Rags To Riches Chapter 819

 Next day, early morning, Guang City, airport.

                Qin Ming's hometown, Baishui Town, is in a remote mountainous area in the western part of Guang Province, and there is no high-speed railway or train or plane.

                The most convenient way for Qin Ming to return to his hometown was to drive.

                Song Ying asked, "Young master, we are going back, what kind of car should we drive?"

                Qin Ming said, "No need to be too high-profile, just drive a Volkswagen, people in the village probably think that our family is rich. However, if big brother goes back this year, he'll definitely give mum and dad a lot of face, so I won't steal the limelight from big brother."

                "Oh, we need to buy more New Year's goods." Qin Ming said, "It seems that I haven't been back home for several years after studying, so I need to prepare more this time. I have to prepare more this time. I will also give it to my relatives who have helped me in the past."

                Song Ying said softly, "Young master, don't worry, leave it all to me."

                Qin Ming went back to the school dormitory, cleaned up a bit, and went through some books that he hadn't read in months, getting a big headache.

                Zhao Zhengyin's grades were not good, he had failed every exam on his behalf, and he would have to come back next semester to make up for it.

                Regarding his studies, Qin Ming is currently in his fourth year of university, and will officially enter society next semester when he graduates successfully. Although he is already standing at the Dai peak of his life, he nevertheless always has a sincere heart and does not expand, and wants to take the helm of the super corporate empire that is the Huan Yu Century Group.

                "Books, one can never finish reading." Qin Ming said in his heart.

                After packing up, Qin Ming carried his suitcase to the entrance of the school, at this time Song Ying had already bought a cart of New Year's goods and was waiting for him.

                Seeing that Qin Ming was alone, Song Ying was a little excited and said, "Young master, am I the only one going back with you for New Year's Eve?"

                Qin Ming said, "Alas, let's talk about them next year, I really can't make that decision."

                Song Ying was overjoyed, didn't this mean that Qin Ming had let her pick up a big bargain when she couldn't decide between Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao.

                She was going to meet Qin Ming's most affectionate adoptive parents.

                Song Ying secretly turned around, took out a mirror to survey her make-up, and took another deep breath to calm her excitement.

                After checking the New Year's Eve, Qin Ming said, "Alright, let's go, it might take five or six hours. We'll have to walk for another hour once we get off the highway. It's good to get to the town, which has ancestral houses, so you don't have to go to the mountains. But you may not be used to living there, just stay in a hotel then."

                Song Ying blushed and said, "I, I'll stay with the young master. Staying in a guesthouse on the New Year's Day is different from our Chinese customs."

                Qin Ming smiled wickedly, "Aren't you afraid that I will do something bad to you in the middle of the night?"

                Song Ying said to herself, "We were afraid you wouldn't dare to come.

                Soon, the two of them went on their way.

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming decided to contact Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao to explain the situation.

                But miraculously, he could not contact the two women.

                Qin Ming was worried that something had happened to them, so he immediately contacted the Mu family, only to have both Mu Zhaoyang and Mu Hao say that Mu Xiaoqiao was fine, but not at home for New Year's Eve, and they didn't say where they had gone.

                Qin Ming also contacted Nie Zhengming and Nie Jianmin to ask about Nie Haitang's whereabouts, only to be told that Nie Haitang was busy at work, but had just reported peace over the phone.

                This made Qin Ming even more depressed, wasn't this the two women blocking him at the same time?

                Qin Ming was deflated for a while, it was the end of the year and he still hadn't decided who to choose, so I guess both women were angry.

                This made Qin Ming a little panicky, they wouldn't have both given up on him, would they?

                Qin Ming's past memories with the two women were something he valued greatly, they were also both very good women, if he lost them, it would be a great loss for Qin Ming.

                So Qin Ming kept sending messages to the two women to explain the situation, hoping that they would understand Qin Ming's plight when they received them.

                However, the messages Qin Ming sent were not heard back.

                This made Qin Ming quite depressed.

                On the contrary, when Song Ying saw this, she was even happier inside and said, "Young master, in fact, they might be busy with other things and it's normal for them to check their phones only after a day or two, I used to be so busy with work that I wouldn't remember anything. But it's more important to go home now, and I think your parents can't wait."

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "That's the only way to go. I haven't been home for New Year's Eve for four years either, and I don't know if my hometown has changed."

                Song Ying said, "This, there have been changes. The security squad responsible for protecting Uncle Qin and Auntie has sent some photos."

                Qin Ming nodded and praised, "You've done a good job with these things, Xiaoying. Thanks to you, it's a lot easier for me too."

                Song Ying said in a soft voice, "Young Master's business is my business."

                Qin Ming was touched in his heart and could not help but caress her cheek, an intimate gesture that made Song Ying's heart tremble.

                Qin Ming lightly pinched Song Ying's cheek and said, "By the way, I bought you a New Year gift, a pair of diamond earrings."

                Qin Ming said as he pulled out a luxurious jewellery box with a bunch of sparkling and beautiful diamond earrings inside.

                Song Ying was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, Young Master."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't call me Young Master in private in the future. Chang Hongxi's relationship with me is more superficial too. Call me by my name."

                Song Ying's heart was pleased, was this gradually gaining Qin Ming's approval?

                She said, "Mm, Ah Ming."

                Qin Ming smiled and put on the diamond earrings for Song Ying.

                The two of them drove for more than five hours and finally arrived at White Water Town. There were many people in the town, after all, it was New Year's Eve and many people who had gone out to work had returned.

                And the streets and alleys were all decorated with lights and hung with red.

                From time to time, many fireworks could be heard, and occasionally a group of children were seen frying cow dung.

                Qin Ming poked his head out and looked at how White Water Town had changed over the years, yet he had the very unfamiliar feeling that he could be close to home.

                So much had happened in the past six months that Qin Ming only had a feeling that, at this moment when he returned to his hometown, he was a rural boy.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming pointed to an old red brick house by the pond in front of him and said, "Eh, that old fifty square house in front is my house. My grandfather used to watch the fish pond for the landlord's family and worked all his life, then the landlord gave my grandfather's house, which used to be mud bricks, and then when I was a child, my father repaired the red bricks."

                Song Ying frowned and said, "Young master, there are a lot of cars parked at the entrance."

                Qin Ming said, "When big brother comes back, he comes back, and a whole fleet of cars comes? Hahaha, but it doesn't matter, people in the town used to look down on my brother and think he's an old bachelor, now that my brother has made his mark, he's going to greatly grow in face."

                Snorting, the car stopped.

                "Oh my, another luxury car from the Qin family. What's the name of this luxury car?"

                "I don't know, but many of the officials drive this."

                "The two sons of the Qin family have made a fortune. I really regret that I didn't introduce my daughter to these two brothers before."

                "Qin Ming~ I'm your sixth aunt."

                Qin Ming had just got out of the car when he saw his neighbour greeting him, where Qin Ming knew any sixth aunt, he just nodded politely.

                He stood in the doorway, thinking to himself that he hadn't been in touch with his family, and that his parents must be surprised to be back this time, he shouted into the house, "Dad, Mom, I'm back."