Rags To Riches Chapter 820 (End)

 Qin Ming was carrying a large pile of things, but he didn't find his mum and dad out.

                If Dad was in the fields, Mom should be there at this hour, even if neither was, it was even more unlikely that sister Qin Susu was not there, not to mention all the luxury cars parked at the entrance.

                Qin Ming thought they were rented by his elder brother, Qin Chaoyang, for the sake of face.

                However, when Qin Ming stepped through the old wooden door, he was stunned.

                There were a bunch of people in the house.

                The cramped little house, the old little house was packed with people.

                "Haitang? Shiao Qiao ...... Why are you all ...... here?" The first thing Qin Ming saw was Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao sitting left and right next to his old mother Wang Xiu.

                It turned out that they did not respond to Qin Ming, that was because they had come to Qin Ming's old home long ago, they looked at Qin Ming with a rather sultry, yet worried look in their eyes.

                "Chang Xi ...... you're here too?" Then saw Sun Changxi whose stomach was slightly bulging, surprisingly, she was also there!

                "Lin Yurou you ......" What tangled Qin Ming the most was that Lin Yurou had come without saying a word, and her stomach was also slightly visible.

                "Cough ......" The person coughing was surprisingly Qin Mo, and Zhao Songli beside her.

                These two were Qin Ming's biological parents, and since the meeting had only happened a month or so ago, Qin Ming hadn't been able to accept entering the Zhao family for a while, so she had specifically stated that she wouldn't be following her biological parents back this year, and would be going back to her adoptive parents' side for the time being.

                Qin Ming spat out, "Aren't you guys from a small town in Yun Province?"

                "It wasn't even you who came." Qin Mo was so angry that he even rolled his eyes, "Then we had to come over in person. But don't worry, nothing has been said yet."

                "Sister Xuan?" What shocked Qin Ming the most was that Liao Qingxuan was actually there.

                Liao Qingxuan was strangely embarrassed and said, "I was dragged over by my mother."

                Apart from these people, there was also Mu Sichen, who had come to join in the fun, and she stayed in one place happily making faces at Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming's parents, on the other hand, were sitting upright, oblivious to the environment inside the house, and even very shocked.

                Qin Zhiguo stood in the doorway, smoking a cigarette, and asked, "Boy, which one is your girlfriend?"

                This was asked so that his own mother, Qin Mo, also said, "Yes, Qin Ming, which girl do you like?"

                With this question, all the women stared at Qin Ming in unison, even though Lin Yurou and Sun Changxi had both been rejected by Qin Ming, they still came here with a glimmer of hope.

                And it was at this time that Song Ying came through the door carrying New Year's Eve goods: "Ah Ming, where do you put the things? Uncle and aunt you ...... are fine."

                When Song Ying came in, she was also dumbfounded to see such a narrow room, filled with people.

                "Tsk tsk, another one, oops, isn't this the girl child we met last time?" Qin Zhiguo was very dissatisfied, he felt that Qin Ming was being philandering and messing around with men and women, not at all like his elder brother Qin Chaoyang who was so decent.

                In the corner of the room, Qin Chaoyang and Yang Xiaoli shrank and did not dare to speak loudly.

                What should we do in this situation now?

                After all, Wang Xiu is a mother, so she went forward and pulled Qin Ming, saying: "You're a child, you've read some books, and you're cheating on good girls, aren't you? This New Year's Eve, she has come to the door, she has been very nice, she has given many gifts, she seems to have a heart for you, and even though she knows there are other people, she refuses to leave. You can't just kick her out at this time."

                Zhao Songli also said, "Yes, Qin Ming, you have to give them a good account."

                Sun Changxi, however, said, "Uncle and auntie, I, I don't need to, I just want to come and see ...... because I'm afraid I won't have the chance later."

                Lin Yurou also said, "Uncle and aunt, Yurou doesn't dare to think too much. I also just wanted to come and have a look ......"

                Qin Ming scratched his head, his heart was worried.

