Today I Give Up Trying 1004-1006

 Chapter 1004

Chang Yuan smiled with unusual pleasure.


      After all.


      With a single word, he had caused Yang Mingpeng, the Yang Family's Mixed Devil King, to kneel and kowtow to the ground, which was definitely an extremely awesome thing.


      It was even enough for him to brag about it for a long time.




      After hearing Chang Yuan's words, Yang Mingpeng's face, on the other hand, changed instantly.


      Rubbish Lin Fan?


      No invitation!


      Watching cars for people!


      These words fell on Yang Mingpeng's ears as if they were a thunderbolt, instantly frightening him to the point where his face turned ashen.


      In particular, he looked at Chang Yuan as if he was looking at the world's greatest fool: "You were insulting Lin Yuan.


      "You were just humiliating Mr. Lin? "




      Chang Yuan was slightly stunned, he hadn't expected that Yang Mingpeng would dare to ask himself rhetorically, and that it was for Lin Fan.




      A hint of contempt and disdain surfaced at the corners of Chang Yuan's mouth as he looked at Yang Mingpeng teasingly and said.


      "What can I do if I humiliate that Lin Fan punk!"


      "He's just a bumpkin in the first place, helping someone look after a car is already considered giving him face! What can you do to me ......"


      Chang Yuan's words were filled with insults to Lin Fan.


      Only, he hadn't finished this sentence yet.




      A loud slap was fiercely slapped on his face.


      Jing ......


      At this moment, all the sounds within the entire compartment disappeared.


      The surrounding people, all of them, looked at the scene with shocked faces, looking at the dumbfounded Chang Yuan and the bright red slap mark that instantly surfaced on his face.


      Everyone, all of them were confused.


      Yang Mingpeng, had hit Chang Yuan?


      And it was because of ...... Lin Fan!




      After they reacted, the entire crowd in the box was in complete uproar, and an unbelievable remark resounded continuously:.


      "Oh my god, isn't Yang Mingpeng afraid of Chang Yuan? How dare he make a move on Chang Yuan!"


      "Yes, with a single word from Chang Yuan just now, Yang Mingpeng obediently kowtowed to Bai Yi and apologised! Now, for the sake of a little Lin Fan, Yang Mingpeng has even beaten up Chang Yuan! This, how is it possible!"


      "What is this Yang Mingpeng's relationship with Lin Fan? It's unbelievable that he would defend Lin Fan so much, but part-time!"




      The crowd around them were completely shocked.


      Not only them!


      Even Bai Yi, who was tightly covering her small mouth, was full of disbelief.


      Chang Yuan had humiliated Lin Fan.


      Her heart was similarly burning with anger, and she even hated to brush her sleeves away.


      However, she hadn't thought that she would strike out and slap Chang Yuan.


      And now!


      This Yang Mingpeng, who had been brutally beaten by Lin Fan, was defending Lin Fan even more than herself, especially with that excited look, as if he was defending his idol god, which ...... was simply too unbelievable.


      "Yang Mingpeng! You ...... dare to hit me?"


      Chang Yuan was equally stunned.


      Feeling the fiery pain on his face in particular, a hint of anger and resentment surfaced from his heart:.


      "You're fucking looking for death! For a bullshit Lin Fan, you dare to hit Laozi! I'll kill you today. ......"


      At that moment, Chang Yuan wanted to put down harsh words to threaten Yang Mingpeng.


      But his words had just left his mouth!




      Yang Mingpeng slapped him hard across the face with another slap.


      "What the hell are you! How dare you humiliate Mr. Lin!"




      "You think you're a bully, but you're actually a fool!"




      "I've beaten you up, what's wrong with you!"



Chapter 1005



      At this moment, the atmosphere inside the entire box was depressing to the extreme.


      All the guests around were wide-eyed, unable to believe what was happening in front of them.


      One after another, as if it was raining, slapped Chang Yuan's face continuously.


      At once, Chang Yuan's handsome cheek was slapped from white to red, from red to blue, from blue to purple.


      It was almost beaten into a pig's head and swollen.


      Until the very end!




      Another slap ruthlessly smacked Chang Yuan's face, instantly sending his entire body tumbling to the ground.


      Only at this point did Yang Mingpeng then stop.


      "I ...... my face!"


      Chang Yuan touched his cheek, which was swollen into a pig's head, and a pig-killing scream came out of his mouth.


      "Yang Mingpeng, you've fucking eaten a bear's heart and a leopard's guts, how dare you hit me for the sake of a punk Lin Fan?"


      "Aren't you afraid that I will take revenge on your Yang family? Last time, I could make you pay for a Star River Mansion, next time I can make your Yang Family, the entire clan, extinct!"


      This moment!


      Chang Yuan was simply going crazy with anger.


      In his heart, the last time the Yang Family made amends, it was entirely because of himself and that Crown Prince.


      He even thought that he already had enough strength to trample Yang Mingpeng and the Yang family underfoot.


      After all, they didn't dare to offend that crown prince.


      Especially tonight.


      One word from himself had caused Yang Mingpeng to kneel and kowtow to Bai Yi in apology, which was even more proof of that.


      But now, he could never understand which of his tendons was wrong with this Yang Mingpeng, that he would directly beat himself up violently for the sake of a Lin Fan.


      At this moment!


      Hearing Chang Yuan's words, after looking at his resentful eyes, Yang Mingpeng, on the other hand, was exasperated.


      This was the first time he had seen such a self-righteous idiot.


