Rags To Riches Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

In a customized stretch Rolls-Royce sedan, Qin Ming took Song Ying's information about the entire South China region of Huan Yu Century Group.

There is also Qi Yundong's personal information and biography.

After reading the biography, Qin Ming sighed, "Qi Yundong was actually his father's little brother, and he started from the bottom, and worked for more than 30 years, with a lot of merits, so he can be called a loyal servant."

Song Ying said "Yes, young master. After the master made his will, the heir is not his famous children, nor is he the one who is married, there are many shocks in the Universal Century Group. The master will gradually let some people know the existence of the young master, the first is the Chinese side of the people."

Half an hour later, the Rolls-Royce arrived at the South Mountain Manor.

Qin Ming saw in the car, this South Mountain Manor is the top leisure manor in Guangzhou, the style is like the ancient royal palace, the environment is quiet, fresh air, but inside the hidden modern structure, there is a horse racing track and helipad behind.

Under normal circumstances, a night's stay costs 100,000 yuan.

But now that the owner's family is here, it is not open to the public.

After entering the manor, Qin Ming's Rolls-Royce drove on one side, and on both sides there were eight black-clad bodyguards running along with the sedan for cover, which was a presidential-level escort.

And finally docked outside the South Mountain Manor's Buddha Lotus An, the entrance has been more than half a century Qi Yundong, leading the South China region, the responsible group leaders of provincial industries, waiting in line.

The lowest level of these are provincial-level team leaders, and there is only one municipal-level officer, and that is the local team leader of Guangzhou City, Hou Qing.

Song Ying opened the car door for Qin Ming, the moment Qin Ming landed, Qi Yundong and his party have bowed ninety degrees, said in unison "meet the young master, welcome the young master."

Qin Ming actually has a little bit of weakness, this battle, this respectful salute, which he has seen?

But in order not to sit on the mountain, he had to face these righteous father left him the old ministry.

Qin Ming responded indifferently, "It's hot, go in and talk."

Qi Yundong and the others immediately automatically lined up the middle of the road, and at the same time, they were curious to look at this "fallen from the sky", Chang Hongxi's handpicked heir, what is so unusual that he can take over the Huan Yu Century Group, a class monster that controls countless wealth worldwide.

How it looks, the young master is nothing special, unkempt, inexpensive clothes, only a pair of clear eyes, quite spiritual.

After everyone sat down, Qin Ming felt a different, never before enjoyed the gaze of awe.

There were not many people who could sit, just six people in total, Qi Yundong, the general team leader of the industrial responsibility of South China region belonging to Huan Yu, Hou Qing, the team leader of Guang City, and the general responsible team leaders of Fu, Yun, Xi and Hu provinces, the others were secretaries and had to stand.

Qi Yundong they first introduced themselves, as well as the industry and scope of responsibility, Qin Ming remembered one by one.

After their introduction, Qin Ming said forcefully "I know, you must be wondering, what is my relationship with the old Chang in the end? Can I take care of Huan Yu in the future? I won't write a blank check for you all, but I can tell you that the future owner of Huan Yu Century Group is none other than me."

Qi Yundong and others listened with a trembling heart, this young man, so powerful confidence.

Qin Ming continued "I hope you all do a good job, a dynasty son of a minister of the truth that we all understand, the old Chang has cancer, everyone knows that his days are numbered, this time stand in line is very important, I hope you do not misunderstand."

Qi Yundong and others were silenced, the young master did not seem to be as ordinary as he seemed, he was very clear about his current situation and was warning each and every one of them while promising benefits.

In fact, these senior management of Huan Yu, of course, knew the horror of Huan Yu Century Group, in addition to the huge industry and business on the surface, there were also unseen teams in the dark.

In the past, there were betrayers within Huan Yu, but they all disappeared without a trace, and those unseen teams, and they were independent of each other, and they had never seen them.

Instead, they knew that Song Ying, who was standing beside Qin Ming, could contact those hunting teams.

Qi Yundong was the first to stand up and express his loyalty, saying "Young master, the master has given word for us to properly assist young master, I, Qi Yundong, swear to heaven that I will serve young master in Huan Yu until the day I die."

The other group leaders also stood up, showing their loyalty and following Qin Ming's horse.

This meeting went very well, the next is the work report and banquet time, the atmosphere has also eased a lot, everyone came to Qin Ming to say a few words, so familiar with the future new master, if you can make Qin Ming remember, then the future promotion in the hope of ah.

As the saying goes, how much wine can you drink, how many friends you can make.

Qin Ming actually can drink, and each of them have a few glasses, the relationship gradually familiar with up.

Listening to the reports of his subordinates, he found that Huan Yu Century Group was involved in too many industries, such as biotechnology, weapons parts, heavy metals, mining, transportation, aerospace technology, department store trade, automobiles, etc. The industries were many and huge, and there was even a lot of cooperation with the government.

