Rags To Riches Chapter 817

 With the capture of Li Linjiang and Li Yunjing, the armed men of the Li family, who had no leader, were left without proper command.

                This was facilitated by Cheng Fa using his undercover identity to successfully help Bi Yuan and the Zhao family and the Carlos family to surround and annihilate the Li family's men.

                Cheng Fa also deliberately left his communicator open so that Li Yunjing could listen to the screams of the Li family and their helpless calls for help.

                But Li Yunjing went chanting and gagged, agitated and bruised, all to no avail.

                His lieutenants were all undercover agents planted by the Zhao family, and at this critical moment they jumped back, and he knew that the Li family had completely lost.

                Without waiting much longer, the gunfire and explosions gradually subsided.

                He was once the head of Qin Ming's assassination squad, but he was really an agent of the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming was surprised to see Zhao Zhen in person, as he thought he was just sending someone to assist him.

                Zhao Zhen looked at Qin Ming first and smiled in relief when he ignored him.

                Qin Ming was not pretentious, Zhao Zhen had travelled all the way to the mountains of Yun Province to save him, and it was not easy for him at his age, so he said, "Grandpa."

                When Zhao Zhen heard this, he was very relieved and patted Qin Ming, saying, "It's good that you're alright, you're unexpected, good for you."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Old Zhao, I taught my disciple, can he be any worse?"

                Zhao Zhen clasped his fist to Zhang Quanzhen and said, "Good brother, I owe you a lot in my life, I can't repay you."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "What do you want to repay? I don't want anything like glory and wealth. However, the fact that three of the five of us have been able to settle our differences has fulfilled half of my long-cherished wish, so I'm satisfied."

                Zhao Zhen looked again at the controlled Li Lin Jiang and said, "Elder Li, I am glad to see you in such good spirits."

                Li Linjiang was shaking with anger, and he held his face as he asked, "When did you arrange for someone like Cheng Fa to enter our Li family?"

                Zhao Zhen patted Cheng Fa and said, "Little Cheng, well, he is a good boy from our branch of the Zhao family. His real name is Zhao Fa Cai. In fact, Xiao Cheng is just an insignificant one, and even some of you have bowed and scraped for your Li family, but you don't know that yet. Many people, who are nurtured from a young age, arrange new identities from a young age."

                "We've been doing this kind of thing for centuries in the Zhao family. Chang Hongxi that's just learning from our Zhao family's methods, but he's just bigger."

                "Naturally, your Li family has also planted many people in our Zhao family. But you couldn't decide who I would make my heir in the future, and you couldn't place a bet. But you laid out for decades, and I ended up using Zhao Songli, huh ...... I replaced all of them, can't imagine, right?"

                "Even if you had killed all my other three sons and put them all in jail, but Zhao Songli is clean, so is Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, reasoning that his hands were also stained with blood.

                Li Linjiang said in pain, "It's true that you can't guard against it. When I tried to befriend Qin Ming, I realised that it wasn't easy at all, it took too much time. Zhao Zhen, you really are a once-in-a-century wonder, after so many years of storms, you have managed to turn every single thing around. Even I have to admire you as a descendant."

                Zhao Zhen stroked the goatee on his chin and laughed, "Elder Li, it is you who are in a hurry. This time, Fang Jiutong was the Taoist Master Niu who discovered that there was a tomb here with a brand new breathing method recorded, and you couldn't wait to bring everyone here, you were too anxious."

                Li Linjiang lamented, "My days are numbered, and I won't live long if I don't come myself. I just regret that I should not have turned against your Zhao family, I also underestimated your Zhao family, they used to act as if they were on shaky ground, but in reality their family base is not known to be much stronger."

                Zhao Zhen said, "Our Zhao family is not as strong as you think. Previously, Chang Hongxi almost succeeded in his plot, but Qin Ming thwarted him and took control of him. That freed up a lot of room for me to deal with you properly."

                "When I learnt that you were going to flip, your Li family made the decision almost one second and our Zhao family knew about it the next."

