Rags To Riches Chapter 816

 All weapons were collected when Qin Ming's group was discovered.

                However, Song Ying had hidden flashbulbs under her shoes, which was unexpected by the Li family and others, and the strong light stimulated the people in the tent to open their eyes.

                Song Ying flew up and kicked the weapons of the two gun-wielding guards away, then rushed behind them, grabbed their heads with both hands and twisted them, and with a click, their necks were broken.

                By the time Qin Ming and the others recovered, Song Ying was already holding the gun against Li Linjiang's head.

                Fang Jiutong gave a thumbs up and complimented, "Brother, this secretary of yours is too powerful, not only is she good looking, she's not badly capable either."

                Zhang Quanzhen also breathed a sigh of relief, "Finally, we have grasped some initiative."

                Li Linjiang looked angry and said, "Playing smart, you can't get away with it either."

                Song Ying scoffed, "Li Linjiang, no matter how powerful you are or how well you can live, when faced with a pistol bullet, then you still have to meekly surrender."

                Click, click ......

                At that moment, a large group of armed men rushed in outside, each holding a weapon.

                "Release the men, you can't get away, this place is already a net of heaven and earth."

                "Qin Ming, your Zhao family is all going to die, if you want to live, let my old ancestor go."

                "Damn it, you can't run away from this forest either, there are our men everywhere."

                Song Ying pressed hard against Li Linjiang's brain and threatened, "Don't move. Or I'll kill him."

                "Song Ying, who are you fooling? Can you live if my old ancestor dies?"

                Qin Ming put one hand around Li Linjiang's neck and said, "Fine then, I want to kill him, we can't get away anyway, so let's die together, isn't today your Li family's ancestor's birthday? Then let's make it the anniversary of his death."

                "Ka ka ka~!" A flurry of automatic rifles pointed at Qin Ming.

                "Don't move, Qin Ming you dare!"

                "Believe it or not, our Li family will seize all of Huan Yu's properties in China."

                "If my old ancestor makes a half-hearted mistake, all your friends and family will suffer."

                Li Linjiang grunted, "Don't worry about me, people will die one day, if I can return my Li family to a thousand generations after my death, it will be worth it."

                Qin Ming laughed coldly, "You are still thinking of a thousand generations?"

                Li Linjiang grunted, "Oh, I've lived to this age, what am I thinking about if I don't think about this? Qin Ming, everyone in your Zhao family is thinking about this. In fact, your Zhao family has been passed down for more than ten generations, so it is really a wealthy generation. If you had lived, you would have been the next me in the future."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Go away! I'm not interested in your fantasy of a castle in the sky."

                Li Linjiang said, "That's because you are already at the pinnacle of my dreams, so of course you are mocking me, the white-headed old man who has climbed the mountain and come to your feet."

                "Qin Ming, you were unfortunate and extremely fortunate, you were separated from your flesh and bones in childhood, suffered a lot, and were even used by Chang Hongxi, but you were the one who used these opportunities and predicaments to turn the tables on Chang Hongxi."

                "Chang Hongxi was not killed by you, instead you were used by you, the Xiangxi Lin family did it, right? Oh, you knew how to take Lin Yurou was also an extremely clever step, and this series of events allowed you to sit securely on the Huan Yu throne and logically reap the fruits of the Chang family."

                "Do you know that this is all the accumulation of several generations of the Chang family, only to be taken away by you, a brat from the Zhao family."

                "The heavens are truly unjust."

                Qin Ming grabbed Li Linjiang's neck and said, "Tell your people to get out of the way."

                Li Linjiang laughed calmly and composedly, "If I let you go, then my Li family will really have nothing left. Li Yunjing, don't worry about me, even though my family has suffered many deaths and injuries this time, its vitality is still there, and it is not a problem for a new group of people to take charge of the family. Don't worry about me, this time the purpose must be achieved."

                "Taishang~!" In the front, a man said reluctantly, "Li Anping went in with Li Shun, and I don't know how it is, many people died in the sneak attack just now, and now you ......"

                Li Linjiang reprimanded, "Ignorance, the family is important."

                The words had just fallen when a sudden explosion came from outside, startling the crowd, followed by a burst of gunfire.

                Qin Ming and Song Ying exchanged a glance, could it be that Bi Yuan knew that they had been captured and had brought a squad of people over to rescue them?

                The man at the head of the Li family, Li Yunjing, said, "It's your squad, right? Oh, a small squad of people, and those remnants of Carlos' army, would not be able to set foot here."


                Suddenly, on the other side of the camp, the same explosion sounded.

                Soon, an anxious signal came from the communicator in Li Yunjing's hand, "Marshal Li, a large number of armed men have suddenly arrived from the north, and several of our squads have been wiped out, the opponent's firepower is fierce and their numbers are extremely large. We can't hold on."

                Li Yunjing walked out of the tent and shouted into the communicator, "You have to hold out even if you can't, have you found out who the other side is? How many people can the other side have in a place like this?"

                After saying that, Li Yunjing looked to the back of the room, the fire was raging, a highland helicopter deployed by the Li family was suddenly shot down by a rocket launcher.

                Li Yunjing's face was gloomy, he knew the situation was really bad, now they were under enemy's back, if Qin Ming was still a hostage then it would be fine, now his Li family ancestor was a hostage.

                At this moment, one of his subordinates ran over to him and said, "Young Marshal, it's time to make a decision. If this continues, we will lose a lot of money."

                Lin Yunjing gnashed his teeth in hatred, seeing that success was just around the corner, but all sorts of basket cases were happening.

                With a cross heart, he walked back to the tent, pointed his gun at his old ancestor Li Linjiang and said, "Taiji, instead of dying at the hands of the Zhao family, I would rather die at my hands, and after I have destroyed the Zhao family, entered the Huan Yu and stabilised everything in the Li family, I will want to thank you again."

                Li Linjiang closed his eyes and said, "My dear grandson, there is no need. It is the best outcome for the Li family to survive for a long time. Zhang Zhen Zhen, I didn't expect you to be accurate, I won't make it past today."

                Hearing this conversation between these two, Qin Ming and the others knew that the attack outside was too fierce and had forced the Li family to make a choice.

                If Li Linjiang died, then with so many guns, they were going to be turned into a hornet's nest in an instant.

                But suddenly, one of Li Yunjing's subordinates suddenly raised his gun and fired at his surrounding "companions".

                With a barrage of automatic rifle fire, all eight armed men fell to the ground, leaving Li Yunjing alone.

                "Ah Fat, you!" Li Yunjing looked at his subordinate, who had been with him for many years, in shock and anger, and at a time like this he must have guessed that he had defected.

                Cheng Fa held his gun against Li Yunjing and said, "Sorry. I, Cheng Fa, have been a member of the Zhao family from the very beginning, I did not betray you, I was smoothly infiltrating the inner echelons of your Zhao family."

                "The Li family, thinks it has always been in control of the Zhao family, but Master Zhao Zhen is not a vegetarian either, and the pawns of the Skallo family, as well as people like me, are all over the Li family."

                Li Yunjing was dumbfounded, "How is it possible ...... that none of our people can penetrate inside the Zhao family."

                Cheng Fa said proudly, "Our Zhao family, standing in China for hundreds of years, is much longer than your Li family, what kind but infiltration has not experienced?"

                After saying that, Cheng Fa didn't care about Li Yunjing who had a shocked and dead face, he said to Qin Ming, "Young Qin, the man from the north is your grandfather Zhao Zhen who came over personally, he is worried about you, please wait a moment."