At the end of the banquet, Qin Ming stayed with Qi Yundong, the head of the South China region, and Hou Qing, the head of the team in Guangzhou.

Qin Ming said "Mr. Qi, Mr. Hou, for a long time to come, I will stay in Guangzhou, I hope my life will not be disturbed, so that I can successfully complete my studies."

"Understood." The two said in unison.

Qin Ming continued "I will gradually familiarize myself with the domestic business of China, in the future, if there is any situation that can not be judged, there are people who go against my wishes, you do not have to report upwards, just tell me directly. This matter I have spoken to the old Chang, he also agreed, after all, the future I am also to take over the entire group."

Qi Yundong and Hou Qing looked at each other, and both read excitement in each other's eyes.

Qin Ming said these words to them, then in the future they are Qin Ming's beloved ah, as long as they do a good job, Qin Ming smoothly take over the whole Huan Yu Century Group, then in the future they are the brawn of the minister, promotion is inevitable.

After explaining a few words to the two, Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "All right, you are all busy people, go back."

Qi Yundong bowed and then clapped his hands.

At this time there are three about twenty willowy beauty, wearing thin white net gauze dress came through the door, standing in front of Qin Ming, the gauze is very thin, you can vaguely see the beauty of the delicate body.

This stimulation, who can withstand ah? Qin Ming couldn't help but think about it.

Qi Yundong said "Young master, my subordinates took it upon themselves to find three beautiful women who can sing and dance for the young master, if the young master is tired then you can ......"

The content behind them is self-explanatory.

This Qi Yundong thoughtful, although Qin Ming quite like, but today he is to understand some of his subordinates, not to snog.

He waved his hand and said, "No, I still have things to do, Song Ying, go back."

Qi Yundong and Hou Qing listened and immediately followed them around.

Qin Ming took two steps and stopped, saying, "Right."

Qi Yundong and Hou Qing's heart thumped, indeed, the young master is still young, men and women's affairs can not be avoided.

Qin Ming pointed to the table to eat the leftover fruit, said "those fruits not eaten do not waste, packaged for me to take back."

I go, you tang the global wealth of the righteous son, a meal but also pack a few leftover fruit, Qi Yundong and others are stunned.

After Qin Ming left, Hou Qing couldn't help but ask "Chief Qi, what do you think of this young master?"

Qi Yundong said "this young master Qin, than the other three young masters and two young ladies are calm and modest, although sitting on the world's largest wealth, but not the least bit arrogant and extravagant, but also know how to think of danger in peace, more refinement, the future will become a climate, worth following."

Chapter 10

Just returned to school, it was already evening.

Just thinking about where to eat, the dormitory three brothers cell phone call "Xiaoming, full of blessing building, the introduction of the business school beauty you know."

Qin Ming refused, "I'm not interested."

Zhao Li Niu but insisted, "Xiao Ming, the old does not go to the new does not come, is not this the truth? Li Meng every day class group to show off her and Yang Wei eating, drinking and playing, arrogant as can be. We can't let that bitch Li Meng look down on us, can we? Besides, if you don't like it, forget it, we won't force it."

Qin Ming was also too kind to refuse, he made the dormitory brothers trouble, not to cold their enthusiasm, so he said, "Okay, I'll be right there."

Man Fu Lou, private room.

Qin Ming just walked to the door, just opened the door to hear a familiar woman's voice in the high talk "I tell you, today I really see what is called the odd man out, the previous are online, today really see a steal my breakfast odd man out."

"Tsk, who is so poor, but also steal people's breakfast? The silly cranny out of the mountain nook?"

"The best silk ah, the best of silk."

The woman said angrily, "No, he stole food but also deadly denied, next to someone proved, but also he a class. These days, it's okay to be poor, but not without ambition, not without commitment, right? He ate even if, but also took the money package looks like to give money, the result is not even a hundred dollars inside."

"Hahahaha, so strange?" The surrounding people burst into laughter.

Qin Ming saw through the doorway, the person who spoke was not the business school's Chen Mulin who met in the library this morning?

I never thought that she would be there.

Chen Mulin pulled a girl's hand, said "Huahua sister, you can not introduce some such a superb boy to know, or I really can not stand it."

Liang Shaoyong's girlfriend is Zhao Menghua, a senior in the business school.

Zhao Menghua hurriedly said, "How come? Our Shaoyong introduced the boy, can not be too bad, the economics class bully, the results of three years are the first."

Liang Shaoyong also smiled and said "Chen Mulin, you can rest assured, our brother's character trustworthy, but very dedicated people."

