Rags To Riches Chapter 812

 Qin Ming told Bi Yuan and a few other smart ones to put on the clothes of the assassins Koch had sent, then the others made their defences and set up and waited for the other side to come.

                Qin Ming said, "Bi Yuan, you are under a lot of pressure this time, the other side is trying to annihilate us. At first they might pretend to be friendly. Or even snipe a shot from afar."

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master, don't worry, I, Bi Yuan, used to follow Elder Chang to start with, I have long carried my head on the waistband of my trousers, life and death has a life and wealth in heaven. Not to mention knowing the other party's plan in advance, I'm even dead here, that's really doomed."

                Song Ying said, "We have limited manpower, we can't hold up against the other side's twelve squads, not to mention the Li family's people, I'm afraid their team is also full of experts. In this environment, they are equally bad at moving."

                After setting up the team formation and waiting for about an hour, Qin Ming looked at the time, it was four or five in the morning.

                A group of people came up ahead, but stopped a long way away.

                Just a few people were dispatched to come over and negotiate.

                "Kane, I didn't expect you to flip the car, just the five of you left?" The man who opened his mouth wore a gas mask.

                Impersonating the Kane, Bi Yuan said, "Quite a few were sniped to death before they even got down. There weren't many of them, but they were all masters. It's luck and bad luck."

                The other man asked, "Oh, how many of them were there?"

                "Four." Bi Yuan lied, "But they were really too good, really hell, this environment doesn't suit us."

                The other party laughed, "Hahaha, indeed, we didn't know about this hellhole until we arrived. But the target is here, and the boss has asked to see Qin Ming's head tomorrow, so that's all we can do."

                Bi Yuan said, "Oh, what are so many of you doing standing back there? Is it because you can't trust us? It's just that we don't want to join you guys either. But you guys just don't grab heads from us."

                The leader of the other side burst out laughing, "Hahahaha, no robbery, we don't rob with dead people."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, two sniper bullets were fired and several shots were heard in the darkness.

                The people who fell to the ground were not Bi Yuan and the others, but this leader who had come to scout the way.

                A real commotion ensued behind them, followed by an explosion, and flames instantly lit up the darkness.

                Faced with this kind of turmoil, Qin Ming was also startled, and he somewhat believed what Zhao Zhen had said, that among the members of the highest board of the thirteen families, there were allies of the Zhao family.

                In that case, everything these people did was clearly known to Zhao Zhen.

                Although Qin Ming himself felt nothing, he was, after all, a descendant of the Zhao family, so he thought Zhao Zhen would not sit idly by and do nothing about his safety.

                Song Ying asked, "Young master, should we kill them if they mess up on their own?"

                Thinking of this, Qin Ming said, "It's hard to tell the enemy from us in the dark, let's wait first."

                Up ahead, Li Shun followed his own Li family's ancestor and was planning to watch these high level Huan Yu mercenaries liven up.

                They were going to kill each other, and the Li family would not have intervened.

                But suddenly, the mercenaries from a large South American country, called the Carlos family, suddenly killed their Li family's escort and threw a grenade directly over.

                Originally, Li Shun's group maintained a long distance while the number of guards was sufficient.

                But these Carlos Family mercenaries were so crazy that they risked their lives to kill over, not like mercenaries at all, but more like dead soldiers with a purpose.

                In the crowd, Li Anping grabbed Li Shun with one hand and the oldest member of the Li family with the other to quickly flee for his life.

                "Carlos, you bunch of words and no promises, our Li family remembers."

                The other experts of the Li family could not do anything, even though they were all martial artists, they were no match for the power of technology, and with a few bombs, they fell in a pool of blood along with these mercenaries.

                The scene was chaotic and the Carlos family did not manage to kill all the Li family members, but they did suffer heavy losses.

                The other eleven mercenaries were no better off, completely unaware that the Carlos family mercenaries had turned against them, and a few bombs went down and a large number of them fell.

                The snipers on Qin Ming's side snuck a few in from afar.

                In the end, amidst the chaos, five men ran towards Qin Ming's side with white flags on their backs and were quickly caught by Song Ying's men.

                "What are you guys doing?" Qin Ming looked at the five men who ran up to him, all with foreign faces, why had they run over to surrender?

                "We are from the Carlos family, we are a death squad, we are with you. We have a code word."

                Qin Ming looked at the five men who had survived, but admired them and asked, "What's the code word?"

                Carlos' man responded, "Time will prove my loyalty. Belong to my own people."

                These words were the same as the contents of the encrypted file Zhao Zhen had sent him, so this was Zhao Zhen's hand of secret chess.

                Qin Ming asked, "What have you all done?"

                Carlos' men said, "We blew up all of the Li family's escort pairs, that Li Jun is also dead, and Li Yunshang is also dead."

                Qin Ming felt unclear as he listened to the men's words.

                Song Ying reminded, "Young master, Li Jun was Li Anping's grandfather, already in his eighties, but with a body like a fifty-year-old. Li Yunshang is Li Jun's younger sister. They are both extremely senior members of the Li family."

                The man from Carlos nodded and said, "It's a pity that Li Anping was allowed to escape with the Li family's oldest ancestor."

                Qin Ming's scalp tingled when he understood their identities, these people had actually killed several important people from the Li family?

                How serious this had to be.

                No, it wasn't much more serious, it was just something that could say that the Zhao family was one step ahead.

                From the time the Li family started killing him, Qin Ming, to replace the Zhao family, there was no longer any possibility of the two families joining forces.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Since the old man has an inside man again, he should have known the actual situation and started dealing with it a long time ago."

                However, out of concern, Qin Ming still had Song Ying give secret orders to all levels of senior management within Huan Yu, and assassination squads from all over the world immediately went to the capital city to protect the Zhao family.

                After doing this, Qin Ming asked, "You have followed the Li family all the way, did you find anything? How many of them are there?"

                They added, "According to our observations, the old ancestor of the Li family is approaching the end of his days, so he desperately needs the regenerative breathing method inside Princess Dian's tomb. So this time the highest level of the Li family is out in full force, they have deployed a lot of people around the perimeter, all of them are well-trained soldiers. This direction is not yet in contact, later on their men will come over."

                "They want to dominate the whole area with their numerical advantage, so that no one will be missed."

                "Young Qin you came here by accident, otherwise these people sent by the Supreme Board of Directors of Huan Yu might have sniped you in Guang City."

                "Your appearance is disrupting the Li family's plans."

                Qin Ming laughed harshly, "It's good that it's disrupted. Letting them live a good life so smoothly? No way."

                At this moment, Bi Yuan said, "Young Master, those remaining mercenaries are coming over."

                Qin Ming's face sank as he said, "Not a single one will be spared, kill them all."