Today I Give Up Trying 1001-1003

 Chapter 1001

The Crown Prince!


      Upon hearing this sentence from Chang Yuan, Bai Yi's footsteps gave a slight lurch, and his figure, which wanted to leave, stopped.


      That's right!


      Last time, it was indeed thanks to that prince, otherwise, he would have been taken away by Yang Mingpeng, not to mention that he had received a Star River Mansion for nothing, which was simply a great favour.


      Even before, Bai Yi had always wanted to meet that prince and thank him in person.


      And now, it was the opportunity.


      "Bai Yi, that prince is very busy, if you want to thank him, today is the best opportunity!" After Chang Yuan saw Bai Yi's hesitation, his heart immediately became excited and he hurriedly continued to add fuel to the fire.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yi was even more hesitant.


      She was a grateful person, if people helped her, it would be too impolite not to say thank you.


      "Wife, go ahead, I'll wait for you outside!" Lin Fan smiled faintly and said directly.




      Hearing Lin Fan's words, a touch of apology surfaced above Bai Yi's pretty face.


      "Lin Fan, then wait for me for a moment, I'll say thank you to that prince and then come out!"


      After saying that.


      At that moment, Bai Yi followed Chang Yuan and walked towards within the hotel.


      And seeing this scene, Chang Yuan's heart became even more exhilarated, and before he left, he didn't forget to give Lin Fan a fierce glare, as if he was flaunting his power.


      Only what made him hold his breath was that it was as if Lin Fan didn't even see him and simply ignored it.


      "Humph! Kid, Bai Yi is mine, it will definitely be mine!"


      Chang Yuan's heart was roaring in anger.


      He didn't believe that with his own skills, he would lose to this punk Lin Fan.


      As long as he showed enough status and position in front of Bai Yi, he would definitely gain Bai Yi's favour, and when the time came, taking Bai Yi from Lin Fan was not impossible.


      Thinking about this.


      The smile on the corner of Chang Yuan's mouth grew thicker and thicker.




      In a moment's time, Chang Yuan had brought Bai Yi and had arrived at the private box on the tenth floor.


      Just after entering the door, each and every man in a suit and a beautiful celebrity inside looked towards them in unison.


      Especially, after seeing Chang Yuan.


      A thick ingratiating smile surfaced on the faces of all these guests.


      "Hahahaha ...... Brother Chang Yuan, you're finally here, we were just talking about you! Recently in Jiangnan City, you've been the most scenic!"


      "Yes, brother Chang Yuan, bully! You were able to help Prince Tian's thigh, and even made Prince Tian, go out of his way to suppress the Yang family for your sake! Bullish!"


      "Hahahaha, Brother Chang Yuan, have a drink together!"




      The crowd inside the box was now enthusiastic to the extreme towards Chang Yuan.


      And this scene.


      It instantly made Chang Yuan's self-confidence, instantly swell up.


      He waved his hand at the crowd and said with a smile on his face.


      "Keep a low profile! Keep a low profile!"


      Although his mouth said low-key, the kind of exuberance on his face had already revealed his inflated state of mind, without a doubt.


      Not only that!


      In particular, Chang Yuan's afterglow, which had been observing Bai Yi's expression, after he noticed that Bai Yi was likewise looking at himself with a face full of envy, Chang Yuan only felt that his entire body was light and airy, simply scenery to the extreme.


      Just at that moment.




      The door of the compartment was once again pushed open.


      And then the crowd saw that a young man, with bruises on his face, walked in.


      It was none other than Yang Mingpeng.

Chapter 1002

When they saw Yang Mingpeng, everyone in the box was a little surprised.


      After all!


      The last time Yang Mingpeng and the Yang family, they had fallen so hard and had almost become the joke of the entire Jiangnan City, but the crowd had not expected that Yang Mingpeng, whose face had not yet fully healed, would still come to this banquet.


      "Why is he here? Isn't he afraid of being beaten up?"


      "Yes, the Yang family is no longer working, they are even being overwhelmed by Chang Yuan, how dare the second youngest Yang still dare to come out!"


      "Hahaha ...... Chang Yuan is here, do you think, Chang Yuan will clean up Yang Mingpeng again!"




      The guests around them were talking.


      Now, in their eyes, Chang Yuan's status was completely above Yang Mingpeng's.


      After all!


      The one prince behind Chang Yuan had tidied up the entire Yang family, and even offered up the Star River Mansion.


      At this moment, hearing the chatter of the people around him.


      Chang Yuan's heart was simply proud to the extreme.


      He likewise thought that Yang Mingpeng must be afraid of himself, and thinking of this, he turned his head to Bai Yi and smiled faintly.


      "Bai Yi, this Second Young Master Yang, he treated you with such disrespect last time! Look, senior will help you take out your anger!"


      Take it out?


      Bai Yi was stunned, and then hurriedly advised.


      "Senior, forget it! The Yang family has already made amends to me, and gave me the Star River Mansion, all of it!"


      "We don't have any grudges anymore!"


      Bai Yi was not willing to cause trouble, especially when the other party had already given in to himself, this was a bit too much of a bully.




      Chang Yuan was impatient at the moment, wanting to show off his strength and status in front of Bai Yi, so how could he be willing to listen to advice.


      "Bai Yi, although the Yang family has made amends to you, but this Yang Mingpeng has not!"


      "I will, right now, have him come over and kowtow to you in apology!"


      Finished speaking.


      Under the reverent gazes of everyone around him, Chang Yuan walked towards Yang Mingpeng in a furious manner.


      And at the same time!


      Yang Mingpeng saw Bai Yi after he entered the door.


