Rags To Riches Chapter 93-94

 Chapter 93

The first of these is a fortune-telling stall at a street intersection. Li Meng threw an old fortune teller's belongings on the ground, and the signboard "Zhang Zhenxian's Dream Interpretation" fell on the ground.

                Li Meng pointed at him like a shrew: "How did you tell my fortune before? You said that I have a rich destiny and that I am the destiny of a rich wife. Do you know how miserable I've been lately? I've been in a detention centre, I've been blackmailed on a trip, and I almost had an accident when I came back."

                That Zhang Zhenxian stroked his beard, old and calm, and really had the air of a worldly man, saying, "Infinite Heavenly Father, Miss Li, the road is long ...... Oops, Miss Li, please don't hit anyone. Ah, my beard ...... hit again I'll call the police you shrew."

                Li Meng grabbed the bench on the ground and smashed it towards that Zhang Lao Dao, suddenly her hand stopped and she could not draw the bench.

                Li Meng turned around and saw that it was Qin Ming, who had grabbed her hand.

                Li Meng said loudly, "Let go of me. What does it matter to you if I hit a godly man?"

                Qin Ming said, "Nothing? You caused so much trouble before and caused me to have such a big misunderstanding with Haitang's family. I haven't settled the score with you yet. Fortune-tellers are just trying to make a living. I just can't stand it."

                Exasperated, Li Meng said, "Phew, you're still in charge of me? You don't say anything about this godly man cheating people, but you take action when I'm looking for justice. Why do you care so much about me if you don't go and coax your rich white beauty Nie Haitang?"

                The old Taoist fortune-teller said excitedly, "I'm not lying, I, Zhang Zhong, have been telling fortunes all my life, and I always say what I have counted."

                Qin Ming didn't really believe in fortune-telling either, but he was just angry that Li Meng was gossiping in his sister's ear, and he didn't want the old Taoist to be beaten up and put in hospital at his age.

                He said, "Old man, you can go."

                Zhang Zhenxian didn't leave, but took Qin Ming's hand, felt his bones for a while, and suddenly exclaimed, "Young man, you have the face of nine to five."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, was this a hint that he would be a 9 to 5 wage earner in the future?

                Although working 9 to 5 was cooler than the 996 that was popular nowadays, Qin Ming still found it ridiculous.

                Qin Ming is now the richest man in the world ...... Well, but Chang Hongxi is not dead yet, he is still just an heir, everything is not too stable, low profile and modest.

                Qin Ming let go of Li Meng's hand and said, "Old man, you want to fool even me?"

                Zhang Zhenxian stroked his beard and distinguished Qin Ming's face carefully, "Ai, old Taoist I have been telling fortunes and reading faces all my life, all based on chance. Young man, today you and I are meeting by chance. You have a broad forehead, a straight middle, long and narrow eyes with large open corners, the face of a male, and large earlobes with a fortune ...... ouch, you shrew, hit me again and I really will call the police."

                As soon as Li Meng was free, she grabbed the stool and hit it again towards the old man who was telling fortunes.

                Qin Ming could not stand it, pulled Li Meng, said: "Do not fight, fortune telling this kind of thing originally you love me, you believe a hundred percent blame who? Blame it on your stupidity."

                "He? You!" Li Meng was furious and said angrily, "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have broken up with you."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "That's a refreshing excuse, you don't like me being poor, and what's the matter with a fortune teller?"

                Li Meng said, "A month ago, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was sleeping on a sea of clouds, and when I came out to go shopping, I ran into this stinking old Taoist, a dead god, and I asked him to interpret the dream. He told me that I was destined to be a rich wife and enjoy all the glory and wealth in the future. I was so happy that I gave him a red envelope of five hundred dollars."

                A month ago, he had given Li Meng 500 yuan because she wanted to buy a big brand of perfume, but it turned out that she had failed to do so.

                The five hundred dollars he had intended to send home for his father's medical treatment was squandered by Li Meng like this, or this kind of deceitful godly man, he swung his stool and chased after Zhang Zhenxian, "Damn, you godly man liar, I'll beat you to death."

