Today I Give Up Trying 1009-1010

 Chapter 1009

At this moment, the chattering voices were incessant.


      Almost all the guests, once again, looked at Bai Yi with a look of awe and ingratiation.


      On the other hand, at the side.


      Chang Yuan, on the other hand, was completely out of the picture; he was like a dog in the water, wretched and miserable.


      "Lin Fan!"


      "Him, who the hell is he? Also, when Young Tian and the others left, could it be that they went to meet Lin Fan in the car park?"


      Thinking of this.


      Chang Yuan's eyes, suddenly lit up as he hurriedly got up from the ground, before heading towards the outside of the box, walking quickly.


      Very quickly!


      After Chang Yuan walked out of the box, he went straight to a window on the tenth floor.


      From this window, he looked downwards and could see at a glance the car park outside the hotel door, as well as a slim figure standing silently inside the dimly lit car park.


      It was none other than ...... Lin Fan!


      "Lin Fan! I don't believe it, you broke Young Tian's leg and they won't hold a grudge against you at all!"


      "This can't be, it's never possible!"


      Chang Yuan only felt his heart, at this moment, puffing and beating wildly.


      He didn't want to believe that Lin Fan was so powerful.


      He also didn't want to believe that Lin Fan was really the one who had shaken the Yang family.


      Tick tock!


      Tick tock!


      A gentle evening breeze blew from the window, but the sweat on Chang Yuan's forehead continued to drip down.


      And just as he was waiting.




      At the entrance of the hotel below, a group of people's figures suddenly appeared, none other than Tian Hao and the others.


      "Here they come!" Chang Yuan's heart pumped.


      As he watched nervously, he instantly saw that after Tian Hao and the others walked out of the hotel, they went straight to the car park without saying a word.


      Very quickly!


      When they arrived inside the car park, after walking close to Lin Fan.


      Swish swish swish!


      The group of princelings bowed in unison to Lin Fan's back.


      "Tian Hao, pay my respects to Mr. Lin!"


      "Qiu Jie, pay respects to Mr. Lin!"




      A reverent voice emanated from the mouths of Tian Hao and the others.


      Every single one of them was red with excitement at this moment.


      This was because only they knew.


      Lin Fan, was the true king of the global racing world - KING!


      It wasn't just Tian Hao and the others.


      And at this moment, there was even a figure that rushed up from behind, before poofing and kneeling on the ground behind Lin Fan.


      "Kid Yang Mingpeng, worship ...... the Lin Seat!"


      "I deserve to die for my sins, to have offended Seat Lin, please, Seat Lin, please forgive me and give me a chance to atone for my sins!"


      With these words!


      Yang Mingpeng then got on the ground, thump, thump, thump, thump, and kept kowtowing and worshipping.


      This scene!


      It was too shocking.


      Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, Yang Mingpeng and the rest of the group were all the top second generation broads in the entire Jiangnan Province.


      But now, they were either bowing to Lin Fan or kowtowing to the ground.


      This kind of image fell in the eyes of Chang Yuan, who was by the window on the tenth floor.


      It was tantamount to five thunderstorms!




      Chang Yuan's entire body trembled and he fell to the ground on his buttocks.


      His face was as white as paper.


      Although he couldn't hear, the people below, what they were addressing Lin Fan and telling him.


      But the mere sight of him bowing and kneeling had already made his scalp explode and his soul bubble.


      "Oh my God! It must be him, it must be him!"


      Chang Yuan's body trembled as if it were sieve chaff, and his eyes held a boundless fear.


      He was now 100% sure.


      Lin Fan was the one who had terrified the Yang Clan, kneeling down to make amends and offering up the River of Stars!


      "What exactly is his ...... identity?"


      "Oh my god, I even presumed to get Bai Yi from the hands of such a horrible person! I ...... I'm such a big fool!"

Chapter 1010

Chang Yuan said.


      Raising his palm, he slapped his own cheek, fiercely.


      Thinking of his ridicule and mockery of Lin Fan, boundless fear almost overwhelmed him


      Chang Yuan could be sure of that.


      All it would take was a word from Lin Fan, not even for him to personally take action, then Tian Hao, Yang Mingpeng and the others would make this small role of his own, evaporate completely on earth.


      "How ...... do I do? I have offended Lin Fan, this guy will definitely not let me go! Someday, he will definitely strike at me!"


      Chang Yuan was afraid.


      His face was filled with a strong sense of panic, fear, jealousy, and resentment.


      He feared Lin Fan's status.


      He was, likewise, jealous of Lin Fan's status.


      This guy was his own love rival, and the stronger he was, the more resentful Chang Yuan would become.


      "That's right!"


      "Although Lin Fan is treated by Tian Hao's group, with respect! But he has one fatal point, and that is ...... he is an enemy of the Jiangnan Bai family!"


      The Jiangnan Bai Family!


      One of the four great hidden gentry, the true hegemon of Jiangnan.


      And since Lin Fan had, before, offended the White Dust and caused the entire White Three Group to be wiped out, the Jiangnan Bai Family must hate him to the bone.


      Once the Bai family made their move.


      Even if Tian Hao and the others supported Lin Fan, it would be like a mantis, purely seeking death.


      "That's right! As long as the Jiangnan Bai Family, kills Lin Fan, then not only do I not have to worry about my own safety, I can even take advantage of this guy and take Bai Yi and make her my woman!"


      Thinking about this.


      Chang Yuan's entire body almost jumped up in excitement.


      At this moment, he once again poked his head out of the window and looked towards the car park below.




      Just as his head was sticking out, he suddenly saw that Lin Fan inside the car park, as if he had sensed something, actually glanced towards the tenth floor bay window as well.


      His eyes, cold and disdainful!


      When it fell in Chang Yuan's eyes, it made his whole body jump in shock: "Damn, did this guy find out?


      "Damn, has this fellow found me out? But how is this possible!"


      "I'm on the tenth floor!"


      There was a strong look of horror and fear in Chang Yuan's eyes.




      He felt as if Lin Fan had, just now, really discovered him.


      And that look was so terrifying, like a pale dragon, staring indifferently at a reptile like himself, causing Chang Yuan to be shocked and angry, scared and afraid.


      "No! It must be a coincidence! Even if he is powerful, is he still Superman?"


      "So far apart and spotting me in the night? It must be because I'm overthinking it!"


      Chang Yuan kept reassuring himself in his heart.




      After he thought that if the Jiangnan Bai family stepped in and retaliated against Lin Fan, he would not only end up seeing Lin Fan, his love rival, die, but he would even be able to reap the benefits and get Bai Yi.


      The smile on the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth gradually brightened up.




      Imagining Bai Yi's gorgeous face bag, that enchanting figure, Chang Yuan only felt an evil fire, surging from the small of his back, he could not wait to grab Bai Yi right now and put this goddess on the spot.


      "Soon! Bai Yi, you will soon be mine!"


      With a wicked smile, Chang Yuan then slowly left.