      His eyes, searching above a figure within the box, never found Lin Fan's figure: "I wonder if Mr. Lin has come.


      "I don't know if Mr. Lin has come! I also don't know if his old man will forgive me!"




      This time, the reason he had come straight out before his injuries had healed was to make amends to Lin Fan.


      Only, he had scanned the entire compartment, but only saw Bai Yi, not Lin Fan.




      Just as Yang Mingpeng continued to search for Lin Fan, an angry shout came from the side.


      "Yang Mingpeng! How dare you come out and make a fool of yourself!"




      Yang Mingpeng was slightly stunned, he did not expect that someone would come up and rebuke him so angrily.


      At that moment, he hurriedly turned his head to look.


      Especially after he saw that it was Chang Yuan who was angrily rebuking him, Yang Mingpeng was confused.


      How, what happened?


      How could a random dog or cat dare to scold him now?


      What the hell, he was looking for death!


      And at this moment!


      After seeing that Chang Yuan had taken the initiative to seek trouble with Yang Mingpeng, the guests around him were instantly stirred.


      They looked at Chang Yuan as if they were looking at their idols, full of admiration and worship.


      Almost every one of them had decided that Chang Yuan would definitely be able to clean up Yang Mingpeng once again, in order to shake their own prestige.


      "Who are you?" Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan, his brows furrowed tightly.


      And hearing these words.


      Chang Yuan laughed, laughing so contemptuously and sarcastically:.


      "Yang Mingpeng, you don't need to pretend that you don't know me! My name is Chang Yuan, wasn't it enough that I cleaned up your Yang family last time?"

Chapter 1003



      Hearing this sentence from Chang Yuan, Yang Mingpeng froze even more.


      You cleaned up our Yang family?


      Yang Mingpeng's gaze towards Chang Yuan at this moment was filled with a strong sense of oddity, as if he was looking at an idiot.


      "What? So soon, your Yang Family has gotten better and forgotten the pain?"


      Chang Yuan was now glaring at Yang Mingpeng with a face full of contempt.


      Especially after feeling the awe-inspiring eyes around him, his heart was even more exhilarated to the extreme: "Last time, if it wasn't for us, we would have been able to get rid of the pain.


      "Last time, if it wasn't for our Crown Prince's mercy, your Yang family would have been finished long ago!"


      "So, in future, be respectful when you see me, otherwise, you won't even know how you'll die!"


      Chang Yuan's words were arrogant to the point of arrogance.


      After he finished speaking.


      Without fail, he pointed in Bai Yi's direction and continued to scold Yang Mingpeng, saying.


      "Yang Mingpeng, now I order you to go over and kowtow to Bai Yi to make amends!"


      Bai Yi!


      Hearing these words, Yang Mingpeng could not help but turn his head to look at Bai Yi, and a look of intense awe surfaced on his face.


      This woman, however, was the wife of Lin Zuo.


      Thinking of his last disrespect, which had even almost caused his own Yang family, to almost extinguish their clan, Yang Mingpeng could not help but nod his head.


      "You're right about that!"


      "I do deserve to give Miss Bai Yi, a kowtow to make amends!"




      Hearing these words, the surrounding crowd was completely shocked.


      They didn't expect that Yang Mingpeng, this bastard devil king, was really so afraid of Chang Yuan, and even when Chang Yuan asked him to kowtow to Bai Yi to make amends, Yang Mingpeng not only didn't refute in the slightest, he actually nodded his head and agreed directly.




      In an instant, everyone once again looked at Chang Yuan with awe and admiration that grew thicker and thicker.


      And it was under the gaze of the crowd.


      Yang Mingpeng walked towards Bai Yi in big strides.


      Until he arrived in front of Bai Yi, a strong ingratiating and apologetic look could not help but appear on his face:.


      "Miss Bai Yi, last time I, Yang Mingpeng, was wrong and almost harmed Miss Bai Yi!"


      "Here, I apologise to you!"


      Said the man!


      With a poof.


      Yang Mingpeng knelt down directly in front of Bai Yi, and then against the ground, he kowtowed three times with a 'dong dong dong'.


      It was shocking.


      Not only was the surrounding crowd shocked by this scene, but even Bai Yi was stunned.


      She had not expected that Chang Yuan would be so powerful.


      With a single word, he had made Yang Mingpeng kneel down and kowtow in apology.


      This was simply too unbelievable.


      Just that was not all.


      When Yang Mingpeng finished kowtowing, he stood up and looked at Bai Yi with a pleasing smile on his face, cautiously asking.


      "Miss Bai Yi, at the risk of asking, has Mr. Lin come yet?"


      "I ...... would like to see him and apologise!"




      Hearing these words, everyone in the compartment, faintly froze.


      They hadn't expected that Yang Mingpeng would not only apologize to Bai Yi, but now he would even want to apologize to Bai Yi's husband, Lin Fan?


      This ......


      A strong look of incomprehension surfaced on everyone's face, especially when they were shocked to find that Yang Mingpeng seemed to be extremely nervous when he asked about Lin Fan's whereabouts.


      It was as if a mole was asking about the whereabouts of a giant dragon.


      Even, a bead of sweat dripped down from Yang Mingpeng's forehead.


      "Yang Mingpeng, why are you apologising to that punk?"


      Just at that moment, Chang Yuan, on the other hand, walked over.


      He swept a contemptuous glance at Yang Mingpeng before he said with a smirk.


      "To tell you the truth! That punk Lin Fan, he doesn't even have an invitation, someone like him has no right to come in, let alone to sit on our level!"


      "He's in the car park, watching our cars! If you want to apologise to that loser, then go and find him in the car park! Hahahaha ......"