Rags To Riches Chapter 99-100

 Chapter 99

Next to the small garden open space of Hua Province University of Technology, next to the badminton court.

                Zhang Qingqing looked at the crowded open space, a girl was surrounded by many people wearing cartoon mannequin costumes, and there were many people around to make a commotion.

                "Promise him, promise him."

                The scene was very lively.

                Zhang Qingqing sighed: "ah, how Zhao Tuo how to pursue me how not to make such a big show? How romantic, flowers, dancing, all the attention."

                A girl said: "President you see people driving Audi can not move away from the eyes, I heard that the yacht will be sent to embrace, hey hey hey."

                Zhang Qingqing was furious: "You stinky girl, to death ah? I did not throw myself at you? Also, don't mention his stupid yacht."

                Zhang Qingqing looked to the side, Nie Haitang was bored looking at her cell phone, he was immediately angry.

                Zhang Qingqing scolded: "That guy Qin Ming really more and more excessive, I have said all the badminton court assembly, he actually did not come, not to come even if, but also did not say, think know one or two rich people forget who they are? He is still poor? The goblet

                Nie Haitang turned back to a bitter smile, she waited hard for Qin Ming information all morning by good girlfriends found.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                So she decided, determined not to contact Qin Ming first, must let Qin Ming contact her first, then she will throw a tantrum, pouting, a good vent, and then give him a little sweet, save to think that she Nie Haitang is so well coaxed.

                However, all morning, Qin Ming, not to mention the phone, not even a text message.

                Nie Haitang's mood slowly became unbelievably bad, sitting alone in the corner of the court holding his chin, sulking.

                Zhang Qingqing knows that her best friend is sulking because of Qin Ming, she is also angry, Qin Ming that stink? Pan Kong concubine box? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The board; take risks? The bad which stern l that enclosure?

                The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual website.

                The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who is not a person. The other side is also one of our school's three school girls Oh, Bai Yu Chun and the name of the civilian school girl, Oh, it's all those stink? The Pan generous throw? The falcon blowing Naihei,? The door? The rift is noisy and dislike!

                Nie Haitang fiercely close to the iron net to look at the center of that small garden, sharp eyes on that girl, asked, "What pure?"

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Bai Yu pure. E-commerce class, with us a courtyard it. The person who chased her is Wang Chenghu, I heard it is a thug, temper is also very hot, usually in the school is very rude. In my opinion, this Bai Yuchun is also poor and unlucky, stalled on this kind of goods pursuit, huh, but also her pretentious, pretending what noble."

                Nie Haitang remembered last night, Qin Ming cell phone said "pure pure" is not the one in front of you?

                Nie Haitang curiously asked: "What happened to her?"

                Zhang Qingqing explained: "I heard that she used to be pursued by many rich second generation, including many good, good character of the rich second generation, but she did not see others, all refused. Rejected more slowly got fame, and provoked Wang Chenghu such a douche. Must think it's fun to conquer this kind of woman, haha. What's the use of a woman who is beautiful again? Still not an appendage for men."

                Nie Haitang narrowed her eyes and disagreed with her best friend's words.

                She said: "It's a new era, men and women are equal. I think she must have her own reasons for not saying yes. If a man likes himself because of his beauty, then it's the same reason as a woman likes a man because of money, it's not true, so she should reject it."

                Zhang Qingqing could not understand: "Women look beautiful popular natural justice ah. Men with money are successful social laws. Haitang you must be a little girl's fairy tale romance novels read too much. Anyway, women are to be ridden by men, to whom is not to give? It's only wise to give a good one."

                Nie Haitang disagreed; "The shoes are beautiful, but you have to wear them to know if they fit."

                If it was someone else who disliked her like this, Zhang Qingqing would have to have a fit and curse, but the other party was Nie Haitang, she was unexpectedly good-tempered and took Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Come on, my Missy don't raise the bar with me. Then you see, can that Bai Yuchun withstand so much pressure?"

                Nie Haitang did not want to know whether Bai Yuchun could withstand the pressure, she only wanted Qin Ming to call her.

                At this time, the central location of the small garden, romantic love songs are playing, a few people in doll clothes dancing.

                Wang Chenghu, a senior student, touched a bouquet of fiery red passionate roses and knelt on one knee in front of Bai Yuchun to show her love, hoping to say yes to him and be his girlfriend.

                Bai Yuchun just afraid, afraid to shiver.

                She was just going back to school to do a part-time job, but she was surrounded by these people.

                She was holding the Vivo thousand-dollar phone that Qin Ming bought for her, and she was silently waiting for Qin Ming's reply.