                He admitted, "Dad and mum, I admit it, I'm scum. But I'm already scum, there's no way out. I'm responsible to the end. You guys go out first, I will talk to them clearly, today, there must be an explanation."

                Hearing these words, Qin Chaoyang, Qin Susu and the others immediately went out, they were begging for it.

                Qin Zhiguo walked out and said to Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, "Aiya, I've made you guys laugh. That child of ours is really not like that, eh by the way you guys haven't mentioned that the girl child is your child ah. Hey yo, you guys look like noble people at first glance, those female children are all classy and pretty, I really can't tell the difference."

                Qin Mo smiled faintly and said, "They ah ...... I think will all be my daughters. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to come here in time for the New Year, but it's an important matter to discuss with you, but it's a great joy. There's no rush either, we'll talk about it slowly when Qin Ming has taken care of his own business."

                Qin Zhiguo was confused and said, "Oh, that's fine, if Qin Ming has done anything wrong and offended you, just ask, I will teach this kid a lesson."

                Zhao Songli and Qin Mo both looked at each other and smiled.

                At this moment, the atmosphere in the room was very tense.

                The women all had their own thoughts, and all refused to give up on Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming saw six beautiful women, all of whom were his women, and it was heartbreaking to ask him to give up one of them.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath and said, "Alright, today I have to give an answer as to who I will choose."

                Qin Ming walked to Nie Haitang's side, he grabbed Nie Haitang's small hand and said, "Actually, all along, inside I wanted to choose Haitang. But once I thought of you guys ......"

                Qin Ming looked at the other women and felt guilty in his heart, "But then he hesitated. I'm sorry Haitang, I've turned into a scum. Such a me, are you still willing to accept?"

                The women finally saw Qin Ming's choice, and although they were lost in their hearts, they still knew the outcome.

                And Mu Xiaoqiao's expression was the hardest, her eyes quickly turned red and she looked away, knowing she had lost.

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang smacked Qin Ming's hand away and said, "Humph, I knew it already, you're just a philanderer. Look at you, you got both Sister Chang Xi and Sister Yurou pregnant. You have to take the responsibility."

                "And Sister Xiao Qiao, Sister Song Ying, and Sister Qingxuan all have to take responsibility."

                Qin Ming responded, "I'll take the blame, I will take the blame. How do you want me to take responsibility?"

                Nie Haitang took Qin Ming's hand again with great reluctance and said, "I know that I can't keep you alone anymore. So what, when the five of us came to your house, we reached a consensus that we could only share you equally."

                Qin Ming's heart trembled and he said, "You won't really split me up, will you?"

                Lin Yurou laughed delicately, "If we really split you up, who will be the father of my child?"

                Sun Changxi also hummed, "Really, how could I have fallen for this bastard like you."

                At this moment, Mu Xiaoqiao, who had wiped away her tears, also said sorrowfully, "That's not true, was he the one who saved the earth in his last life?"

                Saying that, Mu Xiaoqiao hugged Qin Ming's other hand and said in a soft voice, "We have discussed that we will not create trouble for you. You have two choices."

                "First, emigrate together, some countries allow polygamy."

                "Second, marry one of us every year, divorce at the end of the year, and after one round, start all over again, with one heart and one mind during your marriage to one of us."

                The women nodded and looked at Song Ying, they knew Song Ying's status and position, and asking Qin Ming to let go seemed unlikely.

                Song Ying had originally asked for just a chance to stay by Qin Ming's side, and now that she had a name, she was begging for it, nodding her head busily and adding, "Young master, I think this is a good deal. Just obey it."

                Qin Ming was stunned and said, "Oh, so you have discussed this long ago? I was so serious when I came in, it scared me."

                The women burst into laughter, "Then how do you choose?"

                Qin Ming wrapped his arms around the women and gave Nie Haitang a kiss on the cheek, saying, "It's impossible to emigrate, not in this lifetime. I choose you guys. Haitang, Xiaoqiao, Qingxuan, Xiaoying, Yurou, sister Changxi, you are all fantastic. I will never give up on you all in my life."

                All the women said in unison, "Then no more philandering in the future."

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