Rags To Riches Chapter 97-98

 Chapter 97

The rich woman is happy again, laughing: "Still think poor? Pancan? Widow Sakura? mount? The word apologize burin hole in the wall?. ???? @ Stupid Stupid Stand? The indica-unit is a consternation curtain? ? г????? The coño apologizes for cutting this good office pumping syncretic earth ??????!

                The woman shopper is also impatient: "Tsk, you people don't make trouble, okay? We opened the door to do business, although you can come in to see, but do not have money to buy do not stay to lose face."

                Another female shopper threatened, "You hurry up and go, if not I'll call the police, no money here blindly messing up."

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy, the world really depends on money, no money anywhere to suffer white eyes, no money is like a pile of mud on the ground, let people trample.

                He secretly shook his head, thinking back to this morning to buy a house, those female sales are much friendlier, are women, how the gap is so big?

                The female guide pushed Qin Ming and drove him out, saying: "Please, don't make trouble, poor? The Pan pleasing Sheet? The consternation inverse ひ才芰耍? volatile rice proud forgiveness!

                Suddenly, the female shopper's hand was pinched and backhanded behind her back, painful her expression painful.

                Qin Ming looked back and was slightly surprised to see that Song Ying had arrived.

                The driver, Xu Donghu, pushed the female shopper who pushed Qin Ming out of the way, owed a slight bow to Qin Ming's boss, then stood aside, motionless and on guard.

                Song Ying smiled apologetically: "I'm very sorry young master, after the phone call just now, I thought that you must be in urgent need of money, young master, and the card was lost, so I rushed over, am I late?"

                It was late, but he couldn't ask Song Ying to teleport over immediately after the phone call, right? After all, he was the one who asked Song Ying to find someone to decorate the house.

                However, it doesn't matter, it's good to buy an evening dress to make amends to his sister today.

                Song Ying handed over a gold-edged black card and said, "Young master, this is our World Bank's supreme authority card, with no upper limit, just got it, in the future young master can take this card and swipe it at will."

                Qin Ming put away the card, this point Song Ying is very thoughtful.

                The rich woman and the shoppers were confused, what was this all about? This poor boy is really a rich man?

                But didn't you just not get the money?

                And his jeans are washed white, the knee is also worn a hole, in the hands of the disabled and broken Huawei thousand-dollar phone ah?

                However, this tall, long legs, wasp waist, large breasts, melon face of the breathtakingly beautiful professional beauty, her clothes and crystal earrings are worth a lot of money ah.

                The Rolls-Royce at the door was driven by her, with a powerful and tall bodyguard.

                These can not be fake ah.

                The rich woman opened her mouth wide and could not speak, the female shoppers were dumbfounded, thinking that this time really look away, shame ah.

                Qin Ming said indifferently: "Well, I'll buy that dream girl. Counting the diamond hem swirl design, how much is the total?"

                "Ah? Yes ......" the female shopper hurriedly ran to the computer to check the information and said, "That, sir, originally the gown is master handmade, and the best handmade lace, if with the outer layer of diamond swirls, then the total price has to be eighty-eight thousand eight hundred thousand. And the diamonds also need to be sent from the Chanel Group's French headquarters to sew on, the fastest will take three days."

                Qin Ming had seen the effect, but it was very stunning, beautiful, all the diamond sparkle can especially impress women's hearts.

                But he frowned and said: "Real diamonds?"

                The female guide should say: "Of course, how dare we sell fake goods? We are the main store of Chanel dresses in Guangzhou, there are invoices and identification certificates."

                The general dress many people are rented, after all, expensive and not often wear, but the status of the noble people, are going to a party to buy a new one, the dress is never worn a second time, so as to appear out of class.

                Qin Ming felt that his sister deserved such a good dress.

                He held up the World Bank's gold-rimmed black card and said, "Okay, swipe it."