                "Senior Qin Ming, help me ......"

                Qin Ming, outside the crowd, took out his phone and was surprised when he saw this text message, Bai Yuchun was in danger again?

                He immediately returned the WeChat message, "What's wrong?"

                Soon Bai Yuchun replied again, "I was pestered by a classmate, he insisted that I be his girlfriend, I said no, he still refused and wouldn't let me go."

                Qin Ming was stunned, looked back at the small garden behind him and asked, "You weren't inside the school, surrounded by people there in the small garden, were you?"

                Bai Yuchun returned, "Eh? Are you there too? I, what should I do? So many people, they are too noisy, maybe I refused and he couldn't hear me."

                Qin Ming walked to the high place, and sure enough, in the empty place of the small garden, Bai Yuchun was confessed.

                In fact, the university confession is very common, but to make such a large can really not see, that row of flowers, and several Mercedes cars around a circle of love, have to be a lot of money ah.

                It is estimated that there are also a lot of group performances around and TO, to set the atmosphere, the use of mass pressure, so that Bai Yuchun nod.

                However, that courting people are too underestimated Bai Yuchun, right?

                Bai Yuchun appearance soft, but inside is a group of tenacious, rather than give up the type of death.

                Qin Ming to the phone weibo, said: "You walk over, take the flowers, and then a foot on the ground, not on the end, who can see that you refused. He can't ignore it even if he's thick-skinned."

                Bai Yuchun again flew down to type: "But he still won't stop?"

                Qin Ming continued to stump, said: "Then you raise your arm, signaling the crowd to be quiet, while everyone is shut up, you say, you have a favorite, is not finished? If you get this far and he still has the chutzpah to stop, then you can slap him. You can rest assured that I will come to your rescue."

                Bai Yuchun was still very worried, once she heard Qin Ming's last sentence 'I will come to save you', she immediately had the courage inside.

                Qin Ming is her lucky star, Qin Ming never let her down, what Qin Ming said, must be right, Qin Ming is the courage of her heart.

                Bai Yuchun under the attention of all the people, reached out to receive that rose in the hands of Wang Chenghu ......

Chapter 100

Bai Yuchun put away the phone, eyeing Wang Chenghu in front of him.

                Wang Chenghu's body is quite tall, Chinese face, has a fierce look, in the school is a bully, before also launched an attack on Bai Yuchun, but Bai Yuchun did not say yes.

                Because Wang Chenghu's way of pursuit makes her annoying and disrespectful.

                Now that she has found so many people surrounding her, it also makes her very stressful.

                She didn't have any friends in college, she could only think of Qin Ming, who taught her, and she decided to do that.

                She reached out and took the flowers.


                The crowd let out a cheer and an applause.

                Not long after, the group quieted down, and everyone's eyes fell on Bai Yuchun, thinking she was going to say yes.

                Wang Chenghu's face rejoiced, and the original face of sincerity turned into lust.

                He coveted Bai Yuchun for more than a year, during the period with some other rich second generation to compete, Bai Yuchun when they are like air, every day is either part-time work or part-time job, as if they do not know that they compete for Bai Yuchun all kinds of the same.

                Wang Chenghu heart is also angry, think Bai Yu pure so-called high cool, pure are pretending, he has seen less pure good girl, after he took, bed became how the shape of the wrecked, nine a Wang is he, he is to jerk friends provide a lot of good material.

                He heartily despised Bai Yu-chun such poor family girl, think she is just rely on their own good-looking, self-raising, to attract? Pan look stirrup acyl? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The heron is happy? pro put minced meat camel forgiveness

                Wang Chenghu heart laugh: "Hum, the civilian school flower, youth poor family girl, ice and purity, those poor? Panke apologizes? Min gang damsel aluminum Shuo can be tomb Ψ Ying? Tarsus stunned take???? mount? Therefore, the poor and the poor are not the same as the poor. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                At the side of the badminton court, Zhang Qingqing saw this scene and said, "Look, under such pressure, she can't be reserved. Come on, I'll be the banker, how long does Wang Chenghu get tired of playing? I'll press three hundred dollars, about three months."

                Fang Jinsheng said sourly: "How many girls, for nothing to the pigs to spoil. I guess two and a half months. I'll bet a hundred."

                A girl said "I press three hundred, I think it has to be half a year, this Bai Yu pure hard-working, good grades, a mouthful of business English is very smooth, quite famous in the university city, beautiful enough, enough Wang Chenghu everywhere to show off."

                Nie Haitang held her chin and said, "Boring, how miserable that girl is, being bullied like this, and no one to save her. Tsk, those so-called men who are pursuing her, none of them dare to go against Wang Chenghu?"

