Rags To Riches Chapter 814


                Qin Ming, who was about to climb the rock, and Fang 9 Tong were startled as the bullet grazed Qin Ming's ear and blood flowed.

                "Qin Ming!!! I'll kill you!!!" Only the angry roars of Li Anping and Li Shun, father and son, could be heard coming from above the valley.

                Qin Ming could hear that the resentment from the mouths of the two fathers and sons was unusually strong, no other than the fact that someone from the Carlos family had just acted as a mole and killed several respected elders of the Li family.

                Against the Li family lost a lot of money, probably will still Li Shun's relatives.

                But Qin Ming had nothing left to fluctuate, they were going to kill themselves, it was a no-die situation.

                Song Ying was so frightened that she hurriedly blocked Qin Ming's body and said, "Young master, you are injured, quick, go over there."

                Taking advantage of the darkness, the three of them hurriedly climbed over the rocks.

                And the rock out turned a corner was a blind spot for shooting, and Li Shun couldn't hit it any more.

                However, Qin Ming looked back and was surprised to see a group of heavily armed men coming over on a raft.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "Quick, there are many people on the other side, as long as we get into the entrance, we can hold it, they can't get in."

                The three men quickly climbed in and squeezed in with difficulty in a small cave so narrow that they couldn't get in if they were slightly fat.

                Once inside, there was a platform with very vouchered steps that stretched one ...... level down into the bottomless abyss.

                Qin Ming swallowed his saliva, this kind of place, it really is exactly like the TV series filmed.

                Song Ying couldn't even help but ask: "You guys really entered here? This is tomb raiding, right? There won't be any ghosts, will there?"

                Qin Ming said with amusement, "Are you afraid of ghosts, Xiaoying?"

                Song Ying blushed with shame, "There should be some in the world, right?"

                Fang 9 Tong took out his torch and said, "See the footprints on the ground? They are my master's, and Zhang Quanzhen's, and I walk by them every time. Go in. Follow me and you won't step on the organ."

                Qin Ming said, "The people from the Li family are coming after us behind, what exactly are they after?"

                Fang 9 Tong smiled, "Chasing after longevity. Longevity is a topic that humans are permanently chasing, isn't it? The practice of qigong can prolong life, but there are good and bad qigong breathing methods, so there are strong and weak help."

                "Look at what your master taught you, and it turned you from an ordinary person into a master."

                "And inside this Princess Dian's tomb, there is a record of the most legendary breathing method of King Dian back then, which is also an extremely strong qigong cultivation method."

                "It's all my fault, I got carried away in a moment of anger and violently beat up the Li family, allowing them to discover the secrets of this place."

                "If the Li family is not removed, I am afraid that the secrets of this place will not be good in the future."

                Qin Ming said in a deep voice, "That's right, this Li family must be gotten rid of."

                The three of them went along a long tunnel where there were many miscellaneous objects, what with iron balls, human skeletons and unknown liquids, but both of them followed Fang 9tong forward and avoided all the organs.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "There is only this one way in, in the middle of the tomb, this is the end road, but back then that group of craftsmen secretly left a hole at the back, when we leave we will climb that hole to leave, as long as there is no earthquake, it will not collapse."

                Qin Ming listened and said, "In that case, if the Li family's people chased in, they wouldn't necessarily be able to get out."

                Fang 9 Tong chuckled, "Inside this is isolated mercury, I gave your master just a walk around the periphery in the first place, found the writing on the wall and took it to Zhang Quanzhen for translation before he hooked up with my master and came together to break the tomb."

                "Those two old immortals, really too ...... much."

                The words had not yet fallen, suddenly heard the shouting and cursing inside: "Your master I have not yet died of, you unfilial disciple cursed me to death?"

                The three of them advanced quickly and saw a dying Zhang Quanzhen inside a Qianling chamber, as well as Fang 9tong's master, Niu Lao Liu.

                Although Qin Ming wondered how Fang 9 Tong's master, who was also a strange man on the Dao, had his such a strange name, he didn't ask much.

                Qin Ming greeted, "Hello, Daoist Master Niu. Master, you are still alive, right? It would save me some trouble if I were dead."

                Zhang Quanzhen sat on the old wall and said, "Not dead yet, you bastard boy. You're going to starve to death if you don't come."

                Qin Ming asked, "Why don't you go out?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I can't get out, I've been caught in the miasma, I'm weak, I haven't had the strength to raise my hands for days, and I can only talk. It's a good thing you guys brought your anti-gas masks this time, otherwise you'd be dead too."

                Qin Ming was stunned, then he was still quite lucky that they were all wearing gas masks.

                The two men fed the two old men some liquid nutrient solution, but it could not detoxify them.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Inside, there is light ......"

                "What do you mean?" Fang 9Tong asked, "Have you gone deep inside the channel? How does that mercury cube get in?"

                Niu Lao Liu said, "We didn't go inside, we just found another pathway in one of the side halls of the mausoleum that leads to the secret room where the craftsmen who used to build the mausoleum waited for death en masse."

                Qin Ming was puzzled, "All those people back then, didn't they escape? Someone should have escaped, otherwise why would there be this pathway?"

                Niu Lao Liu said, "Maybe back then, the craftsmen who built the tomb were killed first and then thrown in. There were one or two who managed to survive. But there was miasma in that room, and we were just weak from inhaling that stuff."

                "But there was light in that room, shining all the way down from the top."

                "And then in that pile of corpses, there was a bunch of flowers growing."

                Qin Ming listened and nervously said, "The other side of the flower?"

                "No, the love flower." Zhang Quanzhen interrupted, "We were going to transplant a stem, but then we found out that we were weak from the poison."

                "This love flower poison requires the use of love flower leaves to cure it, so you guys wear your anti-poison tools and go pick two pieces over."

                "By the way, put one of the stems into this container, our mission is complete and we can leave."

                Qin Ming was going to do it, but to be on the safe side Fang 9 Tong went himself, after all he had been here before.

                While Qin Ming and Song Ying began to survey the surroundings of this tomb, it was very short and narrow at the same time, eerie and damp.

                But on one white jade wall, there were some ancient writings carved, and Song Ying hurriedly photographed them.

                However, she found that the picture was unusually blurred.

                Song Ying was surprised, "It's not right? How come my camera doesn't line up clearly?"

                Zhang Quanzhen, who was sitting next to her, said, "Of course. The jade wall is luminous and affects the light, so the camera will distort the image, so it will be blurred. So, we can only copy it, but what about copying? If you look at it for too long, your eyes will go blind."    Song Ying was surprised, "So amazing. The world is so big, I've seen it all."

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed, "The most valuable thing in this place is this breathing door method, but we have wasted some days and have copied it off and on. The rest of the gold and silver wealth, don't want it."

                He was already the richest man in the world and didn't care about his wealth, instead he cared about this breathing technique that could prolong his life.

                At that moment, Fang 9 Tong came out and said, "We have it, old man, one of you can take a piece, let's go."

                But at that moment, there was a loud sound from the underground palace, and at the back of the long tunnel, there was an explosion, and several screams, "Ah~!"

                The crowd had, this was the Li family's people had come in?