Rags To Riches Chapter 818

After Qin Ming had sent Zhang Quanzhen away, Song Ying came over with the satellite communication and said, "Young master, Corrie? Olsen is looking for you."

Qin Ming walked to an unoccupied tree trunk, switched on the satellite communication and said, "Ao Mei, what is it?"

Ao Mei said, "Young master, there is good news, great news, but the news is so good that I fear it may be false."

"Say it." Qin Ming looked back at Zhao Zhen, who was standing by the river looking out over the sunken corpse, and at the people from the Scarlot family who were following him, and probably guessed some of it.

Ao Mei said excitedly, "The top brass of the Supreme Board of Directors were all taken out almost overnight, and only the Zhao family and the Scarlot family survived. My God, young master, North America is in chaos right now, and those remnants of the Supreme Board are constantly using the mafia to cause trouble for our headquarters."

"Boss Chang is controlling the scene, Yang Xiaoxuan as the new fourth patriarch is quite capable and is already handling it, I'm sure it won't take long to succeed."

To this, Qin Ming was not surprised.

Even the Li family in China had been toppled in one fell swoop by Zhao Zhen's years of undercover infiltration, not to mention those members of Huan Yu's top board of directors.

Without him, I was afraid that Zhao Zhen would have to face Chang Hongxi, after all, an old mercenary like Xuanyuan Wu, who once seemed loyal to Chang Hongxi, was actually still a member of the Zhao family.

When he thought about it, he was afraid that if the Zhao family was his opponent, he wouldn't have had it so easy.

But it was fortunate that he was a member of the Zhao family.

Qin Ming said, "I know, everything is in the plan, you continue to observe and follow up reports are to be provided."

It didn't take long for Maine? Hathaway , Feng Dongxiang, Yang Xiaoxuan and many other senior members of Huan Yu all called Qin Ming to express their loyalty, talk about the current turmoil within Huan Yu, etc., and also to confirm Qin Ming's safety.

Qin Ming did not ask for anything, his only request was to proceed in secrecy, all those who knew, those who did not keep their mouths shut would never be able to open them, as for those who were already exposed then they would distort the media propaganda, anyway, there were countless media companies under Huan Yu.

However, he received mostly good news, one after another of those top board members who had conspired against him were confirmed dead, as well as being controlled, all in a direction that was favourable to Qin Ming.

Although, he knew that this was the closing of the net that Zhao Zhen had been laying out for years.

After taking the various phone calls, Qin Ming only felt his mouth dry and his body hot, and when he looked at the sky again, it was already noon.

There was an extra heater beside him at some point, no wonder it was so warm on this cold day.

"Young master." Song Ying tenderly handed him a cup of hot tea, Qin Ming drank it all in one go and took Song Ying's hand, saying, "Little Ying, it's been a hard journey for you."

Song Ying was thrilled and obediently leaned into Qin Ming's arms, saying, "Young master, I have not worked hard in any way, as long as you are willing to let me stay by your side, even if I don't have a name, it doesn't matter."

Qin Ming was in an excited mood and responded, "Don't worry, the position of my personal secretary will never be changed, and if you want to leave, I won't let you go."

Song Ying heard that Qin Ming finally gave her a promise, and embraced him even more excitedly, she knew that this man was too good, too many women competed for it, but as long as she was in Huan Yu, Qin Ming belonged to her, and in the future, when she gave birth to a son or daughter, the position would come naturally.

"Cough ......" Suddenly, a cough came from behind.

Song Ying hurriedly got up, her face full of blush, nodded slightly, and said, "Old Zhao."

Zhao Zhen laughed: "What do you call Old Zhao? How insulting, I'm Grandpa Qin Ming, Chapter 818 Everything is over It's okay for you to call me Grandpa."

Song Ying was even happier in her heart, this was Zhao Zhen's recognition of her, so she shyly responded, "Grandpa ......"

Zhao Zhen laughed loudly, "Good, Secretary Song, you are young, talented and even more capable, in the future, my little grandson will have to rely on you."

Song Ying said, "Yes, the young master does not mind, I will follow him for the rest of my life. I'll go and sort out the team first, so take your time and chat."

After Song Ying left, the two grandparents were left.

Zhao Zhen said, "Your parents are here too, worried about you, but your father is weak and has frostbite, and is recuperating in a small town outside the mountains, your mother Qin Mo is watching."

Qin Ming felt slightly in his heart, although he did not have a good relationship with his biological parents, they had indeed been compensating since they had met.

Qin Ming said, "You did all those people on the Supreme Board?"

Zhao Zhen rubbed his hands together and put them by the fire, saying, "That was Chang Hongxi's doing, my doing, and even your doing, it was the success of countless people working secretly. One without the other."

Qin Ming smiled, this Zhao Zhen was modest.

He said, "It's also true that Chang Hongxi has indeed been trying to get the Huan Yu Century Group in his pocket all along, and has been eliminating those top board members. Feng Dongxiang is one of your people, right?"

Zhao Zhen said, "Old Feng is indeed on good terms with me, however, he has long since stopped listening to me, but his ability to see the wind and the rudder is still first class. He said, "In the future, I will have to listen to you, even I have to be afraid of you. You are now the sole owner of Huan Yu, the emperor of this global super corporate empire. How many countries' economic lifelines are in your hands?"

Qin Ming smiled, "I don't know anything about that."

Zhao Zhen said, "The world of the future is a free market world, where capital is power. As long as you have a foothold in China and control the Huan Yu Century Group, the whole world will be a leek. Slowly you will understand."

Qin Ming was silent, these powers, he also knew very well that they were already tied to him, if he were to shake it off, then countless people would have to suffer from the implication.

Moreover, he wouldn't be that stupid to give up.

The problem was that he would have to take over the Zhao family in the future.

He had gone from being a poor boy from three villages to standing at the top of the world in just over half a year, which was enough to scare him, and a bad one would be a death wish if he drifted.

Zhao Zhen continued, "Well, for the follow-up, you can leave China to me. The North American side is all your people too, you're quite capable of finding so many talents everywhere, you dumpster fire."

Qin Ming smiled, "I'm afraid they're only average in your eyes."

Zhao Zhen said seriously, "Son, don't be presumptuous, you grew up in an environment and encounter that has made you what you are now, there is no one before you, I was not as good as you when I was young."

In the evening, Qin Ming and Zhao Zhen's group left Xianjiang Mountain one by one, while the Li family had fallen, and the major gentry in the capital were in chaos, but there was no longer anyone who could overturn the case for the Li family, nor would anyone be stupid enough to do so.

And this secret will slowly disappear with time.

During the night, Qin Ming had finished taking care of most of his business.

Qin Ming boarded his flight to Guangzhou City.

He looked at his mobile phone calendar, it was already New Year's Eve, and he wondered if he would be able to make it back in time by the evening.

And the events of the past few days had made him very tired, and he lay down on the plane and drifted off to sleep.