                "Aigoo, young man, calm down, the fee for dream interpretation is given as you wish, ah, she gave me so much, I can only accept ah."

                "Besides, I'm going to lose my life if I let the cat out of the bag, so there's nothing wrong with charging a little money."

                Qin Ming didn't listen to him, so he gave a flurry of blows and beat away that Zhang Zhenxian before he calmed down.

                After beating away the godly man, the two were also wide-eyed and couldn't talk about the same thing.

                Qin Ming said, "Li Meng, are you finished? Last time you faked a pregnancy and got suspended from school, but you still don't know how to stop? Now you're cheating on my sister, do you really think I don't have a temper?"

                Li Meng grunted, "Why are you being mean to me? You've only broken up with me a few days ago? You've only been broken up with me for a few days, and you've already hooked up with Nei Haitang? You're lying. It makes sense for you to go after Nei Haitang, it's true love. I'm with Yang Wei and I'm being blamed by all of you? What?"

                The more Qin Ming said, the more irritated he became, saying, "You're being unreasonable, you're justified in cheating on me? Get out."

                Li Meng became even more hysterical and pulled at Qin Ming, "How many days have you been broken up with me? How much do you like me in your heart? Have you ever kept me? I just want to be like other women, to use good things, to eat good things, I want to live a better life, what's wrong with that? Why don't you just leave me alone?"

                Qin Ming pushed Li Meng away angrily and scolded, "The one who is wrong is you, not me."

                Li Meng was so soft and weak that she was pushed and shoved to the ground at once, her palms were rubbed with skin, and she broke down in tears.

                Suddenly, Qin Susu came over and was very angry when she saw the scene: "Huh? Brother, you actually did something to Sister Li Meng, you are so abominable, Sister Li Meng is already so pitiful."

                Li Meng cried and scolded, "Go find your Nie Haitang, what are you doing here? Huh? Did I provoke you? Did I provoke you?"

                Qin Ming scolded, "You said something to my sister that you shouldn't have said and did something that you shouldn't have done, so if you didn't provoke me, what did you do?"

                Qin Susu said anxiously, "Brother! Did my elder brother and I come to Guang City last night and had nowhere to go in the middle of the night, and sister Li Meng helped us get a hotel so we could settle down. This morning, she invited me to breakfast and brought me to KFC for lunch, is that something you shouldn't do? Sister Li Meng broke up with you, but she still treats me as well as before, what's wrong with her? On the contrary, you're the one who's charmed by other girls."

                Qin Ming was shocked, yesterday it was Li Meng who had placed the two of them, her sister and elder brother, who had just arrived in Guangcheng?

                Qin Ming's face was ruthless as he said, "Li Meng, what is your conspiracy?"

                Li Meng smiled coldly and said, "Conspiracy? Isn't that what's going on? Am I not trying to divide your brother and sister relationship? Can't you see that? I failed, you've figured it out, is that all right? I can go now, can't I?"

                Li Meng walked away without saying a word, clutching her bleeding palm.

                Inexplicably, Qin Ming looked a little uncomfortable, could it really be that he had misunderstood Li Meng?

                Qin Susu looked at Li Meng and then at Qin Ming, she was so angry that she stomped her foot, clenched her pink fist and cursed, "Brother! What are you doing? Sister Li Meng has never said anything bad about you from the beginning to the end. She only said two things, that you broke up and that you liked a rich woman called Nie Haitang. Isn't what she said the truth?"

                Qin Ming was speechless, it was really the truth.

                He looked at Li Meng's back and thought to himself that he had really misjudged her this time.

                Qin Ming asked, "Sister, how did you meet Li Meng yesterday? Why did she help you arrange a hotel?"

Chapter 94

Qin Susu said pathetically, "We took the bus to the passenger station in the early hours of yesterday morning and there was nowhere to go when we came out. Big brother didn't have any money again, and my wallet was stolen at some point."

