Secret Identity (Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2329-2330

 Chapter 2329

Wang Dongxue listened to Director Chen's account of the case, carefully recalled half a day, spoke: "Director Chen, before and after my father's illness this time, I really did not see him take any unknown drugs, did not see him take his own cooked Chinese medicine, much less contact with Aristolochia ......"

Said Wang Dongxue, "After his last kidney transplant, his overall physical state is very healthy, with a relatively mild form of diabetes, so he has been taking metformin slow release tablets, but this drug is very safe for the kidneys, it is impossible to cause acute kidney failure ah ......"

Director Chen nodded and said: "I just said Aristolochia, just to give you an example, but, the ingredients that can trigger acute kidney failure, far more than Aristolochia this kind of, there are many many chemicals, organic compounds, all have great nephrotoxicity. Say "

Wang Dongxue pursued, "Director Chen, then is there any way to ascertain what caused my father's acute kidney failure?"

Director Chen said, "I've sent your father's blood and urine to the laboratory for testing, but this series of tests is very troublesome, and I'm afraid it will be difficult to find a clear result for a while. Little"

Saying that, he also instructed, "Wang Dong, the priority now is not to find out the cause of your father's kidney failure, but to solve the problem of the kidney source as soon as possible, that's the most crucial ah!"

Wang Dongxue was extremely helpless with a light sigh, declining, "I have raised the price to 10 million RMB this morning, but my father is rh-negative blood, and this one alone is stuck with more than 99% of the kidney source ......"

Director Chen nodded and said seriously, "Wang Dong, the current situation is really helpless, my side has also mobilized the friends I know to help you find out all over the country, but there is still no news yet. Say"

At this point, Director Chen sighed and whispered, "Wang Dong, I advise you to be psychologically prepared ......"

Wang Dongxue was silent for a moment, nodded slightly and said weakly, "Thank you Director Chen, I know, I'll think of something else ......"

"Good. Xuan" Director Chen consoled, "But don't be too pessimistic, I have been in medicine for so many years, I have seen and heard of many miracles, many of which I still can't understand ......"

"Someone was declared to have only a few months left to live because of advanced cancer, but after he left the hospital, he was able to be extremely optimistic about his future life, and was even able to live each day as if it were his last, such a person instead kept on surviving for three, five, or even ten years, and instead of the cancer cells in his body expanding further, he seemed to feel some kind of power, It started to lose all out ......"

"There is also a very miraculous case that happened at our Jinling People's Hospital, a paraplegic patient who healed in no time at all ......"

Wang Dongxue thought that Director Chen was comforting her, so she nodded gently, but in her heart she didn't think that such a miracle was possible at all. Said

So, in her opinion, the only solution now was to find the kidney source.

Other than that, there was no other way.


From Director Chen's office, Wang Dongxue declined incomparably towards the hospital room.

She really did not expect that her father's condition, which had already worsened to such an extent, would accelerate again.

The twenty-day window period had suddenly turned into fifteen days.

This was not yet known, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, would this window period continue to shorten.

Just a few meters out of the distance, she suddenly received a call from Ye Chen.

At this time, Ye Chen was on his way to Qin Gang's house and remembered that Wang Dongxue had yet to give a definitive answer, so he called her to ask if she was available at night or not.

Chapter 2330

As soon as the call came through, Wang Dongxue said respectfully, "Young Master, what do you want?"

Ye Chen smiled, "Nothing to order, just the same thing we talked about yesterday, are you free tonight? If you have time, come to Qin's house to get together, you all came to see me at home during the New Year, but I have not been able to open up everyone to eat a meal together since the New Year until now, quite unpleasant."

Wang Dongxue reluctantly smiled and said, "Young Master, why are you still so polite with me ......"

Ye Chen smiled and said, "Harm, it's not a matter of being polite or not, it's a matter of courtesy! I have prepared a small gift for everyone, it's not worth much, it's just a small token of appreciation, if you have time then come over and sit down, if you don't have time it doesn't matter, I'll send the gift to you later."

As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, she hurriedly said, "Young Master! Where can I get you to condescend to deliver something to me ...... How about this, you give me a time and place, I will definitely go over there in the evening ......"

Ye Chen then said, "That's good, I'll send you the time and place WeChat later."

Wang Dongxue busily said, "Okay young master!"

After saying that, he said somewhat less than kindly, "Young Master, I may not be able to stay too long at night, and I may have to leave early then, please forgive me!"

Ye Chen said without a care in the world, "It's fine, just watch your schedule and don't delay yourself."

Wang Dongxue was slightly relieved.

In fact, with the state of her entire body right now, she was not interested in any dinner party.

After all, her father was dying in his hospital bed, at such a time, not to mention going to catch a dinner party, even eating, in Wang Dongxue's opinion, had lost the necessity.

Since last night until now, she had not eaten a drop of rice except for a few sips of water, but she still did not have any hunger.

However, after all, Ye Chen is his own boss, and he is so kindly invited, which made Wang Dongxue feel that it is not quite appropriate not to go, so they decided to go over there in the evening and sit down.

After making a decision, she put the phone back into her pocket, and then walked back.

Back to the door of the ward, you can hear the sound of sobbing inside the ward, Wang Dongxue under the heart of a tight, hurriedly pushed the door, only to see the suite outside the ward in a small living room, Mom is sitting on the sofa, crying, while her college classmate Walter, is a face of laughter in front of Mom standing.

At this moment, Wang Dongxue instantly exploded, and she snapped, "Walter! Who told you to come? What did you say to my mom?!"

Walter turned around and saw Wang Dongxue back, smiled slightly and said: "Dongxue, I came to say with Auntie, the United States over the kidney things, a little change."

He said, not waiting for Wang Dongxue to ask a follow-up question, he exclaimed: "Hey! Dongxue, RH negative blood is too rare, RH negative kidney source is even more rare, this kidney source, is now being fought over by a French patient, the French price is also very high, coupled with my side of the delay to determine with the donor, the donor side has been a bit wobbly ......"

Wang Dongxue frowned tightly and asked in a cold voice: "What do you really mean?"

Walter smiled, "I mean simply, Winter Snow! This kidney source can be said to be one in a million, and the owner of this kidney source is willing to sell a kidney for cash, so as long as you agree to my conditions, I can let him undergo kidney removal surgery in the United States today, and then order someone to freeze the kidney, transported to Warsaw, tomorrow can be transplanted to uncle ...... But ......"

At this point, Walter smacked his lips: "Tsk tsk ...... But if you don't agree, then the donor will probably be sold to the French instead, and you know that people only have two kidneys, and if you want to live you have to keep at least one, and if he sells one of the kidneys to the French, he will never be able to take out another kidney to sell to me!"

"So, you must carefully consider my conditions, because there is not much time left for you!"