                Zhang Qingqing sneered: "No money and no power really dare, so, looking for a man can not find Qin Ming kind of wimp poor pussy."

                When it comes to Qin Ming, Nie Haitang looked at Bai Yu Chun not far away, thinking in her mind, if she is one day forced by people she does not like, around no way to go, Qin Ming will not rush out from the crowd, pulling her to escape?

                How romantic would that be?

                The crowd was watching, but saw Bai Yu Chun will be a symbol of love of the fiery red roses slowly high, over the top of his head.

                A hard fall, in the crowd's shocked gaze, thrown on the ground, in front of Wang Chenghu.

                None of the onlookers were moved.

                She refused.

                Then, Bai Yuchun stretched out cheap white cloth shoes to step on that rose.

                Quiet, the surrounding people were terribly quiet, as if they saw something unimaginable.

                People who are familiar with Wang Chenghu know that in, this person is a thug, good face, like to gang up on the school horizontal walk, even some teachers are quite afraid of him.

                Bai Yuchun dropped the rose, but also stepped on a foot, the crimson petals are crushed, stepped on, stepped on the face of Wang Chenghu.

                Wang Chenghu had a smile on his face, this time completely embarrassed, his face was grim, he was still half kneeling.

                Bai Yu Chun looked around, it was quite quiet, she gathered her courage and said loudly, "Sorry, I have someone I like. Please don't harass me anymore."

                The campus, which was noisy, became pin-drop.

                Some people took the camera and filmed the video, very excited inside, this is a good show ah, send on the shake sound must be fire.

                Some people were so excited that they cried, perhaps after this day, his secret crush on Bai Yu Chun will be known.

                Some people are ecstatic, worthy of being one of the three school girls, said no, no, no matter how many tricks you do or no, he has hope and opportunity again.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, was bargaining with a delivery boy for his food delivery battery car.

                "Your grandpa, your car is so broken, two thousand? A new car can be bought."

                "The car is sold to you, I have to work today not? The boss wants to deduct my money, buy or not, two thousand not two prices."

                "Okay, okay, helmet to me, right, hungry blue vest also to me, forget it, these two have not sent boxed lunches also to me."

                Small garden in the center, Wang Chenghu black face, this is a big loss of face, chasing a woman for a year, with people for so long was also treated as air, and finally to a sea of flowers courting, but also rejected, how he went back to drink with his brothers bragging?

                Where can he put this face? Toilet?

                Wang Chenghu became irritated and said, "Your sister-in-law doesn't like red roses, bring blue roses."

                Immediately, a little brother came over with a bunch of blue roses.

                Wang Chenghu kicked the little brother and cursed: "What a nuisance, damn it. Bai Yu Chun, you must like the blue roses. If you don't like it, you will become like him."

                Bai Yuchun looked at the little brother who had been kicked, holding his stomach nestled on the ground and drawing out, very painful.

                He was a threat.

                Bai Yuchun shivered with fear, her heart kept calling out to Qin Ming, Qin Ming, will you come? Have you come?


                Bai Yuchun still believes in Qin Ming inside, she directly slapped over, although not much force, but the hit is not the pain of flesh, is Wang Chenghu's dignity.

                The crowd was shocked again, have silent mourning for Bai Yuchun, she did too decisive, slapped Wang Chenghu in public.

                This can completely anger Wang Chenghu, I'm afraid the end will be very miserable.

                "Wow!" Many people let out a gasp of surprise at this, didn't they say that the civilian school girl was friendly and easy to bully?

                Nie Haitang clapped her hands happily: "Well done, that's how it should be. We girls are not at the mercy of those stinky men."

                The atmosphere was awkward for a while, the music was gone, and the cartoon doll costume people did not dance.

                Wang Chenghu froze for a while, his surprised expression gradually twisted and twitched, and finally turned into a roar: "Bitch! You seek death."

                Bai Yu Chun panicked, she hurriedly looked around to find, where is Qin Ming?

                There are people around, she can not see Qin Ming ah.

                Is Qin Ming just saying that?

                Bai Yuchun wanted to escape and ran a few steps in the small garden, but heard Wang Chenghu shouting in annoyance: "Stop her, dare to hit me, fall on my face, bitch is pretentious. I see your pity, follow me to eat and drink what is not good? Damn, don't give shame."

                Bai Yuchun couldn't run out, there were Wang Chenghu's minions in front and behind her, she was at the end of her rope.

                As she fled, her mouth chanted, "Qin Ming, Qin Ming, where are you?"