                "We happened to run into Sister Li Meng who was returning from a trip and came out of the station, or Sister Li Meng recognised us and saw that we hadn't eaten so she treated us to a meal of beef noodles, which was so good."

                "Later, when she heard we had no place to stay, she helped us get a hotel room, and she didn't go home last night either, she slept with me."

                "I asked about her and you, Second Brother, and realised that you broke up and you liked someone else."

                "That's all."

                Qin Ming listened, feeling that Li Meng really hadn't done anything bad either, and said, "It's me who misunderstood her."

                Qin Susu slapped Qin Ming angrily and said, "Of course, stupid old brother, do you know how good sister Li Meng is? You don't cherish her, you like the new and hate the old. Mum will scold you if she knows. Mom always says that you will be satisfied if you and sister Li Meng have a family in the city. You are now like this ......"

                Qin Ming sighed, he was tempted to say that it was Li Meng who had cheated on him, but the words came to his lips and he could not say them, after all, he had loved, and if Li Meng had not denigrated him, why should he denigrate his former lover?

                The two of them are the same.

                The first time I saw him, I thought he'd be better off if he didn't insult him and mess around.

                In front of the pharmacy, Li Meng had just treated the abrasion on her palm.

                Suddenly a Mercedes Maybach appeared in front of Li Meng, Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, Li Meng had found a new boyfriend? So rich? A Mercedes Maybach.

                But then a few men got out of the car, and wasn't the one in the lead Nie Zhengming?

                His gaze was cold and stern as he and his three companions surrounded Li Meng and said, "Miss Li, about your blackmailing our Nie family for 100,000 yuan in hush money last time, as well as making my sister seriously ill because of your tricks, I need to settle the score with you."

                Li Meng's pupils shrank, last time she faked her pregnancy, knowing that the Nie family was a wealthy family, she got an entertainment reporter to go to the Nie family to cause trouble in an attempt to stink up the Nie family's reputation, from which she blackmailed them for 100,000 yuan in hush money.

                But she spent all that 100,000 on a trip and was blackmailed for tens of thousands of dollars.

                She didn't expect to come back today and have someone from the Nie family come to her door.

                Li Meng said nervously, "The hush money was given to me by you, not robbed by me, so who are you to ask for it back? As for Nie Haitang fainting, it's really ridiculous, does it matter if I'm pregnant or not, if she faints or not?"

                Nie Zhengming gritted his teeth and said, "It's all your doing, I can't fix Qin Ming, I can't fix you bitch? Take it away."

                Li Meng was so frightened that she only used her hands to shield her face, "What are you doing? What are you doing? Is there any more law? You're arresting people in broad daylight."

                Nie Zhengming pooh-poohed, "You don't even know what my Nie family is capable of, how dare you go against our family?"

                But the expected roughness did not descend, Li Meng opened her eyes and saw Qin Ming standing in front of her.

                Li Meng's heart suddenly sank, two weeks ago, Qin Ming had always protected her like he was doing now, she was the princess of Qin Ming's world, although Qin Ming had given her very little, Qin Ming had always given her what he had.

                If she hadn't listened to that stinking old Taoist's continuous bullshit, she wouldn't have had any beautiful dreams of being a rich wife, day by day, and at the same time became more and more disgusted and disgusted with Qin Ming's part-time job.

                "Qin Ming?" Nie Zhengming saw the visitor and said angrily, "You think I don't dare to beat you up? You're really cheap. You've been dumped and you're still a licking dog. You talk about loving my sister, but your body is honest, you went to a hotel and opened a presidential suite for a prostitute as if nothing had happened when my sister was lost, and this is the love you talk about?"

                Qin Ming was slightly embarrassed, yesterday he was bragging, brother-in-law, can you not take it seriously?

                "What? Brother? You're actually a prostitute?"

                "No way, Qin Ming, you actually have money to open a presidential suite? You used to only have cheap hourly rooms."

                Li Meng and Qin Susu each had a different reaction, and Qin Ming was even more devastated inside.