                The rich woman was suddenly startled, and seeing that Qin Ming had even paid the money, she hurriedly said, "Wait a minute, that's what I'm going to buy."

                Qin Ming glanced at it indifferently and asked, "Oh? You mean you can afford it?"

                The rich woman froze, originally brought 500,000 yuan to, that is Zhuo Zhuo, before in order to show off the rich, bought a set of eighty-eight thousand cut rotten, but even without pretending, she also not enough money ah.

                The rich woman said vainly: "I do not want the outer diamond swirl hem, I want the dress can be. I arrived first, I still have an appointment. This poor ...... this boy and I raised a bar it. Your woman have run away, you buy back what? I give my daughter to wear, she is to attend a very important party, she wants to be the most attention princess in the room, you a big man to buy back what is the use?"

                Qin Wei gave her a look and said, "Heh, buy back ...... cut bad, but still okay? What do you care?"

                Uh ...... rich woman heard this, it is very difficult, this kid is not to humiliate her? Because just now she humiliated Qin Susu in this way.

                The rich woman stood in the same place looking shaky, she blushed, she was actually ridiculed by a poor kid she couldn't look up to.

                She was so powerless and humiliated that she wanted to find a crack and go in.

                When the two sides were at a standstill, a fashionable woman came in the door, she walked in the spirit of the rich woman and asked: "Mom, have you bought the dress? I'm going to pick out a necklace later."

                The rich woman was a little embarrassed, stammering and did not know what to say.

                Qin Ming looked at this woman, good posture, probably can be a eighty, carrying a Coach bag, all bejeweled.

                The female shopper said: "Sorry, the dream girl was bought by this gentleman."

                The proud woman froze and looked at Qin Ming, then said disdainfully, "Bought? He? Poor? Pan Jun d sheaths to send a troubled astatine shrug cut stand plea? Bridge member da naan fantasy Lang? Ying? a cut off the cow? The tarsus pure support no? onion? The maids soot poor poke forgiveness!

                Er ......

                The people around slightly embarrassed, at first they also thought so, until Song Ying drove over in a Rolls Royce, and then bought the dream dress that included all the design.

                The rich woman pulled her daughter and whispered, "Baby, mom doesn't have enough money, how can I buy it?"

                The haughty woman immediately became angry: "Not enough to ask Dad ah, so important party, I want not to become the whole attention, which has no meaning? When we left home, you said that 400,000 would be no problem, and 100,000 for jewelry. How come it's not enough now? And do not want that set of diamond hem, Dad gave you half a million is not enough?"

                "Uh ......" the rich woman was embarrassed again, unable to answer in the face of her daughter's questioning.

                Qin Ming laughed mockingly, "Pfft, hmmm ......"

                The female guide on the side kindly explained, "This little gentleman ordered the outer layer of the dress with the diamond swirl, the total price of the dress reached eighty-eight thousand eight hundred thousand, so this gentleman is also given priority."

                "What?" The tall woman was dumbfounded, looking at the plainly dressed and unattractive Qin Ming, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth: "I have a membership to your store, and members have priority. You dare to sell to this poor first? Pan Jun? The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the job done.

                The woman shopper is now embarrassed, members do have greater access, but the dress if the total price to buy, she can have more commission, although reluctantly, but the woman shopper still can not help.


                Song Ying took out a supreme vip card and said, "This is your Chanel global supreme vip card, any Chanel branch, must be priority service."

                The female shopper was shocked again and took the global supreme vip card with trembling hands, entered it into the computer to confirm and said, "Yes, yes, so this evening dress can only be sold to this gentleman. This lady, I'm very sorry."

                The proud lady got angry: "Beauty, what kind of person are you to this poor little brother? Do you need to help him like this?"

                Song Ying said coldly, "I am her secretary, what's wrong? If you say one more bad word about our young master, I will tear your mouth."

                The proud woman was dumbfounded, as if she had lost her soul, and exclaimed, "What? How is that possible?"

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth raised and said, "You ......"