      "You think that our Yang family paid for the Star River Mansion because of you?"


      "You think that with a mole crawler like you, you can destroy my Yang family [八一中文网]?"


      "Hahahaha ...... idiot!"


      Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan, and his entire person laughed back and forth, as if in his eyes, Chang Yuan was a big joke in the sky.


      And hearing his words, in looking at his rampant smile.


      Chang Yuan, and everyone else, froze.


      What did he mean?


      Wasn't the last time the Yang family made amends because they had made a phone call to the Crown Prince?


      If not!


      Then just now, how could Yang Mingpeng kowtow to Bai Yi to make amends because of his own words?


      "Yang Mingpeng, am I an idiot? Or are you an idiot?"


      Chang Yuan looked at Yang Mingpeng with an unbelievable face and shouted shrilly.


      "Your family made amends because I made a phone call to Prince Tian!"


      "Let me tell you, one call from me can make you pay for the Star River Mansion, and also one call from Prince Tian can also make your Yang family doom!"




      Prince Tian?


      After Yang Mingpeng heard these words, he vaguely understood something.


      He then realized that this Chang Yuan had actually thought that his Yang family had been making amends because of Prince Tian.


      Thinking of this, Yang Mingpeng was even more amused by Chang Yuan's smartness and self-righteousness.


      And just at that moment!




      The door of the box room was, once again, pushed open.


      And then everyone saw that, hailing from the crowd, a group of young men and women, stepped in.


      The man at the head of the group, who was tall and dignified, had just entered and frowned angrily, saying.


      "What's going on? I can hear you all making a lot of noise from a long distance!"


      "This is a banquet, what are you making noise about!"


      With a single word, the crowd inside the box, their spirits lifted.


      Because this youth was the ...... Prince of Tian!

Chapter 1006



      It wasn't just Prince Tian, there was even Prince Qiu, Prince Duan and one other of the top second generation of Jiangnan City's plutocrats beside him.


      This group of people had gathered almost all of the top talents of the younger generation in Jiang City.


      Seeing Prince Tian and the others arrive, it was as if Chang Yuan had seen his backbone, and immediately covered his cheeks before running up to them in a frenzy, saying.


      "Prince Tian, you have to do something for me! This Yang Mingpeng is simply crazy, he has the audacity to try to beat me up!"




      Hearing these words.


      Prince Tian faintly froze, puzzled, he asked to Chang Yuan.


      "Which one are you?"




      At this moment, not only was Chang Yuan confused, but even the many guests around him were all stunned.


      Hadn't Prince Tian forced even the Yang family to kowtow to make amends for Chang Yuan's sake?


      How could it be that now, he was asking who Chang Yuan was?


      This ......


      For a moment, all of them felt as if things were not that simple.


      As for Chang Yuan, his heart also thumped, a hint of ominous foreboding surfaced in his heart, and to Prince Tian he could only say.


      "Prince Tian, this is Chang Yuan, you forget, the last time I called you for help! It was only because you personally stepped in that you made the Yang family go soft, even kowtowing to make amends and offering up the Star River Mansion!"


      "Have you forgotten?"




      Hearing this sentence from Chang Yuan, Prince Tian's entire body froze.


      He looked at Chang Yuan as if he was looking at a madman.


      "Are you sure you're not mistaken?" Prince Tian stared straight at Chang Yuan and asked straightforwardly.


      "Did I force the Yang family? To make them kneel down to make amends and make them offer up the River of Stars?"




      A mistake?


      That sense of foreboding in Chang Yuan's heart grew stronger and stronger, but still, he could only say with a stiff upper lip.


      "Prince Tian, you ...... don't make fun of me! This kind of thing, how could I be wrong!"


      "After all, there are simply not many people who can force the Yang family! Among the people I have turned to, only you have the ability to do so!"


      "Isn't it, isn't it?"


      Chang Yuan looked at Prince Tian, and only felt his heart, almost to his throat.


      There could be no mistake!


      There could never be a mistake!


      It must be Prince Tian who did it, otherwise, how could that Yang family somehow, kneel down to make amends and offer up the River of Stars?


      And at this moment, just as Chang Yuan was tense to the extreme.


      Yet, he saw that Prince Tian shook his head indifferently and snickered, saying.


      "Are you an idiot? I did promise that I would help you plead with the Yang family and spare your lives!"


      "But for you, I went to suppress the Yang family, forcing them to kneel down to make amends and offer up the River of Stars?"


      "What are you ......!"




      These words of Prince Tian did not show any mercy at all.


      The tone was filled with contempt and disdain for Chang Yuan.


      And once these words came out.


      Chang Yuan was dumbfounded, and all the guests around him, too, were stunned.


      It was not Prince Tian who had done this?


      This meant that the reason why the Yang family kowtowed and apologised had nothing at all to do with Chang Yuan or Prince Tian, and the person that Yang Mingpeng feared was not Chang Yuan at all.


      Thinking of this.


      The guests inside the box instantly looked at Chang Yuan with an odd gaze.


      Only then did they realise that all of this was a big oops caused by Chang Yuan's smartness.




      As for Chang Yuan, it was as if all his strength had been drained from him, his entire eyes went black and he instantly fell to the ground on his buttocks.


      He was as if he had been dumbfounded, his face full of dullness and dismay:.


      "How could it not be Prince Tian, if not him, who else could it be?"


      "Who on earth is it? Only then can you make the Yang family fear, how is this ...... possible!"