Today I Give Up Trying 1011-1013

 Chapter 1011

Inside the car park, the evening breeze was brisk.


      Tian Hao and the others, after paying their respects to Lin Fan, had all left.


      At this moment, Lin Fan was the only one left in the quiet car park.


      His slim figure, standing in the night, exuded a sense of haziness and mystery, as if his whole body had merged with the night, giving people an indescribable feeling.


      Knock, knock, knock


      At that moment, the sound of high heels on the ground rang out, but it was a woman wearing a fiery red dress with big waves, walking out from within the hotel.


      This woman, who had obviously drunk some wine, had a slightly swaying pace.


      In particular, her figure was hot to the extreme.


      The front was convex and the back was curvy, presenting a perfect S-shaped curve.


      That pretty face, in its whiteness, had a touch of wine red, as if it was a flower in bud, surprising and heartwarming.


      At this moment.


      This woman staggered up to a BMW with her handbag in her hand.


      At that moment, she pressed the key and was about to get in.


      Only at that moment.




      The woman in red's afterimage, however, saw Lin Fan under the dim light.


      "The little brother watching the car?"


      Thinking of this, the woman in red then wanted to take out a few red tickets from within her satchel, and walked towards Lin Fan.


      "Kid, thank you for watching the car for me, here, this is your tip!"


      The woman in red had a smile on the corner of her mouth, making her look more and more breathtakingly beautiful.


      And hearing these words.


      Lin Fan was stunned and couldn't help but turn his head at that moment.


      However, when this and the woman in red, after seeing the side of Lin Fan's face.




      Her delicate body trembled fiercely, and the smile that had just surfaced on top of that pretty face was instantly fixed.


      "You ...... you ......"


      The red-clothed woman's pair of beautiful eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan's side face, and her entire person seemed to have seen a ghost, almost unable to believe her eyes.


      "Is ...... it that person? How can it be so similar!"


      The woman in red was completely stunned.


      At this moment, it was as if she had returned to the mysterious man in black that she had met three years ago, in the middle of that mission in the United States.


      Although it was just a side face, it had made her remember it for three years.


      And now.


      She could never have dreamed that a car watcher in this car park would have such an imaginary side face with that man, as if he had walked out of her own memory.


      Not only was the woman in red stunned.


      Even Lin Fan, too, was slightly stunned.


      He suddenly realised that this woman in red's pretty face was faintly familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.




      After Lin Fan saw that this woman in red was actually wearing a black skull bracelet on her snow-white wrist, his eyes, abruptly, narrowed.


      "So it was her!"


      Lin Fan remembered.


      Back then in America, he had once saved a girl on the street, and even left this skull bracelet with that girl when he left himself.


      It just didn't occur to him that three years had passed and he would be here, meeting this girl again.




      The other side had changed so much.


      That beauty carried a kind of degenerate beauty, and the once youthfulness had developed into a mature and flirtatious charm.


      "First ...... sir, have you ever been to America? Have we met before?"


      Above the pretty face of the woman in red, a thick excitement surfaced.


      Even, under this excitement, the wine red on her pretty face, surprisingly, became more and more intense, as if a beautiful flower in bud, moreover, it gave people an unimaginable seductive beauty.

Chapter 1012

"I'm sorry, I've never been to America! Nor have I ever met you, beautiful lady!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly and denied it outright at that moment.


      Back then, when he had saved this woman, it was just an accident, and he had never thought that he would ever meet the woman in front of him again, nor had he ever thought that anything would happen.




      "So ...... you're not him!"


      The luster in the beautiful eyes of the woman in red gradually dimmed.


      At the corner of her mouth, a thick bitterness surfaced.


      It was as if the person she had waited for three years to finally meet, only to find out that she was not at all.




      And grief.


      "Okay ...... okay! I'm sorry, I may have mistaken the person!"


      The woman in red shook her head.


      Yes, that man in black back then, but with a wave of his hand, he had overthrown a terrifying underground power in the United States.


      Such a character, even in the world, was afraid to be a lord of the party, how could he have fallen to Jiangnan City, or even become a car watcher's boy in the car park.


      Thinking of this.


      The woman in red immediately looked at Lin Fan and her gaze became much more complicated.


      However, after hesitating for a moment, she still said.


      "Sir, you resemble one of my life-savers, and I haven't seen him for three years! I miss him so much!"


      Said the man.


      A drop!


      A tear, surprisingly, slipped down from the eyes of this woman in red.


      She looked towards Lin Fan with anticipation and said in a trembling voice.


      "Can I ...... hug you?"




      Lin Fan was dumbfounded, how could he have not expected that this woman would make such a request.


      However, he did not wait for him to answer yet.


      But only to feel a fragrant breeze in his face, and the beautiful woman in red, who was living in front of him, unexpectedly jumped into his arms and hugged Lin Fan tightly.




