Secret Identity (Amazing Son-in-law) Chapter 2325-2326

 Chapter 2325

The next day, Ye Chen went out and bought a few rosewood jewelry boxes to hold the pills he was going to give to the crowd in the evening.

After all, it was a life-saving miracle cure in the eyes of the public, and more or less had to be paired with a passable package.

On the way home after buying the jewelry box, Ye Chen received a call from Richard Chen.

As soon as the call came through, Richard Chen was very excited and said, "Young Master! The illegal fundraising case against the owner of the old house was decided this morning!"

"Oh?" Ye Chen hurriedly asked, "How so?"

Richard Chen was busy, "It's like this, the person, is sentenced to a life sentence and confiscation of all assets to repay the defendant's debts, so now all the assets under his name will enter the judicial auction process, including the old mansion you've been following."

"Great!" Ye Chen immediately instructed, "Old Chen, help me put my name on the list, I want to participate!"

Richard Chen said, "Young Master don't worry, I've already submitted my name in the name of one of my drivers, after all, that mansion was once lived in by you and your parents, if your name appears in the list of bidders again, I'm afraid that someone will deduce your identity, so I took the liberty, please don't blame me!"

Ye Chen lamented, "I'm owed consideration for that, so let's enter the bidding in your driver's name and auction off that mansion no matter what. Say Hen."

Chen Zhai Kai smiled, "Young Master, don't worry, that old mansion has long been included in the scope of protected buildings that are prohibited from demolition, it hardly has any circulation value, so the starting price is only eighty-eight million, I don't think there will be anyone to steal it from you, and even if there is, when the price goes to two or three million, it's probably safe to take it."

"Good." Ye Chen put his mind at ease and asked him, "When will the auction start?"

Richard Chen replied, "It's tentatively set for next Monday at 10 am."

Ye Chen asked again, "Then will you go to the court for the auction or online?"

Richard Chen explained, "Now that the judicial auction is basically online and open and transparent, I've already had people sign up and pay the bidding deposit, just wait until next Monday at ten o'clock in the morning and start bidding on the judicial auction website."

"Good!" Ye Chen smiled slightly and praised, "Old Chen, this matter is well done, hard work."

Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Young Master, you are too polite, these small things are all a matter of raising your hand."

Ye Chen lamented, "To you, it's a hand up, but to me, it means too much."

After saying that, Ye Chen's heart also inevitably surged with desolation.

Although his parents had passed away for nearly twenty years, it still made Ye Chen feel more than heartache whenever he thought of them.


At the same time, the Du family residence.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

She excitedly said to the old housekeeper on the spot, "Uncle Wang, please help me to report my name, I want to participate in this auction!"

The old housekeeper nodded and said, "Okay Second Miss, I'll arrange for someone to help you sign up."

Du Haiqing said, "Then it will be hard for Uncle Wang to help me solve these problems, and I'll go back to my room to make a phone call."

The old housekeeper immediately said, "Yes, Second Miss."

Du Haiqing quickly returned to her room, took out her cell phone, and called Su Shoudao.

She knew that Su Shou Dao had gone to Australia, but she hadn't contacted Su Shou Dao in the past two days.

Su Shoudao also didn't take the initiative to contact Du Haiqing and his couple of children because he was in an extremely depressed mood and felt disgraced.

At this time, Su Shoudao was sitting on the cliffside in front of the villa, next to the sea, staring at the sea below.

Chapter 2326

In the past few days since he came to Australia, his mood has been very low, not only because his wife Du Haiqing wants to divorce him, but also because after the scandal was exposed, his image in everyone's mind has been turned upside down.

Now the outside world's evaluation of him is simply the most scummy man in Huaxia in recent years, none other.

Because, not only did he mess around and have an illegitimate daughter behind his wife's back, he also disguised his illegitimate daughter.

He also disguised his illegitimate daughter as a bodyguard to take her home and receive her under the nose of his wife and children.

And to top it off, he directed his own illegitimate daughter to commit felonies overseas!

That's not all.

The most reviled thing about him is that he teamed up with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to get his own daughter killed in order to avoid a scandal.

What is this?

This is a brute who cheated on his wife, kept the secret from everyone, used his illegitimate daughter as a killing tool, and killed her for his own benefit.

It can even be said that once a person combines so many sins into one, he may not even be as good as an animal.

That would be worse than a beast!

Although Su Shoudao knows that all these are the charges that the old man Su Chengfeng forcefully threw on himself in order to dump the blame.

But he was also very clear that once these charges were put on his head, he would not be able to clear himself of them.

Every time he thought of this, Su Shoudao gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Because he even had a premonition that he might not be able to get rid of these curses for the rest of his life.

It is true that Su Shou Dao is not a reputation-seeking person, but what worries him most is whether he will still have the chance to inherit the Su family once he has these curses.

After all, he could break the jar and not care about the curses, but not the Su family.

In the future, when the old man handed over the power, he might think that his reputation was too bad and refuse to give himself the supreme power to run the Su family.

In that case, half of his life's efforts would be lost.

The thought of this made Su Shoudao's teeth itch with hatred!

"By what?! Why should I have to take the blame for something the old man himself started? Why would the old man put my daughter in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of life and in the middle of death, while he put me in the middle of the night!"

He couldn't help but curse, picked up a half-drunk bottle of vodka next to him, and plunged it into the roiling sea below.

At that moment, the phone suddenly rang.

The name on the phone screen startled him.

"Wife?" Su Shou Dao was confused for a moment, then hurriedly grabbed the phone, pressed answer, and blurted out, "Honey! You're finally willing to call me!"

The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I'm not going to be able to do anything about the divorce.

Su Shoudao didn't expect that the purpose of Du Haiqing's call was to communicate with him about the divorce, and he felt a sudden surge of anger from his heart.

He couldn't help but say in a cold voice: "Du Haiqing, as long as we haven't divorced, we are still husband and wife, you went to Jinling without my consent during the marriage relationship, I didn't stop you and didn't blame you for this matter, it is also considered to give you face."

"But you're in Jinling, and you even called me to ask for a divorce, isn't that a bit too much? Don't you really care at all about the love we've been married for over twenty years?!"