Sun Zhipeng also followed to help say "with us for three years, can be worse? Although the family is average, but good to learn and improve, after graduation will certainly be able to do a career."

Zhao Li Niu is patting his chest, said "Yes, how good is our Xiaoming? Every year he can get the scholarship, just met someone wrong, was cheated. But now it has passed, ah, said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, this is not coming?"

Qin Ming originally did not want to go in, because he recognized Chen Mulin, he went in is not embarrassing?

But after standing at the door and listening for a while, it happened that Zhao Liniu looked back at the door and saw him coming from the doorway.

Qin Ming also has no choice but to push the door and enter, this time to escape, only more embarrassment.

As soon as he entered, Chen Mulin immediately pointed at him and shouted, "Ah, it's you?"

Qin Ming came in and saw that in addition to the three people in the dormitory, there were Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng, their girlfriends, and Chen Mulin and another girl, it was a normal gathering.

However, because in the morning in the library, after he ate Chen Mulin's cake, the atmosphere is now a bit strange.

Zhao Menghua looked at them strangely and asked, "Mu Ling, do you know each other? That's good, we don't even need to introduce you."

Chen Mulin laughed, and her tone was somewhat dismissive.

She clasped her hands, highlighting the fullness of the upper circumference, her long legs crossed to show a slender body, but a million disgusted look "do not know, he is not the one who stole my cake, but also dead to admit the strange silk cackle."


The crowd was shocked, just now they also followed the joke that stole someone else's cake of pure silk, but the result is to introduce the Qin Ming ah.

The atmosphere in the room was once very awkward, this situation they have never encountered, the atmosphere to be more awkward.

We all stare at each other dry eyes, do not know how to speak to regulate the atmosphere.

But several girls look at Qin Ming although a stall, but quite clean, clean-looking and a few handsome, but did not expect to be a steal to eat other people's cake silk.

The women in the heart of Qin Ming a burst of contempt, thinking, really people can not look like.

And their contempt is gradually transformed from the heart into the eyes.

Qin Ming frowned, this contempt he is most familiar with, he has been feeling this high, arrogant sight since childhood, like a mountain pressed against him.

Zhao Li Niu scratching his head, originally thought to introduce a good beautiful woman to the dormitory good brother to convert the mood, the results of the two had an awkward, he the dormitory boss has to hurry to find a way to do.

He asked, "What's going on, huh? Xiao Ming."

Qin Ming explained, "The library, it was a misunderstanding, Zhao Fugui shifted the location of the cake, I thought someone else gave it to me before eating it. It's true that I was reckless."

Liang Shaoyong shook his fist and said, "So it was Zhao Fugui, that despicable person, I told you, how could it be."

Liang Shaoyong said, pushed his girlfriend, Zhao Menghua immediately understood, although not quite believe, but her boyfriend said so, she hurriedly said "Mu Ling, you see, there is a misunderstanding ah, someone tricked."

I thought this explanation could make Chen Mulin satisfied, but the result is that Chen Mulin is not satisfied, but also exploded.

She stood up, her delicate arm pointed at Qin Ming, said "all excuses, the cake is only a hundred, you ate it, the key is not to admit, and what others planted you? And what are you? Worth someone else planted you? Stolen you a piece of cake? You do not quietly you this poor look, really think of themselves, huh."

"If you honestly admit, I still think you really man, but you do not admit twice, admit that you made a mistake is so difficult?"

"Oh, you're good at your studies? What's the use of that? Personality is not good, or extremely good silk."

"Sister Hua Hua, it's not that I don't give you face, it's that I'm disgusted when I see him, I can't stay, it's not like I have no one to chase after Chen Mulin."

Chen Mulin is really angry enough, originally a few years in college, has been single, met Zhao Meng Hua, see her all day with her boyfriend in pairs, happy and sweet, she also moved the spring heart.

The first time I saw her, I was introduced to a senior student in my economics class, so Chen Mulin thought she'd come to the right place, and if she could get along, then she'd experience the feeling of love.

The result is good, encounter this kind of poor silk, stealing to eat her cake, dead, but also the cake box are licked clean, really disgusted to her.

Chen Mulin grabbed the 1v bag as a gesture to go, but was pulled by several girls.

If this Chen Mulin a go, the atmosphere is not more awkward?

Qin Ming saw that he alone made everyone have a good atmosphere, although grateful for the help of the brothers, but also can not make the brothers embarrassed ah.

He said, "Oh, yes, I forgot I have a part-time job. Oops, I'll go first, I'll eat next time."

Qin Ming finally took the initiative to leave the scene, so as not to make things difficult for Zhao Li Niu and the others.

The phone shook, is Nie Haitang to text "Qin Ming your SLR or not? I'm waiting for you in the small bamboo forest."

Qin Ming saw this text message, know that tonight again do not have to eat.