Rags To Riches Chapter 813

 The dark night sky was filled with the smell of blood.

                Because the South American Carlos family's men were the mole, the Li family and the dozen or so allied mercenaries instantly fell apart.

                The Li family had yet to say that they had invested huge amounts of manpower, with a steady stream of heavily armed warriors coming up from behind to escort them.

                But the mercenaries who came after Qin Ming were not so lucky, and were killed by Qin Ming's assassination squad.

                The sound of miserable shouts rose and fell in the forest, the sound of which was so long lasting that some of the villagers were too scared to get up in the middle of the night, not knowing what kind of legends would be born tomorrow.

                As the day dawned, none of Qin Ming's men were safe, and there were five more mercenaries sent by Carlos.

                After some exchanges, Qin Ming learnt from their leader that the Carlos family, the super family that ruled the resources of South America, was actually supported by the Zhao family more than a hundred years ago.

                At that time, Carlos I was just the son of an ordinary boatman, while the Zhao family had already travelled the world with the trade of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                By chance, Carlos I saved the life of the then head of the Zhao family, and was then helped and supported by the Zhao family.

                After Carlos entered the top power in the local country, then through some manipulation allowed Carlos to enter the inner circle of Huan Yu, so as to mutually benefit.

                As time went on, the Carlos family rose to become arguably equal to the Zhao family, but their clan followed their ancestral tradition and instead of despising the Zhao family, they were willing to follow them, willing to prove their loyalty with time.

                The Zhao family also felt that the Carlos family, who knew how to be grateful, deserved to be given a chance, so the Carlos, who had always been the one who was outwardly against the Zhao family, often tipped off the Zhao family behind their backs, etc.

                This has led to the Zhao family often receiving unexpected news within Huan Yu and making all sorts of appropriate decisions and actions.

                And this secret had always been known to very few people in the past.

                Qin Ming was very impressed that this grandfather of his, Zhao Zhen, was really old and wise.

                No, I am afraid that the entire Zhao family had many powers that he did not expect, right? After all, the Zhao family has been going on for hundreds of years, a family that has been painstakingly managed by so many generations, and even more so by the huge behemoth that is the Central World Century Group.

                Qin Ming finished cleaning up the battlefield, but he saw Bi Yuan carrying a man over.

                Qin Ming said in surprise, "Fang 9 Tong? You can really hide, it's already dawn."

                Fang 9tong said, "If I didn't hide well, I would have been captured by the Li family long ago. But you are also powerful, so many people have been cleaned up by you. Even the two old ghosts of the Li family are dead."

                "Luck." Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, it wasn't him who said yes, it was the Carlos Family's death squad who sacrificed themselves to create an opportunity for them.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "But I had been hiding in a mound, the satellite receiver didn't even have a signal, I heard a lot of commotion outside before I came out and found you kid doing a big job. Hahaha, well done."

                Qin Ming said, "It's too early to brag about me, our master hasn't even found it yet."

                Fang 9 Tong pointed to the water flowing cave in a valley ahead and said, "The tomb of Princess Dian is just ahead, I came here with my master last time. Actually that place just looks like an ordinary valley from the outside, nothing special at all, many people have walked through it and went without finding it."

                Qin Ming was curious, "Discovered what?"

                Fang 9 Tong said, "To say that in the past, the tomb of Princess Dian, is closed inside, the mountain open tomb is almost impossible, there are legends many legends of inviting ghosts to move the mountain, this we naturally do not believe it. But it is true that the tomb is completely closed to prevent robbery."

                "But then, the group of tomb makers at the beginning, also not willing to accompany the burial, secretly left a set of tunnels and came out of that tunnel."

                "The entrance to that tunnel is just beside the side of the valley ahead, or my family's master found that tunnel destroyed the local feng shui and gave it a measurement."

                Qin Ming understood that he was going to be a tomb raider for once.

                He joked, "I'll watch the tomb raiding TV series again now, will it improve my survival rate, hahaha."

                Fang 9tong, on the contrary, had a grim face and said, "There's nothing unusual about large ancient tombs, it's just easy to die, but with your brother and I around, I'll try to make sure you do. But the others ......"

                When Fang 9 Tong spoke seriously, Qin Ming also put away his contempt.

                He said, "Are there too many of us?"

                Fang9tong nodded, "The environment in the tomb is cramped, the more people there are the worse it is to perform, there are quite a few organs inside, part of which I have been to I know, some of the hiding places from the organs can only hold three or two people, everyone else has to die."

                The physical conditions then limited the number of people and Qin Ming had to consider this.

                Qin Ming asked, "Are you sure that your master and Zhang Quanzhen are both trapped inside?"

                Fang 9 Tong said, "Definitely, otherwise they would be able to come out without not contacting me. They must be trapped, and there is probably some food left. It's hard to tell if it will drag on any longer. You can only take one person with you."

                Before Qin Ming could say anything, Song Ying said, "Young master, you can't go, it's not even clear what dangers are in there. If you want people, I have quite a few here."

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy, he really shouldn't go, but if he didn't go it felt like he had come for nothing, it was Song Yixing's siblings who had asked him to come over.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Looking for a chance that he wouldn't be cheated? The two siblings don't want to come, so they asked me to come."

                But such thoughts soon disappeared, for Qin Ming still believed more in good affairs at heart.

                Qin Ming asked, "Get there first, depending on the situation, besides, it's not necessarily easy when people are out there, how many people have come from the Li family?"

                Fang 9 Tong said, "Quite a few, I'm afraid a whole army has come, heading back, they have it all under control and are currently moving. Oh, this kind of hellish place, this bad weather, and a carpet search, the Li family is really bold."

                Qin Ming said, "You can even escape from this, you're the one who's posh."

                Fang 9 Tong shook his head, "It was a fluke, if you hadn't come and made such a big noise, it's really hard to say."

                Qin Ming was silent for a while and said, "Xiaoying you come with me. Bi Yuan, you take your men and horses and hide around and come to meet them at any time, I am afraid that something will happen when I leave. So you must do it undetected."

                Song Ying said anxiously, "Young master, you're going in yourself? It's too dangerous."

                Qin Ming said seriously, "I've come, so how can I not go in? Oh, I've always been lucky, don't worry, it's fine. You go with me."

                Song Ying's pretty face tensed up as she said, "Yes."

                Bi Yuan cleaned up the scene and dumped the corpse in the Xian River.

                Qin Ming, Song Ying and Fang 9tong, on the other hand, rushed towards the valley Fang 9tong had pointed out.

                The hills were lush and green on one side and bare and swampy on the other, such a stark contrast that it could be considered a spectacle.

                There was a river ahead, with no road on either side, and to get inside the valley, one had to either cruise or swim in.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "This water is poisonous, the closer you get inside the valley the stronger the toxicity, don't go into the water. The last time I took a sip, I had a hallucination and saw all kinds of flying corpses in the water."

                "......" Qin Ming's face darkened and he honestly put on his anti-poison mask.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "I found some handrails over there that you can climb on, and this place needs to be climbed in. Your hands and physical strength should not be a big problem."

                Just as the three were about to climb, a sudden gunshot rang out and a bullet grazed Qin Ming's cheek, shedding a smear of blood.

                "Qin Ming!!! I'll kill you!!!" Only the angry roars of Li Anping and Li Shun, father and son, could be heard coming from above the valley.