Chapter 98

Qin Ming saw that rich woman with a face of embarrassment, her daughter was furious, questioning why she could not afford this gown, why she was preempted by Qin Ming, why she did not have a supreme vip membership?

                The high-spirited woman was furious: "I was promised this evening gown, otherwise how can I go to the Huayi elle night fashion charity party? Won't I be ridiculed if I go? Wouldn't I make a fool of myself if I went? I've never seen such incompetent parents, with a mother like you, I'm really ashamed."

                The rich woman's face turned blue and white, facing her daughter's accusation, she could not refute it at all.

                She couldn't help it, the other party was too rich.

                The rich woman said awkwardly, "Baby, change, change one okay?"

                The proud woman directly waved off her face and said, "How can that work? I have bragged to my friends, it is this set of dream girl, without this set of clothes, how can I become the focus? How can you be so useless? How can you be a parent? I can't even afford a dress, and I have to be ridiculed, shame on me."

                The rich woman was drained and said pitifully, "But, that's all your father has."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and said, "You are eating your own words, don't think that being rich is great, because you never know where people richer than you will pop up."

                Qin Ming paid the money and took the invoice sheet, because to embroider the diamond up, it would take three days at the earliest, so he could only come back in a few days to get it.

                After leaving the luxury clothing store, Song Ying said that because Hou Qing was temporarily transferred, the chief team leader of the whole South China region, Qi Yundong, would temporarily come to take over the business in Guangcheng, and asked Qin Ming if he would go to meet.

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming asked Qi Yundong to come to the villa at the top of Cloud Mountain tonight and have a meal by the way.

                After the business deal, Qin Ming called his sister, but she hung up in seconds, which made him helpless, guessing that his sister was really angry and also Li Meng was too bad to steal his bank card.

                Qin Ming called his big brother again.

                "Brother, it's me." Qin Ming said, "Why did you come without saying anything?"

                Qin Chaoyang laughed on the phone, "You usually have classes and part-time jobs on weekends, it's not good to disturb you. Moreover, my brother came to Guangshi this time is also to find a job, to catch up, wait for your vacation."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, he remembered that Qin Chaoyang has been helping people in his hometown town to do odd jobs, talked about a girlfriend named Wang Feng, also has four years, almost talking about marriage.

                Qin Ming snickered, "What's wrong? You and Phoenix's love affair is over? Come out to find a job to save money for the wedding?"

                The phone was silent for a while, Qin Ming's heart thumped and he had a bad feeling.

                Qin Chaoyang said: "Feng she dislikes me poor, has not been able to build a new house to marry her. Her family set up, took 50,000 bride price, she ran away with a contractor, came to Guangcheng, I came to find her, while working to find, I want to ask a statement."

                Qin Ming cursed in his heart, again this gold-digging woman, this social climate in the end what happened? Everywhere is this kind of money worshipers.

                Four years of affection, is not worth 50,000 yuan.

                Qin Ming's heart laughs at itself, their brother and brother can really difficult brother, one of the same betrayed by a woman.

                Qin Ming said: "Brother, it's okay, I have money now. How much do you want, I'll call you."

                But unexpectedly, the elder brother Qin Chaoyang yelled: "You do not mess around. I also know about your affair with Li Meng. She doesn't mind that you're poor, she's been with you for two years, and you abandoned her? Can you afford her? She is a girl from the big city, it is not easy to follow you. Your part-time job is not easy to earn money, you buy some gifts to coax her. When you graduate later, find a decent job and live a good life is the right way."

                Qin Ming a black face, why do you all think Li Meng so perfect?

                Qin Ming said, "No, big brother, I really have money, I can pay for you to build a house in your hometown. You give me your card number. You have to build a new house in your hometown, I reckon Sister Feng will run back on her own."