                Li Linjiang let out a long sigh, "So the operation to gather evidence of the crime and weave in the charges also failed?"

                Zhao Zhen nodded and said, "I came in person to tell you that your third grandson, Li Xingqi, was arrested for abnormally mobilising local troops and was investigated from above, and many people were implicated. Counting the people who died here this time, your Li family is completely finished."

                Hearing this, Li Linjiang knew that the Li family's calculations were all lost, suddenly his body jerked and a mouthful of old blood spat out, he stared at Qin Ming with wide eyes, "Why, why was it so close, my dream of longevity ah ......"

                Qin Ming would not feel any guilt, he was almost dead because his power was too great and he was used as a stepping stone by the Li family for no reason, he grunted, "My grandfather didn't say that just now? Because you were too anxious, originally, I didn't want to go against this Li family of yours."

                Li Linjiang said indignantly, "When you are under the pinnacle, who doesn't want to step up to the top? Who doesn't want to live when they are about to die? Qin Ming boy, even if my Li family doesn't make a move, your Zhao family will."

                Zhao Zhen shook his head and said, "Wrong, Elder Li, the only reason why my Li family has stood since the Ming Dynasty and has been able to thrive is that it has never been afraid of trouble, but it has never taken the initiative to cause trouble either. You can go in peace, dream of longevity or standing at the top of the world, that is not something you can have."

                Zhang Quanzhen also stepped aside and said, "Yes, that is the destiny of my precious disciple Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming gave this Quanzhen a look, this old man was deliberately disgusting.

                Sure enough, Li Linjiang spat out another mouthful of blood and died of living anger.

                "Master Tai!" Li Yunjing, who was tied up, cried out in pain and fell to his knees, the Li family was finished, the old ancestor who had helped the Li family rise to power in New China was gone.

                Zhao Zhen said, "I will take good care of Elder Li's remains, and all the descendants of your Li family can go in peace, this sin is on my shoulders alone."

                Li Yunjing's eyes were wide, knowing full well that the Li family had already lost its power and that his own life would not be long in coming, and it was difficult to say a word in his stomach, but he just tensed his body in excitement.

                Qin Ming also did not want to get involved in these killings, so he walked out.

                Bi Yuan came up with his squad immediately afterwards and reported, "Young master, fortunately, no one was killed."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Let the brothers rest and recuperate. It's all over here too."

                Qin Ming watched as a fish-belly white faintly turned up in the east, and the night passed while the smell of blood still wafted through the air.

                Xuan Yuan Wu was leading the armed men of the Zhao family and was disposing of those Li family corpses.

                Zhang Quanzhen let out a long breath, "After this incident, I can also say that I have truly retired."

                "Old man ......"

                "Call Master." Zhang Quanzhen put on the attitude of a strict teacher and said, "You brat, do you know how to respect your teacher, cough cough, it's just that, you have now been glorified as the 9-5th Master, hehe, it's destined by heaven."

                At this moment, Fang Jiutong walked over with Daoist Niu and said, "Qin Ming, Master and I are going back, I'll see you later."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Eh, Old Six, wait for me, I want to go with you, we have to study the ancient texts underneath the tomb of that Princess Dian."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "Master, you're leaving now? You won't go in next time, will you?"

                Zhang Quanzhen patted Qin Ming and said, "All right, you don't have to worry about me. I won't go in again in the short term. By the way, one last help for you ......"

                Zhang Quanzhen pointed at Song Ying who was directing the procession behind him and said, "That woman, she has a very prosperous destiny, she is a good woman, plus her origin and looks, you have to keep her around, it will help you a lot in the future, don't let her go."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched and he said, "Master, I'm getting annoyed here, what kind of imperial peach blossom robbery did you calculate for me in the first place ......"

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed out loud and said, "Hahahaha, if you take her in, the peach blossom robbery will become peach blossom luck. Well, the heavenly opportunity must not reveal too much, let's go, let's ...... meet again later."

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "What does this mean?"