Rags To Riches Chapter 815

 Qin Ming looked back, only to see some lights and figures already visible at the long canal, and said, "No good, the Li family's people have come in. Quickly go, I'll break the back."

                Song Ying, holding a short spear, blocked in front of Qin Ming and said, "Young master, you guys go first, I'll break the back."

                Fang 9 Tong pulled his master and said, "Quickly go, don't argue, don't let them find the passage to leave is the real thing, that door outside can only go in but not out, as long as the door outside is blocked, they will never be able to get out."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming didn't argue about anything, he hurriedly pulled on Song Ying and left.

                At an inconspicuous stone monument, a hole in the ground that could only accommodate one person to crawl towards was concealed, and the crowd hurriedly crawled out along it.

                On the other hand, Li Shun, who had come in through many hidden weapons, was paralysed by an ancient crossbow arrow in his arm.

                He realised that he had been poisoned, but there was no one in here.

                He looked behind him and his father, Li Anping, had died from the power of the mechanism.

                He had been left alone.

                "Qin Ming!" Li Shun gnashed his teeth in hatred, "Come out!"

                But where was anyone around to answer him?

                Li Shun realised that his hasty entry seemed to be a wrong choice, but the old ancestor was worried that that boy Qin Ming would take away the breathing method of this tomb, so he could only catch up with his father and bring the men with fire.

                Only after entering did he realise that there was no room for too many people in this long, narrow tunnel.

                It was only with a great deal of skill that he escaped death.

                And he was wounded, the paralysis was becoming more and more obvious, he desperately needed medicine to cure the poison, and all he could think of was Qin Ming, even if he had to beg for mercy to get the medicine from him, but where was anyone?

                Li Shun looked at a large jade wall in front of him, on which were written some ancient texts, he could only read one or two words, but he was almost certain that this was the brand new breathing method obtained by Fang 9 Tong's master and disciple, which could greatly increase one's strength and even help the old ancestor to prolong his life and live another thirty-five years was not a problem.

                He hurriedly took out his special communicator and tried to contact someone outside to help him.

                But the communicator was useless, all noise and no signal at all.

                Li Shun felt a pang of sadness inside, he was a heir of the Li family, a natural talent, already a realm level expert at a young age, his Li family's family realm, he was bound to have a bright future, but now he was most likely to die in this one ancient tomb that had not yet been discovered.

                Even though what was in front of him was something he had only dreamed of, it now became meaningless.

                Li Shun's body gradually became drained and he leaned against the wall, knowing that he had no time to find a way out. He just couldn't understand why that Qin Ming had such unbelievable luck.

                A man who had been schemed by Chang Hongxi could get so many things along the way, he had even seized the Universal World Group and become the person who controlled the most wealth in this world.

                Li Shun reluctantly stood up and tried to go find a way out, gritting his teeth, "Qin Ming, even if you get out, you are all from my Lin family, and you cannot escape, humph, unfortunately, I may not see you being ...... by my Li family"

                Before the words left his mouth, Li Shun fell to the ground helplessly, his eyes widened and he did not move.

                At that moment, Qin Ming and the others had already walked out of the mausoleum and swam out of a waterway.

                But the five had just climbed ashore from the waterway and before they could run very far, they were immediately surrounded by a group of people.

                These men were heavily armed and surrounded Qin Ming and his group.

                Faced with the black muzzles of their guns, Qin Ming and the others were helpless.

                Qin Ming and Song Ying exchanged a glance, both depressed, this was complete bad luck.

                The Li family had so many men that they had filled this deep mountain with people and had caught them by such a coincidence.

                The group was taken inside a tent where they were met by an elder whose head was wrapped in gauze.

                Qin Ming saw that the elder was as old as an ancient pine, his skin was wrinkled together, as if he was a man with his feet half buried in the yellow earth.

                However, his eyes were particularly clear and he could see very well.

                The old man spoke first, "I have been waiting for this day for a long time, Zhang Zhen Zhen. You did my fortune back then, but you missed it."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "Oh, feng shui is nothing, believe it or not, there is nothing. Li Linjiang ...... old man, you do this, but the bet is big ah."

                Song Ying muttered aside in surprise, "He is Li Linjiang? The old ancestor behind the Li family? I didn't expect to really be alive, this is a hundred and fifty years old, right? Can humans live to that age?"

                Li Linjiang smiled and said, "Little girl, today happens to be my birthday, after today, I will be a hundred and fifty-one years old, hehehe. It's thanks to the efforts of Daoist Master Niu."

                Niu Lao Liu hummed, "You mean, you want to kill us all?"

                Li Linjiang said in a deep voice, "You think I wouldn't dare? I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have also studied breathing techniques all my life, fusing the strengths of a hundred schools, just wield to live a little longer."

                "For this reason, I did not hesitate to betray the promise I made back then, and turned my back on the Zhao family. If you want to live longer, you always have to sacrifice something."

                "Zhang Zhen Zhen, you are right, right? Your master and I were good brothers back then, and we had nothing to say. As the disciple of a deceased person, don't worry, I won't give you too painful a death."

                "But Qin Ming ...... you lucky brat, a number of my Li family's elite soldiers and capable generals, my children and grandchildren, all died because of you and the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming did not say anything, at times like this, he could only think of how to escape, it was useless to talk more nonsense.

                However, Zhang Quanzhen said, "Back then, what happened to Chang Dekai, it was you who did it secretly, right? Now that it's like this, you don't need to hide anything."

                Qin Ming was stunned, the Chang and Zhao families had hated each other for years, but it was the Li family who had secretly manipulated them?

                "Hahahaha, not bad, it was indeed me, and not just me either." Li Linjiang laughed, "If you don't let your five brothers turn against each other, if you five brothers join forces, won't the whole of China fall into your hands?"

                "I got rid of the Chang family and framed Zhao Zhen. By the way, I destroyed the Bai family and framed Zhao Zhen as well, and the Mu family was also operated by me in secret, with the aim of seizing the Mu family's breathing method, but unfortunately, none of them succeeded in the end, Mu Hai Ran is hiding this too deep."

                "Only by having the Zhao family isolated can we, the Li family, join forces and work with the Zhao family very well."

                Qin Ming listened with righteous indignation, so that he had been separated from his own flesh and bones since he was a child and was bullied all because of this, his own twin brother Zhao Zhengyin had been scrapped since he was a child, and this Li family had done it too?

                This thought of creating multiple conflicts and enjoying the convenience behind their own backs is really shameful.

                Suddenly, Song Ying lifted his foot and threw out a metal piece from the bottom of his shoe.

                Immediately a strong light erupted in the tent, the strong light stimulated the eyes, everyone could not see, only Song Ying, who had prepared early, closed her eyes, and with the memory of her brain, immediately rushed towards the people who were watching them behind her.