      Fresh fragrance.


      The fragrance on this woman's body was not from perfume, but rather a body scent.


      One could not help but be enchanted by the smell of it.


      Not only that.


      She hugged Lin Fan very, very tightly.


      It was as if she was hugging the person she had been thinking about day and night, savouring the remembrance of these three years of longing for each other.


      Feeling the grief on this woman in red, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth twitched for a moment, still not pushing the other party away.


      He knew.


      This woman, what she really wanted to embrace, was herself from three years ago, the one who had saved her life.




      A few seconds later, this red-clothed beauty then completely collected her grief, as much as she could.


      Her delicate body also struggled out of Lin Fan's embrace and said.


      "I'm sorry for ......! Thank you!"


      After saying that!


      The beauty in red wiped the tears from the corners of her own eyes, she didn't raise her head to look at Lin Fan, as if she was afraid that once again, she would recognize this person in front of her, as the one who had saved her life.


      "This money, it's your tip!"


      After saying that.


      The beauty in red straight away shoved the pile of money in her hand into Lin Fan's pocket, and then the whole person quickly got into the BMW as if they were running away.




      The car started, and the beauty in red drove this BMW as if she was fleeing, leaving the car park in a hurry.


      Looking at the sight of the car leaving.


      Lin Fan's heart was faintly complicated.


      Although he and the beautiful girl in red had only met once back then, he was surprisingly a little saddened to see the other party's kind of sadness of longing: "Perhaps we will never see each other again.


      "Perhaps, we'll never see each other again! This hug is a final gift!"

Chapter 1013

When Lin Fan finished speaking, he shook his head and thought no more about it.


      However, just at that moment.


      Lin Fan's ears twitched, his face changed instantly, and he hurriedly turned his head, looking behind himself.


      Only then did he see that behind himself, at some point, Bai Yi had already appeared there.


      In particular, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes that looked at himself were filled with a thick sense of anger, disappointment and jealousy!


      "Old ...... wife!"


      Lin Fan's heart thudded, knowing that Bai Yi must have seen the scene just now.


      Just now, he had been completely disturbed by that red-clad beauty.


      That was why he hadn't checked for a moment, and hadn't even noticed that Bai Yi had come out.


      And now ......


      "Wife, listen to my explanation, that woman just now, I don't know her either!"


      At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a bitter smile surfaced.


      Just hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face, became more and more ugly:.


      "Don't know?"


      "Lin Fan, do you think I'm blind? That woman just now, very beautiful, with a hot body, is definitely a top-notch beauty in your men's eyes! If you don't know each other, then how could she, a great beauty, be hugging you for no reason at all!"


      "Moreover, she was hugging you while she was crying, and you're telling me that you don't know each other?"


      Bai Yi's heart was burning with anger.


      How could she not have thought of that.


      She had pushed away all the guests' pleasantries in her own fire and fury, just to come out a little earlier so that Lin Fan wouldn't get anxious waiting.


      However, she had never dreamed of it.


      The first thing she saw after she came out was Lin Fan being held tightly by a hot, red-clad beauty.


      This caused the jealousy in Bai Yi's heart, which could no longer be contained, to explode out in full force.


      "Wife, you have to believe me, me and that woman, er ...... are acquainted! But it was only three years ago, we met once!"


      Lin Fan panicked at this moment.


      He had the intention to explain all about himself and that beautiful woman in red, starting with the meeting in America and saving the other party.


      However, just as the words left his mouth, he could no longer say anything else.




      As soon as he spoke about it, he would have to go on to explain how he had come to be in America and how he had saved this woman.


      Even more, it would involve all his identities.


      "Heh! Know each other?"


      "Lin Fan, you're really good, just now you said you didn't know each other, and now you do?"


      When Bai Yi heard Lin Fan's explanation, he was even more certain that Lin Fan's relationship with that woman was definitely extraordinary.




      That woman was so gorgeous that she wouldn't have embraced Lin Fan, and Lin Fan wouldn't have covered up like this.


      Thinking about it.


      Bai Yi was so furious that her pretty face turned white.


      "Alright! I don't want to hear any explanations from you right now, so you go find that woman tonight! There's no need to go back!"


      After saying that!


      Bai Yi was no longer willing to give Lin Fan a second glance and angrily walked towards a Mercedes next to him.


      This car was the one they had rented for the past few days!


      Bai Yi opened the door and got straight into the car.


      Driving the Mercedes, she then swept past like a gale and left the car park.


      Only Lin Fan was left alone, standing in the car park, the wind in his hair.


      "I nigga ......"


      At this moment, Lin Fan really hated to slap himself.


      It was too careless.


      For one thing, he hadn't noticed Bai Yi's appearance, and the second was that in his own haste, he had let his mouth slip.


      "What now? I can't go home, I can only walk and stroll around for a while until Bai Yi's anger subsides!"