                Qin Ming didn't bother to argue and said, "If you want to touch her, ask me first."

                Nie Zhengming laughed back in anger, "Ha, ha, ha, that's really good. You're asking for death, I'm still worried that I can't get a handle on you and how to sue you in front of my sister. You provide me with material yourself."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Hmph, a brother who steals his own sister's phone and messes around, what you say, Haitang won't necessarily believe."

                Nie Zhengming said, "That's not necessarily true. You said to ask you first if you want to move her, then fine, I'll ask you, she blackmailed our Nie family last time by faking her pregnancy, and used a large number of entertainment reporters to make threats, dragging down my Nie family's reputation, dragging down my sister's reputation, and finally blackmailed me for 100,000 hush money. If you don't spit out the money today, then I'll see you at the police station."

                Qin Ming turned his head to look at Li Meng, who felt a pang of weakness and said, "I just like money, what's wrong? I've already spent the money, I don't want money, I want a person."

                Qin Ming secretly shook his head, this woman was really irredeemable.

                Qin Ming said, "One hundred thousand dollars, right? I'll pay it back for her."

                After all, Li Meng had helped his big brother and little sister last night, moreover, the 100,000 yuan Qin Ming would make Nie Zhengming pay back tenfold, both to return the favour and to hammer his brother-in-law, Qin Ming had already formed a plan in his mind.

                Nie Zhengming lit a cigarette and said, "Humph, you're a poor bastard with money? Don't laugh at me, you can't even take out 10,000, and you still have 100,000."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "But if you ask for one hundred thousand from me, then the eleven percent of your Nie's Bathroom Group that you wanted before is not safe anymore."

                Nie Zhengming didn't take the bait at all and said, "Who are you scaring? That was Mr. Hou who helped our Nie family with great kindness and justice, what the hell does that have to do with you? I heard my sister mention that you have an acquaintance in Tiancheng Securities, that person is Dai Gao, right? Hahaha, I know him and have even had a drink. However, that Dai Gao has already been fired by Hou Qing, so you still have shit to fall back on?"

                Li Meng and Qin Susu listened with a shock, they both knew that Qin Ming had made money recently, but they didn't expect that Qin Ming's nobleman had been screwed out of office.

                Nie Zhengming said chestily, "Don't think that just because you know a little bit about something you think you have everything under control and want to use the information to suppress me? Don't be presumptuous, your treacherous plan has already been detected by me."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, what was the point of this brother-in-law's brainstorming?

                He said, "Since you don't believe me, you can try. Send me your card number."

                Nie Zhengming really gave Qin Ming his card number, and Qin Ming used mobile banking to transfer 100,000 yuan.

                Such a rustic operation also stunned Qin Susu and Li Meng.

                Qin Susu, as her own sister, didn't expect her big brother to do so well in Guangcheng, giving her 100,000 yuan without frowning, no wonder he was so quick to give her pocket money last time, Qin Ming's image in his sister's heart was infinitely higher.

                And Li Meng's heart was a little more complicated, one for Qin Ming's earning power, and the other for his surprise that Qin Ming was still willing to pay for her.

                "Could it be that he still has lingering feelings for me? That's right, he's definitely disliked as he doesn't fit in with the Nie family." Li Meng suddenly gained strength and confidence, stroking her messy hair and straightening her dress, thinking, "I've only been salted by Yang Wei a few times, but I haven't slept with other men, he wouldn't dislike me, right? Will he spend more money on me if I ask to get back together? This time I ran into him giving alms to a beggar on the roadside, I'll have to hold back."

                Nie Zhengming was very happy to receive the money and said, "Haha, Qin Ming, you scum, you say you like my sister, but in reality you are coupled with this bitch Li Meng, and you are still willing to pay so much money for her. I heard that you helped my sister speculate in the stock market, and my sister gave you a hundred thousand dollars in reward, now you've become poor again."

                Qin Ming didn't bother to pay attention, glanced at Li Meng who was putting on lipstick and said in no good mood, "Come on, follow me, I want to talk to you."