Secret Identity (Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2327-2328

 Chapter 2327

Hearing Su Shoudao's accusation, Du Haiqing did not get angry, but said indifferently, "Su Shoudao, if you have self-awareness, you should know that you are standing in a moral depression right now, if you still have to forcefully seize the moral high ground at this time, then it's really disappointing."

Saying that, Du Haiqing added: "This thing of love is not something that can be earned by mouth, but something that can be maintained by actual actions, I just filed for divorce with you, and you think that I don't look at love, but your child outside, are already over twenty years old, you have hidden it from me for so many years, in the past so many years, have you ever thought about our love as husband and wife? "

Su Shou Dao's entire body slumped when he heard this.

"Yeah ...... To accuse Du Haiqing of being unfeeling now is almost like slapping my own face ...... After all, I'm the one who's really done wrong, and I've been wrong for over twenty years ......"

Just when he didn't know how to answer Du Haiqing, Du Haiqing sighed slightly, "Hey, let's not talk about that, I called you, just to get the divorce done as soon as possible, because I want to settle in Jinling in the future, even if I don't, at least I have to live in Jinling for a period of time, so getting a divorce as soon as possible is also for your consideration, so that people don't gossip about you as a result. "

Du Haiqing didn't make her words too clear, but Su Shoudao had already gotten the hidden meaning of her words.

Du Haiqing meant that she wanted to stay and settle in Jinling, and if those big families in Yanjing knew about this, everyone could guess why she stayed in Jinling, and to put it bluntly, it was for Ye Changya.

If Du Haiqing and Su Shoudao still had a husband and wife relationship, then Du Haiqing's settlement in Jinling for the sake of Ye Changya would indeed, to a certain extent, affect Su Shoudao's face.

But if the marriage was divorced, it would still be able to save some face for Su Shou Dao, to a certain extent.

Su Shou Dao was furious in his heart, but he couldn't say anything to accuse or oppose.

He had clearly realized in his heart that he no longer had any possibility of salvaging Du Haiqing, and this woman was already determined to divorce him ......

When he thought of this, he hated Ye Changya even more in his heart.

"This son of a b*tch, Ye Changba, is really a ghastly spirit!"

"He's been dead for so many years, and he's still profoundly influencing Du Haiqing."

"That's fine, but now he's even hooked Du Haiqing to Jinling!"

"In Du Haiqing's eyes, this guy who's been dead for over twenty years is much more important than me!"

On the other end of the phone, Du Haiqing didn't hear Su Shoudao's response for half a day, so he continued to speak: "After all, husband and wife are one, it's better to leave well enough alone."

Su Shou Dao was silent for a moment, took a deep breath: "Hiss ...... You also said, after all, it's a husband and wife, and it's been so many years, let me think about this matter."

Du Haiqing hmmm, said: "You consider it at any time to give me a call, Yanjing departments have relationships, divorce this kind of thing, it is not necessary for both of us to go, as long as we have coordinated, each sent a lawyer to do this thing."

"Good." Su Shoudao said, "Consider it over, I will contact you first."

"Okay, that's first."


In the afternoon, after having lunch at home, Ye Chen prepared to go out with the pills he had refined.

Because he promised Qin Ao Xue that he would come to her home ahead of time to give her some guidance, so Ye Chen made the afternoon free ahead of time.

To make it easier for him to carry the pills, he said to his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, "Dad, do you have any plans for the afternoon?"

Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "I'm still going to the Painting and Calligraphy Association in the afternoon, and we have a dinner party with the Sotheby's auction house executives in the evening."

Chapter 2328

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Then you definitely want to drink tonight, right?"

"Right." Xiao Changkun smiled, "More or less, what's wrong with it?"

Ye Chen then said, "Oh yeah, I have something to do this afternoon, if it's convenient for you, Dad, you can give me the car this afternoon."

Without hesitation, Xiao Changkun handed the car key to Ye Chen and spoke, "What's so inconvenient about it, you take it and drive it, it's just that I want to drink at night, and if I drive, I have to find a substitute driver, so it's much more convenient to take a taxi."

Ye Chen nodded and took the car keys over.

Xiao Churan at the side then said, "Dad, then I'll go to the office later, it's just on my way to take you to the Painting and Calligraphy Association."

Xiao Changkun smiled, "Yes, this will also save the money for a taxi ride."

After Xiao Changkun and Xiao Choran's father and daughter left, Ye Chen took the pills from his room, put them into an inconspicuous shoulder bag, and stepped away from the house.

He drove into Xiao Changkun's car and headed straight to Qin Gang's villa in the suburbs.

Meanwhile, at the Jinling People's Hospital, Wang Dongxue had just finished delivering food to her mother and immediately went to the office of the director of the nephrology department to catch up on her father's current condition.

The nephrology department director Chen, who was over sixty years old, pushed up his glasses and said seriously, "Wang Dong, I won't lie to you, your father's current condition is very serious, and that kidney in his body is now completely useless ......"

"We now have to perform peritoneal dialysis on him every day, and hemodialysis every other day, and his complications are getting worse."

"This morning I went over to do a check up and found that his condition today, compared to yesterday, has slipped quite a bit ......"

"Yesterday, I also communicated with your mother that there is about a twenty day window for transplantation, but after another assessment today, the situation is not promising, and I personally feel that the cycle may have to be shortened to about fifteen days."

At this point, Director Chen sighed and said helplessly, "There are still fifteen days left in the transplant window, excluding the time for pre-op preparation, you have at most twelve days to look for a kidney source, and if you can't find one, then there's really nothing you can do."

Wang Dongxue's tears, suddenly uncontrolled, came out of her eyes instantly.

She hurriedly wiped away her tears and asked anxiously, "Director Chen, how could my father's condition decline so much? The kidney he has now has just been transplanted for two years. You were the one who performed the transplant, and you said that his life would not be in danger for at least ten years, but it's only been two years ......".

I also tried to find out if he had ingested any toxic substances, but I couldn't find any clues.

Wang Dongxue asked: "Director Chen, what kind of toxic substance could cause rapid kidney failure?"

Director Chen nodded and said: "Some Chinese herbs have strong nephrotoxicity, such as Aristolochia is one of them, the country has long since moved this drug out of the Chinese medicine dictionary, but there are still some unscrupulous herbalists, in order to allow patients to quickly take effect, will secretly add Aristolochia in the prescription inside, and eventually lead to severe kidney damage ...... "

Director Chen sighed and said, "The indiscriminate purchase of health supplements, the indiscriminate use of herbal medications, and the indiscriminate listening to rumors of health maintenance are also a major cause of kidney failure among middle-aged and elderly people in recent years ......."

"Moreover, these middle-aged and elderly people are easily fooled by unscrupulous TV commercials, cell phone ads and so-called health gurus, and lack the ability to discriminate."

"We have a director of thoracic surgery in our hospital, his father has always despised him as a student of Western medicine, and does not know how to distinguish between good and bad Chinese medicine, every day blindly believe in those TV health programs ...... "

"Last year, he felt as if he had some frequent urination, according to what the health program said, he gave himself a pair of traditional Chinese medicine, every day to boil himself three bowls, secretly drank, drank three days, acute kidney failure sent to the hospital ......"

"The person didn't even survive forty-eight hours in the hospital, and then he was gone."