Today I Give Up Trying 1007-1008

 Chapter 1007





      A hint of complex emotions almost completely overwhelmed Chang Yuan.


      At this moment, he couldn't help but recall, the bullshit he had bragged about during the past half a month.


      Time and again, he had flaunted his close relationship with Prince Tian to those around him, and even took full credit for the Yang family's atonement.




      He even dared to bark and drink at a wealthy young man like Yang Mingpeng.


      A dense fear almost filled Chang Yuan's heart, causing cold sweat to flow from his forehead, clattering.




      At this moment, Prince Tian and the others did not even bother to give him a second glance.


      Hulla, hulla!


      Prince Tian led Prince Qiu and the others and stepped towards Bai Yi.


      At this moment!


      Bai Yi's expression, too, was extremely complicated.


      Originally, she had thought that this matter was indeed Chang Yuan's fault, but how could she not have imagined that this matter was not even remotely related to Chang Yuan?


      The real benefactor who had allowed the family to escape from a disaster was someone else.


      "Who exactly is that person? What exactly is his identity and what kind of tactics did he use to make the Yang family go soft and even go so far as to transfer the Star River Mansion, free of charge, to me!"


      Bai Yi's heart was filled with a thousand and one questions.




      In her mind, she couldn't help but have the figure of Lin Fan come to mind.


      This guy, every single thing he said, really happened.


      If he really didn't know the outcome, how could he guess every single thing.


      "Could it be that it was really Lin Fan? But how on earth did he do that? In these three years, he hasn't been to Jiangnan City, and he doesn't know any of the bigwigs in Jiangnan City at all!"


      "This guy ......"


      Bai Yi only felt his scalp, for a moment, tingle as he thought of this.


      If it was really Lin Fan, then it was simply too terrifying.


      Who could imagine that the wasteful door-to-door son-in-law in everyone's eyes could make a first-tier Jiangnan wealthy family, kowtow and make amends with the wave of his hand, it was simply too unbelievable.


      And just as Bai Yi was caught up in contemplation.




      Prince Tian and the others, had already arrived in front of her.


      In particular, a scene that made everyone incredulous appeared.




      Prince Tian led the way, leading Prince Qiu and the others, and without saying a word, they bowed to Bai Yi in unison, and the faces of each of the second generation were flooded with warm smiles: "Miss Bai, we meet again.


      "Miss Bai, we meet again!"




      When they saw this scene, the guests in the surrounding boxes were completely stunned.


      Prince Tian and the others bowed?


      This, how was it possible.


      Every one of them looked at Bai Yi as if they had seen a ghost, they simply didn't understand what Bai Yi had done to be able to make Prince Tian, a group of playboys, respectful to such an extent.


      Especially Chang Yuan.


      He looked at Prince Tian, who he feared to the extreme, bowing to Bai Yi, which made him suspect that he was hallucinating.


      "No ...... it can't be! Bai Yi actually knows Prince Tian, and if that's the case, then why didn't she, before, personally seek Prince Tian's help?"


      Chang Yuan was completely dumbfounded.


      And at this moment!


      Even Bai Yi, too, was confused in the head.


      She looked at the members of the Prince's Party in front of her, and only then did she realize that these people actually looked somewhat familiar:.


      "You ...... guys are from the Tian and Qiu families?"


      Bai Yi remembered.


      When she was in Jiang City, her own mother, Shen Yumei, had been robbed of her mobile phone and even slapped.


      On that day, Lin Fan was furious and had broken the legs of a group of Jiangnan princelings, as many as he could.


      It seemed to be these people in front of him?

Chapter 1008

"Miss Bai Yi, you remember correctly!"


      Prince Tian was full of enthusiasm at the moment as he said to Bai Yi.


      "This group of us are the Jiangnan Prince Party that was broken by Mr. Lin, who broke his legs before!"


      "We are still ashamed of what happened back then, even now!"




      Broken legs!


      Prince Tian's words once again caused all the guests in the box to be in an uproar.


      The incident of Tian Hao and the others breaking their legs had once set off a wave of incredible speculation in Jiangnan City.


      All the people in Jiangnan City only knew that Tian Hao's group of princelings had fallen on their faces and had their legs broken in Jiangnan City.


      They returned in a sorry state.


      But everyone could not have imagined that it was Bai Yi's husband, Lin Fan, who had done this!


      How could this be!


      A small son-in-law from Jiang City, who broke the legs of the top group of princelings in Jiangnan, was unharmed and still alive and well, without any retaliation from the Tian and other plutocrats.


      To everyone, this was like a nightmare from heaven.


      "No ...... it can't be!"


      Chang Yuan's entire body was almost pissed with fear after hearing this.


      Oh my god!


      This was Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and other members of the Crown Prince, behind each of them was a top tier wealthy family in Jiangnan City, terrifying beyond compare.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, was just a small door-to-door son-in-law, nothing more, how could he be so bold as to break the legs of Tian Hao and the others.


      "This guy is crazy! It must be madness!"


      The sweat on Chang Yuan's forehead was whirling and flowing.


      In particular, he seemed to have thought of something, and his entire body trembled even more:.


      "Could it be that the reason why the Yang family kowtowed to make amends really had something to do with Lin Fan?"




      The moment this thought appeared, Chang Yuan's entire face was filled with dismay and horror.




      There wasn't a single person at all at this moment, who noticed Chang Yuan's expression, and everyone around, one gaze after another, looked towards Bai Yi and Tian Hao and the others in unison.


      "Miss Bai, may I ask if Mr. Lin is here?"


      Tian Hao was full of enthusiasm at the moment as he looked at Bai Yi.


      But when he said the three words 'Mr. Lin', his voice, to his surprise, trembled slightly.


      It was as if, just this name alone, made him feel scared.


      Mr. Lin?


      Hearing Tian Hao's address to Lin Fan, the surrounding crowd was dumbfounded again.


      They couldn't imagine how Tian Hao and the others could be so respectful to the murderer who had broken both of their legs, it was unbelievable.


      "Lin Fan is here, but he didn't come up, he's waiting for me in the car park!" Bai Yi didn't think much about it and replied straight back.


      The car park?


      Hearing this, Tian Hao and the others were stunned, but didn't think much of it, instead they bowed to Bai Yi once again and said.


      "Good! Then we won't bother Miss Bai Yi anymore! This time for the banquet, I hope Miss Bai Yi will have a good time!"


      Having said that!


      Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and the others, all turned around and left the box in a row.


      Not just them!


      Even Yang Mingpeng, along with the crowd, also left together.


      When all these princelings had left, the entire box was completely exploded.


      Each and every guest, as if the stars were holding the moon, instantly surrounded Bai Yi.


      Words of flattery kept coming out of their mouths.


      "Miss Bai Yi, I really didn't expect that you knew Tian Shao! Moreover, they are so respectful to you!"


      "Yes, Miss Bai Yi, what does your husband do? How come he's so powerful, he even dares to break the legs of Tian Shao and the others!"


      "Damn, it's unbelievable, before we in Jiangnan were all guessing who was so powerful! It turns out it's Miss Bai Yi's husband!"