                Big brother Qin Chaoyang was completely unconvinced and said, "All right, you study hard. Just now, my younger sister called me and said that you are still pretending to be a tycoon to scare people in luxury stores for the sake of face. Xiao Ming ah, although we are poor, but never false, poor is not a shame, do not steal or rob, eat with their hands, what shame? But poor and so hypocritical to be ashamed. Little sister said to go to Li Meng that, you go coax them."

                At this time, the phone came from the other end of a brash voice, roared: "Qin Chaoyang do you want to fucking do it? Just come to the site on the phone to talk incessantly, do not do it or get out, there are more people to do it."

                "Yes, yes, the supervisor is sorry, I will work immediately."

                Qin Ming listened to the heart a little sour, he must not let the big brother continue to do, he said: "Brother, you again which site? You tell me, I'll go pick you up."

                Qin Chaoyang fierce sentence: "All right, you do your thing, do not look for me. You come to find me angry, you look after yourself. Coax your girlfriend Li Meng and little sister to go. Hang up."

                Dudu ......

                Qin Ming licked his lips, lips pursed, standing on the roadside, his heart blocked.

                Everyone in the family knew he was used to being poor, thought he was lying when he said he was rich, and were not willing to spend his money.

                Especially in a big city like Guangzhou, consumption is bottomless pit, Qin Ming twice to play money home, were returned, but also was said to save for future marriage, buy a house with.

                "Alas ......" Qin Ming silently sighed as he pondered, what would he have to do to change his family's impression of him and think he could earn a lot of money?

                A million dollars directly to Mom and Dad's account?

                No, Qin Ming shook his head, based on what he knew about his parents, they would think Qin Ming had done something illegal.

                Announcing directly that he inherited Chang Hongxi's entire estate? Their son became the richest man in the world?

                No, it's not the right time yet, many people are eyeing him as the heir yet, if he does anything wrong, his family will be implicated.

                It seems that the foreign mercenaries yesterday, directly kidnapped Nie Haitang, the purpose is to lure him to show up.

                Not to mention those foreign mercenaries, if they are honest family suddenly rich, but also easy to attract some desperadoes, or good drugs, good gambling people to bring his family bad.

                Especially Qin Susu is only 18 years old, it is easy to change character, become like Li Meng, gold-digging, ungrateful.

                These are not what Qin Ming wants to see, not for the sake of money, throwing away the original purity.

                Directly give money can not? Then you can give work well.

                Qin Ming felt that he got some personal business, and then transferred to the family might be better, this is to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish.

                Earn money legally and explain reasonably to make a fortune.

                He has become the richest man in the world, it's still easy to help his family start their own business.

                After he figured it out, he felt that he needed to plan well so that his family could have decent jobs and still recognize Qin Ming's current abilities.

                Back at school, Qin Ming had to start catching up on his homework, and by the way, think about what jobs were available for his big brother to do in the city of Canton.

                He went to the library with his books in his arms, but halfway there was a patch of flowers and balloons that decorated a whole college road.

                There were also some people wearing heavy cartoon mannequin costumes, gathered in a row, holding flowers of.

                Qin Ming saw his class girl Zhang Xiaoyan, asked, "Xiaoyan, what happened in front? So lively ah."

                Zhang Xiaoyan recognized Qin Ming and said, "Oh, Qin Ming, there is a man in front of the girl's pursuit, spent a lot of money, the whole school road covered with flowers and balloons, there are many people wearing dolls to set the mood, too romantic, in front of the garden, many people are watching the action."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Make such a big show, not afraid that suddenly the counselor kill out, they are arrested, ha ha ha, often see this kind of news online."

                Zhang Xiaoyan bristled: "Those old codgers do not understand the romance of young people. We are old even if we are not crazy."

                Qin Ming laughed, he does not like this kind of madness, so many people present, how much pressure that girl must be?

                Qin Ming does not like to get together with this kind of lively, he still went to the library.

                Suddenly, his cell phone twitched, he took out a look, but it was a message from Bai Yu Chun: "Qin Ming, save me."