Secret Identity (Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2333-2334


Chapter 2333

After Walter finished this speech, he turned around and left the hospital room.

Wang Dongxue looked at his back, the whole body trembled with anger.

Her mother Sun Yufang full of tears walked forward, pulling her hand, choking: "Dongxue, forget it, give it up, Mom really can not stand to see you jump into Walter that fire pit ......"

Wang Dongxue eyes a sore, tears do not dike: "Mom, Dad does not have much time left now ...... If you can't get this kidney source, then half a month's time may be ......"

Sun Yufang forcefully slapped her hands a few times, although painful, but still determined to say: "I and your father, have lived more than fifty years, the past fifty years, we have lived a full, happy, rich, also very satisfied, if your father is gone, I do not have any regret in my heart, after all, our mother and father have tried their best ...... "

Wang Dongxue choked: "Mom ...... You did your best, but I haven't ...... If I say yes to Walter, Dad's life will continue, and if I give up this time, for decades to come, I will probably live in guilt and be unable to escape ...... It's likely that I'll never forgive myself in this life until I die ......"

Sun Yufang asked her back, "Winter Snow, if you save your father's life in this way, your father may not be able to forgive himself in these next few decades ah! You brought him back to life and let him watch you live in dire straits every day, this could be even more cruel than death to him ......"

Wang Dongxue hesitated for a moment, sighed heavily and spoke, "Hey ...... Mom ...... This matter, let me think about it again, there is still an hour left, I will consider it carefully ......"

Sun Yufang wanted to say something, but the words were still swallowed back as they came to her mouth.

At a time like this, she didn't want to guide Wang Dongxue's decision too much, after all, this kind of thing, no matter how it was chosen, was full of pain behind it.


When Ye Chen arrived at Qin Gang's house, none of the other guests had arrived yet.

The time of the dinner party was seven o'clock in the afternoon, and at this time, it was not not two o'clock in the afternoon.

When Ye Chen arrived at the villa by car, Qin Gang had already brought Qin Ao Xue and Qin Ao Dong, and was waiting anxiously at the door.

Qin Gang was in an extremely good mood today, because Ye Chen was not only hosting a banquet in his house, but also promised to give him a rejuvenation pill.

This time, Ye Chen had refined two kinds of pills.

It is a relatively low-grade pill that can cure all diseases and prolong the life of the patient to a certain extent, but it does not have the miraculous effect of the Rejuvenation Pill that can make the body more than ten or twenty years younger.

What he planned to do was to give each of the people who came to the banquet today one of these pills as his own return gift to them.

In addition, since Qin Gang had asked Qin Aoxue to give him a 400-year-old purple ginseng a few days ago, so that he was able to concoct 30 rejuvenation pills, he was going to give Qin Gang an additional rejuvenation pill.

As soon as Ye Chen parked his car, Qin Gang eagerly welcomed him with his daughter and nephew, saying respectfully, "Master Ye, you are here."

Pepper Qin Aoxue, also very blushing with shame, said: "Aoxue welcomes Master Ye!"

Qin Aodong followed suit and said respectfully, "Aodong welcomes Master Ye."

Ye Chen nodded gently and said with a smile, "Mr. Qin, I'm really a little disturbed that you chose to host the banquet at your house today."

Qin Gang hurriedly arched his hands and said, "Master Ye is too polite! It is a blessing for me that you have chosen to host a banquet at my house, and it is also a blessing for me that you have come."

Ye Chen smiled slightly, waved his hand and said: "Okay, polite words, and business blowing each other, let's not talk, let's go in first to talk, I also plan to give Aoxue some guidance this afternoon."

As soon as Qin Gang heard this, he immediately smiled and flashed away, respectfully made an inviting pose, and piously said: "Master Ye, you first!"

The Qin family's villa, which is located by the lake, was visited by Ye Chen once.

Chapter 2334

Pepper Qin Ao Xue also specially drove a speedboat to carry him to swim a large circle on the lake.

However, the weather is still cold at the moment, and the scenery of the lake is more or less depressed, not as lush and vibrant as it was last time I was here.

So, Ye Chen said to Qin Gang in passing, "Mr. Qin, this villa is slightly lacking in vitality once it's winter, don't look at these trees and grass are only temporarily withered, but in Feng Shui, these have to be considered as dead things, so it's better to try not to live here before spring, it will more or less have a little impact on your body and luck."

As soon as Qin Gang heard this, he said, "Oops! Thank you Master Ye for reminding us, in that case, we'll move back to the city tomorrow!"

Qin Ao Xue subconsciously said, "Dad! Why don't we buy a villa at Tomson? Not only is it a big place, but you can be neighbors with Master Ye!"

Qin Gang smacked his lips and muttered, "It's indeed a good idea, but all the villas in Thompson's were bought up when they went on sale, and I don't know if there's anyone reselling them outside, I'll have someone ask around later!"

Qin Ao Xue said with great joy, "That's really good!"

Saying that, Qin Ao Xue looked towards Ye Chen and shyly asked, "Master Ye, if we move to Thomson, we won't bother you, right?"

Ye Chen smiled, "Why not, if we really moved here, it would be a good thing for us to be neighbors."

As soon as he heard Ye Chen state his position, Qin Gang put his mind at ease and said with a smile, "Since Master Ye has said so, then Qin Mou will pay attention to it for the next two days!"

Qin Ao Xue's heart was naturally happy.

She actually didn't want to live in such a large and remote mansion at all, the main reason why she was living here was because there was a very complete set of training rooms, whether it was the size or the facilities, it was no inferior to those professional training rooms in the city.

However, if one really had the chance to be a neighbor to Ye Chen in the future, it wouldn't matter even if one didn't have such a good training room!

In the middle of the conversation, Ye Chen stepped into the living room accompanied by the three members of the Qin family.

Qin Gang invited Ye Chen to sit down on the sofa, and then he personally brewed a cup of good Golden Cymbidium black tea for Ye Sheng.

"Master Ye, this Golden Cymbidium, which I specifically found from Mount Wuyi, is of excellent quality, please try it."

Ye Chen nodded, took a sip of tea from his cup and said with a smile, "The tea broth is sweet in fragrance, the mouth is sweet and lubricious, and the aftertaste is lingering, it is indeed good tea!"

Qin Gang busily said, "Since Master Ye likes it, I'll bring you two pounds to try it later!"

Ye Chen thought that the old father-in-law loved tea, so he wasn't too polite and said with a smile, "Then it's up to Mr. Qin."

In fact, the master tea maker Qin Gang had entrusted to find the Golden Cymbidium tea, had fried a total of ten pounds of black tea last year.

Of this, Qin Gang himself bought two and a half pounds at a high price, accounting for a quarter of it.

Originally, it was Qin Gang's plan to keep it for a whole year's rations, and by now he had already drunk four taels, leaving about two catties and one tael left, but once he saw that Ye Chen liked it, he was ready to serve two catties of it in full without hesitation.

Ye Chen of course never took anything from others for free, and when he put down his teacup, he reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out two small boxes of rosewood.

Qin Gang looked at the two wooden boxes in Ye Chen's hands, so nervous that he couldn't even stop breathing, and waited with bated breath for the contents of these two wooden boxes ......

He knew that with Ye Chen's character of saying one thing and not another, one of these two wooden boxes must contain the rejuvenation pills that made him dream and dream of himself!