in red was stunned to find that Lin Fan had crushed the empty wine glass in his hand.


      And after that.


      His huge palm, as if it had grown eyes, fiercely probed out.




      A blow knocked the dagger of the punk in the lead, off his head!


      "Damn it!"


      The punk at the head of the group was shocked, he hadn't expected that Lin Fan was so agile.


      Especially when he saw that his dagger had fallen off, he turned around and wanted to retreat violently.


      But it was too late.


      Just as he took a step, Lin Fan's big hand grabbed his palm and then yanked him fiercely.


      Hoo ......


      The punk, as if he was a paper mache, was actually dragged to the side of the bar as a whole.


      "Kid! What ...... are you doing?"


      The punk in the lead was shocked and appalled, he wanted to struggle, but in front of Lin Fan, he only felt his strength, weak as if he was a toddler.


      With that one palm of his hand, he was pressed by Lin Fan on top of the bar table.


      "What for?"


      Lin Fan smiled coldly, a smile that gave people the creeps:


      "You don't want your hand anymore, then ...... give it to me!"




      Lin Fan's words made the punk almost piss in fear.


      Especially under his horrified eyesight.


      The glass of the broken cup in Lin Fan's left hand fell off, revealing a gradual piece of debris.


      And then, with a single lift, he stabbed it!




      The sharp fragment of the glass, as if it was a dagger, pierced the palm of the punk in charge, instantly.


      The whole hand, pierced raw by the glass, was nailed to the bar table.


      Quiet ......


      At this moment, the entire bar was dead silent.


      The rest of the punks around him, who had just rushed closer, were splattered with the blood.


      It immediately brought their steps, one after another, to an abrupt halt.




      Especially when miserable screams rang out, while the remaining few punks saw their boss, above the palm of his hand, already bloodied and fleshless.


      His hand was pierced and nailed to the tabletop, and his whole body was trembling as if sifting in pain.


      "My hand! Bastard! You ...... you actually ruined my hand!"


      The punk at the head of the group was as white as paper.


      The gaze he looked at Lin Fan was as if he was looking at a devil.


      Fierce and cruel!




      He had never seen a person who could talk and laugh and scrap a person's hand, alive.


      More than that, it was him!


      The surrounding gangsters, as well as one of the customers, also only felt a cold air, running down the soles of their feet and straight to their heads, giving them a scary feeling of numbness in their skulls.


      Crushing the wine glass.


      Stabbing through the palm of your hand!


      This was a most incredible thing.


      Especially, when the crowd saw the miserable appearance of the young man who was stabbed through the palm and nailed to the bar, with his bloody palm, everyone only felt their scalp tingling.


      How ...... ruthless!


      Everyone didn't expect that Lin Fan, who looked so civilized and weak, as if he was a college student, would strike and ruin his opponent's hand, so ruthless and vicious.




      And at that moment.


      The punk who had been nailed to the bar fiercely gritted his teeth and pulled his palm, and the broken glass, out of the bar raw.


      At that moment, the majestic pain was so severe that it even made him tremble and his face was so white.

Chapter 1022

Hoo hoo hoo!


      This punk this kept panting heavily, dense sweat, already soaking his shirt, completely.


      He stared at Lin Fan with a frightened and resentful expression.


      "Kid, you're ruthless enough! You fucking wait for me! I'm going to find my big brother now, so wait if you have the guts!"


      He finished!


      The punk gave Lin Fan a deadly glare, and then led several other people, as if they were dogs in distress, and pushed through the surrounding crowd, fleeing in haste towards the entrance of the bar.


      Seeing this scene!


      The bartender at the bar, on the other hand, was terrified and full of horror.


      He hurriedly turned to Lin Fan and persuaded him.


      "Young man, hurry up and leave! Do you know that you've caused a big trouble! Those guys, they're Master Xiong's men!"


      Master Xiong!


      Upon hearing this name, there was a slight silence within the entire bar.


      One by one, the patrons around them all drew in a breath of cold air.


      "Oh my, those guys are actually Master Xiong's men? No wonder they're so arrogant, in a bar, they even dare to move their swords!"


      "Master Xiong is a ruthless man, he's only been in Jiangnan City for a short month, but with one man and a knife, he's beaten up a street and recruited hundreds of minions!"


      "Yes, it is said that Master Xiong is so strong that he can kill a bear with one punch! It's simply too violent!"


      "It's over, that kid, I'm afraid he'll be killed by Master Xiong's fist this time too!"




      The gazes of the surrounding people, at this moment, couldn't help but look at Lin Fan, with a strong look of pity in their eyes.


      Especially the bartender.


      He had known that the youth in front of him was extremely extraordinary the moment Lin Fan made the white flame.


      At this moment, naturally, he did not want, this fellow to die here.


      At that moment, this bartender said with a face full of anxiety.


      "Did you hear that? Everyone here, knows how powerful Master Xiong is!"


