Today I Give Up Trying 1017-1018

 Chapter 1017

Good ...... strength!


      At this moment, a look of horror surfaced on the punk's face.


      How could he have not expected that Lin Fan, who looked so slim, would have such a strong hand?


      Even though the punk had used all his strength, his face was red and his forehead was bruised, he was still unable to pull his hand out of Lin Fan's palm.


      Not only that!


      Ka ka ka ka!


      The punk only felt that Lin Fan's palm, surprisingly, was slowly gaining strength, and a terrifying force was fiercely clenched in his hand.


      He was in pain, screaming in agony.


      "Damn it! Bastard, let go, let go of me!"


      The punk was horrified.


      He only felt that his palm bones were almost crushed by Lin Fan.


      "How fucking bold you are, do you know whose men I am! If you don't let go, my boss will definitely scrape you alive!"


      The punk's scream instantly attracted the attention of everyone around.


      It even made a few of his companions, too, all startled.




      Just as those few people, were about to step forward to help.


      A cold smile couldn't help but appear at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      "Get lost!"


      The moment the words fell.


      Lin Fan's palm instantly loosened.


      The punk was caught off guard and his entire body fell to the ground with a poof, landing on all fours.


      It was only at this point.


      Only then did he realise that his palm had been squeezed red by Lin Fan, and if he continued for a while longer, he was afraid that his palm bones would definitely be shattered.


      This scene made several of the punks scared and angry, and the way they looked at Lin Fan, they wanted to eat this kid alive.


      Only at this moment.


      Lin Fan didn't even care about the anger of these few punks, as if in his eyes, these people, didn't even qualify him to look at them more than once.


      He walked straight to the red-clad beauty's side and sat down.


      "It's you?"


      The red-clothed beauty's pretty face was dumbfounded, she likewise did not expect to meet Lin Fan for the second time at the bar.




      After thinking about how she had previously jumped into Lin Fan's arms and held him in a deadly embrace, the red-clothed beauty's pretty face instantly rolled with shame and anger: "Kid, did you follow me?


      "Kid, did you follow me here, did you want to pick me up too?"


      The beauty in red stared straight at Lin Fan.


      Although this guy in front of her looked very much like the one she remembered, they were finally not the same person.


      To the beauty in red, Lin Fan must have come to the bar from the car park, chasing after himself.


      Otherwise, it couldn't have been such a coincidence.




      To the surprise of the beauty in red.


      Lin Fan didn't even give her more than a glance, instead, with one pair of eyes, he looked straight at the mixing jug and smiled faintly.


      "Sorry, I'm not interested in you, but I am very interested in the white fireworks!"


      White fireworks!


      After hearing that Lin Fan had actually said the name of this cocktail in one breath, the red-clothed beauty's pretty face changed slightly, and a strong surprise flashed in her expression.


      This was not all.


      She saw that Lin Fan took a wine glass from the bartender's hand, and then picked up the mixing jug.


      A cup of white fireworks was poured into the glass.


      The wine in the cup, scarlet as fire!


      The flames above, as white as paper.


      This red and this white, between the flickering and jumping, gave people a hot and cold feeling.


      "White flame, white for longing, pale as paper, red for love, fiery and sentimental!"


      Lin Fan lifted the white firework in his hand and smiled faintly at the beauty in red.


      And then, he drank it all in one go!

Chapter 1018



      The wine entered his throat, and immediately a wonderful sensation of fire and coldness flowed down his throat and into his abdomen.


      Lin Fan closed his eyes and tasted it slightly, but he couldn't help but shake his head.


      "Unfortunately, this white flame. It only has an appearance, but no inner content!"




      Lin Fan's remark, however, startled this beauty in red.


      How could she have never imagined.


      Not only could this car watcher boy tell the name of this cocktail in one word, he could even tell its flaws.


      That's right!


      Even the beauty in red herself had to admit that although this kind of white firework that she had made looked exactly the same as the one that that person had made back then, it was a world of difference in comparison.


      The cup of wine that that person had left her three years ago was as hot as a burning flame and as cold as a ten-thousand-year ice cellar.


      That one hot and one cold, one sweet and one bitter, made one taste it as if one were tasting love.


      And this one she made.


      But it was only the shape and nothing more.


      The taste was a hundred thousand miles different in comparison.


      "Do you know how to improve it?" A sizzling lustre burst out of the red-clothed beauty's eyes.


      She had missed that man and that taste too much.


      And now!


      Since Lin Fan was able to tell her in one word, would he also modulate it.


      And yet!


      Lin Fan didn't reply at all, instead turning to the bartender and saying.


      "Get me a bottle of the Water of Life!"


      The Water of Life!


      This is a common name in the West, originally called Polish distilled vodka.


      It is known as the most potent vodka in the world.


      Its alcoholic strength, at ninety-six percent.


      In ordinary times, within every bar, a bottle of this spirit is kept, but only as a collector's exhibit.


      The reason is that ordinary people can't stand the strength of this vodka.


      And now!


      "Sir, are you sure you want a bottle, not a glass?"


      The bartender's head was a little confused.


      A bottle of that kind of potent liquor?


      That's fucking crazy, right?




      Lin Fan, however, nodded seriously.


      "That's right! Just one bottle!"


      Hearing this, the corners of the bartender's mouth twitched, but he stiffened his head and took out a bottle of the Water of Life, from within the hidden wine cabinet.




      What was even more surprising was that, after opening this bottle of vodka, Lin Fan did not put it into the mixing jug, as the crowd had expected!


      Instead, he picked up the bottle and put it in his mouth.






      Blew straight into the bottle.


      Woo ...... woo woo!


      Seeing this scene, not only was the bartender dumbfounded, but even the beautiful woman in red next to him, as well as every single customer around, couldn't believe their eyes as much as they could.


      The most important thing is that you can't believe your eyes.


      This is the world's strongest vodka, ordinary people drink it, half a glass will get drunk, a glass will definitely collapse, will go to hospital!


      And now, such a big bottle, blowing directly into the bottle, as if drinking beer, this is fucking crazy, right?




      At this moment, Lin Fan didn't care about the eyes of everyone around him, he opened his throat and gurgled, drinking freely.


      In almost the blink of an eye, the entire large bottle of vodka was consumed by him in one go.


      Until Lin Fan put the bottle down.




      Only then did he wipe the corner of his mouth and roar with exuberance.


      That's right!




      For Lin Fan, back when he was out on missions, hunting down one of the giant international lords, every time he completed a mission, he would definitely order a bottle of Water of Life.


      Kill the most ruthless people!


      Drink the strongest wine!


      This was Lin Fan's life before