      "I heard that Master Xiong used to be from Jiangxi, and his brother is also the underground boss of Jiangxi! The reason why he came to Jiangnan was because he had offended a big man who could not be messed with and came here to avoid trouble!"


      "This man is a vicious and tyrannical person, if you don't want to die, hurry up and leave!"




      A person like Master Xiong, who had offended a big person who must not be messed with, had come to Jiangnan to hide from trouble.


      Hearing these words.


      Many people around, one by one, their hearts grew curious.


      They were curious to know what kind of person was it that could make a ruthless person like Master Xiong go out to avoid trouble.


      This was simply unbelievable.


      Even the beauty in red couldn't help but frown at this moment as she looked at Lin Fan and said.


      "Are you sure you don't want to go?"


      She could tell that Lin Fan had some tricks up his sleeve.


      But still didn't believe that Lin Fan could be compared to Master Xiong, after all, that Master Xiong was now an extremely famous underground head in Jiangnan.


      Whereas Lin Fan?


      Just a car watcher's boy, that was all.


      "No need for that!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly, without the slightest intention of leaving.


      Seeing this scene.


      The beauty in red had no choice but to say.


      "Alright! Since that's the case, I'll cover you in a while! Don't worry, with me around, that Master Xiong won't dare to do anything to you!"


      With that said!


      She once again poured out two cups of white fireworks and drank against Lin Fan.


      One cup after another!


      The more the two drank, the more they enjoyed themselves.


      What was just surprising was this.


      The more Lin Fan drank, the clearer his eyes became.


      And the more the beauty in red drank, the more his beautiful eyes became misty, and the wine red on his pretty face, became more and more intense.

Chapter 1023

A short quarter of an hour later.


      The entire white fireworks inside the mixing jug had been drank by the duo as much as they could.




      Just as the beauty in red, wanted to continue asking for a few more bottles of liquor.


      A clatter!


      At the entrance of the bar, there was a clamouring sound.


      And then, all the customers saw that the crowd of people at the entrance were pushed to pieces, and they all kept dodging away in panic as if they had seen a ferocious beast.


      It was as if some terrifying monster had barged into the bar.




      The crowd was stunned.


      It wasn't until after they saw that it was actually a big bald man, nearly two metres tall, with a full twenty to thirty of his minions.




      Everyone's face changed drastically.


      "Master Xiong! Oh my god, Master Xiong is really here! And he brought so many people!"


      "It's over, this kid is so greedy for wine that he doesn't even want to live, and now, well, he can't leave even if he wants to!"


      "Ugh! This guy is finished, Master Xiong is most protective of his shortcomings, he definitely won't spare him this time!"




      The customers around them, the pity in their gazes towards Lin Fan grew thicker and thicker.


      It was as if, each and every one of them saw, the miserable scene of Lin Fan being completely abused by Master Xiong [58 novels].


      "Just now, who beat up Laozi's little brother?"


      "Give me that, get out!!!"


      Master Bald Bear, his face full of tyranny.


      At this moment, just after bringing a group of people through the door, he shouted furiously and violently.


      With just his towering figure of nearly two metres, standing there, all the people inside the bar felt a breathless and terrifying aura.


      "Oh my God, is he Master Xiong? It's really terrifying!"


      "Master Xiong, the terrifying existence that once killed this street's bullying Eight-Faced Snake with one punch, is said to be a rising star in the underground world of Jiangnan City! Many underground bigwigs are trying to recruit him!"




      The crowd around them were talking.


      They knew that a month ago, all the entertainment venues on this entire street were actually in the hands of an underground big man called Eight-Faced Snake.


      However, ever since Master Xiong appeared in Jiangnan City, he had accidentally offended the Eight-Faced Snake, and had even encountered the terrifying pursuit of the Eight-Faced Snake's forces.




      To everyone's disbelief, Master Xiong faced that terrifying pursuit, not only did he not flee and dodge, but he directly fought head-on.


      One man, one sword, fought his way through a street.


      He seriously injured dozens of Eight-Faced Snake's men and even killed Eight-Faced Snake himself with one punch.


      He became famous in one battle.


      From then on, Master Xiong became the new bully on this street.


      In just a month's time, the number of brothers under him had skyrocketed to nearly a hundred, becoming a shining new star in the underground world of Jiangnan City.


      And now ......


      A line of eyes looked towards Lin Fan in unison.


      Looking at Lin Fan's slim figure and comparing it to Master Xiong's towering figure, the corners of each and every one's mouths twitched incessantly.


      This was more than a weight class.


      I'm afraid that a casual kick from Master Xiong would be able to crush Lin Fan's skinny body, right?


      The crowd's gazes at Lin Fan were filled with a strong sense of pity.


      And it was at this moment.




      The punk who had previously had his palm scrapped by Lin Fan ran in from outside, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Master Xiong, pointing at Lin Fan's back, he said to Master Xiong.


      "Big brother, that's the guy! It's this kid who robbed the woman we had our eyes on, and even scrapped one of my hands!"